Moore’s Running Out Of Options For November Ballot Access–Who Botched It?

Tony Barr in front of JFK School on primary day.

The plot thickens, who fumbled Marilyn’s ballot access?

If Marilyn Moore secures a general election ballot spot, it appears she’ll need a court order.

What was thought a foregone conclusion that she had locked in a backup plan for November if she fell short in the Democratic primary for mayor came to an abrupt halt when the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State announced Tuesday evening she did not have enough validated signatures to appear on the Working Families Party line or as a petitioning candidate.

Someone dropped the ball in the process for November ballot approval, a similar situation to incumbent Mayor Bill Finch four years ago after he lost the primary to Joe Ganim.

Another option for Moore–appearing on The New Movement Party line–also is unavailable, according to a state election spokesperson because the party did not receive enough votes in 2015 to maintain the ballot line. Moore supporter Tony Barr had planned a run on that line for November and could cede his ballot spot to Moore, but he did not submit the petition signatures for such an action.

Four years ago Charlie Coviello, who recently passed away, created the New Movement Party. Securing one percent of the vote in the 2015 general election would have guaranteed a ballot spot this year. Coviello needed 207 votes but received only 72.

Barr has been operating under the assumption he had the line nailed down. He needed, however, the petitions to make that happen.

Moore could also register her name as a November write-in candidate, an enormous undertaking requiring money and organization.



  1. Umm challenge the fishy fishy absentee ballots you really believe 1,200 had a reason to vote by absentee?? She won the election and it was stolen plain and simple every end of the city basically voted for her.

    1. Has nothing to do with AB’s. She dropped the ball on the most basic and important piece of running for office- signatures. She didn’t come close to making the required 1% and somehow never noticed this? Her campaign didn’t double and triple check this? She screwed herself here more than any AB’s did- she knocked herself right out of any running. AB’s don’t even matter when you aren’t qualified to run on the ballot.

      1. Steve,
        So happy to know you are alive and have slipped your employment leash?
        I can identify one vote secured by Moore at Aquaculture because of the parking meter mess. Tickets will do that to some folks. And aren’t you awfully early in assessing the ultimate conclusion to the search for a ballot place with WFP ?? Did you hear a rumor in your travels that might assist understanding? Time will tell.

        1. Sorry JML you lost.

          I will assume you know that stevenl and Steven Auerbach are 2 different individuals. My employment had nothing to do with being bored to tears with this Pro Moore blog. Not interested at all. She lost — Put every single win in my win category.
          Thank you to all of the candidates that ran for office.

          Congratulations to all of the top line candidates that won. Congratulations to Mayor Ganim for 4 more years.

          JML- I will not be part of this Moore ass kissing blog. I read it once a week. If I were the Mayor I would forget Black Rock- But alas, I am not the Mayor.

          Congratulations to all of the campaign workers for all of the candidates. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. In politics you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

          I do know that there were many absentee ballots that never made it’s way– My 92 year old mother did an absentee against her will. She never misses an election. She wanted to vote for Mayor Ganim- She voted for him 4 years ago when I supported Finch- I mailed her ballot at 10 middle Street early Saturday. That had not received it by 6 pm on Tuesday. After 12.5 hours on my Vacation day and standing at the polls, I picked up my Mom and she was thrilled to vote curbside. Even if it interrupted her Mah Jong Game at the Inwood.

          In the end, I am grateful my candidate Joe Ganim won- enough of this crap about my employment with the city. I love the city, My job and dealing with the public. Enough said on that. Good luck to all . Hopefully the miserble malcontents can find something positive to say about Bridgeport. Clearly , The Connecticut Post has done so much damage to the city with their anti- Bridgeport News. The city is big enough to support a paper with the Bridgeport name in its title.

          I do want t thank the Connecticut Post for endorsing the opposition with a very weak endorsement. In 2015 they gave MJF a much stronger endorsement and that worked out very well for Joe Ganim.

          I am wondering if perhaps not only is Bridgeport around the corner from great things, but an investor is ready to put the Connecticut Post out of business.

          It is time!

          1. Stevie A keep doing what you do best and keep KISSING MARIO AND GANIM’S ASS in order to keep your City job that was given to you.

          2. Ron Mackey I am especially grateful that your candidate lost. You sat on your fat ass and did nothing- I am grateful for my huge high paying —NOT city job– But for an uneducated idiot like yourself I suppose it is a big job. I will continue supporting the city of Bridgeport and the Mayor in a very positive way and you can continue supporting MJF , I mean MM . Write her a check and mail it to her home at — 666 (the number of the beast ) Taft Avenue. Clearly- I will not respond again. so you may continue- I will not. To imagine, JML believing that the Mayor or Mario dictated to me to not wriyte on Lennie Grimaldi’s blog is just asinine- I get MOORE responses on my Facebook page. in fact- in the last 2 weeks I had 40 new friend requests all from MOORE supporters. The thought they would go on my page and disparage the Mayor. I figured I’d friend them after the election .

            Again Congratulations to all of the winners and Thank you to the folks that lost for their efforts.
            I wish Ms. More success in her future endeavors as my State Senator and hope that nobody reminds her that she ran for Mayor the day after she was sworn in as State Senator.

            I would like to say the only candidates on row B that were worthy of a mention were Eric Alicea and Dasha Spell. They were definitely fine choices for the Board of Ed. and Hope they will continue to be involved. Everyone else was a political whore with more baggage than you can imagine. Enough said on that.
            I am certain I speak for everyone on this blog that actually live in Bridgeport- that we wish Joe Ganim a successful 4 years as we are all in this together. Negativity makes you ill . The right man won and we must move forward. Ron Mackey- the city job that was give to me– it should have been given to someone else? Would I not have scored in the top 10 without bonus points if there were a test needed? The secretary in the next office makes more than I do . I am a supervisor of 7 people. Go figure. The difference Is I love what I do and the secretary is just miserable like yourself.

          3. Steve, there are quite a few political “whores” who sell themselves and their souls to the highest bidder. You,Steve, would be on that list.

            Let’s rundown the political “whores” on ROW A.

            Joseph Ganim is the biggest “whore’ of all who will turn male and female “tricks” alike.

            Lydia Martinez, who is a bigger political “whore” than this ethically, morally and grammatically challenged woman?

            Sybll Allen, an educated Black woman that does EXACTLY what the head pimp,Mario Testo, tells her to do. Completely void of any independent thought.

            Fined $5,000 for absentee ballot fraud, forced to resign from her seat on the DTC and was not allowed to run for ANY elected office for two years.

            Albert Benejan who has the WORST GRAMMAR of any school board members since its creation in the 1900’s. He drove his son to school LATE over 100 times for three consecutive years. We ONLY have 182 school days per year. He has aligned himself with the very mayor, city council members and charter school proponents who have worked together to STARVE the BPS He is definitely a political “whore” with NO clients. Not even those that are willing to get on top.

            What about Dennis Scinto? On the city payroll, his son and significant other are/have been on the city payroll. He had the audacity to stop me in the street and ask me for my help and then went to Jackson’s and Smith’s fundraiser and made a big speech. He clearly will do his best to turn as many “tricks’ as possible.

            What about Mitch Robles? He emulates a pimp from a visual perspective and will sell out his own people for his personal benefit. Afterall his nickname of “Mitch the Switch” is a tribute to the fact that his word means absolutely nothing.

            Don’t even get me started on the City Council candidates on “Row A.”

          4. Steve A,
            I made a wrong assumption that SA had reappeared in stevel, whatever his full identity is…..perhaps a neighbor of mine, perhaps not.
            **OIB harboring Moore supporters?? Could it be that those of us who follow Ganim’s words and acts over time more closely, find a big gap between them?? (Perhaps you are too negative yourself,
            when you use a phrase including placing your lips firmly on another adult’s derriere? Try supporter or fan, for instance.)
            **Curbside alternative for voters has been around. Congratulations that you learned about it early enough to please your Mother. As you started your story on AB antipathy, I was afraid that she might have been housebound. Not. Good. There is more to life than mah jong.
            **Which corner has Bridgeport been hanging around that is close to the promising development? What’s happening across from 999 Broad for food?? Three closings or openings in less than a year??
            Maybe you want to identify the “Survivors”: Food establishments that have been open locally under same owner-management for 10- 20 years or more? Perhaps a Food Festival promoted by that group of businesses would tickle the tastebuds of more than OPED as a reason to come together, around the table, with diverse offerings? Time will tell.

      2. Hahah lmfaooo abs had nothing to do with it hahah yea right she won across the city won the machine votes by hundreds. They stole the election the people voices were silence by corrupt politicians. FBI needs to investigate asap and the Moore campaign needs to go to court.

        1. Put your listening hat on. She didn’t obtain the necessary signatures to run on any party’s ballot. A write in candidate rarely wins a race. She needs funds. Without a party funding her, she’s on her own.

          1. SteveL,
            Sorry for confusing your entries with those of STEVEN AUERBACH, City Meter Leader.
            Hasn’t Moore been on her own since the beginning? Where was her party support? Where are the backers in the community of color who have businesses? Isn’t that why there was a 3 to 1 edge on money?
            Hope was bubbling in the community and it showed up at the polls, but not in the senior, infirm or homebound population. How can that be? Why not results in the same community proportion? Perhaps it is the people they talk to? The information they are told? Is that an old story or just one people are tired about?

            Interesting though that those funds (MONEY), and no city employees using time and energy to campaign for status quo (ORGANIZATION), and no genuine honest incumbent MESSAGE except GANIM2, the Bridgeport Action Figure, Channel 12 all day coverage with footage. Did you see how grey and grim was the Mayor’s face as Rev McBride -Lee was making a faith statement with Ganim after the polls closed? That was not joy, imo. Time will tell.

        1. Hired? Whenever you’re sober, do some research and try finding any evidence showing that I work on campaigns for compensation. Moore could have at least reached out to me and others. Candidates on her under ticket could have done likewise. I didn’t hear from the Ganim camp either. It wouldn’t have mattered much as my back pain issues have sidelined me for a while. How much did you get paid for your repetitive trashing of Ganim on this blog? The Moore you blog, the lower the turnout.

          1. Back pain issues, eh? Must be the pain relief medication making you stupid, cranky when it runs out.

            Repetitive trashing of Ganim? I’m not making up any of it, Joel. Joseph P. Ganim is a convicted felon and disgraced attorney. That’s a matter of public record. His application to reinstate his license to practice law was denied by a panel of three Superior Court Judges who wrote that Joseph P. Ganim “does not possess the moral character to practice law.” If he does not possess the moral character to practice law it’s a given that he does not possess the moral character to hold public office. He proved that by spending the better part of his first post felon term seeking the Democratic nomination for governor.

            No one is paying me to post the facts in a public forum. I believe Joseph P. Ganim is a crook that benefitted from a corrupt party apparatus that has manipulated the absentee ballot process for decades in order to maintain control of the city’s elected offices.

            I am freely exercising the right to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, the same Constitutional right that allowed you to commit an act of self mutilation.

  2. Trying to understand the current unofficial tally for Mayor with Ganim2 at 5269 and Senator Moore at 5021. That is close folks when you consider that over 40,000 are listed on City records as Democratic registered. Perhaps alive and living at those addresses but perhaps having given up the vote at some point in the past because their hopes and dreams had been dashed? Or they saw others getting rewards and slipped further away from the electoral process? The stay away vote is a serious issue.

    Next it seems that those numbers above need to be shrunk by ignoring the AB totals favoring the incumbent ticket with 75% of those votes. Is the group of AB voters the most loyal population in the City? Are they protected from hearing from other voices in the community? If Channel 12 were to go off air where would they turn for news of City issues? What would a supervised ballot operation across the City at Park City Community housing complexes, or other locations where elderly and disabled are gathered, essentially warehoused, and perhaps rewarded in ways not so obvious? Who are the AB specialists and do a disproportionate number have City employment??

    Reports are coming out this morning about longtime Democrats getting to the polls and being turned away because of registration issues? Do we need to hear more?

    Senator Marilyn Moore’s fight these few months made many of us proud. She once again told it as she saw it in just the respectful words and tone she uses and enough of us agreed to get to the polls yesterday. But there was no loud and compelling sound heard personally, nor financial support, or volunteer workers from too many who have seen the work done by Marilyn Moore over her lifetime for the benefit of others. Occasionally in the battle between the weak and the powerful, David may have to prepare the sling with larger or multiple missiles to cause the seeming invulnerable Goliath, “to lay down and dieth”? Time will tell.

    1. What I find interesting is the numbers
      Machine vote:
      Ganim Moore Total Votes
      3798 47.85% 4140 52.15% 7938
      You would expect the absentee voting to follow a similar pattern given its a city election.
      932 75.47% 303 24.53% 1235
      Ignoring the staggering number of absentee ballots, how does Joe get that high a winning percentage? At the polls, the best he did was 66% and that was at one location.
      Perhaps this will be looked at by Miss Merrill, then again, it’s only Bridgeport!

      And CONGRATULATIONS to Maria for sending Miss Smith packing!

      1. DC the machine numbers tell another story. The Tisdale 1983 election was used as an example during this primary. In 1983 about 50% of black votes were casted for Republican Paoletta. In the 139th district for example (a predominantly black district) Moore got 2 more votes than Ganim. It would be interesting to read Lennie’s take on the percentage of black votes for Ganim and Moore.

  3. Stevenl, mindless dribble to suggest that AB’s played no part in her loss. Senator Moore turned in 20 pages of signatures, but the Town Clerk submitted 16 pages which was short of the needed total to be on the ballot. Now remember the Town Clerk’s office was responsible for two or three elections with respect to Bob Keeley. We all know that team Mario has tentacles that reach all across the city and in every office of city government. No one should believe that this is over or that Mario wouldn’t call to the carpet those that are beholden to him.

    1. If this goes to court I think a new election will happen or she will disqualify the fishy absentee votes and just count the machine votes and Moore wins. The ab situation is down right disgusting

      1. @Donj
        Beware, Judge Barbara Beilis, the protector in those bad elections has retired from the bench. Who knows how a suit would fare in Superior Court with a new judge.

      2. Listen. The facts are the facts. You may think that the clerk is inclusion, but the fact remains that the Moore campaign would have produced the 4 missing pages if they had them. Right? Are you suggesting that they have no responsibility to do their due diligence of what is required by state and any responsible candidate running for a city office? Bucking the entire procedure? She’s to get a pass on that? No. Finch made the same idiotic step. History was right there and they blew it. Fair and square- they don’t get to collect ticket if they don’t pass go. And she didn’t. As of yet those 20 pages have never been produced. There were multiple people involved where are the pages? Are they not in a computer document? Are they not scanned? Are they not in a file? Where are they? The easy and simplest answer would be if she doesn’t have them then she never had them and that is pathetic and sad for the voters of Bridgeport.

    2. It’s funny that you call it mindless drivel when it is really the only key thing this candidate needed to have in order. I also believe it’s quite telling that she hasn’t come forward with the missing pages. Where are they?? Crickets.

      If you’re willing to give her a pass on it I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you in Brooklyn. It’s a good thing that she lost because she would’ve made one lazy and disorganized city administrator.

      1. It’s all about the primary. Ganim’s AB operation operates under the harshest spotlight in the history of electricity. You suggest some votes are worth more than others.
        Even though you promised to never address me again, if you disagree, use these pages to make your point.

      1. You’re a bloviating blogger! Did Lennie Grimaldi give you permission to say that? What’ s this “we” stuff? You don’t speak for the entire OIB universe, do you?
        In a related matter, I own digital outposts in Bridgeport and Black Rock. I’ve got a tale to tell. When you tell me where to stay, count on me to be disobedient and nearby!

    1. LE,
      Those who have seen the dark side of Ganim and never had the experience of a remorseful confession and pledge to do things differently, by the way, who really has? Forgive OIB writers, LE. After all, can’t we assume that this means you retain Senator Marilyn Moore representing you in the legislature?? Disappointment is an emotion, therefore not particularly rational or irrational, likely a new oxymoron from you? Time will tell.

        1. LE: To JML, “Are we living in the same world?”
          JML Responding to the question: ” I have always so assumed though at times I may have harbored some reservations. And the world has Ganim as Mayor and Moore as Senator in this same world, right?

          Then LE you shift gears, your freedom to do so, and move to a future conditional sentence that Moore winning the primary, were that to happen, would make Marilyn’s Senate office disappear. Not real world, actually. There would be at least a couple months before election day where she would still be a Senator, and then, were she to win on Election Day she would need to choose which activity to devote FULL TIME. In our State, legislators are “part time employees” at this moment in history.

          Finally I have been reasonably satisfied by State legislators I have come to know. Not in agreement all the time but if they show that they are informed and open to listen to constituents, there is no OXYMORON there. How about you? Time will tell.

          1. JMl, you are a clever master of language.
            However, in my fantasy prognosis choosing between the two positions seems unlikely.
            To further my thesis, I could not imagine Ganim remaining mayor after winning the gubernatorial primary.
            “Time will tell” is a conditional sentence, too. Consider the outcome when matching wits with local eyes.

  4. anybody found out what the moore campaign plans on doing cause its not fair to the thousands who came to the polls and voted for her over joe ganim she won by hundreds of votes our voices need to be heard.

  5. And now I am going to go over the line. I may not have been the best or the most consistent but I did wage war with Maria Pereira. Today, I have ZERO,ZILCH trust in anything that Maria Pereira has to say. I dont even want to talk to her. She is on the City

    1. Listen to your silly self. Maria Pereira worked the hardest to get the victory for herself and her partner.
      How things change in a 24 hour period or less. Lots of regretable decisions in retrospect at the Mooremon Church. If only MM had welcomed Maria Pereira over to her camp. If only you and others had listen to Maria Pereira when she suggested that you trolls go out and do the work needed to get your candidate elected. Don’t bitch so much about the ABs. Blaming the Ganim camp for getting 3 ABs to every 1 for Moore? If anyone of you knew a bit more about AB eligible voters in Bridgeport, you’d know that 1,000 ABs is not impossible to get. Just 300 ABs? I bet Maria Pereira got about half that amount with very little help. Let me repeat my advice for anyone thinking of running against the machine as far as ABs go. Beat them at their own game!

  6. Some people display irrational entitlement. This occurs whenever a candidate’s supporter needs a justification for losing an election that goes beyond the vote tally. Fairness becomes a crutch.
    This is where lawyers sharpen their pencils and form an argument. I hear phones ringing.
    It’s not over until the fat lady sings and she still works for the ghost of P.T. Barnum.

  7. Hopefully we hear something from mayor moore tomorrow. When you lose by about 371 votes at the polls and basically lost almost every neighborhood in bridgeport but make up that big margin of a machine lose in absentee ballots its fishy as hell and something stinks about it. “Funny how that works out. People who you don’t actually see cast a ballot wins the election” The best comment ive seen on social media so far

    1. donj, let me follow-up on your comment, Joe Ganim is no longer the young fair hair golden boy that he thought he was when he first got elected in 1991. He thought that he was popular that he decided to run for governor after only being in office as mayor for a year and a half, well Ganim lost every town and city in the state except Bridgeport and he barely won in Bridgeport, Joe Ganim got destroy by Ned Lamont. Now he’s running for reelection as mayor and the voters in Bridgeport, the golden fair hair boy now has bought some new hair but the voters just showed Joe Ganim he is no longer golden, he barely won a low turnout election because Bridgeport voters are tired of his do nothing administration, his dysfunctional police department, scandals, FBI investigations, not funding public education, high taxes. Joe Ganim is becoming a has been and this election expose that.

  8. Bridgeport general mayoral election, 2015[53]

    Joseph P. Ganim

    Petitioning candidate
    Mary-Jane Foster

    Enrique (Rick) Torres

    Petitioning candidate
    David Daniels, III

    New Movement Party
    Charles J. Coviello, Jr.

    Petitioning candidate
    Christopher J. Taylor

    Petitioning candidate
    Tony Barr

    I believe the State is wrong on their assessment of 1% for 2015
    Those Petitioning candidates and party’s are not running in 2019 and should be removed from the calculation of 1% of the total votes cast for 2019
    Should be 11,198 plus 2,838 for total of 14,036 X 1% = 140

  9. “BRIDGEPORT — When state Sen. Marilyn Moore beat Mayor Joe Ganim on the voting machines in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, it should have been a fist-pumping moment at her Fairfield Avenue headquarters.” Ct post said it best!! Ganim won on a fishy fishy stink smelling ab operation that does not look legit I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI looks into it.

  10. A user on facebook says “This vote that just took place sounds fishy with so many absentee voter ballots being one sided & out of proportion. I would demand a recount/inspection of validity of the absentee ballots.”

  11. “Absentee ballots are meant for individuals unable for health or religious reasons or because they are away to make it to the polls. But campaigns can be won or lost through elaborate absentee ballot operations to supplement in-person votes cast at the polls.
    The justices’ detailed decision made it clear that they believe “a court should be very cautious before exercising its power to vacate the results of an election” and that Bellis in Bridgeport had good reasons to do so in the 133rd District.” challenge the absentee results in court mayor moore the people voted for you by over 300 votes! Yes I said mayor Moore!!

  12. Moore isn’t challenging anything,she’s closing up shop and going back to Hartford.It’s been 24 hours and her team still can’t find those signatures.Meanwhile,expect Joe to request a tax increase over the winter.

    1. People on here are like the team that never leaves the locker room to get on the playing field and yet have convinced themselves that they’re the best.

      It seems to me that 99% of the commenters on this page have never been behind a candidate who actually won anything in their lives. I can tell you for sure I know a handful of them in person and that is across the board true.

      Marilyn should be hiding her head in shame for what she did to the voters of Bridgeport who wanted and needed to believe in change. She gaslighted everybody. Harvey has it right. She blew it and she did it with knowledge in my book. Her pathetic quotes about “tearing the office up looking for” those darned pages ring very very hollow to this seasoned Bridgeport voter. She deserves NO praise here. She in my book has been filed under corrupt. To mislead thousands of people in a false election knowing you don’t have the signatures- And to anyone who says that’s not true, simply produce them. If you cannot- then the truth is what it is.

      1. Wait a minute, all of ugliness about Marilyn Moore is because she said what, “tearing up the office up looking for those darned pages,” in regards to see if there are missing signatures sheets. Hell, Joe Ganim had his law license taken from him for lying and he was jailed for lying about stealing taxpayers money by lying about the pay to play to get City contracts to build but what Marilyn Moore said is worse, you are really showing your true color.

        1. Marilyn falsely lead thousands of voters who want chance off a cliff like the pied piper. That is fact. I am not comparing Joe Ganim to her YOU are. How is your measurement yardstick on that one? You are drunk on your Kool aid. You speak in rhetorics and you feel so brave here supported by your choir of losing cronies. Thousands of Bridgeporters who want a change in regime came out to support that change and were led astray by a pied piper of laziness and and, possibly, corruption. If not corrupt than dangerously stupid and doesn’t deserve to have any representation politically. What she did wasn’t small. What she did ruined her campaign and chances for allowing any other candidates who want change- to have a chance- she tipped the barrel right over the cliff.

          Is that purposeful or willful stupidity? Sounds to me like the lady didn’t want the job. That’s pretty convenient that she with having history of Finch’s campaign in the back seat of her campaign car, somehow misses the basic key function of running a campaign for election. She’s a senator. How did that happen?? Their campaign claimed to have submitted 20 pages/ And had no idea until election night they hadn’t? Really? How? If they had the 20 pages, they would have submitted them , and spoken to the press about it. To show the corruption of the clerk’s office. But yeayyy. They didn’t come up with those pages did they. This is a Senator. Who ran a successful election, do you really think she’s that incapable? If she is, that says alot about her place in that senate and it’s not pretty.

      2. Stevel,
        Very sorry not to be able to put a face and full name along with your recent posts on OIB. Can you identify yourself a little more for the benefit of OIB readers. Because you showed up so recently on OIB, it seemed that you were the “resurrection” of SteveA who appeared to have vanished from the scene some weeks before the primary. It was as if his words encouraged a negative response.He disabused me of that assumption.

        Who you are matters as background info to your purpose in putting such a flaming torch to Senator Marilyn Moore’s reputation and image. Whether you voted for her, for Ganim, for one of three Republicans or sat home on Tuesday will lend possible assistance to a reader. While waiting for you to respond, I have re-read your entry and conclude that:
        **You are a seasoned Bridgeport voter and likely one who has been on the winning side of one or more campaigns (though you do not identify whether you ever worked one with a responsible position)
        **Your identifier STEVEL is new to me though you may have been reading OIB for some time and know the writers beyond their statements, or not. But you refer to 99% of us as losers and characterize us as “would be” jocks, amateurs who fear to leave the locker room…not an auspicious greeting, I suggest
        **And then malign Marilyn for the inability to put her hands on a copy of ALL OF THE PAPERS turned in with names to qualify in a timely fashion for WFP status at this point (Lots of questions on chain of that info and copies of work beyond one person, though the buck stops with her…)
        **But you further wander off the track with accusations of gaslighting, misleading and corrupt behavior for knowingly “attempting psychological manipulation to make an individual or a group of them have doubts, question their mind and memory, check their sanity or perceptions”. That is not the concerned and warm citizen candidate who meets all people with a willingness to care and serve and who has been elected and re-elected to State office. Integrity has been the most significant and trusted differentiator from the incumbent to many people. She’s never claimed perfection, thank goodness, but your accusations are at a terribly negative level. Evidence?

        Where is your interest in attacking her character and using those words, when we know that the biggest corruption in our community is the failure of the “second chance” candidate Joe Ganim to come clean to the entire community by owning up to all the charges of which he was found guilty. He had his day in court, served 7 years as punishment for public corruption and when spurned by the Bar for readmission, perhaps because he never owned the sins and did not show remorse, and NEVER talked about a change this time around (AGENDA)……what he would do that the public could see (open)….how the public could see it (transparency)….and what that would look like (Stop raising taxes – accountability)….rather than HONEST we got lies or half truths, didn’t we?

        People make mistakes. We are totally human. And big mistakes seem to happen when the stakes are high, as they were here.

        I will guess that other OIB readers will be happy to know more about you. I invite you to share with us enough of a profile so that you can dodge questions of sexism and racism that could be raised. Of course, if your given name is Stephanie, or other facts refute such questions, then I apologize in advance. But your words have gone from Tropical Storm to Serious Hurricaine in 48 hours.. In other words when you come out of the locker room, are you likely to look to gender or color of skin to alert you as to who and how to hit? Any other isms a problem for you?

        I voted, worked for and contributed to Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign. I know others who did as well. Perhaps you will share who received your vote this year? It might give a reason behind your strong statements. People know that I stand for certain values. How about you? Where has Senator Moore crossed the line for you?

        Meanwhile let’s see who made copies, who controlled the paper chain, and which forms were reviewed by SOT to render her decision. Time will tell.

        1. I’ve been reading OIB for years and I’ve lived in many areas of this city. I know people all over Bridgeport, personally and from their posts on this page. And my point is clear and factual. You guys consistently back the losing candidate. If I still was a gambling man I’d call my bookie and tell him to put my money on the other guy- the guy you don’t support- and I’d win every time.

          1. NO NAME, Lennie, what’s the story? Thought the nom de plume route was passe?

            stevel, a reader for years but not a writer until the past couple weeks? Is that your story? Where is all the emotion coming from? Any “isms” operating in your soul?
            As for your betting story, I think that pattern was pointed out to Steven Auerbach some years ago. So the writing population of OIB are just a bunch of losers? Or backers of losers? Maybe it is time to put a spotlight on what is likely public info and likely the story behind your betting theory:
            Who request and ultimately turn in multiple AB requests in the COB?
            Where are the densest locations for ultimate forms turned in?
            Does anyone keep track of such info, election after election?
            Are there any patterns to be discerned?
            What remedies are present currently for keeping that info fresh and overseen and publicly reported?
            What are the possible reasons for the pattern of AB voting to be so divergent from active citizens who go to the polls?
            Just asking. Time will tell.

          2. JML, who ever stevenl is he’s nothing but a fake, he’s scare to be a man and give his God given name, nobody but a scare ass punk hides because he wants to keep his city job. JML, stevenl is just like Robert T. and they not worth the time to reply to any of his bullshit. JML, stevenl has no problem with Joe Ganim stealing taxpayers money and serving time in a federal prison and stevenl said nothing about that but Marilyn Moore comment is worse than what Joe Ganim did.

        2. You know the ultimate responsibility of knowing she has the numbers is on her. And any candidate who cares to win would be sure their ducks were in a row to fight. SHE DIDN’T WANT A FIGHT. She’s either lazy, stupid or corrupt. I say corrupt because she ran a shell campaign. I don’t believe for a moment that she cared one bit about running. Her election materials were bottom of the barrel of pathetic. And still people came out to say WE WANT CHANGE. Is she such a tremendous ego that she just wanted the adulation? TIME WILL TELL.

          1. stevel,
            you did not answer my questions to provide a profile that might indicate to a fair minded person (and others) how long term beliefs and current interests might increase the numbers of capital letters in your most recent note.
            you were a gambler? did it take you all the way and break you? perhaps you needed to move from neighborhood to neighborhood as a result?
            what about your relationships with females? If someone said about your Mother or sister that the only explanations for her behavior is that she must be “lazy, stupid or corrupt”, what would you say to that person? Do those words align with racist chants? Why are so many women, particularly women of color, so disaffected with male leaders?? How are things in your locker room now?

            Why don’t you keep expanding on your desire to have those with hope heard? What have you been doing about it?
            Did you ever hear Moore speak? Have you followed the variety of subjects she has supported as a legislator? Where has she been averse to your interests and values?

            I expect that you may be ashamed to identify yourself further. And if Lennie does not explain the nom de plume policy again, all of us will lose a little bit of respect and trust in the truth. This is a marketplace for facts and fact sharing, as best known to the writer, and at equal levels of truthfulness and honesty. There is plenty of room for story telling and clothing the facts with a story line that is credible and hopefully supported. But attributing ill motivation over a single official mistake, and rewriting known behavior and activity smack of something else. Do you know how to play defense? Let’s see your moves beyond the obvious, “not saying anything”. Right now you are looking like a goalie in hockey.

            The current administration does not send out defensepersons to protect your words. Evidence? Ganim stayed zipped up in face of Rev Mary McBride Lee “racial musings”. Didn’t he? If you were not a Ganim2 supporter you would have admitted it by now. What threat does the Moore primary candidacy and winning at the ballot box with the largest number of voters pose to Ganim2 at this moment? Time will tell.

  13. Steven Auerbach, you are suck a liar just like President 45, lying comes so naturally for you. Everybody knows that you were given orders to not to post on Only In Bridgeport and it came from Joe Ganim and Mario Testa. Now they had somebody else give you that order like Labor Relation or David Dunn. Stevie, there’s nothing wrong with being a cheerleader for the City, we all want who ever the mayor is that they do what’s best for the taxpayers With that being said you were given a high paying a position by City standards because of you being the best ass kisser around, in fact your book “Ass Kissing for Dummies 101” can not be found in book stores because there are so many people who want to know your secret. Your hero, Joe Ganim just barely won the Democrat primary with less than 300 votes, Ganim glow has faded, he couldn’t beat Senator Moore at the polling booth, Ganim lost there and he had all of this money and City workers like you out there begging voters to vote for Joe Ganim and he still lost at the ballot box. It took Ganim to get absentee ballots to give a very small margin for victory. Joe Ganim thinks that he’s still the “golden boy” and that everybody loves him. Joe Ganim got his ass kicked when he decided that Connecticut Democrats loved him but he lost every city and town in the state except Bridgeport and he barely won Bridgeport. Stevie A, keep on doing what you do best, trying give Judge Carmen Lopez a parking ticket and kissing Mario and Ganim’s ass.

    1. Ron Mackey you lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it! High paying Job– David Dunn , Mario , The Mayor giving orders- You are sad! Boo Hoo stop crying- You candidate lost – Next time you’ll get off your fat as and write a check, Boo Hoo liololololoolloolololololololloloolololololololololololololololololololoolololololololololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololool Now stop crying and stop being redundant with your posts. You lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You lost and I have this huge paying job. I am in the TOP 558 people that work for the city. Just remember that top 558 . Your comments are so tiresome.

      This political whore wants to Thank Maria Pereira another Political whore on her absentee ballot win. I think Moore should have embraced you with open arms. Too Bad.

      Moore lost Ron Mackey- Just remember , Hillary Clinton won by 4 Million Votes and Trump is the President. Moore is no Obama is this was no Obama moment. Just accept her loss and spend the next 4 years talking to the same 3 people on this blog.

      Is there anything Moore you could have done for your candidate other than send her a check to 666 Cleveland Avenue. 666 666

      666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 –

      Congratulations to all of the winners – The Best is yet to come !

      1. I never had a problem steve and still don’t. But honestly you really think ganim won?? he lost at the polls 4,140 to 3,796

        “Ganim Moore Total Votes
        3798 47.85% 4140 52.15% 7938
        You would expect the absentee voting to follow a similar pattern given its a city election.
        932 75.47% 303 24.53% 1235
        Ignoring the staggering number of absentee ballots, how does Joe get that high a winning percentage? At the polls, the best he did was 66% and that was at one location.
        Perhaps this will be looked at by Miss Merrill, then again, it’s only Bridgeport!”

      2. Remember Governor Joe Ganim Stevie A? Do you remember how Need Lamont kicked the shit out of Joe Ganim’s run for governor, Ganim lost at the Democrat convention and instead of endorsing Lamont Joe decided that he’s so popular that he primary Lamont instead of supporting of Lamont and what happened, Joe got his ass in EVERY city and town in the state and Joe barely beat Lamont in Bridgeport. Stevie, your hero has lost that glow, just look at how many voters turned their back on Ganim, he needed AB votes and he barely won. Stevie, EVERYBODY knows that you were ordered to stay off of Only In Bridgeport, in fact I dare you to make comments on OIB unless you are scare, yeah, you’re scare.

      3. Is there a legitimate purpose to this post, Steven? Taunting people whose opinions you don’t agree with? Rethink your position. Your skin is thinner that tissue paper.

  14. The state rejected ganim last year and now bridgeport rejected ganim as well 4,140 to 3,796. Yet he somehow wins ????This city is so dam corrupt no wonder people are moving out in droves

  15. What I find interesting is the numbers
    Machine vote:
    “Ganim Moore Total Votes
    3798 47.85% 4140 52.15% 7938
    You would expect the absentee voting to follow a similar pattern given its a city election.
    932 75.47% 303 24.53% 1235
    Ignoring the staggering number of absentee ballots, how does Joe get that high a winning percentage? At the polls, the best he did was 66% and that was at one location.
    Perhaps this will be looked at by Miss Merrill, then again, it’s only Bridgeport!”

    This is what ive been saying ab’s in every city and town generally match the at the polls voting pattern. and giving the huge amount of ab casted it smells fishy that ganim would get 75% of it and did not even come near that at one city precinct across bridgeport. This has to be investigated

  16. There’sw something fishy about the way this played out. It’s hard to fathom that the Moore campaign would have been so sloppy. Especially with Chris Caruso on board. He of all people knows how the DTC under Mario Testa operates.

    1. It’s hard to believe, or its a hard pill to swallow? It doesn’t pan out because at the end of the day, if she had the signatures she would have brought them forth by now. They can’t stop her from producing them, if she had them. And she doesn’t. And you’re right Derek Brown, something does stink. And it’s heartbreaking for the voters of this city that there is absolutely no one to put their faith in.

      1. Not a hard pill to swallow, stevenl. It’s too convenient for Ganim to suddenly be victorious through the magic of absentee ballots and the Moore campaign not having the professional smarts to cover all bases.


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