Moolah For School Board, SHU Poop On Council Agenda

A $1.2 million budget increase to the Board of Education for the fiscal year 2013-2014 General Fund Budget, approval for sewer services for a dormitory to be constructed by Sacred Heart University on its Park Avenue campus located in Fairfield, and a professional services agreement with Blum Shapiro Consulting, for examination of the city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Statements appear on the agenda of the City Council for its Monday meeting at 7 p.m. City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace.

The main campus for Sacred Heart University is located in Fairfield right on the city border. One of SHU’s dormitories is located on the Bridgeport side of Park Avenue. The sewer services is for a new dorm under construction on the Fairfield side. Full City Council agenda here.



    1. Inconceivable that taxpayers in Bridgeport would assume sewage from an institution and dormitory located in Fairfield. Absent a contract for decades of mega-payments for use of the city’s sewer system, the Council should throw this out. If they don’t throw it out and send it back to Fairfield where it belongs, there is some kind of deal done with the Finch administration that Bridgeport taxpayers need to know about. It’s bad enough SHU has gobbled up more property on Park Avenue that will mean nothing to tax relief for Bridgeport taxpayers and remove yet more property from potential development and the tax rolls.

  1. I am sure the city council will give full attention to the pressing items on the agenda, proclamations, citations and honorary designation of city streets.

    Comprehensive Annual Financial Statement? What’s that?

    Motion to adjourn.


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