Moore Recognized By Family Services Organization

Moore receives award.

News release from State Senator Marilyn Moore:

The Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies (CCFSA) recently presented State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) with the 2019 Family Legislator of the Year award. Senator Moore was given the award in recognition of her legislative work on behalf of families and children.

“Senator Marilyn Moore is a true leader who embodies what CCFSA stands for as an organization,” said Barry Simon, President and CEO of Oak Hill and Chair of the Board of Directors for CCFSA, who presented Senator Moore with the award. “She is compassionate, bold, thoughtful and determined to use her position to help the most vulnerable citizens in our state. While serving the communities of Bridgeport, Monroe, and Trumbull, Senator Moore has made an impact locally and statewide in helping those who need a safety net. It has been said that ‘a leader takes people where they want to go; a great leader takes people where they don’t want to go but ought to be.’ Senator Moore demonstrates this philosophy of leadership in all she does.”

“It’s an honor to be named CCFSA Family Legislator of the Year,” said Senator Moore. “CCFSA does incredible work for children and families across Connecticut. As Co-Chair of the Human Services Committee and Vice Chair of the Committee on Children, I’m focused on ways we can improve the quality of life for children and strengthen families in our state. Through their services and advocacy, CCFSA is a great partner in this work and I’m grateful to be recognized with this award.”

Senator Moore has consistently been an advocate for legislation that supports Connecticut families. She has co-sponsored legislation for a living wage, paid family and medical leave, and debt-free college. She has championed the “two-generational approach,” or 2GEN which seeks to disrupt cycles of intergenerational poverty. This session she lead the passage of Senate Bill 1080, “An Act Concerning a Two-Generational Initiative,” which would establish a first in the nation executive cabinet focused on promoting economic success across generations. Governor Ned Lamont recently named Senator Moore a co-chair of the Committee on Women’s Issues within the Governor’s Council on Women and Girls.

The Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies is a statewide network of fifteen independent, non-profit, family service agencies that deliver services to over 180,000 families annually from more than 100 sites located throughout Connecticut. CCFSA serves as a statewide provider network for multiple programs including: the welfare-to-work TANF Case Management program, the court-mandated Parent Education Program for parents involved in divorce or child custody proceedings, the Social Services Block Grant, Counseling Services and Housing Mobility Counseling.


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  1. The award is worth noting as part of the resume of accomplishments and recognition for Marilyn Moore.
    It would be as if Ganim2 got an award from any organization other than those which recognize the formats of the CAFR and the Annual Budget, though neither comments on the factual matter printed on those pages.
    We probably need to know more about the “two generational initiative” and how that is working out because not one of us selects our family of birth. And even when we get born into an affluent family, owning income producing assets, with educated professionals all around our generation, and unquestioned privilege part of the picture, it does not prevent someone with that favored status from acting against the predominating culture, laws, and example, does it? Where has Ganim2 found time to work on advancing those with the least in the community? What has been his announced purpose? Long term efforts? Results that he is willing to post and be accountable? Isn’t public education the route requiring regular secure funding? Why has he ignored this core principle in his supposed public service? Time will tell.


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