Moore Wants Ganim To Fire Police Chief, But If Elected “I’d Give Him A Chance”

Three weeks from a Democratic primary for mayor, State Senator Marilyn Moore wants incumbent Joe Ganim to fire Police Chief AJ Perez for poor performance, but if she wins the mayoralty she declares antithetically “I would make him do his job. I’d give him a chance.”

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more:

“Put somebody in the position that knows what they’re doing,” Moore said during a meeting Tuesday with Hearst Connecticut Media’s editors.

But she also admitted that, because he has a contract, terminating Perez may be easier said than done.

Moore is challenging Ganim for his job. The two are competing in a Sept. 10 Democratic Party primary and are scheduled to appear together Wednesday night at a 7 p.m. mayoral forum at the Klein Memorial Auditorium.

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  1. Marilyn Moore needs to say- A.J Perez needs to go. UNEQUIVOCALLY. Ganim got rid of the Chief of Police when he became mayor. I forgot his name. This is a namby-pamby Gumbo statement from Moore. I have a major question. Is someone advising State Senator Marilyn Moore. Three weeks. No room for namby-pamby statements. This statement concerning Perez was a huge mistake.

  2. Three weeks. It’s called ,”GOING FOR THE JUGULAR.” It seems that no one in the Moore campaign “gets it.” So there was a new campaign manager. And now we get this pablum statement from Marilyn Moore . Maybe Gemeem Davis(or whatever the name is) just does not have the stuff!

  3. Moore has to clear things up at the Klein. She must ABSOLUTELY say that A.J. Perez(nice guy,good friend and possible co-conspirator to Ganim’s illegal activities and CONQUEROR) ……. NEED TO GO!!!!!!!!!. If Marilyn Moore does not say this at the Klein,Moore will lose. For chrissakes,,,,who is advising MOORE?

  4. She will do right but she doesn’t want to give him a $150k a year for the next theee years.
    If Ganim won’t put him out to pasture she will make his life so miserable he will leave or be fired for cause.

    1. Bob. That is pure BS. Someone in the Moore needs to read the City Charter and the role of The Bridgeport Board of Police Commissioners. Did Ganim widdle waddle about getting rid of Gaudett. No. Day one Ganim began to get rid of Gaudette. Let me repeat. Every voter who wants to vote for Marilyn Moore wants to get rid of Perez. There seems to be a major disconnect in the Moore campaign to the point of whether or not Marilyn Moore wants to become Mayor. You guys in the Moore Campaign have got to turn this around in a matter of hours. Like TOMORROW MORNING.

  5. If she comes out right now and says he canned he’s got the perfect case of being prejudicial. And I don’t want to see AJ sue the city and get three years severance.

  6. Has the “friendship” between Joseph Ganim and Armando J. Perez served the City well???
    ……..created respect for the officers in blue when they pursued their trained and intended standards of “community policing”?
    …..allowed the Police Commission to function in a reasonable and responsive manner as an extension of community oversight?
    …….kept serious matters resolved and settled without extended and expensive legal costs?
    …….made folks feel safer?
    ……dealt with the extremely expensive issue of uncontrolled overtime deficits and the more expensive retirement benefits funding of uncontrolled overtime?
    ……been a force for known ‘anti-racist’ commentary and practice in fully investigating and holding accountable those who would and do act in a ‘racist capacity’?
    …….made for timely, unified and pragmatic decision making when police/community conflict happens?

    Let all of the citizens breathe here in Bridgeport. Eliminate the “chokehold” this friendship has put the rest of us in while we have the breath and the strength to agree. Time will tell.

  7. Joe Ganim’s use of municipal administrative positions to reward political fealty has NOT served the people of the city of Bridgeport. Gun violence is up, the police department is led by a man that is wholly unsuited for the job and all Little Joe Ganim can do is pose for photographs. Time to send this narcissistic gas bag out to pasture.


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