Martinez To Seek Presidency Of City Council

Eneida Martinez

Assuming she’s reelected to another two-year term in November, East End City Councilor Eneida Martinez says she’ll seek the presidency of the legislative body, replacing Tom McCarthy who has served in that capacity for 10 years. McCarthy did not seek reelection to the council.

“A lot has not been provided to the council and the rights and power of the council was not being pushed to be used by the council president,” she texted in a statement to OIB. “We need a president to stand firm and follow the (city) charter accordingly.”

In addition to succeeding the mayor when a vacancy occurs before expiration of the term, here’s what the City Charter explains about the council president:

At the beginning of each term of office the city council shall elect from among its members one council member to be president of the city council who shall serve for a term until November 30 of the next odd-numbered year or until the president of the council’s successor has been elected. The president of the city council shall preside in the absence of the mayor, and when so presiding shall have a casting vote in case of a tie in addition to his/her vote as council member. In the absence of the mayor and the president of the city council at any meeting, the city council may choose one of its members to act as president for the occasion who, when so presiding, shall have a casting vote in case of a tie in addition to his/her vote as council member. In the event of the death, resignation or inability to act of the president of the city council, the council shall elect another president in his place.

In the event that the mayor is temporarily absent or temporarily disabled and is, because of such absence or disability, unable to perform the duties of his office, the president of the city council shall possess all of the powers and perform all of the duties of the mayor until the mayor is able to act.

(b) In the event that a vacancy occurs, for any reason, in the office of mayor, the president of the city council shall act as mayor, until the office of mayor is filled as provided in subSection (c) of this section.

(c) Whenever a vacancy occurs in the office of mayor, other than during the final year of such mayor’s term of office, the city council shall cause a special election for the office of mayor to be held not less than 120 nor more than 150 days from the date that such vacancy occurs. The person elected mayor at such special election shall take office on the 7th calendar day following his/her election and shall serve the unexpired portion of the term vacated. In the event the vacancy occurs during the final year of the mayor’s term, the president of the city council shall become mayor and serve for the unexpired portion of the term vacated.

Martinez is likely to have company in the positioning of council president, depending how recounts for City Council shake out and the results of the general election.



  1. East End City Councilor Eneida Martinez, is Mayor Ganim biggest cheerleader, anytime Joe needs somebody to be apart of his dog and pony photo-op there councilwoman Eneida Martinez, anytime of the day. That connection also goes to the head of the Democratic Town Committee, Mario Testa.

  2. Brother Mackey, I’ll stop you when you’re wrong. I think after beating Ernie by just a few votes it’s way to early to pronounce yourself as the next great thing. If those 176 Holloway voters vote Ernie and Wanda she’s out. I guess all I’m saying is take care of your business prior to trying to get more business.

  3. I am truly concerned about what things are going to be pushed/rushed through in the next couple of months. I’ve looked at agendas and minutes of the last several CC meeting and it is dizzying. Someone would have to work 40 hours per week just to find out the details of what the City Council members are voting on. I’ve tried to see any further activity beyond the public hearing about the Exact Capital/Poli_Majestic theaters and I don’t see it. The fact that the Planing and Zoning Board “approved” the purchase of the land parcels before the CC approved the contract with Exact Capital is a process that is backwards. First,The CC should approve any contract and then all other activities can begin. Maybe I just don’t see it but I don’t see any CC activity on the LDA(?).

  4. “A lot has not been provided to the council and the rights and power of the council was not being pushed to be used by the council president,”

    She should consider having someone check her grammar before she shares a statement.

    I agree with Ron Mackey, she is not the strongest candidate for council president.

    I disagree with her statement. The city council has more responsibility and authority than the current and recent councils can handle. In other words, the council has lacked people with ability.

    1. Well,that is what i said in one of the postings in the last couple of days. There was the forum at the Bijou and EVERYONE was chatting about charter change. The Dec 1st,2017 City Council needs to find out and use the powers the the CC already has. Don’t get slowed down by making and turning everything into charter change. The City Council should use the power they already have. Unfortunately,City Council members have either been uninterested,have not been intellectually able to grasp the powers that the Council has or has been simply taking orders.

  5. Picture this, Ernie Newton becomes council President. Mayor Ganim becomes Governor and in a strange twit of fate, Our friend Ernie becomes Mayor and Charlie Coviello becomes director of economic development. Michelle Lyons and Amy Mari Paniccia have years and years of experience between the 2 of them. Ron Mackey, I think that Christina Smith is a very bright and articulate young woman. She has absolutely no experience or would she have support. Pete Spain is clearly a very articulate and smart man. Well educated and would make a great representative for Bridgeport. Unfortunately, he is so closely entrenched with John Marshall Lee it would be a horrible nightmare. Eneida Martinez is an aggresive woman . She is hard working, not sure she has what it takes to run the city now although she most likely will run for Mayor in the future.
    The pickings are very slim and I think people will miss Tom McCarthy. He was a very smart, energetic, articulate individual that knew how to bring a group together. A real Bridge builder. The most important characteristic of a council President. Only in Bridgeport i it a negative to be supportive of a sitting Mayor.

    On a side note. OIB superstar, Maria Pereira, that has been out of commission for awhile. I was shocked to hear that she was at Hooker school, still recuperating , nut, being a woman of her word and committed to sinking Paoletto showed up. I would never underestimate Maria. Apparently , others did. shocking!!!!!!!!! Happy she is doing ok. Sad for Anthony. You have to knock on doors everyday 8 hours a day. There is always another election.

    Back to council President- This should be more exciting than the primary. Had Scott Burns been re- elected he would have made a fine stand in for the Mayor representing Bridgeport to the real world where sophistication is most important. Well, that’s not going to happen.

    1. Steve, now that you are on the DTC are you helping to make decision for the DTC as a member? As for the City Council President the most important decision that the Council President has to make is perform is who will be chairperson of the City Council Committees that’s why there must be someone who is not a puppet for Mayor Ganim and the Chairman of the DTC, Mario Testa, like the past Council President, Tom McCarthy, did in the position he held for ten years. Being a elected City official doesn’t mean that you have to be a cheerleader for the mayor because there are separation of power between the executive office of the mayor and legislative duties of the City Council and it’s time to open up what’s going with the business of the City.

      1. Good point, Ron. The mayor and his party’s chairman have no right to expect or demand loyalty from City Council members simply because they are registered Democrats. The City Council exists to represent the oeople of the city of Bridgeport, not provide blanket approval for all things Testa.


    2. According to Lennie’s reporting on another post – Paoletta won Hooker but lost JFK. Just saying.
      A note on the primary in general – I don’t know they do it, but something must be done about turnout. There are a lot of factors for the low reported 6% turnout. Lack of informed / motivated residents. I’m old enough to remember the Bridgeport Post and better localized reporting. Now, as CT post, the “local” writers are stretched so thin that we barely get valid political news. And also – how many people are actually buying the hard copy paper. I confess, I read the online version, and based on the time of day a story that was there early may not be there later in the day. Voters now have to search for the news, and most just don’t care to look. I come to OIB to get the stuff missed by CT post (Voting by district and polling place, sometimes direct feedback from the candidates, posts / comments from past and present BPT political insiders). I learn more here (from posts and comments section) than anywhere else. But I’m looking for it and interested.
      The other thing is a lot of people are now registered as unaffiliated, which takes their voice out of primaries and leaves them “stuck” with the party nominated in most cases. Seriously – we have important council primaries and the highest numbers for winners were in the 500-600 vote range? Should they somehow open up the primaries to unaffiliated? but how would you keep them from voting in multiple (Rep / Dem) tickets. Like I said – i don’t have the answers, but there is no question that this system is flawed.

    3. Steven,

      These are strange times. It is a negative to support the sitting president.

      You need to remove yourvrose-colored spectacles. Were it not for John Marshall Lee there would be no objective analysis of the budget or the city’s financial health.

    4. Steve you really are a jerk and a total do nothing. You knock JML and say knowing him is detrimental. Tell me some one else that knows as much about city finances?
      BTW dumb ass your favorite mayor who BTW is a do nothing jerk has kept on a few players that know more than they have stated starting with Chief Perez who was his driver during those glory years. Lets not forget the job the chiefs daughter hass with the city. Then we have the do nothing FBI agent who was an messenger boy during the Ganim’s investigation. Then we have the former police cchief who took a buy out and then returned.
      Lets get to Newton twice convicted felon who is waiting to be sentenced. If he gave a shit about the people in his district he would not have run and as far as council president that would be a travesty. Steve you really are a wasted individual get a job

      1. andy I know more about how the city council works then you Andy just remember the People VOTE!I know in your old age you are a bitter persons.You should try to relax because I really could careless what you think or feel about Ernie.I am just so happy you spent your day thinking about lol!

        1. You are right and it shows how dumb and easily confused they are. Ernie are you ready for another arrest. There is no way you will keep your hands out of the till maybe 3 is the magic number. BTW I am not bitter I am amazed that the people in the Stratford Ave area keep voting bowe Jangles to the council

        2. Sometimes Andy Fardy has pushed the boundaries and some might have thought that he even crossed the boundaries here on OIB. Bu
          t I will say that I have learned things from him-and have learned many things from many here on OIB.

      2. Hi Andy, I had written 6 paragraphs in a Marshalesque response to your comment.I erased it. First, I agree with you. John Marshall Lee is extremely knowledgeable on budgetary matters. I know that JML doesn’t like that I do not answer. I do not work for the city in a position addressing financial issues. 2nd, JML is lucky to have a friend like you coming to his defense. He really doesn’t need it. Finally, I do not come on this blog to engage in conversations that are insulting. I get it. You do not like me. I on the other hand would not use this blog to address my feelings toward you. As for your knowledge of all of Ganims people that are crooks. Well that is water under the bridge isn’t it?
        As for Ernie Newton, if there are people that want him to represent him, whats the problem? You picked Donald Trump and isn’t that sad? In his district, He came in second. Holloway was overdue and Wanda Simmons? Eneida Martinez is the leader of the district as of now. I know she is not very popular with some OIB readers.

        Back to you Andy, although I appreciate your trump like demeaning comments, they are way beneath me to respond. This blog is for my entertainment. Not yours.

      1. Thank you Lisawhite. I have been approached many times. If i didn’t believe that my councilwoman, Michelle Lyons and AmyMarie Pannicia were not taking care of business. I would have over the past few years. This past primary , we were the only district that didn’t have a primary. There was a reason for that. I am a cheerleader for the entire city.

  6. “Unfortunately, he is so closely entrenched with John Marshall Lee it would be a horrible nightmare.”

    Who gets “horrible nightmares” because of John Marshall Lee? Why is anyone, in any way associated with him, GUILTY for giving Steve Auerbach “horrible nightmares”? Perhaps it is the food Steve is eating and not digesting properly? How does an OIB writer-submitter, who has won no election, holds no City position, who attempts daily to perform as a neighbor to other neighbors cause “horrible nightmares”?

    SELF DISCLOSURE: I am JML: a 30 year Bridgeport resident, receiving Social Security and covered by Medicare, with all taxes due to the City in order, as well as all personal obligations; a business person with a clientele built over 50 years with an office moved to downtown six months ago; a volunteer to more than one community or regional non-profit group, a mentor to young persons each year, and organizer and writer of the new quarterly NAACP newsletter, and more….attempting to be a force for OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST process in the City and specifically municipal governance by writing and speaking for the past seven years on such subjects……how does any of that give room for Steve Auerbach to moan and groan about nightmare horrors??

    Steve may be spending too much time with people who do not engage with me. I raise subjects that they do not wish to answer or provide response to. I can only imagine what is said about me, behind my back derisively followed by laughter. But that’s all “high school”!! Those who were not successful at that time of their life keep trying to repeat those tasks of coming out on top. Absurd, you say, but accurate, I suggest. And some of their ‘pranks’, acts or omissions contradict the rules they say they live by. Where are the “watchdogs” to call for consequences? And the sheriffs who use enforcement measures?

    The real task, in my opinion, indeed the responsibility of Bridgeport adults is to lead a principled life, develop and use personal talents to benefit the whole creatively, and to use community resources, always scarce, prudently and mindful of priority, especially with the weak and vulnerable in mind.

    Are City Boards and Commissions mindful of this? Are all City employees daily so committed? How does the average person on the street feel about such matters?……Listen well and frequently…..Will new candidates to the City Council “listen” and force a change? Time will tell.

  7. It is way too soon to speculate who will be the next CC President. We do not know with any certainty who will be elected to the Council. Ms. Martinez is merely posturing, trying lead a crowd that has not yet formed.

    The Young Dems have made some inroads. They must be steelly resolute in their ambitions and ideals. The DTC’s leadership is known to play fast and loose with campaign rules. Bridgeport’s history of absentee ballot manipulation, for example. Lydia Martinez was once called “queen of the ABs.” now she is City Clerk, charged with supervising the distribution of absentee ballots. Ain’t politics great?

    Remember the bait-and-switch trick they pulled on Bill Finch? That ended his political career.

  8. JML – I do respect you and whistle blowing. Not sure if you are looking to be a liason with the council. That was a position done very well by Tom White. I know that Christina Smith was the majority vote getter whisch is amzaing in Black Rock and most likely a comfort to your former running mate thinking Black Rock would never vote for an African American Woman- Well they did.

    I think it is a mistake for you and your group to write off Michael Gianotti as a wasted ridiculous vote as a Republican and former Ganim supporter and strong Democrat.
    Gianotti has many friends and supporters in the city. It is possible that he and his running mate will take the day and all of your excitement will fade away like most economic development projects in this city. I have had dreams of Bridgeport claiming a top spot in attracting top developers and bringing corporations to Steelepointe, you have had dreams of becoming a relevant a leader in Black rock as a candidate and as an advisor to Peter Spain. The difference between you and me? I have walked and knocked on more doors in this city than you will ever know. There is not one corner of the city that I do not call my own.I am certain, you can not say the same. However, John Marshall Lee, Let me be clear. Peter Spain and Christina Smith were excellent candidates and I am certain they will serve lack Rock Well.
    Perhaps now we can get some affordable housing in your neighborhood so we can spread the love around and perhaps you will be the first at the podium recommending your candidates support it!-

          1. Steven is doing the bidding of the DTC, criticizing JML for his dogged persuit of truth in accounting.

          1. We as individual districts support and choose candidates to run and represent the district. I live in the 134th- we unanimously endorsed Michelle Lyons and AmyMarie Vizzo- Pannicia. We talk to our neighbors Democrats and Republicanns and discus issues that may need to be elevated to our council people. We do not get involved with running the city. If we have issues in our district, Our district leader will raise it to the Democratic Town Chair and/or the Mayor. Now Ron Mackey, other than going to fundraisers and supporting the Democratic town committee, I think that covers my responsibility. Did things change? Is there omething I am not doing that meets with your expectations? Oh yeah, Other than having an opportunity to go to Hartford to support local and state candidates we also get to vote to endorse the candidate for Mayor. Now Ron, I notice you never address any issues in your neighborhood or your council people. Is there a reason for that or are they doing an amazing job???They are very nice people!

          2. Steve, thanks, that’s what I was looking for seeing that so many people think that the DTC is involved with the decisions that are made for the City but as you stated the DTC as a whole doesn’t have that type of power. It’s basically Mario Testa and those district leaders who are tight with him. I read all the time from JML and others talking about the “machine,” but it’s just a few people who make the decisions.

      1. “Giannotti Positions For City Council Run, McCarthy Not Sure About Reelection”
        February 28th, 2017 · 18 Comments

        Former journalist Michael Giannotti volunteered for Mayor Joe Ganim’s 2015 comeback campaign, accepted a city position as public safety spokesperson at $63,500, then left abruptly after a few weeks as his relationship with Ganim unraveled. Now a Ganim critic, Giannotti says he’s pondering a run for City Council in the 130th District that includes Black Rock and the West End.

  9. Steve,
    Relative to Bridgeport, was there a significant increase in campaigning in certain districts this year by incumbents? By challengers? Where there was such increase did the door knocking cause an uptick in primary voters in an off year election?

    Revaluation caused residential values to reduce across the City for those paying attention. Some do not bother to compute when they have no mortgage, are not planning to move, and can afford their tax bill. But for those who do look at such things, even if taxes did not rise “absolutely” for them, they did increase “relatively” based on lower valuation. And that is a fact as well, whether you do the math or not.

    Moves you to look not to affordable housing in Black Rock or the West End as Steve suggests, but to the tracts of land, perhaps needing remediation, just sitting unused in a City of small area. How is that land and underused buildings taxed in these times? Especially those tracts that are on the water or have other favorable sites? They may use few services today and justify low tax payments on that ground. But the potential for profit, from which the City will share little is present in the current “landbanking”. What might be done with this systemic tax avoidance but profit anticipation? Why aren’t owners pushed or pulled a little to move progress along? They win. The development occurs. Taxpayers get some local relief and more rapid development? Where is our shoreline helping us today? Time will tell.

  10. East End City Councilor Eneida Martinez says she’ll seek the presidency of the legislative body is laughable, Martinez better pray that she gets enough votes in that district recount on Tuesday and IF she does win then she better pray that she can win in election in November 2017.

    Unofficial results shows Christina Smith has 552 votes in her district, Eneida Martinez has 231 votes, Smith has twice as many votes than Martinez. Christina Smith is showing that she has the respect of the voters in her district and that’s something that Martinez hasn’t shown in her own district. Christina Smith would be a excellent choice as the next City Council President.

  11. Ron Mackey, I will agree that Christina Smith is a very smart and well educated woman. I am certain your support of her is based on her credentials and not race. However, I find it curious that you have been critical of Eneida Martinez on many occasions. I find it curious you never cmmend or attack your 2 council people in the South End. 2 very nice people. What is your personal problem with Martinez that Donald Day shares. She is out in the community. She seems to be very engaged with her constituents. I see things on facebook that is not covered in the papers. DAILY! Just curious.

      1. Pete Spain. As for Eneida Martinez, what has she done for the residents in her district? Eneida Martinez is one of Joe Ganim’s biggest cheerleaders. Steve, what has she post on Facebook?

        1. Ron, I do not knw if Eneida Martinez has a public or only friends account. If public, you can see for yourself. Eneida Martinez has been involved daily with her constituents. Whether collecting for disaster victims, vigils for casualties, Movies at Newfield Park. How awful she supports the Mayor and the chief of police. Awful! How dare she! We need most anti- Ganim anti Perez people to move this city forward…. I am shocked Ernie hasn’t come to her defense. Actually not shocked at all. There you go Ernie, your chance to defend Eneida on OIB.

          1. Steven Auerbach, really, letr’s say that everything you wrote about Eneida Martinez is true then tell me why didn’t voters of the 139th district didn’t come out in large numbers to reelect her to the City Council? Martinez leads with 231 votes, followed by Ernie Newton 216, Wanda Simmons 209, James Holloway 176, there will be a recount because threshold is 20 votes. Steve, Martinez couldn’t kick Ernie Newton in the ass, she only has 15 more votes, just 15 votes but no, the voters didn’t see it that way that’s why there’s a recount on Tuesday.


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