Marilyn Moore Enters Mayoral Race Again, This Time Not The Favorite

Moore, round two.

State Senator Marilyn Moore, who came close to defeating Mayor Joe Ganim in a 2019 Democratic primary, is once again running for Bridgeport’s highest municipal office. On Tuesday she filed the official paperwork in the Town Clerk’s Office.

The shape of the 2023 race is a different configuration than four years ago when Moore, now 74 years old, faced Ganim head-to-head in the primary, then botched the signature process for a second bite of the apple running on the Connecticut Working Families Party line in November. Her write-in candidacy fell far short against Ganim.

John Gomes, who was dispatched several months ago as assistant chief administrative officer, jumped into the race in December and promptly raised $100,000, a potent one-month fundraising haul.

Former Finch administration official Lamond Daniels is also in contention. He raised a respectable $26,000 considering his initial entry into the campaign was exploratory, limiting maximum personal contributions to $375, the number $1,000 for a full candidate committee.

“By declaring my candidacy, I am responding to the thousands of people who voted for me in 2019,” said Moore in a prepared statement. “For them and for my love of this great city I am going to fight for victory for all of us.

“The struggles of the people of Bridgeport have grown over the past four years, and the cries of residents have fallen on deaf ears. While crime and gun violence permeate our city, we have not experienced a commitment from this administration to provide a strategic plan. While nearby towns are recovering financially and fancy buildings pop up downtown, our neighborhoods are getting poorer and seeing less and less economic opportunities.”

Fact checking Moore: crime was down substantially in 2022, according to Police Chief Roderick Porter whose appointment by Ganim won Moore’s support. What was Moore’s strategic plan as candidate in 2019?

As for “fancy buildings,” could the reference be the near 6,000-seat amphitheater that has featured artists such as H.E.R., Sting, Ringo Starr, Earth, Wind & Fire, Foo Fighters, Van Morrison; country acts, R&B shows, etc.?

As for economic development, her claim “our neighborhoods are getting poorer” flies in the face of the West End’s Cherry Street Lofts project, the East End’s back-on-track Honey Locust Square mixed-use grocery store, restaurant, health care and pharmacy under construction, as well as a new Boys and Girls Club under construction in the North End.

In 2019, enjoying a state senate base as well as Ganim coming off an ill-conceived run for governor the prior year, the race was really hers to lose. Her campaign was a disorganized mess with few policy positions to make her case for the job. Still, in the primary she managed to win the walk-in vote buoyed by voters in her legislative district. Ganim, who ran an equally flaccid race,  was propelled by absentee ballots. Moore had a general election spot teed up on the Working Families Party line, but personally fumbled the signature requirements that led to a $300 fine by the State Elections Enforcement Commission, a complaint filed by OIB friend Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez.

The past four years Moore has been largely silent taking on Ganim unless a community controversy reared its head. Moore is not a policy wonk and will certainly need a campaign advisor to feed her ideas. She had someone in 2019 in two-time mayoral contender Chris Caruso but ignored his entreaties to contrast herself with Ganim.

In 2019 Moore was the darling of the anti-Ganim community group Bridgeport Generation Now Votes whose key founder Gemeem Davis took a leave from the organization to manage Moore’s race. Is Gen Now Votes as invested as 2019? Or is a progressive such as Daniels more attractive?

Eight months from a Democratic primary the field is a work in progress. Many twists and turns could alter the dynamic.

Based on his early fundraising and organizational strength, and Moore spending four years on sabbatical, Gomes is now the leading contender to dispatch Ganim. That doesn’t mean Moore cannot recharge or an insurgent such as Daniels finds a toe-hold to surge his way into contention. Too soon to predict.


Bridgeport politics, a strange racket.



  1. Oh, Port politics is a racket alright. Especially with CEP. It’s not about winning more than qualifying. 🙂 Especially when you can just go out and hire someone to make sure you qualify. SMH 🙃

    This is what I am trying to say, people. Part of why Moore scared G@ was her blackness against Joe’s whiteness, Considering the Orange man in the Whitehouse and racial identity politics were on the front burner, still is, to an extent, Hence the LOGICAL choice for Chief of Police.

    Yet, you would have thought Moore would have seized the opportunity and made her announcement on Friday, the weekend of the celebration of the most iconic civil rights leader, MLK, Making her rounds at the black churches. Like Joe did. 🙂

    But no, it comes the day after. Moore being black, courting black voters. It’s ILLOGICAL.

    Can someone say COLLUSION?

    1. P.S. I am not saying I’m a political adviser/strategist, though there’s a lot of LOGICAL AND ILLOGICAL shit going on. 🤣

      Lennie while white G2 has some things going for him this time around against black Moore. Thanks to CEP and the Illogical choice Bradley made, at least G2 doesn’t have to go against him and his “firebrand racial political game”. 🤣

    2. Hey Dumb, dumb. CEP (Citizens Election Program) has nothing to do with local elections–it’s for state positions.

      The thing that puzzles me is how many folks jump into races, without forming at least an exploratory committee and get a feeling of what voters think and what one as a candidate stands for. Obviously they don’t give a damn what we think. See how many out of towners are in contribution lists.

      1. Well considering, money is the mother’s milk of Port’s politics the only exploratory needed is if they can raise funds.

        “Oh, Port politics is a racket alright. Especially with CEP. It’s not about winning more than qualifying. 🙂 Especially when you can go out and hire someone to make sure you qualify. SMH 🙃

        The Keyword phrase is “Port politics”. Last time I check Port has a state election every two years.

        BTY are you just puzzled by how many folds jump into local races without forming an exploratory committee to get a feeling of what voters think and what one as a candidate stands for or are state races puzzling too?

        BAM! @CEP 🤣

        Joel, do you want some Neosporin, because you just go burned? 🙂

  2. She needs someone to feed her ideas? Botched the signature process?
    Sorry don’t want her as my mayor, sounds like her underlings will be the real mayor not her
    Sorry but her first speech can’t pass the fact check sniff test ….need progress not incompetence


    This time it’s for real.
    Marilyn Moore will skip the primary process and will become an immediate write-in candidate. This way she can control the campaign’s tempo. Her followers have been trained. Your signature is your vote will become her mantra. Face it, a write-in victory over a two term incumbent would be a mandate. It’s emphatic and dramatic and that’s her style. You want more mayor? Vote for Mayor Moore.

  4. A final point on the LOGICAL and ILLOGICAL-ness of it all. Part of the LOGICAL-ness for Porter’s appointment over Garcia stems from the Lauren Smith-Fields and Brenda Lee Rawls media coverage and public outcry. But it’s been two years and still has been a resolution to the case outside of the timely notification of the next of kin of a death.

    Now considering both cases were very similar and on the same day. The media frenzy was driven by racism. I mean the first march on city hall most people didn’t ever hear about Brenda Lee Rawls’s case.

    What are the odds that there will be some movement sometime close to the election, considering (believe) there’s still an open investigation into Lauren Smith-Field’s case, Not sure if there was an investigation into Brenda Lee Rawls’s death. Didn’t hear anything about it. JS

  5. Lennie, had she won the primary in 2019, it would have gone to court and Ganim would have won the case.

    On the last municipal budget, Moore saved the day when council President Aidee Nieves reached out to her. I had a super complaint prepared to go against Moore, Baracka, Democratic Registrar’s, and Working Family Party with the same you tube video showing Baracka in her headquarters which I had also submitted as evidence in the complaint she claimed victory on. When I found out that Moore saved the day during the last budget shortfall, I gave them all a pardon and ripped the complaint and put it in a vanilla file. I gave that file to Aidee Nieves and asked her to deliver it to Senator Moore. This past summer, I attended the Juneteenth festival at Seaside Park. When I was leaving the event with my 13 year old daughter. I saw Moore coming. I approached her and thanked her for saving the day (it was really late night).
    She said, ” I think you owe me an apology”, she didn’t state why. I apologized just to not get into any odd situation. I asked her if she received the envelope/ file I sent her via Aidee Nieves. She quickly put a puzzled look on her face and asked what’s in it? I told her what’s in it and told her Aidee
    Nieves was at the event. She didn’t say apology accepted. She got fined $300. Hmmm, aybe she was expecting me to say that the envelope had $300.

  6. She will get some Moore from me. I’m very curious why she’s so confident considering that I had filed a Department of Consummer Pritection complaint against her like 3 years ago. I haven’t heard from them. The last time I checked, I was told it was still under investigation. Lennie will have to check up on this as he will get all the documents and proof I submitted. She had full knowledge of the complaint as she and myself received notification and it has a file number. It’s being covered up as many of my past SEC complaints. Dept. of Consumers Protection is a toothless tiger. This Tiger was well taken care off for 9 years at the Beardsley Zoo. I’ll get the documents to Lennie and let him call. Oh, yea , I keep forgetting about the Covid-19 pandemic.


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