More Good News For East End Developments

City Councilman Ernie Newton speaks August 31 at “City Fresh” announcement, a program of the East End NRZ Market & Cafe bringing nutritious, locally grown produce to the neighborhood, backed by a $500,000 state grant.

Little things mean a lot, especially for the city’s East End comeback neighborhood that received news last week of an M&T Bank branch opening on Stratford Avenue at the Honey Locust Square development featuring a grocery store, healthcare facility, pharmacy and restaurant under construction.

The neighborhood has been without a localized bank destination and grocery store for a generation.

On Thursday developer Robert Christoph Jr. will join city officials and business leaders to announce the latest enhancements to the Steelpointe redevelopment area, adding a full-service gas station and Dunkin’ Donuts on Seaview Avenue to serve the East End.

City Councilman Ernie Newton has been influential recruiting a full-service station and Dunkin’ Donuts to his neighborhood.

“Amenities accessible to the people in the neighborhood keeps a community together,” says Newton. “A lot of major things are starting to fall into place. I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

The harbor-side Steelpointe Harbor community includes Bass Pro Shops, Boca Oyster, Starbucks, T-Mobile and Chipotle, North Sails, watercraft transportation company Hornblower and Bridgeport Boatworks.



  1. Kind of a mixed bag of emotion here regarding this, while I’m glad East End is starting to finally (after 30+ years of this regime) some services, I am saddened that the east end is so deprived of resources that getting a gas station and dunkin donuts and a bank inside a grocery store (still being built after decades of lacking) is something to crow about.

    Also as far as Steal Point how much of that growth will added to the city’s tax base and how much will stay in their special tax district where the wealthy apartment dwellers and yacht owners play?

    The east end deserves more and I hope whoever is in office doesn’t accept crumbs.

  2. Joseph
    Well, theses! are major. Development project going on in the EASTEND. Of Bridgeport. We haven’t had this kind of construction going on at the same time. Next week we will be announcing. New homes ownership along Stratford Ave from fourth ST. to Fifth St new condominium 2 and 3 bedroom. The developer already has the financing in place. joe it might be you. But to the people of my district change has come. you don’t know what the people in the Eastend needs because you don’t live here. your speech you gave last night. Well anytime you speak. to a woman of color as you did to our superintendent, I WILL CHECK YOU!

    1. The people on the east end deserve better than you. And you did not check anybody. You just showed how ignorant about how contracts and purchasing work. If you wish to run your meetings where Ken or Nestor shout over you without being recognized feel free.

      I run my meetings in accordance with Robert’s rules of order.

      Just what words did I say that were out of line?

    2. One, those who’ve read my past interactions with the white male Superintendent will realize you are full of sh$&

      Two Will you as budget and appropriations look into my request of city dollars on Amphitheater use? Will you ensure that purchasing ordinances are followed?

      Or will you just happily accept free concert tickets and continue to allow the white males to run things without question?

  3. According to current tax laws related to real estate / housing, every zipcode in Bridgeport is an Opportunity Zone. There’s never been a better time to pick up a phone and talk housing with potential investors. Here’s a company building sustainable housing in Connecticut and elsewhere: / No tax abatements needed, any land has value — fulfill a genuine need and look like a civic superstar!

    1. Agreed. Way too much growth without proportional tax revenue increases.

      We need to build our stock of totally taxable properties in order to have more money to invest. Particularly for my favorite thing, Education.

      When families look to move to a new city I doubt they as about entertainment venues before asking about the schools.

  4. Last year, it was reported that Saffan was interested in reviving the historic Majestic and Poli Palace theaters in downtown Bridgeport. However, Saffan said restoration work would cost over $100 million,
    I just read this…………didn’t know where else to put and ask question about it.
    Why dont they just knock the damn theaters down no one in their right mind is going to refurbished these theaters………100MILLION NOT 1-2 100 MILLION KNOCK THESE SUCKERS DOWN ENOUGHT BEEN SHUT DOWN FOR WHAT OVER 50 YEARS

  5. Joel
    I’ll match my record against yours any day of the week. Just remember you’re a wannabe, I’m a Be. Move development is happening in the Eastend for the residents who live in our community. You said nothing about Harry Corrillio when you and John Gomes and John Ricci knew he didn’t live in the 139th district.
    Just keep drinking the Koolaid ! You must have taken a page from your home girl Maria Pereira stop acting like you know it all! You shouldn’t be worried about city council business stay in your lane and worry about how our monies are be spent with the board of Education!

    1. Lol, Mr. Be! Worry about how board money is spent? I was, and you went on a rant fully displaying your ignorance of how purchases work. Are you too slow to realize that This is how this started with me questioning a purchase of services from your beloved Amphitheater where you get free tickets! Even to sink so low to accuse me of targeting a woman of color to distract the conversation?

      Well I don’t admit to being a wanna be. I’m elected to citywide office, you to a mere section of the city. But I do admit you are exactly where you want to be at the right hand of the white power elite. Good job.

      Will you question the tax payer dollar the city spends yes or no.

    2. Please tell us how much tax revenue will this generate for Steal Point’s special tax district (for those rich enough to afford living there) and how much tax revenue it will generate for us common folk in the rest of Bridgeport. I’ll wait, forever because you don’t know, and they won’t tell you.


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