1. While at the Jerk fest with my friends yesterday politics was part of the discussion and my friends who are democrats said they are not voting for Ganim. Sad part to many of them have since moved out of bridgeport after getting decent job.

    1. LE,
      You are slithering away, right before OUR EYES.
      Senator Marilyn Moore is a legislator. Marilyn Moore is a legislator. (Please repeat this 98 times……then)
      Legislators consider problems, issues and concerns within their geography and pass laws. They also provide a forum for oversight in how current laws, procedures and systems are currently working.
      Legislators do not PRESIDE. Executives PRESIDE!!! Like Governors PRESIDE!! Mayors PRESIDE!! Legislators discuss, argue, report, question and ultimately cast their ONE VOTE among the fellow members of their legislative body.
      Yet you term that PRESIDING?? Local what is GANIMATTO’s record of balancing budgets other than by:
      1) Borrowing funds to be repaid in future years
      2) Kicking current year “expenses” of failed Ganim1 planning into the future with more bonding
      3) Ignoring the presentation of budget transfers to the public regularly
      4) Ignoring the use of borrowed funds from OPED less than four years ago to pay off a Port Authority obligation…..and more
      GANIM2 PRESIDES, big time….through a City Council with majority depending on City budget to make their lives a little better…..with no other body, Finance Board or otherwise, calling attention to how budgets get balanced.
      GANIM2 PRESIDES big time. MOORE decides along with many at the table. Can you understand the difference?
      Local Eyes, is Steve Auerbach writing your material these days?
      Last week showed a sticker on a car indicating abandonment on one side of Fairfield Avenue while a Denver boot was placed on a different vehicle on the other side of the street. Two violations?? There was a third….a City car at a meter flashing red. Are these cars ticketed? The abandoned vehicle is still there today. What was so critical about Linda Lee’s van 14 months ago that got ticketed and towed within 48 hours and cost the City more than $5,000? Time will tell.

      1. NOTHING is more humiliating than getting civics lesson from the great John Marshall Lee.
        I’m only slithering away because you greased the skids with Wesson oil. You belong in a zoo with the other reptiles.
        I’m not as dumb as a I look.
        The General Assembly produces a budget that’s either balanced or unbalanced. When they’re in session, they’re all presiding.
        My question remains unanswered but that’s okay-I’m accustomed to working without a map!

        1. Presiding is an “executive power” to most folks, not a legislative responsibility or power. It’s that basic. And you forgot, didn’t you? But you are still out to put Moore “on a skewer” and roast her, aren’t you? Why is that your bowling lane in 2019? Are you writing this as a disgruntled Trumbull resident over things “done” or “undone” by Senator Moore? Should she be compared to her party supported predecessor Senator Musto in that case? Why are you on the GANIM2 bandwagon at this time? Any personal financial advantage of any kind?

          Why do you feel humiliated when questioned about the use of and meaning of one word? If you did not expect pushback, think about writing your memoirs for posterity instead. Isn’t ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT a place for any or all to learn or re-learn things we may have missed in school? Civics? History? Where to get great meals in Bridgeport?
          A map presumes that you want to get somewhere within the territory covered by your MAP. As you indicate that you are routinely working without a map, are you also working without an announced purpose in the Bridgeport Mayoral Primary also?
          The incumbent needs someone to sing his praises. Are you the only person left standing on OIB to seriously do that job? I have an idea. Return to that amazing report put together by many of the best and brightest in town in early 2016 willing to hope that Ganim2 would be different from Ganim1 who became corrupt and spent seven years time paying for the crime, to return to us a different person. What happened to that amazing “bucket list” of recommendations? Time will tell.

          1. JML, I bow to a superior intellect. You’re the skipper, I just mop the deck.
            I’m not skewering anyone. I’m an equal opportunity critic.
            When Ganim was a guest of the government (you are too funny) at their posh ping-pong academy (aka prison), I was not living here. Ping-pong and politics are worthy partners-let’s drag Ernie Newton into this.
            I’m not a freelance writer under Ganim’s employ, no. I see too many similarities between Ganim and Moore to show a preference.
            What makes those two different is easy to see. What makes them identical will soon be revealed.

  2. What has Ganim done for the people of the city of Bridgeport in his most recent term? He sold the baseball stadium. Boca Oyster Bar opened under his watch. BFD. The restaurant has a private dock so the swells won’t have to drive through Big Bad Bridgeport to dine on %0 rib eyes. Wow. That really helps us all, Joe. He signed a letter with 199 other mayors demanding gun violence be dealt with. Wow. That was a great photo op.

    People are LEAVING Bridgeport because there’s no employment here. Way to go, Joe. Keep the hits a comin’.

    1. Derek, you asked, ”
      What has Ganim done for the people of the city of Bridgeport in his most recent term?” Ganim given the voters higher taxes, poor schools by not properly funding education, Ganim has given the voters a Police Department that has no adult leadership are just a few things that Ganim has done for the people of the city of Bridgeport in his most recent term.

    2. People are moving to Bridgeport because opportunities here do not exist elsewhere.
      Instead of blaming others try uplifting and inspiring them. Begin with yourself.

      1. Local Eyes,
        Speaking of Ganim2 and Senator Marilyn Moore, as a “self-proclaimed prophet” in an entry above:
        “What makes them identical will soon be revealed.” Identical??? What a teaser you pose!!
        Ganim2 vs. Senator Moore
        Male Gender? Female
        Attorney/politician Vocation? Phone customer rep/501c3 founder
        Suburb Hometown? Bridgeport
        Public FBI trial Judicial experience? Possible parking ticket (or two)
        White Color of skin? Brown
        Red Color of blood? Red
        Mayor’s office Current pursuit? Mayor’s office

        Perhaps they each go to the same hair care facility? Or drive “identical” vehicles, but your opinion, if based on facts, will take us into new territory, I suppose. And since you have already indicated that you are accustomed to working without a map, I suppose many of us are most curious where these two people are seen as identical. You have “civic courage” to keep posting like this. Now we can see where your sensibility is landing. Time will tell.

        1. JML, was your misspelling intentional?
          Identical has several meanings. For starters, they both seek self-proclaimed profits. For Ganim that means anywhere he can find ’em and for Moore it means using a 501c3 as a foil to extract funds under the guise that it’s not producing a profit but a medical good. Profits aren’t used to grow the business, they’re used to enrich their owners.
          Imagine Samuel l. Jackson asking what’s in your wallet driveway?

          1. LE,
            Who owns a not for profit corporation that depends on charitable contributions for much or most of its ongoing revenues? Serving a charitable purpose not otherwise attended to by government or other NGOs is an American way of doing things. And your criticism is?Do you see a difference between Ganim2’s fiscal activities and Moore’s? Have they historically each been a servant of the people, in your opinion? Time will tell.

  3. Borrowing money is the American way and Mayor Ganim and Marilyn Moore are experts at that.
    They are identical.
    Ganim wants the best for Bridgeport.
    Marilyn Moore wants the best for Connecticut.
    Bonded money is the favorite method for both.
    In that regard, they’re identical.
    Even the wisest bond counsel might admit bonded money is the most expensive capital on the planet!


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