Moore, Battling Joe Biden Top-Line Wave, Holds Off Marcus Brown

State Senator Marilyn Moore, fighting the top-line Joe Biden wave, has held off a primary charge by City Councilman Marcus Brown in the city-suburban 22nd District, according to unofficial returns.

Leading by a small margin, Moore’s campaign camp did not learn the absentee ballot count in Bridgeport until after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Moore, according to the unofficial count posted by elections officials, leads Brown including the absentee ballot vote in Bridgeport 2566 to 2204. This gives her a comfortable cushion of more than 500 votes, combined with machine and suburban absentee totals, as more ballots are counted the next two days, an extension granted as a result of last week’s storm that delayed mail carriers.

The absentee ballot trend, however, will likely stay the same for remaining votes counted.

[Editor’s note: kudos to Moore supporter Joe Perkus for providing updated numbers from Registrar’s Office.]

Political operatives in the city had expected Brown to carry the absentee ballot count given the political establishment’s experience working those electors, but Democratic voters showed they can be choosy on Moore’s behalf, filling in Biden’s oval and then dropping down to support Moore on line B for state senate.

The Bridgeport part of the 22nd district where Moore performed well in last year’s mayoral primary includes Black Rock, the West Side and North End.

The machine tabulation is close with Moore carrying the city by a small margin and Brown running about even with her in the suburbs, a product of the weight carried by Biden’s presence at the top of the line.

This type of race is a significant outlier. The presidential primary was delayed from April to August 11 due to the health pandemic. In a normal primary cycle, given Moore’s standing in the district and built-in incumbency advantages, she’d have a significant edge against an unknown challenger. Biden’s appearance changed the equation for Brown who appeared on the top line as the party-endorsed candidate.

Brown’s message largely was support the top line with Biden’s presence. Moore survived a strong current.

The final results will not be known for a few days.

Select Bridgeport precinct results, does not include absentee ballots, Wilbur Cross machine count:

Bassick: Brown 41, Moore 52

Black Rock: Brown 158, Moore 244

Blackham: Brown 258, Moore 199

Central: Brown 150, Moore 108

Winthrop: Brown 170, Moore 163

Park City: Brown 114, Moore 135

Aquaculture, Brown 95, Moore 101

Suburban precinct results, does not include absentee ballots:

Monroe Elementary: Brown 45, Moore 55

Stepney Elementary: Brown 69, Moore 69

Hillcrest: Brown 118, Moore 98

Madison: Brown 113, Moore 96

Middlebrook: Brown 138, Moore 120

St Joseph: Brown 77, Moore 115

See below partial absentee ballot totals in Bridgeport.



  1. This is an impressive win for moore with biden running 80 plus on line a and moore ends up winning on line be. This is an upset seem like more than half of biden voters went down to row b wow!!

    1. donj, good observation, even Senator Moore running a bad campaign for mayor by not listening or talking to people who could have helped her, with all of those issues she only lost by 270 AB’s. Now this race, Senator Moore was able to beat the Bridgeport Democrats machine thereby showing that Joe Ganim and Mario Testa are not as powerful as they were.

        1. No Rich. First of all Mario and Joe took that as personal. They wanted to destroy her. Remember, she did not get a single vote from Bridgeport at the convention.
          Add on top of that the incumbent she defeated the first time was Marcus’s campaign manager. So he also had a lot riding on this.

  2. Any results by precinct for president? I’m shocked how many ab there was in bridgeport just for that district and this not even including the other half of bridgeport. Lennie I guess you were wrong when you said 2/3 would not be returned like previous elections. Seem like they got swamped with abs over the weekend wow.

  3. Are these bridgeport prectint results correct?? I saw on the ct post where they said bridgeport election day machine tally was moore 2,680 to brown 2,515. All these bridgeport precinct results on here do not even add up to 2,000 votes.

  4. Note tally at St. Joseph HS, Trumbull………………..
    This is the polling place farthest from the Bridgeport line and Moore had her biggest win in Trumbull. This gerrymandered district (soon to be gone) stretches fro Old Town Road on the south all the way up Hungtinton Tpk to the Shelton border. It is Trumbull’s most diverse district and Moore always does well here.

    In Monroe, home of Mario Testa, Moore won at the polls.

    She fought the machine, and the machine lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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