McKinney Jabs Malloy And Foley In First Campaign Commercial

Appealing to Republican primary voters on spending and taxes, State Senator John McKinney, with a nod to his running mate Bridgeport resident David Walker, declares in his intro television commercial he’s “the only candidate for governor who’s willing to target the size of state government.”

“Dan Malloy raised taxes. Increased spending. And now Connecticut is broke,” McKinney says in the commercial. He then smacks Republican endorsed Tom Foley, claiming Foley won’t cut spending. McKinney faces Foley in an August 12 primary.

As he closes out the commercial, McKinney says into the camera, “Dave Walker and I want to bring major change to Hartford.”

McKinney hopes he receives the blessing this week from the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission he has qualified for a $1.3 million public financing grant for the primary. The money Walker raised for his run for lieutenant government will put McKinney over the top for grant approval.

You’ll be hearing Walker’s name in McKinney campaign spots.

Walker is opposing two other Republican candidates for lieutenant governor, party endorsed Penny Bacchiochi and Heather Bond Somers.



  1. Very good ad. If not Malloy, I could live with Bridgeport’s David Walker and John McKinney. I guess if will be interesting. The only thing I have to lose is a dinner to Andy Fardy.

    The Supreme Court will outlaw public-sector unions in 50 states, including cops, firemen and school teachers. 100% of Federal workers are included, too. Here’s the reasoning:
    Corporate trade unions are protected by law because corporations can go bankrupt. When they do, the associated union is either crippled or eliminated.
    However, states cannot go bankrupt and the Federal government has already demonstrated several ways to escape bankruptcy.
    Because of their inability to go bankrupt, unions are unconstitutional for all municipal/state workers. This ruling supersedes existing labor laws and cannot be appealed.

  3. That rumor is based in reality. Unions in all 50 states have lost support from the general public. When Moran attempted the bankruptcy bid, her administration did a horrible job educating the general public. The police and firemen were outraged and waged a war. Ganim did not win because he was cute.

    Just like gay marriage passing in all states one at a time, the unions are going to fail. There was a time when unions served a purpose. They serve none. Teachers who are underperformers need to disappear, with the union they stay forever. Police and firemen put their lives on the line. They should be fairly compensated. There are retired firemen making $35,000 more a year than a firemen who is still working. The playing fields need to be leveled. The day of the pension and union contracts will be addressed by the Republicans, and as everyone sees, more states are going down the same road. That would be one reason to consider voting Republican. I am sure Mr. Malloy will look pretty good in Bridgeport, no??? 🙂


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