Mayor Urges Passage Of Red Light Camera Bill

Mayor Bill Finch joined several mayors and police chiefs today in support of the legislative act known as “The Red Light Camera Bill” designed to increase intersection safety and potentially increase revenue for cash-strapped communities. Connecticut mayors submitted the following letter as testimony to House Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Donald Williams.

RE: HB 5458 – An Act Concerning Municipal Automated Traffic Enforcement Safety Devices at Certain intersections

Dear Speaker Donovan and Senate President Williams:

We the undersigned Mayors write to ask that the General Assembly continue to give Connecticut’s cities and towns the tools we need to make our local roads and intersections safer for pedestrians, cyclists, school children, and the motoring public.

Last session you had the foresight to pass legislation allowing municipalities to install school bus safety camera systems to better protect our children from drivers who recklessly ignore school bus arm stop signs.

In the same spirit, this year we urge you to support Bill No. 5458, recently voted out of the Transportation Committee, which would give our communities the ability to utilize red light safety cameras to address chronic red light running which threatens the safety of too many of our local intersections. We are confident that these red light safety cameras will reduce serious accidents and change driver behavior, thus creating a safer environment for the residents of our cities and towns.

We urge you to pass Bill No. 5458 so that we can continue to work towards making our local roads and intersections safer.


Mayor Bill Finch, Bridgeport

Mayor Scott Jackson, Hamden

Mayor Pedro Segarra, Hartford

Mayor Leo Diana, Manchester

Mayor Richard Moccia, Norwalk



  1. I am an enthusiastic supporter. I don’t get moving violations. No tickets for red lights. No tickets for stop signs. No tickets for nada. I drive safely. These lights will protect me from those who don’t obey driving laws.

    1. LE,
      The sun is out. The weather is fine. Get outside for awhile. You’ll feel better about yourself. All those imbedded demons associated with your toilet training will go away.

  2. *** HB-5458 is a green light for go and recover more benjamin$ from already money-strapped CT taxpayers, no? *** Time to exit this “unconstitutional nutmeg” state. ***

  3. You kidding me? This proposed piece of legislation is Finch’s idea of economic development? But now that I think about it–it probably would bring more dollars to the city coffers than anything he has done.

    I just received a phone call from a friend who has access to data pertaining to the patrol issuance of moving violations for stop signs, red lights, failure to yield, etc.

    This person informed me the City of Bridgeport police patrol division, since January 1 2012, has issued ONLY (3) THREE tickets for running a red light when no accident has occurred. In full disclosure, several were issued during investigations of accidents at intersections where traffic lights were present.

    An outrage. Finch claims the red light situation is so dangerous immediate action must be taken to protect our citizens who drive on our streets. Yet the police don’t bother to take the time to issue a ticket when a red light violation is observed.

    If the cops don’t give a damn why should we spend the money to put these cameras in? Our cops are lazy. Installing cameras just enables these bloated salary incompetent fools to do less. Shame.

  5. How about enforcing the cell phone law? I’m tired of the close calls, nearly being run over by a Fairfield University squab not paying attention to the road because she’s texting or yacking away on a goddamned fucking cell phone. I’ve taken to throwing rocks at them.

  6. We really don’t have a traffic enforcement division in the police department. We have too many cops in specialized divisions such as horse patrol, segway patrol, ATV patrol and the two biggest wastes of time, the community division and the sett unit. How many do we have on the rubber gun squad and how many are on extended sick leave and disability?
    Gaudett and his deputies should start with enforcing the quality-of-life issues that affect most of us in this city. By that I mean vandalism claims, loud music complaints, loitering complaints, abandoned car complaints, groups hanging out and raising hell and the list goes on.
    That’s how mayor Giuliani started in New York and it worked.

  7. I went to the Community Services Center on Old Town and Sylvan yesterday bringing a guest from out of town who has some funds to invest in Bridgeport and youth programs.
    We knocked on doors to no avail. But there were two police cars parked there, along with three vans, and a nice late-model Lexus with vanity plates. According to the sign, Community Services is “building bridges … .” The out-of-towner assumed it must be someplace else. He will look elsewhere for a youth program.
    Time will tell.

  8. Yesterday, I stood on the steps of the courthouse on Main and Fairfield. During a 30-minute period from 2:00 to 2:30, I observed 17 motorists who sped through red lights in both direction. Eight of those people were using cell phones held to their ears. Standing near me was a police captain and three patrolmen. The red light running was blatant. The cops were oblivious.


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