Moore Beefs Up Campaign Presence Above Joseph’s Steakhouse Downtown

State Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign for mayor is planting its campaign flag, on flag day, in a curious office location, above Joseph’s Steakhouse in a building where Mayor Joe Ganim also had a Downtown headquarters for his campaign for governor last year.

Ganim recently held a mayoral campaign fundraiser at the steakhouse when he raised more than $40,000.

Moore will have her official campaign headquarters opening Friday at 6 PM, 360 Fairfield Avenue, not an ideal headquarters location for a candidate who needs retail visibility. This location has pluses and minuses. There’s nothing like storefront visibility space with accessible parking for volunteers and campaign staff in a neighborhood. By day parking at this location is mostly paid, be it street or the dedicated adjacent lot, not ideal for volunteers. After 6, paid meter parking ends.

The good news is plenty of tasty food options be it high end Josephs, or ‘A Vucchella and Leisha’s Bakeria, a block away, in the Bijou Square area.

Moore has a decision to make in the coming weeks; wage a September primary against Ganim or bypass the effort and go straight to the November general election as a petitioning candidate or as the standard bearer of the Connecticut Working Families Party. If she’s going to primary she’ll need a small army of workers to secure more than 2,000 validated signatures of registered Democrats in the city, a process that will start in about six weeks right after the Democratic Town Committee convention that will endorse Ganim for another four-year term.

Moore’s headquarters located on second floor above steakhouse.

Why bypass the primary for the general election? It gives Moore more time to raise money against an incumbent who’ll likely outspend her by at least 3 to 1 and bring a bloc of unaffiliated voters who may not be predisposed to vote for the incumbent. That, of course, depends on the type of race Moore wages against a skilled retail politician who’ll leverage the power of incumbency to court voters on another four years.

May 23rd, Joe Ganim greets supporters at Joseph’s Steakhouse.

Moore must make the case: here’s why you should fire him and hire me, something that requires money, organization and message.

So far this mayoral race has been relatively quiet. Now that the state legislative session has ended it frees up Moore and Ganim’s other Democratic rival State Representative Charlie Stallworth time to raise necessary dollars to wage a competitive race.

The next campaign finance reporting period ends June 30 when we’ll have a better handle on fundraising momentum, or not.



  1. I do not see ganim winning city Wide. Dunbar and other black precincts will not vote for him. And precincts like black rock will give moore huge pluralities of 300 or more votes over ganim.

    1. Donj, I don’t know about that because none of the political and church leaders in that district have come out and endorsed Senator Moore, now some of them are being rented by Ganim and Mario.

  2. Ganim has accomplished NOTHING in his three plus years in office except toget trumped in the governors race.
    He has a lot of pipe dreams but nothing real.
    No real development projects. A make believe hotel with an open end date to but together financing and a theater complex that will long be forgotten.
    A couple of ideas that will come to fruition if and when the casino does.
    And, speaking of which, he is under a great deal of duress to make it happen so he began negotiating directly with the tribes and put at risk all of the negotiations the state has undertaken but Joe doesn’t care about long run just short term Joe.

    1. So everything Stevie A .Was saying about Governor Ganim is total bullshit?!
      Wait! Ganim just saved the BBOE, $5 million on Insurance premiums, at the same time handing the nonresident police force a 10% raise, to bad the cop’s can’t vote for Governor Joe!

  3. As the fourth stanza relates:

    Who’ll raise a voice, a vote and some cents?
    To support the few who are honest, make sense?
    “Defeat Hate, Educate, Vote” works with patience,
    To sweep out corruption, greed, and incompetents.
    ‘Cuz our biggest all around sin is: public ignorance.

    John Marshall Lee
    Copyright, June 9, 2019

  4. Right now I’m an observer of the upcoming September Primary, and the November elections. However, I just can’t shut up! First, Senator Moore does not need retail visibility… she has it. Second, the location is accessable to every district in the City; parking after six is free, and from that time on the smart planning and strategy occurs by the professional, experienced handlers.. Gone are the days when straglers hang around a headquarters, technology has provided excellent contact with voters and is usually used by supporters whereever they choose to do their work. In a serious election, headquarters is used to pick up materials and data information, no hanging around. In this instance, my gut tells me that there won’t be a mayoral primary. There will, however, be primaries for several other offices, so for this reason a central location is needed for the underticket to commesorate and organize. My theory includes Joey G. and the Senator. The Rev may or may not be a factor running for Mayor. No coattails this time, candidates will have to promote themselves.


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