Moore Fends Off Another Allegation, This One Questioning Status Of Her Nonprofit

Marilyn Moore supporters have filed complaints against Mayor Joe Ganim including contesting the results of the September 10 Democratic primary claiming absentee ballot abuses. When that happens expect return fire. Former City Councilman Joel Gonzalez has filed three complaints against Moore, the latest centers on her nonprofit Witness Project of Connecticut whose mission is “to increase awareness, knowledge, screening and early detection behaviors in African American women in an effort to reduce the number of women diagnosed with later stages of breast cancer,” according to the organization’s Facebook page.

Gonzalez asserts the state senator and mayoral candidate has been raising money at a time the public charity is listed as inactive, according to state records, something that can draw fines from the State Department of Consumer Protection where Gonzalez lodged his latest complaint. It can also create IRS issues based on the nonprofit status.

Gonzalez included in his complaints as exhibits screenshots of Moore’s personal Facebook page.

“Sooner or later she has to answer,” says Gonzalez, a regular contributor to the OIB comments section. “I am not making it up. All the documents you see are things she submitted. This is a legitimate complaint.”

Gonzalez, who supports Ganim, says he filed these complaints on his own with no prodding from the Ganim campaign.

Gonzalez has also filed two complaints with the State Elections Enforcement Commission accusing Moore of illegally collecting petition signatures for her qualified primary run and effort to appear on the Working Families Party line that fell short of the required amount for November ballot access.

Barring a court order for a new primary, Moore is waging a write-in campaign for November.

Moore told the Connecticut Post regarding Gonzalez’s consumer protection charge “It’s not me. I have not done any fundraising,” she added, explaining that the last time she raised money for the Witness Project, which links poor women with breast cancer services, was 2017.

It begs the question who would have access to Moore’s Facebook page to request donations? Many of her campaign supporters made donations to her organization that has helped hundreds of women.

There’s nothing sinister here, but these complaints and Moore’s failure to execute the simple task of securing roughly 200 verifiable signatures to appear on the November ballot raise questions about Moore’s organizational skills, her attention to detail and understanding of process, something some of her supporters share privately but not publicly.

Let’s give Moore the benefit of the doubt that she did not load these fundraising posts on her page. Well, someone did.

So far Moore’s default response to all these allegations is not me, I did nothing wrong.

What’s wrong with taking some ownership? “It’s an oversight and we’ll fix it.”

Facebook screen shot of April 30, 2019 post was taken Oct. 11, 2019

And this as well from Oct. 23, 2018:

What follows is Gonzalez’s complaint:

Among the exhibits:




    Senator Moore has studiously avoided this topic — being well-connected to the SHU BOD and Trumbull-Bridgeport-border developers that are now building hundreds of SHU apartments on Lindeman Drive (adjacent to/upstream from the already flood-prone area of Lake Forest) that will use Bridgeport services and pay Trumbull taxes, per the politically-sanctioned policy of suburb-pirating of Bridgeport services even as they profit by the taxes (and in this case, as they fulfill, state, “affordable housing” quotas per housing that is essentially in Bridgeport…).

    The Ganim and Finch Administrations have actively cooperated (actually facilitated) the SHU expansion and takeover of the North End (Ganim I rolled-over and acquiesced to the first dorms, and later, Ganim II sold Bridgeport parkland to SHU for expansion; the Finch Administration rolled over to more dorm construction and gave SHU carte blanche to our schools and use of our parkland…

    But, on another level, as a state senator for the 22nd, Senator Moore has remained silent on SHU actions in the North End and has avoided acknowledging the many environmental and public-safety/public health issues (of state-level concern) related to the SHU-rentals in the North End (22nd District), as well as SHU-related (and non-related) Trumbull (also 22nd District) development issues that negatively impact her Bridgeport constituents…

    Read the article and realize the lack of concern of the aforementioned candidates for the welfare of their constituents — and the likelihood that they will do nothing, if elected/re-elected, to salvage the quality of life for residents in the huge North End of Bridgeport…

    Mayor Ganim’s concerns, voiced in the Post article, will last only until 8 PM, November 5… Senator Moore apparently doesn’t have such concerns — even for the election season… (No comment from the R/Rodriguez camp, either…)

  2. Is anyone else exhausted by the incompetence at this point?

    These are serious allegations.

    When I had a GoFundMe Page everytime someone donated I received notification. I believe when a birthday fundraiser occurs the Marilyn Moore facebook page receives a notification of each donation.

    Someone would have had to hack her facebook page to set up a fraudulent fundraiser for HER nonprofit that she herself could see.

    Why would anyone do that?

    They can set up a fraudulent fundraiser for her nonprofit on a variety of platforms that she would have no direct access to.

    Marilyn Moore has repeatedly touted her nonprofit the Witness Project yet it has been defunct for almost two years.

    What about the $10,000 donation from April 2018?

    This looks pretty bad.

  3. Oh yes and there was another shooter from the grassy knoll. Oh yes and Area 51 is full of little green men and UFOs. Oh yes I saw a dinosaur like creature swimming in Loch Ness.

    1. Donald Day, you ‘witnessed’ the Kennedy shooting, aliens in area 51, and saw the Loch Ness Monster.

      As Marilyn Moore’s driver, what did you witness? Remember all the times Moore ordered you to, “Stop at that bank, I have to deposit a check”. Minutes later: Triple D ( Donald Day Driver), take me to CASH A CHECK on Boston Avenue…
      You and Ron only talk about Ricci’s legitimate $1000.00 campaign contribution to Maria Pereira who properly reported and accounted for such. You can’t compare any of this to Ganim’s 20 years past. This is 2019, the Voters know all there’s to know about the scandal and the eight (8) years he served. In 2015 he asked for and received some forgiveness for his crime and elected him mayor again. Had anyone else running for mayor been accused of all Marilyn Moore has obviously done and denies, you two would be singing a different tune.

      You and Ron had a lot to say about 501 (c) (3) and the Black Churches participating in the electoral process? Different strokes for different folks? It sounds like Marilyn Moore is likely to blame the members of the board of Witness Project. Tell the People how much Moore was paying herself for her role as Director of the Witness Project.
      In 2009 for example

      1. Joel, keep it up and I’m sure that you will be rewarded by Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa with a promotion to maybe the Acting Supervisor of janitor at Police Headquarters for your attacks on Marilyn Moore.

      2. IN 2009, Witness Project raised $339,000. Considering the average amount Witness Project of Connecticut raised in contributions. I estimate that about $235.000 was raised and unaccounted for since they last filed 909 taxes with the IRS. It’s time for the Feds to take a look at this. Can I get an AMEN, Maria Pereira?

  4. Moore is so open and transparent. How much did her non-profit take in in 2018 and how much of a salary did she take. Just another fraudster abusing the system. I would be appalled if Bridgeport voters write her name on the ballot. The city of Bridgeport would go back 10 years.

    1. You need to go and take your drugs if you think that Bridgeport would be better off with Joe Ganim a convict, a felon who stole who taxpayers one and who had to serve time in a federal prison and who lost his law license for lying, you are a joke and a fake. Be a man and show us how brave you are by using your real name, coward.

      1. Listen you fool, all OIB posters who are allowed to use a handle are entered into the OIB Witness Protection program. They can leave the program any time they want, not at your convenience.

        1. I must of hit a nerve for Joel to come out so strong to protect a coward. By the way Joel and In The City, how come Joe Ganim can’t get his law license back here in 2019?

          1. You think Marilyn Moore will be able to register Witness Project of Connecticut Inc. as a charity with Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection?

          2. Joel, how come Joe Gamin can’t practice law , it’s a fact that his law license was taken away from him but why?

  5. You all sure do love smelling your own farts on this blog. I mean, have you ever seen such a magnificently orchestrated hit on Ganim like this on OIB? It’s breathtaking. Keep it up.

  6. If fundraising is ongoing while the charity is dormant, that’s a bad recipe. Part of being Executive Director is having executive responsibilities. You’re shirking your duties when they’re raising funds for MM’s nonprofit.
    You can’t stiff arm your own sales team while claiming innocence.
    It’s not a good day until you challenge the challengers!

  7. Joel, the fact that you filled a complaint doesn’t make it true or accurate even though your amen corner of Maria agrees with your ignorance. No matter what she does it will never rise to the level of deceit and thievery of Mayor Ganim when he was convicted of 16 federal counts: one count each of racketeering, extortion, racketeering conspiracy, and bribery; two counts of bribery conspiracy; eight counts of mail fraud, and two counts of filing a false tax return. NOTHING SHE COULD DO IS WORSE THAN THIS! Joel if you and Maria can’t say Amen, Say Ouch!

    1. Don, that’s not true because everything that Marilyn Moore has in this one campaign for mayor must be the worse thing that has ever happened in Bridgeport. You know I asked the question a while back on OIB why there was no Hispanic/Latino candidate running for mayor and Joel Gonzalez reply was said that they like Ganim, Joel couldn’t give one reason what Mayor Ganim has done for the Hispanic/Latino community. Don I’m sure that Joel will be rewarded by Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa with a promotion to maybe the Acting Supervisor of janitor at Police Headquarters and his attacks on Marilyn Moore.

      Don, as for Joel’s partner, Maria Pereira, just look at all of her post on OIB since Marilyn Moore started her campaign for mayor and I would guess that between 80% to 90% her post have been against Marilyn Moore but Don where are Maria’s complaints against Joe Ganim, before the election Joe Ganim was the devil because of Ganim’s flat funding the BBOE and the boycott of BBOE meetings by Dennis Bradley because of Maria but all of a sudden when Marilyn Moore decides to run for mayor Maria goes against Marilyn. Don, what is this hate towards Marilyn Moore come from with Joel and Maria?

        1. 🤣 Funny you brought this up. There’s a rumor that Maria Pereira did an Ancestral search and found Jim FoF (Father of Frankenstein) as a direct descendant. That may explain why we get along and have similar passion for politics.

    2. My complaint is truthfully and accurately documented. On the first complaint, signers of the petition are sure that the circulator was a man. It could be possible that Marilyn Moore is living a double life–one as a transvestite who dresses as a man to circulate petitions.

      On complaint #2, See the Jonathan Rodrigues YouTube video and you shall see that Sauda Baracka is the circulator of that petition NOT MARILYN MOORE.

      On Complaint #3, it’s obvious that you
      just don’t get it. Must I get some crayons and draw some pictures with a story line for you folks. Had I been a white person filing these complaints, you guys would had pulled the race card immediately. You guys can go ahead now and do just that–Im listed as “white” in my birth certificate.

      1. Joel, you are playing your kiss ass job to keep your current job and hope that you will get promoted as the “Acting Supervisor” of jantiors at Police Headquarters, the way that Stevie A did.

        1. Sorry Charlie! I already have a supervisor. Had I handled these findings the way you and Donald Day think, I would have approached both of you guys to broker a deal with Moore in return for my silence. Homey don’t play that!

  8. So,come election day,Bpt taxpayers have a choice.Do we vote for an incompetent,unorganized,always confused,Marilyn Moore,or do we vote for a self centered,convicted felon who has done nothing for Bpt except steal from us?..Gee,decisions,decisions..

  9. LOL, Joel you are confused because you think that because your birth certificate lists you as white that any white person that looks at you see nothing but a PR, nothing more and nothing less. I’ve heard you say this on numerous occasions so it seems as if that mistake just epitomizes all that you want to be, WHITE. That’s sad pendejito. Had you been white we would have put more validity in what you had to say!

    Now that I know what your station is in life is, to be white, I’ll feel very comfortable playing the race card with you Charlie Bo Bo.

    1. Don, of course Joel thinks of his self as being white but he’s not is his partner Maria, the one thing that they have in common is the both can’t stand Marilyn Moore and Marilyn is not white. Joel wants to be accept by whites even he’s darker than me. He doesn’t understand that black portion in his blood so he gets a sense of pride when he attacks someone black.


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