Mayoral Debates Scheduled

The Mary-Jane Foster campaign released the following forum/debate schedule they say their candidate will attend.

Candidates Forum

August 24 at 6pm

Greater Bridgeport Property Owner’s Association

Burroughs Community Center, 2470 Fairfield Avenue


September 1st at 7pm

League of Women Voters

McGivney Center, 338 Stillman Street

Candidates Forum

September 6 at 6pm

North End Association

North End Library, 3455 Madison Avenue


September 8 at 7am

BRBC and Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce

Housatonic Community College, 900 Lafayette Blvd



  1. She better make sure Finch is there, or she is wasting her time. If Finch is there, she can show a valid compartmental. Without Finch, the audience will be sparse and one-sided.

  2. No matter who shows or doesn’t show, it’s an opportunity to connect with actual voters. NO politician should ever let an opportunity to speak in public go by.

  3. What do you expect from a BLOG for crying out loud? Lennie’s not looking for a Pulitzer (not that one would be considered). This is a forum where the “Posters” have the floor. We can post and say anything we want. I see a slant towards MJF, not from Lennie, but from the posters. The reason there is a slant is because MJF is the more popular candidate and has significantly more followers than the opposition.

    All Grimaldi is doing is opening up the forum for whomever wants to post. Pro MJFrs and Pro Gomesers freely make their positions known.

    The posts are edited only because Ray fancies himself a pedantic prick. He doesn’t change content.

    If there are more MJF posts … that’s how it is; not how it has been structured.

    1. I am NOT freely permitted to make my positions known. My comments “await moderation” and are sometimes censored or barred. Not edited, but censored or barred completely. Antitesto has also mentioned being moderated, and I note he has not posted here again since. Lennie himself, when posting about Gomes’ radio commercial, literally poked fun at him.

  4. I agree with Hector. No Politician should ever let an opportunity go by to reach the Public via ANY speaking forum. The Public is, after all, whom he or she intends to serve, right? Finch should make it his business to be there, and be ready to communicate. Unless of course he needs to get permission from a North End Restaurant owner who appears to be his boss.


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