Mother Rell’s High, Plus: Mayor And Moore, And Political Putts

CT Post friend Ken Dixon reports that Governor Jodi Rell’s in Denver visiting her daughter and grandchildren.

When she returns after sucking the Mile High sky I hope she comes back so inebriated from the thin air that she transforms into a benevolent dictator, knighting the state’s largest city as her personal cause, casting a magic wand of moolah, good will and sanity, fully finding tax exempt properties that serve the entire state, leaving something more than a prison, then retracted after she realized the lunacy of it all.

Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele, if I can peer into his crystal ball, would prefer she stay in Denver and anoint him in charge for a few months just to juice his name recognition and standing in polls.

On her way out the door Mother Rell also released a list of 10 nominations to the state bench including her budget director. Translation: these are my friends and I’m taking care of them. Our friends at CT Mirror have the story

Mayor and Moore

Mayor Bill Finch and Marilyn Moore, possible state senate candidate, had an awkward exchange the other day. Moore, a friend of ousted Health Director Marion Evans, presented the mayor with a shirt at the City Council meeting, a gift bag as she calls it, proclaiming: “Do the right thing. Reinstate Dr. Evans.”

The mayor looked at her quizzically. What gives, Marilyn? What’s the point? We can work this out.

The point is, Moore responded, you didn’t handle her removal the right way, and there’s political hell to pay.

Well, said the mayor, if the black community isn’t going to vote for me because I didn’t reappoint Marion Evans so be it.

A search is on for a new health director.

Moore attended the Democratic Town Committee meeting Wednesday night where 74 Bridgeport delegates were selected to the state party convention in May. She’s feeling out party regulars about a potential challenge of State Senator Anthony Musto who defeated her in a close primary in 2008. Moore visited with Party Chair Mario Testa recently to express her interest about challenging Musto. Mario shrugged his shoulders and said it’s beyond me. Translation: I’m not going to support you against Anthony and risk pissing off State Party Chair (and close friend) Nancy DiNardo, Anthony’s political godmother.

I made a round of calls to city delegates on Wednesday and although not cast in stone there seems to be a leaning to support Ned Lamont for governor over former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy. Part of the reason is dough. Ned has tens of millions of his own money to spend. But the pols I chatted with are on hold until Testa settles on his guber choice. They think he’s leaning toward Lamont. But Mario’s not saying yet.

Today is the annual Bridgeport Day at the State Capitol where a collection of city officials will make their case to legislative leaders why the state’s largest city deserves their attention. As part of Bridgeport Day, Senate President Don Williams and State Majority Leader Martin Looney will address members of the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce tonight at Fairchild Wheeler, Bridgeport’s municipally owned golf club on Easton Turnpike in Fairfield. Stop in and line up your political putts.

Meet Jimmy

Saturday: Himes to Hold Community Discussions on Flooding in Darien and Bridgeport

Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) will hold two community meetings this Saturday to discuss flooding issues in Fairfield County. The public is encouraged to attend. Local elected officials are also expected to participate.

Saturday March 27, 2010 at 2:00pm
Darien Public Library
1441 Post Road, Darien
Note: Additional parking is available next to the library in the Thorndal Circle lot.

Housatonic Community College at 9:30am
Beacon Hall (BH 214)
900 Lafayette, Boulevard, Bridgeport



  1. Hold on Lennie >>> Did Finch really say so be it on the Black Vote?????? If so he will stand no chance in 2011. I am supporting Moore over Musto and she can beat him easily in Bpt but will have to run decent in Trumbull. As far as the gov race I’m really leaning towards Lamont.

    1. Yes, Bill Finch said it. But I think he is starting to regret those words. He responded via a letter to some citizens who sent him a card about firing Dr. Evans. His letter says that he is writing Dr. Evans a letter of recommendation and a letter of apology. When I see the latter I will believe it. Did Bill disrespect Dr. Evans because of her color? … only he knows. I think he just doesn’t think of the consequences of his actions. What did bother me is she is the only person I know who grew up near Father Panik Village, went to college, got an M.D. and came back to her community to serve. How many others, black, white, brown can say that? What is the message you send to other young blacks who aspire to serve? Not very encouraging and what is the message you send to our kids? We must stand up for those who try to make our city better. Who will want to return to Bridgeport after college if there is no hope? Every day I talk with baby boomers who say why bother? The city is corrupt, the people we elect forget they are our voice and are there to serve. Bridgeport is a tough city and things have to change or we will become extinct. I am willing to do whatever I have to keep folks involved.

      On Musto, he is a nice guy and that is what everyone says, but we need more than a nice guy. Ask him what he accomplished in his first two years in the Senate. We need someone in that seat who has a vision and is not afraid, not a sheep. I prefer to be the shepherd and lead.

  2. Since we love predictions on OIB I say Lamont beats Malloy in Bpt with the total vote count being >>>>>> Lamont 5500 Malloy 3500. Lamont wins by a 2000-vote margin which is a big deal in a primary.

  3. I don’t think Mario is leaning either way as of today. I think he is waiting to see who will benefit Bridgeport the most. The key is getting commitments to help Bridgeport in a tangible way. It should be interesting.

  4. Any update on the tree vandalism at St. Mary’s? Have the police made any progress? Any suspects? Have those whose view of the Sound would be ‘improved’ been questioned? If so, have they been eliminated as suspects? Who else would have a plausible motive? If they have not been questioned, why not? Here’s hoping City Hall and the police department continue to pursue the case aggressively, and News 12 and the CT Post, who’ve done a fine job to date, keep us informed.

  5. Bob if I may add to your questions. I wonder if the PD has gotten a list of the lawn-care services and maintenance people for the homes where the view of Long Island Sound was improved by the removal of these trees? Every employee of these firms and homeowners should be questioned and where these people were at the time of the damage should be checked.
    This is the type of crime based on my past experience the perpetrators cannot keep to themselves. I firmly believe someone besides the actual doer knows about this incident.

  6. Did Finch really say “if the black community isn’t going to vote for me … so be it?” Stupid. Arrogant. Political suicide.

    Is he still talking about Marian Evan’s poor performance? Who was responsible for losing WIC? Iris Molina, Veronica Ortiz and Andy Nunn. If that isn’t poor performance, I don’t know what is. Have they been terminated? Disciplined? I think not. Maybe that was part of the Finch plan. Privatize a critical program, lay off dozens of employees and get rid of Dr. Evans at the same time. Jackpot! NOT!

    Advice to Marilyn Moore. Forget Musto. You are destined for bigger and better things. Run for mayor in 2011.

  7. Lennie, you wrote this about Marilyn Moore’s dialog with the mayor Mario Testa DTC Chair, “Well, said the mayor, if the black community isn’t going to vote for me because I didn’t reappoint Marion Evans so be it.”

    “Moore visited with Party Chair Mario Testa recently to express her interest about challenging Musto. Mario shrugged his shoulders and said it’s beyond me.”

    Look, this is nothing new with Finch and Testa, this has always been the lack of respect that they have always shown to blacks. Don’t dare question their opinions or decisions no matter what the issue is. Here is their mindset towards Ms. Moore, how dare this black woman challenge my authority, who the hell does she think she is? This is more than their disrespect towards Ms. Moore, this has been the their position on ALL blacks unless you tap-dance for them. If you are black and serve as an elected official you’d better not challenge Finch and Testa’s decision or you will find yourself with a primary candidate.

    Blacks have absolutely no independent say in anything that has to do with the running of Bridgeport. Just look at how Finch has totally disrespected the IMA black ministers by NEVER replying back to the 3 letters they wrote the mayor. Look at how Finch has disrespected Dr. Evans, Ms. Moore or even Ms. Black, the young victim who was killed in the fire at PT Barnum.

    1. Ron, they’re not precise quotes, but a paraphrasing of the conversation. I’ve been hearing a lot lately from pols who happen to be black that we need a black candidate for mayor. It’s hard for any candidate to broaden appeal with that kind of argument. Supporters of Dr. Evans, in frustration, assert Finch’s decision not to reappoint her is an insult to the black community, especially the way he handled it. I’ve heard Finch say many times if you’re not going to vote for me because I did this or that so be it. You can fill in the subject matter. Just ask the folks from UB. Maybe Finch could have handled Dr. Evans’ non-reappointment better, but I don’t think it has anything to do with race.

  8. Finch can’t allow himself to be held hostage by any community group. Every time he makes a decision he needs a sign-off? Oh gee, I need your permission? And how come every time he makes a decision race conveniently comes up? Good grief. Blech.

  9. Lennie, I hear you but I disagree, Finch never wanted to be mayor, now that he is mayor he is showing you and everyone else with his words and actions. Once again, look how Finch has DISRESPECTED the black ministers, the IMA, by NOT replying back to 3 letters. One time, okay; two times; well he might have overlooked it but the third time, no way. Then he wants to come into the black community and say, vote for me. Yeah, okay.

  10. Finch fired Health Director Evans. Must have had his reasons, he’s not crazy. When it happened there were all kinds of comments about the disrespect of firing her during Black History month, minsters and everybody else going crazy, etc., etc.

    Enough already … If she was doing a great job, she wouldn’t have been fired and race has nothing to do about it. His response has nothing to do about disrespecting race.

  11. Ron: It’s not that Finch disrespects just the black community, it’s everyone that disagrees with him and his advisers.
    While Dr. Evans was fired it’s a fact it was a black looking to get her fired and to get her job. You know who it is too. You have to look at all the people fired by Finch & Company and other than Dr. Evans they were all white. Let’s see who I can remember: Abate–White, Riccio–White. Jacobs–White; Minopoli–White; Driven out Lupkus–White: Tax Collector–White. Latest target Tardy or Twardy purchasing agent–White.
    I disagree with your statement about disrespecting the fire victims at PT.
    Ron where are the black leaders and the blacks that would consider running for mayor? No one has stepped up got their name out there or came forward on issues facing the city. We have had a bunch of names thrown around of people considering a run for mayor, no blacks. Whose fault is that?
    BTW it’s not Ms. Moore herself it’s her ties to my old friend Ed Gomes that’s holding her back. Politics 101 Ron.

  12. Any word on the results of the Bridgeport RTC meeting last night? Mario is going to follow Bob Marsden’s(?) advice and “Follow the Money” to Lamont. Finch doesn’t have to worry about running again. He is going to get bailed out again with another job from the State of Connecticut. He will use his cache of cash from his PAC to curry favor for a job.

  13. Marc Delmonico was re-elected as Chairman, Rob Russo–Vice Chairman, John Slater who most recently ran for City Council became the new treasurer, Heather Lemoult was re-elected as secretary, and Mike Garrett elected as Sergeant at Arms.

  14. *** If there were a real major reason for firing Evans as opposed to waiting for her contract to finish & not re-hiring her, it should have been said a long time ago. Playing stupid political games leaves egg on the present admin’s face every time! It may not be “directly” related to race but it was definitely the wrong way to handle the situation, and has been their style since day one. Also giving a political job to a supporter only to take it away behind B/S and claim they kept their word in the end. How many political or family-related jobs are handed out to people of color, etc. that are management-type jobs? None, that’s how many, most are laborer’s jobs, jobs that have been passed over by the self-appointed elite groups, that they don’t want! Minorities as a whole need to stop looking for leftovers & being selfish & unite politically to make better favorable choices that will in fact help our communities and not just ourselves! ***

  15. I think Lamont is a losing bet. Just like the senatorial primary, he will win the liberal/progressive arm of the Dems but fall flat come the general election, much like Curry. Whether Malloy will fare better I can’t guess, but Lamont will lose the popular vote.

  16. “town committee,” that might be your opinion of Senator Ed Gomes but it is much different than my opinion of the Senator. Both Marilyn Moore & Senator Gomes are strong, smart, fighters, leaders and will step to anyone in their fight to help others. If you have a labor issue Senator Gomes is the person you want leading that fight.

  17. Ron it’s not my opinion it’s a fact. I did not say I agree with it but it is a fact. Over the years Ed has ruffled a lot of feathers and was a close ally of Bob Walsh. Ed also liked to go against the grain when it came to the party machine. For years Ed backed mayoral candidates that primaried the party choice. Just stating fact here Ron not my personal feelings.


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