Mother Rell Not Running, Plus: The Library File

Evening Update: What! Jodi Rell’s not running. Mother Rell announced she will not seek another term for governor.

This decision throws it wide open for potential GOP candidates while Dems scramble for a standard bearer. What say you?

Library Vote

It wasn’t even close.

The library referendum passed last Tuesday with 2,683 yes votes and 1,455 opposed, a 65 percent majority. That’s a mighty nice win. Where was the organized political opposition? Turns out there wasn’t any. No one galvanized the threatened political work–some pols claimed passage would blow the budget–against the question. Why? Think about it, what were they fighting for? Pols fight for something when there’s something in it for them. They support a candidate to keep their city job. They support a candidate with the hope (or promise) of getting a job. Where’s the payoff to block extra funding for the library system?

Yes, some pols stood in front of polling places telling voters a yes vote for the library question equals a tax increase. But it appears just as many did the opposite and a greater number did nothing. Let’s look at the 132nd City Council District represented by Bob Troll Walsh, an outspoken critic of a yes vote. The West Side voted 70 percent in favor of the referendum. Troll was against it but he clearly did not campaign against it either. He was not alone.

All across the city voters supported more loot for the library. The question was not defeated in any district. Without an organized effort against the question it provided an opening for library supporters to sway voter opinion. See precinct totals here:

Library Election Results by District

From Mayor Bill Finch:

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will be the featured speaker when city veterans gather next Wednesday to dedicate the new Korean War Memorial. The public is invited to join city officials and local veterans at the annual flag raising at 9 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park adjacent to the Discovery Museum. The annual parade steps off at 10:30 a.m. at the Cardinal Shehan Center and will end at McLevy Green.

A program will follow to dedicate the new monument to the 29 Bridgeport soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Korean Conflict.

The memorial will sit to the right of the World War II monument on Mucci Memorial Green, named after Bridgeport’s most famous soldier, Col. Henry Mucci, who along with 128 other Rangers, helped rescue the survivors of the Bataan Death March near the end of World War II.

“Veterans Day reminds us all of the tremendous sacrifices made by all our fighting troops to secure our liberty, keep us safe and ensure the rights and privileges we all enjoy as American citizens today,” said Mayor Finch. “This new Korean Memorial is a fitting way to recognize the ultimate sacrifice made by 29 of our own Bridgeport residents.”

Brick pavers can be purchased to honor a loved one or memorialize a family member who served in the armed forces. The bricks come in two sizes: a 4×8 with 3 lines for $50 and an 8X8 with 6 lines for $100. Those interested in purchasing a brick to help defray the cost of the monuments can call Lisa Iodice at 576-3964.



  1. All across the city voters supported more loot for the library.

    But they voted for The Referendum which triggers the library budget based on the mil rate. Savvy OIB readers understand the difference.

    The higher the mil rate, the bigger the library budget.

    Draw your own conclusions. Here’s mine:

    Friends of The Library voted NO on the recent referendum.

  2. Lennie, today looks like a slow news day. Need ideas?

    How about giving us your take on what Himes may be thinking, after witnessing Virginia, New Jersey, Stamford, Trumbull and Stratford go Republican.

    How about telling us what you think will happen with our Airport in Stratford now that Harkins rules.

    How about telling us what may be going through Scinto’s mind with his proposed project in Trumbull now that a Republican rules.

    For any other ideas you have to pay me or we can barter for ad space on OIB.

  3. The Oracle of Omaha Steaks!

    Betty Crocker’s yeast will not rise in 2010!

    M. Jodi Rell can’t rise to the occasion.

    Rell won’t come out for the final bell!!!

    Pillsbury Doughboy Ned Lamont says he’ll take the cake in 2010!!!

    1. I attended a fundraiser in Greenwich and Fedele was there. I had noticed that Fedele was making the rounds and to me it was obvious that Rell was not going to run. Fedele is going to make a run for it. I’m looking into joining the crowd in another 130th run. Maybe Mojo can be the campaign manager.

  4. Thanks Lennie for the precinct count I appreciate it. Easy win for Dems because she dropped out. Now the primary discussions must be changed because it was who is stronger to go against Rell and that was Sue B. But now I would think Ned could beat her because I don’t see any Republican who can win statewide.

    1. donj, Jodi Rell was the Lt. Gov. when Rowland pled guilty and resigned; she took over and was re-elected. Fedele is currently the Lt. Gov. and is the front runner right now. I’m with Fedele.

  5. At the present time I support Susan B for governor. One must remember we have 169 towns and cities in Connecticut. Other than the large cities most of the towns are Republican. Just look at the elections we just had. Monroe, Trumbull, Fairfield and Stamford are all Republican. I believe every town between Bridgeport and the NY line is Republican except Bpt. The key will be for the city voters to come out on the scale that they did for Obama. If this happens the Dems win if it does not happen the Dems have a big fight on their hands.

  6. Thanksgiving Menu for Governor Rell will feature Lame Duck!
    Governor denied job was taking a toll on her house and cookies. Watch out for the Keebler Kids, Lamont and DeStefano, to start sawing away at competition of Vanilla Wafers.

  7. I GUARANTEE The City of Bridgeport will have a mil rate every year.

    I CANNOT GUARANTEE that mil rate will be sufficient to meet the BPL’s anticipated needs.

  8. Grimaldi,

    Here is what I want to know. Do you think Tomas McCarthy (Simon, el Gran Varón) will be able to retain his Council Presidente seat??? Or who on the Council could be better?

    Oh, and Finch for Secretary of State, or anything but Mayor of Bridgeport … I mean, look at what happen to Miron; Finchy better see the writing on the walls!


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