Marilyn Moore Joins Gomes For Mayor

Marilyn Moore
Marilyn Moore

Political activist Marilyn Moore has been named campaign manager for Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes. This is a nice pick-up for money-challenged Gomes, the former deputy chief administrative officer for the city who announced his campaign for mayor more than a year ago.

Moore is a tireless worker and advocate for women and minority issues. She is the executive director of the Bridgeport-based Witness Project, a support organization of African American women with breast and cervical cancer. Moore had considered supporting Mary-Jane Foster, but part of her pull toward Gomes was supporting a black candidate. Gomes arrived in Bridgeport as a young immigrant from the Cape Verde Islands. In Bridgeport’s 175-year city history every mayor has been a white male with the exception of Mary Moran, a white woman who broke through as a Republican in 1989. She was defeated by Joe Ganim in 1991.

Moore nearly became a state senator in 2008, losing a close Democratic primary to Anthony Musto. In talking to Moore this afternoon it appears taking on the Gomes challenge is her calling. Irrespective of Gomes’ money challenges and serious lag in two recent OIB polls she’s all in for him. Moore is a political ally of State Senator Ed Gomes who has yet to endorse a candidate. Sounds like Ed Gomes has a wait and see attitude. Ed Gomes is not a supporter of Mayor Bill Finch. Moore joins a John Gomes team that includes campaign strategist Carolanne Curry, a regular OIB contributor.

On Monday, with three months left until a Democratic primary for mayor, OIB will handicap the race. As the field stands today–Finch, John Gomes, Foster and Charlie Coviello–it’s advantage Finch. More on Monday.



  1. Can’t disagree more with this post as I know Marilyn well and she has backed John from day one, not because he is black, but because she believes he is the best candidate to run BPT.

  2. If the support is because he is qualified, has great ideas, can bring stability to a sinking ship, great!!! If the support is because of his melanin, then get Rev. Al.

    1. That was a pretty stupid racial remark. John Gomes is of Cape Verdean descent. Sharpton is nothing more than an anti-white racial loudmouth. Ned Lamont made a huge mistake when he brought Sharpton into CT when he ran against Lieberman for senate.

    1. Yes, the “color” of money. “… Moore is a political ally of State Senator Ed Gomes who has yet to endorse a candidate …” Political ally? They are cousins, aren’t they?
      Campaign strategist Carolanne Curry? Come on Lennie, Curry was the Gomes campaign manager.

      “… As the field stands today–Finch, John Gomes, Foster and Charlie Coviello–it’s advantage Finch. More on Monday.”
      There you go again, Lennie; you make me horny for more then you tell me I have to wait ’til Monday. What about Joe Ganim? The Joe factor, Lennie. Lennie, why don’t you call (you have the number) Joe Ganim on Monday and ask him straight out what are his intentions. Deep down inside you have been wanting to talk to Joe, so get it over with.

  3. To repeat, I know Marylin well, this IS NOT about race, this is about her supporting John Gomes the candidate. Lennie you should clarify this as I have spoken to Marylin tonight.

    1. A little defensive, are we? Charlie Stallworth got elected by a huge plurality base on the color of his skin. If she wants to support a candidate based on the color of his skin it is her right to do so. White folks are supporting Finch, Foster and Coviello, nn search of the great white dope.

        1. Furrhermore and not FurtherMoore is more people voted against Stallworth than for him. Same scenario in ’03 when more people voted against John Fabrizi. Max Medina will attest to this issue.

      1. Rev. Stallworth got elected because he threatened Finch with losing the black vote in the next mayoral election. If you were at the debate at Lake Forest you would have seen he had no clue. And if you knew anything about him you would have known about his peccadillos.

    2. Lennie–or anyone else–can’t be clear on this if color plays a role. Maybe it’s not about color but nationality. Senator Ed Gomes and Marilyn Moore are cousins. That’s why Ed hired her as his aide and campaign manager. They are both of Cape Verdean nationality like John Gomes (no relation to Ed Gomes). At least the Cape Verdeans stick together unlike the Puerto Ricans, Hispanics and Latinos.

      1. Why shouldn’t color play a roll in endorsing a candidate? I feel it’s a good move by Ms. Moore to offer support to a minority slate in this election. I personally feel it is more insulting to our friend Carolanne to be bumped out of a managerial position by Gomes. She has been the flag-waver throughout his campaign and now this? I believe strongly in loyalty. Is this what we can expect from John Gomes?

        1. Antitesto // Jun 11, 2011 at 11:34 pm
          to your posting

          Hold up a minute. I rush to assure you this is a move I endorse and support. It has been a long road since April, 2010 and if I could have written an outcome at this stage of the campaign, bringing on MM would be it. And it was John’s KSE that made it happen.
          No bumping occurred Anti–I am where I was and where I want to be.
          It was a timely and fortuitous addition. And you can trust in the truth of that statement all the way to the bank.
          Just think Anti … the value of having more and more flag-wavers with the campaign makes it so much better …
          I have the highest expectations for John to do the right thing … and this is a fine example …
          So stay with me Anti … you don’t have to worry …

          1. Carolanne,
            Hey my dear glad to hear from you. I am pleased to hear you support this addition. Strategies are always of utmost importance in elections. I didn’t want you to be played like a fiddle. If you are comfortable with this, so am I. If I were John Gomes you would be my CEO. Loyalty is greater than friendship when it is not misplaced. You have my support.

  4. I’m white and support Marilyn in this Odyssey. I also know John Gomes and believe he has the best interests of Bridgeport. I also believe Marilyn should have run against Hennessey, the do-nothing state rep in the North End, and probably would have defeated him in 2008, but she chose to go up against State Sen. Anthony Musto who had whitebread Trumbull and Monroe behind him.
    Coviello has no constituency of any substance and MJF needs to get angrier at Finch’s ineptitude to make a better statement.

    1. Hey Joel, I’ll go with you to the MJF fund raiser, but first let’s stop by PYC for a quick sail and a few pops.
      The Ideal 18s are rigged and ready to go, with New Spinnakers.

  5. Marilyn is a terrific woman and has a passion for trying to promote minority candidates. It comes as no surprise she is supporting Gomes. It’s a long road to Tipperary so you never know how these things will play out. She’s not a hypocrite but will be a coalescing factor when it is the proper time for the two mainstream challengers to meet for a sit-down.

    How ’bout that “Promises! Promises!!!” radio commercial Foster is running?

  6. Marilyn considered both candidates because both Foster and Gomes have qualities and attributes many of us like. It is difficult to choose just one candidate because one complements the other. Just imagine what would happen if they joined forces. Finch would be history.

    Marilyn was (is) good friends with Dr. Marian Evans and Marilyn hasn’t forgotten the nasty way Finch dismissed Dr. Evans and tried to damage her reputation in the media with accusations he could not prove. Finch is trying to buy off the African American community but Marilyn can’t be bought. This is getting interesting!

  7. Today I will endorse a candidate for Mayor and that candidate is Mary-Jane Foster. I have been doing some research and also some deep thinking on my part. I don’t like Finch, the do-nothing mayor. Ganim is still a possibility to be but at the end I feel this city needs a fresh start and not a another politician. I am donj and I support Mary-Jane Foster for mayor.

    1. donj,
      Although I respect your opinion I must clarify my opposition. MJF does not offer a slate of candidates for office. To leave the Common Council spots unchallenged is ignorant. She feels she shouldn’t anger these reps who may oppose her. It’s their jobs to oppose her. They will support the Mayor regardless of their political opinions. MJF thinking she can change their minds is ignorant. The Council must be replaced for us to move forward. They are all parts of the same Democratic machine that oppresses us. My view right now is MJF is a planted spoiler by the DTC in this election. Take off your blinders now, this is our future. Gomes is offering true change. He is presenting a full slate City-wide for the future of BPT. Foster is just another gear in the DTC MACHINE.

    1. “Great question. I’m not hosting the event, several long-time friends are hosting it in support of my candidacy. For one, they are people who care about Bridgeport and believe Bridgeport’s success is vital to their own quality of life and for two, they are also people with ties, sometimes long-term ties to the city. They care about the city and are supportive of my candidacy. It isn’t uncommon for a candidate to raise money outside of the city environs–whether incumbent or challenger. Still–great question. Have a wonderful weekend.”

      1. Mary-Jane,
        You just “outed” yourself. Now that I know who you are let me ask a simple question. Do you actually feel you can control the Common Council? Finch came in and was hamstrung by these same people. The absolute bottom line is the elimination of the Council members.

        You feel running an opposition slate will make them rise against you? Their livelihoods are at stake. They are totally on Finch’s ticket. If you are even partially committed to this election, wake the “F” up. You have enemies at the gate. Either offer total change or stay at home and be a trophy wife for Jack.

  8. Memo to the believers Mr. Gomes is cash strapped:

    After speaking with the Gomes people, part of the new restructure that includes Marylin Moore is a new professional fundraiser with WHITE HOUSE CONNECTIONS.

    The gentleman is the best candidate and now will be able to spread his message.

    Well played Mr. Gomes.

    1. Joel,
      Thanks for that preview. I would help support this man. We need people who are committed to change. If this country can reverse its course now is the time to do it. I just wish this guy would run as the Republican candidate for Mayor of BPT.

  9. On a side issue:
    Stratford seeks to save on pension bond refinancing
    Brittany Lyte, Staff Writer
    Published 07:51 p.m., Saturday, June 11, 2011

    STRATFORD — The town is advertising to refinance $51.9 million in pension obligation bonds to take advantage of lower interest rates.

    Pension Board Chairman James Connor said the move to refinance would save the town $4.8 million over seven years.

    The refinancing, however, will not extend the life of the bonds.

    It also does not address the town’s unfunded pension liability.

    “The only difference,” Connor said, “is the interest rate went down, and we’re taking advantage of the lower interest rate.”

    Currently, the town’s pensions are underfunded by 51 percent.

    There is a $109 million gap between the fund’s assets and what it owes to future retirees.

    Moody’s Investors Service last week downgraded the town’s bond rating from Aa2 to Aa3, citing a $2 million operating deficit, low revenues, high expenditures, a weakened grand list and a struggling pension fund.

    “The rating downgrade reflects the town’s weakened financial position and below average reserve position is expected to narrow further at the end of fiscal 2011,” the Moody’s report said.

    The report said the town’s unfunded pension liability increased 16 percent between 2007 and 2010, but notes that this year the town expects to fully fund its annual required contribution.

  10. Foster and Finch had two face-offs yesterday. One at RBI and Legion Opening Day at Seaside Park in the morning. The other at Ballpark at Harbor Yard. Finch whiffed at both events. Foster hit it out of the park. She was also seen singing in the rain at the Feast of St. Anthony at St. Margaret’s Shrine. There was a John Gomes sighting at Restaurant Depot in Orange yesterday morning.

  11. If we are going to use horse-racing analogies, Gomes is Shackleford; out front early ahead of everyone else. But eventually learns a quick start is not necessarily a good start and fades in the stretch.
    Finch is Animal Kingdom. The big favorite but shows as a favorite a little stumble can go a long way in finishing out of the money.
    And Foster is the Ruler On Ice. Close to the lead but saving energy for the big upset victory. Foster rules!!!

  12. As to the winning ticket, you don’t throw others horses on your exacta bets simply because you like the sound of their names.
    Picking a winning ticket is a tricky proposition.
    In a primary, you are not guaranteed whose line you may end up on. MJF can select some excellent candidates but they may end up on another candidate’s line. If you are not assured of the second line, you end up with candidates all over the place who must either sacrifice their own race by supporting the right candidate for mayor or continue on their quest but possibly harm the candidate of choice.
    Council candidates who have something at stake; a job with the city, a relative with a job with the city will work just as hard without opposition. But in other districts like the 130th, the 132nd and the 134th they may not feel as threatened by a Foster candidacy as they did Caruso.
    It is a difficult job handicapping the right field.

      1. Mary-Jane Foster has never spit the bit. She’s out of the gate and will finish strong. She’s a finisher and a closer. Finch is a gelding in a gilded cage.

    1. Caruso v Finch Race … The race to remember.
      Now we’ll get the call from track announcer Jim Fox.
      Fox: “They’re at the gate!”

      Fox: They just loaded Bill Finch in #1 Gate folks, as we wait to load Chris Caruso in Gate #2.

      Fox: Wait a minute folks! Caruso still has the feed bag around his head.

      Fox: I’m not sure if he can race with a feed bag on his head, but his trainer TK said it’s okay. “He does it all the time.”

      Fox: Just waiting for the bell.

      Fox: And … they’re … off!

      Fox: Finch comes out of the gate and stumbles, but he picks himself up and continues at a fast pace!

      Fox: Caruso wobbles out of the gate and catches Finch at the 1/4 pole!

      Fox: At the 1/2 pole it looks like Caruso is screaming something at Finch!

      Fox: But Finch can’t make it out!

      Fox: Around the clubhouse turn they’re neck and neck, folks!

      Fox: Finch is hugging the rail folks, as they past the grandstand!

      Fox: Caruso is screaming something at Finch, and its sounds like he’s saying Cooorrruuuption!

      Fox: It’s very hard to hear through a feedbag, folks!

      Fox: As both pass the wire for a photo finish.

      Fox: Hold your tickets please!

      Fox: It looks like Caruso had a slight lead with that feedbag, but I can’t tell from the announcer’s booth, folks!

      Fox: It looks like they just put up the Inquiry sign!


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