Mud Fights, Paint Fights And Birdie For CT Secretary Of State!

Crunch time for candidates trying to qualify for public financing. Sly Salcedo, candidate for state representative challenging Democratic-endorsed Eze Santiago and Chico Rivera in the 130th State Assembly District, filed his paperwork and expects formal authorization from state election officials, as others do, next week.

The paperwork involved to qualify for the taxpayer dough is a real stick in the eye, but the payoff is worth it, especially for candidates lacking ability to raise money through traditional methods.

Democrat Marilyn Moore, former legislative aide to State Sen. Ed Gomes, also has her paperwork in as the deadline looms. She’s challenging Trumbull Town Treasurer Anthony Musto. The winner faces Republican State Sen. Rob Russo.

State Rep. Rapid Robert Keeley, fighting Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, received word that he’ll get the free dough as well, minus 500 bucks or so because his use of lawn signs from previous campaigns violates the rigid public finance laws. Grogins has already secured the free loot, so both will have a total of $30,000 to spend. We’re hoping they both set aside a few bucks to stage that mud-wrestling match at Ellsworth Field. Yeah, baby! Keeley supporter Tom Kelly and Grogins fan The Bridgeport Kid will serve as special guest referees. That should ensure a complete mud riot. Lookout, everyone, poise your hoses!

Hey, what’s the deal with Rick Porto placing a lien on Congressman Chris Shay’s home in Black Rock for non-payment of a paint job? Rick says his boys did lots of work and wants $6,000. Shays says they painted two rooms and should receive half that amount. Funny thing about it, the Republicans are neighbors. Maybe they can have a paint-bomb fight from across the street. We might need Bridgeport GOP Chair Marc Delmonico to settle this. It’s always good to have a guy dealing in concrete to resolve these kinds of disputes. Maybe former GOP Chair Ricky Torres, the genial proprietor of Harborview Market, can persuade Porto not to start Republicans For Jim Himes. Oops, paging Chris Caruso. I understand the mechanics lien Porto filed says “Red, White and Screw You!”

Speaking of Himes, Shays’ November opponent (yeah, yeah, I know Himes faces a primary from that spunky Greenwich witch Lee Whitnum, but he’s going to drive a stake through her heart) has announced he’s reached the $2 million fundraising mark. Shays also has raised more than $2 million, and $3 million isn’t far behind. (God I wish I had the media buy for those guys. Let’s see now, $2 million for television at a 15 percent commission…)

The state gubernatorial election is two years away but why wait for the last minute? Former State Senate Majority Leader George Jepsen has been making the political rounds testing support for state attorney general provided Richard Blumenthal does something else like maybe run for governor or take a job with Barack or a federal judgeship, or maybe Chris Dodd doesn’t run again, or this or that. (Don’t hold your breath.) But all of this sets up intrigue. Nimble-minded George would make a terrific AG. Let’s suppose Dick does something else, but not governor, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, campaigner extraordinaire, runs for governor. That leaves her seat open. Hey, Mayor Bill Finch would be the perfect replacement. Bill always wanted to be Connecticut secretary of state. It provides an ideal platform for all the feel-good things he loves to talk about: voter rights, child adoption issues, educating school kids on the election process.

It also gets Birdie out of Bridgeport a year earlier! Hey, Woody, file the papers! Bird Man for CT secretary of state. I’ll lead the fan club.



  1. Am I the only person to wonder why these people don’t get jobs like the rest of us? They must think they are politicians by divine right, because God knows it’s not intellectual superiority.

  2. I was doing my daily jaunt through the Fairfield shopping district when I saw a person who either was Dennis Scinto or was his identical twin leaving the offices of Dr. Ivan Cohen. This guy is good. My cousin used his services and now he looks 20 years younger.


  3. Charlie you are so wrong on this. They DO believe they rule by divine right and they unfortunately do have intellectual superiority. They’re smart enough to know that it’s the idiot lemmings who follow political parties lock, stock and barrel (my party right or wrong) who are the idiots.

    what credentials do the finch kids (nunn, wood) had to deal with the issues of b’port. They are blindly following bill who is under the spell of stafstrom who is obviously out for himself. a classic case of self-perpetuating power at the public expense.

  4. I’m in!

    With all the untruths that Auden has been perpetuating regarding Ford-Keeley Memorial Field about Stadium Lights, Grandstand Area working against the KIDS and PARENTS of Black Rock Little League.

    Let Auden, Miss Information, go head to head with someone her own size. Keeley, billed as the Green Monster, is up for the task. Auden, who in her camp has a lot of folders, wants to bill this match as the “Thrilla in Manila!”

  5. Whereas I’m sure that Rick Porto is an honest decent man I would suggest that he discuss the problem with Chris. According to the article in the CT Post:

    “Shays said Porto painted two rooms and used four cans of paint. He stressed that some areas had a first coat when Porto showed up, and the windows did not need painting.”

    Of course, we don’t know what the repairs consisted of but assuming they were the usual Rick applied four cans of paint for a billed cost of $6,000.00. That’s $1,500.00 a gallon. – Maybe we should go into the painting business.
    Good luck to them both.

    Secretary of State for Birdman?? That’s GREAT. I’m for that 100%. Let the State deal with him.

  6. Today’s gastronomic subject features Subway on Go to front page and they have a feature on Subway and how it started in Bridgeport. A couple of great pictures and story of Pete’s Subs transitioning to Subway.

    Maybe the fickle finger of Finch could have his pulse on two jobs, Mayor and Sec. of State. He’s already eaten with two forks once before.

    The real problem is the delusional one wants to be Sec. of State in the Obama administation.

    And speaking of fingers, I hope Joel and new daughter Joelia, Linette are sleeping well.

    Golf Pro
    Would that be considered a gimmee? I like the golf theme because Bill is a real Putt…zzz! I’ll see you at the 19th hole on the turnaround.

  7. Let’s drive Bird drop to Hartford. Maybe Susan B. can wedge an assistant’s position for him so we can get rid of him sooner. Sometimes, a promotion is a good thing. Let’s promote Finch up and out. Fore!

  8. To set the record straight: It’s the MAYOR Bill Finch Fan Club and there’s no indication he wants another job. It’s easy to see the owner of this blog has not accepted “journalistic neutrality” as the proper course of action and continues to mock The Mayor. At presesnt, the OIB blogosphere is on your side but the situation is fluid and things can change – especially in Bridgeport.

  9. Nothing will change in Bridgeport unless the apathetic voting public get off their Park Cities and get out and vote for the change we need.

    Local Eyes…it is your incompetent door holder “M”ayor who mocks we the people.

  10. Typical Chris Shays not doing what he is suppose to do. Just pay the man what he deserves. I’m sure your neighbor is telling the truth. Jim Himes ’08.

  11. Keeley could make up for the financial loss from the lawn sign fiasco by throwing more DSSD money to IPA. I’m sure the kickback arrangement has added more than a little to Keeley’s financial bottom line. (The restaurants on lower State Street contribute in no small part to his physical bottom line.)

  12. Sounds like Porto’s giving Shays a paint job. Sounds like Porto’s giving everyone a paint job. Now I know why Porto served as Barnum Festival ringmaster. Give everyone a paint job. 6 grand for two rooms, yikes. Show Porto the egress.

  13. WHAT THIS COUNTRY needs is a leader who likes basketball; has a nice mid-range jumpshot and knows how to play tenacious “D”. I wish him the best but…

    political fireworks will erupt when he annouces to the world he’s HALF-WHITE. I expect it might come two days after the Republican Convention in order to deflect the bounce that normally accrues to the party’s nominee.

    In an unrelated story, Mayor Finch does not eat with two forks but he did win two elections (nod).

  14. I’ve gotten the impression that Bill “Conrad Birdie” Finch is really enjoying his job because it doesn’t require any heavy lifting. Rubber stamps don’t weigh all that much, so he’s not going to break a sweat there. He just makes a few low-profile public appearances a diners and then goes back to the office.

  15. Warren All You Can Eat Buffet: Never thought of that. Birdman would probably like having both jobs. With his work ethic I should think that he could do both with ease. – I would suggest that he check with Mario first. Even Mario might think that were excessive.

    Summer Wind: I believe that Porto’s company is a union shop, in view of the fact that he’s allegedly paying his painters $45.00 per hour. If that’s true and it were a “time and material job” as alleged, the price isn’t too far off the mark. It’s the old story, the union people have priced themselves out of the market. Seriously, who can afford to have two rooms painted for $6,000.00? I had my living room, dining room, kitchen, solarium, bedroom, hallway and stairway done with two coats (no trim at all) for $2,500.00 including paint. – And I can tell you it’s a beautiful job!

  16. Local Eyes

    I am willing to publicly speculate that Bill Finch will NEVER win an election again.

    Every day that he spends in office gives future opponents sufficient ammunition to blast any hopes Finch has for a future in elected politics.

    The man is simply in way over his head and has no wisdom to put competent advisers on his staff.

  17. I would speculate that Finch is prevented from putting competent advisors on his staff. It is unfortunate that we were led to believe that Finch was his own man. It would appear that Don Mario Testa is once again pulling the marionette’s strings.

  18. Bpt Kid; At the risk of being called a Testa clone let me say this: Testa has NO input into who Finch is hiring either as an advisor or as an employee who gets promoted. The people on his staff are strictly picks that were made by Finch and Stafstrom.
    1. Tyrone McClain was a campaign worker and managed the campaign office for Stafstrom.
    2. Adam Wood is a friend of Finch’s from Hartford and he managed the last to campaigns for a losing candidate against Shays. (can’t remember her name)
    3. Andy Nunn is a friend Bill made when he was a senator in a district that covers Nunn’s hometown of Monroe.
    4. Elziqiuel (SP) Santiago is the stepson of Mitch Robles who is a diehard piss-boy for Stafstrom.
    5. Carol Curry is Carol Curry who brown-nosed her way into Finch’s power group.
    There is not one person that is or was a Testa person in this administration. In fact the people that are being laid off or their jobs eliminated were and are Testa supporters at one time or another. So before you state things maybe you should get your facts straight.

  19. Mea culpa. So they all got their jobs because they are “Friends of Bill F.” And Hizzoner has demonstrated time and time again that he’s not going to let a silly requirement like competence get in the way of hiring a crony.

  20. No. The Mayor’s office in this town is cursed. Look at Ganim–he was haunted by the ghost of greed. Look at Fabrizi–the ghosts made him do stupid things. Look at Conrad Birdie–he acts like one of the pod people from “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.” Doesn’t do a fucking thing. He talked a good game in order to get elected, but Finch is going to be a one-term mayor. His administration is a caretaker government. Whoever the next mayor of Bridgeport is, there are a lot of fuckups that wil have to be unfucked.

  21. wondering and bpt kid:

    It’s only mildly important who controls Finch appointments, Testa or Stafstrom. The point is that he is hiring incompetents to direct the short-term future of the largest city. Finch comes across as a spineless stooge who can’t make a decision on his own…some leadership!

    Most bloggers here don’t seem to be able to intelligently discuss local political issues. Depressing group.

  22. Just so we’re all clear: Finch is evil because he’s associated with Testa and is part of the Machine AND Finch is evil because he doesn’t give Testa input and is his own man.

    Just checking.

    You guys are a bunch of contradictory and whiny know-nothings. But I’m glad Lennie’s given you this forum to bitch.

  23. I can discuss local politics, but it gets old after awhile. Same old faces, same old players. Candidates promising to reinvigorate the city and giving the bum’s rush in return. There are some issues that never really get the attention they deserve. Most of them have to do with the welfare of the people: education, employment, economic enfranchisement. The schools in Bridgeport suck. There’s no other way to put it. The administrators are too busy making excuses for the high dropout rate to really do something about it. We need more jobs in this town, jobs that pay good wages and provide health benefits. Time and time again, we’ve heard mayoral candidates promise to bring jobs to the city and then fail to deliver on the promise. Steel Point will provide some employment, but less than half of the jobs will be permanent.

  24. Det. Foley we were discussing the makeup of the cabinet and who picked these people. I did not mention good or evil. Who annointed you as the one person that knows everything? What would you like to discuss about local politics? Let your knowldge show and maybe some of us whiny contradictory people will learn something.

  25. Actually, Finch is evil because he is stupid. Hasn’t got the foggiest idea of how to do his job. The chasm between Stafstrom and Testa needs to be narrowed before any progress can be had assuming Safstrom and Testa are interested in improving conditions in Bridgeport. I don’t think these two agendists have such an interest. So, we will reelect the likes of Keeley.

    If Caruso were mayor…this blog would be full of discussion regarding initiatives coming from the mayor’s office. Instead, all we seem to be discussing is the political campaigns of this guy and that guy. Too bad. We need to be doing other things like getting some new commerce into our city. That’s the job of the new economic development director. You know, the guy who used to be ED in Providence…where the taxing basis actually shrank during his tenure. Somebody please tell Finch we need an ED who can EXPAND the taxing basis. ED seems to be the operative phrase for this administration.

  26. Regarding the matter of Porto v Shays…

    A little more than a year ago, I hired 2 union painters at $43/hr each to spruce up a 4-room 1000sq ft condo I own after very long-term tenants moved out. The job involved removing wallpaper in all 4 rooms and painting the walls and trim…a complete job. The quote (not an estimate) was $4000. The job was to take 6 days. As usual, they would start; then stop; go somewhere else; not show up yadda yadda yadda. At the end of the 4th week I went to see the progress and was presented with a bill for $8000. The job was 75% finished. I had already paid $2000. I fired them on the spot and wrote out a check for $1000 which they refused but eventually took. Much bullshit later…their lawyer agreed with me and the way I handled it.

    $6000 is a lot of money for two rooms. Rick should have given Shays a state-mandated contract indicating the extent of costs. Absent a contract, good luck Rick.

  27. Shays or Mrs. Shays or their butler, Jeeves should have been paying more attention to what Porto was doing while he was doing it. I learned my lesson. Since my fiasco, I monitor the work and frequently ask if the work is exceeding the scope of the original contract. No surprises.

  28. If Shays ever comes to my restaurant. I’m going to make sure it’s prick’s fixed!

    And I will never say to him; “Come Again!”

  29. yahooy: I like your imaginative version of what the city would be like with Caruso at the helm. I’ll bet all the streets would be paved with gold, and the flowers would be made of colorful lollipops, too! There would be no national economic decline, and we would all love everyone he chose to advise him!

    You’re nothing if not persistent with your love of the fat man, I’ll give you that. Nevermind that you’re completely delusional.

  30. Detective Penis Tube

    You are an arrogant son of a bitch who seems to have all the answers.

    Answer me this…

    How come the city is in the shape it’s in.
    Who are the individuals that are directly responsible for the city’s lack of prosperity. Name names.

  31. I do not know that things would be better with Caruso. I do not believe that they would be.

    Many of the same issues would have confronted any new mayor coming into office last year: a huge budget deficit, a waning economy, rising energy and fuel costs. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how Caruso would have handled those issues, but I’m sure his dysfunctional relationships with most state lawmakers certainly wouldn’t have helped!

    One thing I’m sure Caruso would not have had to deal with coming into office: a supreme court case brought on by a sore loser.

    And, thank you for the arrogant remark. Coming from you, yahooy, the most arrogant of all bastards, it is quite the badge of honor!

  32. The other night, I was having dinner with Dino Bachetti at Elaines. I asked him what he thought about the current state of affairs in Bridgeport politics. He thought the entire cast of nefarious characters were amateurs.

  33. Well we have a new Economic Development Director and I wish him well. I hope that he can get development on track as we have been in limbo since Nancy Hadley left.
    My question is where the hell are all the movers and shakers? What the hell is Paul Timpanelli being paid for, he is president of the Bridgeport Business Council. Whoever is paying his salary should take another look. His job is to identify economic projects that will result in jobs and grow the tax base in Bridgeport. DA! What has he done other than BS. Where is the Chamber of (no)Commerce what the hell are they doing. It seems to me that all the movers and shakers other than Paul Kuchma who is a private developer who puts his money where his mouth is are doing zip point zero in bringing development here. Shelton just got another 80,000 sq ft of office space rented to Schick of Milford. Does anyone know what the hell we are doing to attract companies here?

  34. Isn’t this guy on the Town Committee? I think he voted for Mario Testa.

    Bpt. store raided, CDs seized
    Article Last Updated: 07/17/2008 04:30:55 PM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — A police raid on an East Main Street music store discovered more than 2,000 counterfeit compact discs, according to the police report.

    Officers, joined by an agent of the Recording Industry of America, raided Powerhouse Entertainment, 1740 East Main St., yesterday afternoon.

    Police said they found 2,179 counterfeit and bootleg CD — valued at nearly $35,000 — being offered for sale.

    The owner of the store, Patrick Ricketts, 42, of Autumn Street, was charged with prohibited sale of CDs without proper identification and prohibited sale of CDs without proper labels and trademarks.

    He was released on a promise to appear July 25 in court, pending arraignment in Superior Court.

    The counterfeit CDs were gathered into six boxes and held as evidence at the Police Department.



  35. Wondering,
    Paul Pimpanelli is the President / Chairman of the Bridgeport REGIONAL Business Council. His salary is being paid by businessmen whose residences and businesses are NOT located in Bridgeport. Paul is doing exactly what they want him to do; pay lip-service to Bridgeport while keeping taxes in the suburbs low. Wondering where have you been?

  36. Stone “Breaker” Barrington

    I remember when Dino’s former father-in-law used to come to town and dine at the Venetian Garden. Then he would stop in to see some of his soldiers located down the street. He wasn’t into eating at Elaine’s. Although I hear he liked eating out at Melody Law’s every now and then, and pounding some milk-fed veal.

  37. Wondering, Phil Kuchma lied to the city and lied to the state. He got a sweetheart tax deal to help sell his condos, he got a state bailout for the rest of the building and in case you haven’t noticed, they have stopped all work on the building. He needed the help because the last thing the city of Bridgeport needed was an unfinished building downtown and now the only thing that the city has is an unfinished building downtown.
    Mover and shaker? He is not moving forward, his is shaking down the taxpayers and the only money he is putting in this project is yours! Scinto doesn’t do business in Bridgeport because he cannot afford the shakedown artists and can’t stomach the obscene tax breaks the D’Addarios and DiNardos get.

  38. Pimpanelli couldn’t hold a candle to Melody Law.
    Now, there was a “mover and shaker”.
    It’s time to say good-bye to Paul.
    His economic development policy is like the name of his doo-wop group. “YesterYear!”

  39. One of the reasons Bridgeport gets short shrift from the legislature is because the senators and representatives are from the suburbs. I grew up in the Farmington Valley, a collection of suburban towns that form a large bedroom community for the insurance industry suits and their families. The school systems are all very good, placing a high number of high school seniors into four-year colleges and universities (including a number of ivy league and big ten schools). These communities are for the most part very transient: the suits work in the Hartford office for a few years and are then tranferred to some other beaming metropolis, like Des Moines or Omaha. While they live in Simsbury or Avon or Farmington, though, they demand their elected representatives get state funding for soccer fields, new schools, concerts by the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, etc. All of that is good stuff, but it’s superfluous. These middle-class vagabonds don’t give a shit about Hartford or Waterbury or New Haven or Bridgeport. All they know about the state’s big cities in general, and Bridgeport in particular, is that there is crime here, and political corruption. So to their way of thinking, it is a better idea to spend the taxpayers’ money on soccer fields and new schools in lavender land and not waste it in cities with well-documented histories of corruption (even though many of the small towns in Connecticut have long histories of cronyism).

    So even with Keeley’s hands on the purse strings, it ain’t done nothin’ for the folks that live in Bridgeport. Two years ago Joe “Up Yours, Bridgeport” Celli was crying the blues, claiming he couldn’t get any funding to renovate the Black Rock Bank and Trust building unless he had a long-term lease. It turns out that he did try to use his “influence” (most likely in the form of a substantial kickback) with Bridgeport’s legislative delegation to secure state funding. A proposed bill, No. 5184, was submitted by Caruso, Hennessy, and (you guessed it) Keeley. How is it that that Keeley feels this crooked bastard is more worthy of state bonding money when there are more pressing issues affecting this town?

  40. Don’t know much about this new Economic Development Director. But this much I do know. Finch has been looking for one for seven months. This guy had been without a contract/out of work for 15 months. Something doesn’t quite add up. Local Eyes says there is no indication the Finch wants another job but as far as I can tell there is even less indication that he wants to do this job. Forget waiting two years for Secretary of State, Bill Finch for State Senate!

  41. The Bridgeport Kid blogs:
    I don’t like Keeley. Keeley’s no good. He hasn’t done anything for the city.
    Even if Keeley has gotten money for the city it is for projects that I don’t like.
    Even if he has gotten money for projects I like, all of the suburbs get the same kind of money.
    Even if Keeley gets money for good projects then he must be getting a kickback because I don’t like Keeley.
    Keeley for State Rep. The Bridgeport Kid for Town Crier.

  42. Show me what Keeley has done for EVERYONE in Bridgeport, show me the documentation. BRAC is unpopular because of the individual behind it. I didn’t say the city gets the same money the ‘burbs get. The ‘burbs get MORE, because the ‘burbs are better represented in the legislature.

    The Black Rock Art Center is NOT a good project. If that bill had passed, some of the money would’ve made its way to Keeley’s pocket, because that’s how the system works. Do you really think he would have been satisfied with free tickets to see Eddie Palmieri or some washed-up cabaret act? Not when there’s $2,500,000.00 on the line and it’s headed for Joe Celli’s “nonprofit” organization.

  43. Finch is in a tough spot. He is trying to be his own man by appointing his own staff and commissioners. But this pisses Mario off. Mario is also quite upset that Finch isn’t supporting the endorsed candidates. So Mario makes deals with his many friends on the Council who can make life miserable for Finch by not backing his initiatives. I admire Finch for standing tough but think this may hurt him eventually.

    What I don’t understand is why he kept Mario’s men Feeney and Sherwood. They were part of the last disastrous administration. Sherwood is the reason we’re in this huge deficit. His smoke and mirrors budgets over the past 5 years have destroyed city government. Let’s not forget that he’s the one who brought in the (dis)Advantage financial system. It cost millions to bring it in and when it didn’t work, he spent millions more trying to fix it (rather than admit he made a mistake). Now they’re looking at bringing in yet ANOTHER financial sysem for many more millions.

    Sherwood and Feeney are a package deal. Mario traded with Stratford. They got John Norko who never met a no-show job he didn’t like and we got Feeney. Feeney is very insecure because he is the CFO yet has NO FINANCIAL BACKGROUND. He made the pleas for Sherwood to stay on as the OPM DIrector and Feeney advisor. God help us. GOD HELP US ALL.

  44. It’s a good thing for Patrick Ricketts that Gil Hernandez is on the 137th District Town Committee. Gil can bail him out.

    Gil must be making maad loot out of his fellow colleagues on the 137th Town Committee. They seem to be always getting in trouble, those little rascals.

    I wonder if Mario Testa has a bootleg copy of the Accidental Mayor?

  45. Bridgeport Kid! You are on target! Thanks for bringing a refreshing view! Everyone knows that Keeley has a no-show job. Therefore, if you decide to take advantage of quasi-public jobs in that manner, you will do “whatever it takes” with other aspects of your life. I cannot believe that people sit in this guy’s camp. As a taxpayer, I don’t want MY money going to someone who is not EARNING it.

  46. The root of all current problems is that Finch is not his own man. He doesn’t have the ability to say no to anyone therefore his staff has been left with the problem of cleaning up after him. I can tell you with certainty that Testa didn’t say word one about any hiring; he wasn’t even party chairman at the time. Finch hired Wood and Nunn over Stafstrom’s objections. Stafstrom wanted Bakalar and Murphy in top spots. Wood hired everybody else whether Bill liked it or not. Tyrone and Rosario was hired because they supposedly could add ethnic diversity to the office, Ruben was there already. Wood was very concerned about appearances over ability and Finch stood by with his finger in his mouth. Curry was all Stafstrom hence not a Wood choice. Although Wood gave in to Stafstrom with Santiago and Clemmons’ girl friend. (Maybe they thought Robles would beat them up.) The day Stafstrom and Testa make peace is the day hell freezes over. Finch may make overtures, but not Mr. high and mighty bond counsel who is still trying to manipulate things even if it works against his own party. I don’t understand Finch’s devotion to Wood or Stafstrom. I wonder how Wood feels now that Stafstrom, the man who didn’t want him, is back pulling on Finch’s strings. The only way Finch could succeed now is cutting loose most of the people who want to turn the Mayor’s office into the seat of political power instead of running the City. It is hard for Finch or anyone to focus on the business at hand, especially when you are foundering in the wind and have a first mate that’d rather run an election than run the office. He will run Finch aground and then Stafstrom will be happy to take the helm and say I told you so, now listen to me. Perhaps that is happening already.

  47. BobBlackRock

    Please if you are going to make an accusation back it up with facts not fiction.

    YOUR TAX DOLLARS don’t pay for Keeley’s salary. The DSSD was established in 1987 by the downtown property owners. It collects an additional 3 mils on downtown properties to clean the streets and sidewalks, provide police security in downtown and administrative services of which Keeley is paid to oversee. The DSSD is also the agency that is underwriting the “Do It Downtown!” campaign. It has also partnered in other marketing venues including the NCAA regionals, spponsorship for the Downtown Cabaret and other downtown venues.

    Furthermore, the DSSD actually saves you tax dollars because they provide the services to downtown that otherwise would be piggy backed by the City and off to the taxpayers.

    Listen, if you have big ones for Keeley that’s no problem.
    Just remember in this race. What goes around comes around. Just remember no man or WOMAN is ABOVE THE LAW! Grogins claim of “Tax Relief” is as big if not bigger than Keeley’s claim of “Cut Taxes”.

    Grogins is endorsed and the architect of her candidacy is none other than $600 Bill Finch! How’s that been working out? Only because Keeley supported Caruso in the primary. Well Grogins supported and ran with Finch. She was the only endorsed candidate out of all the Democrats that lost in the ’07 primary.

    I even defend her right as an attorney to represent one of the individuals from the Cheshire invasion. My only problem is that I question her ability to serve two masters if that high-profile case is being tried when the Legislature is in session.

    BTW-Keeley voted to strengthen the Home Invasion laws. Grogins is against the death penalty and I respect her opinion on that issue.

    Don’t forget our wager of LongFellow’s Serenade or So Long Farewell depending on who loses.

  48. Au Contraire Dollar-a-year Joe,
    Finch is NOT the architect of Auden’s campaign. She’s not getting any help from the Mayor’s office. Grogins’ campaign yard signs say “Tax Relief.” Keeley’s sat “Cut taxes.” At this point those are just two slogans that mean virtually nothing.

    Keeley supported Caruso, no doubt at your urging. Why these two clowns actually support a crooked bastard like you is unfathomable. Unless, of course, they’re materially benefiting from the relationship. Didja buy a few cheese pizzas for Chris last year? I know he’s honest enough to not take bribes–hell, his campaign ran out of steam and cash. So how much of that $2,500,000.00 grant were you going to kick back to Keeley? What’s the skim on a favor that size? Huh, Joe? Didja give BRAC’s email list to the Keeley campaign? I know you gave it to Caruso’s people.

    And you are not above the law either.

  49. Hey Kid

    Finch is the Architect and Roach along with John Stafstrom are the General Contractors.

    I really like you and I think you are well versed, although greatly misguided by the hot dog and sleazeburger set that you hang out with at Matty’s.

    I think you have a lot of Scamozz!
    Walk across the street sometime and I’ll buy you a slice from Marty’s. Got Cheese?

  50. BTW,
    Auden is representing one of the defendants in the Cheshire home-invasion case. According to the Miranda Supreme Court ruling of 1966, all defendants must be informed of their rights, which include the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. Auden didn’t ask for the case, but if she didn’t take it and some asshole like Joe Celli found out that she declined to represent an unpopular defendant he’d try to make hay out of it.


  51. I actually spend more time at another establishment between Bennett and Wilson Streets, Joe. Your information is more than a little dated. I think your judgement is clouded by your own self-importance.

  52. John B,
    You seem in the know. Why then did Bakalar leave and Hadley thrown out? Both strong and effective female leaders? What is the real story?

  53. Countdown; I believe that you described it pretty good. STRONG EFFECTIVE FEMALE LEADERS Pure & Simple. You can throw Michele Mount into that group also.

  54. Wondering,
    You are absolutely right. Michele Mount is the third effective Female leader who is no longer working for the betterment of the City. No Bakalar; no Hadley; and no Mount.

    Haven’t heard from Doctor Marian Evans lately. Is she still running the Health and Human Services Department?

    What is happening here?

  55. It would seem to me that intelligent forward-thinking women who are not afraid to speak up are viewed as a threat to the old boy network. If you notice none of them have been replaced by women. I know this administration has Deb Caviness, a carryover from Fabrizi and they regurgitated Carol Curry but I don’t think these 2 fall into the intelligent forward-thinking category.

  56. Magdalena, I’m glad to see another female is posting here besides me; other than us, this blog is all the good old boys who really rip into each other all the time. You sure seem to know your stuff about town committee people!

  57. Bpt. will get exactly what it deserves with no room for complaining, if they once again end up voting for a political party instead of separate individuals that are up for the task of state legislator! And some of the candidates that have been endorsed for either personal gain or through nepotism are really an insult to the citizens of Bpt. Bridgeport, Ct. has the largest # of urban legislative represenatives in Hartford, yet they continue to be the weakest in lobbying for anything that would be beneficial to the Park City; why? And in a time of an economic recession, do we really want to send more bench-warmers to the state capitol??? Remember, “your vote counts”!


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