Malloy’s Visit–The Special Election–Birthdays For Moses And Mayor

Governor Malloy tonight (Monday) is scheduled to visit City Hall Annex, 999 Broad Street,  to kick off his campaign to schmooze his budget proposal. What would you like to ask the gov about his budget?

Malloy’s visit comes on the eve of the special election to fill the state legislative seat vacated by Chris Caruso who accepted a Malloy appointment. The Big Wave is working for the state Department of Labor. The Caruso forces are supporting 19-year police department veteran Verna Kearney in Tuesday’s special election. Verna appears on the bottom line. Dem party endorsed Charlie Stallworth, a member of the city’s Police Commission, has the top line. Filling out the middle of the ballot, Republican James Keyser and petitioning candidates, all Dems, Mark Trojanowski, Carlos Silva, Bob Keeley and Tom Lombard. I’m not sure ballot placement matters in this election beyond saying hey, I’m on the top line; hey, I’m on the bottom line. Most electors on Tuesday will be dragged to Wilbur Cross, Hallen, Read, Hooker and Park City Magnet.

Who’s gonna win this thing? Beats the hell out of me. Winter voting is not an exact science. When I talk to the various camps they’re not sure either, except for the the usual delusional suspects who always claim they’ll win but never do. Tuesday’s forecast looks clear and cold. Bundle up! Democratic Registrar of Voters Sandi Ayala estimates the special election will cost her office $24,000.

Can you believe it? Former State Senator Ernie Newton, the Moses of his peeps, turned 55 today. What does Ernie have planned for 2011? And next week Mayor Bill Finch also celebrates his double-nickels birthday. Makes me think of the Tom Waits tune Ol’ 55. I’m just a few years from that myself. I wonder if Bill will throw himself a fundraiser on his birthday. Not that Bill’s reelection campaign needs the dough. They’ve got plenty of that. Ah, the power of incumbency.

So what birthday gifts are you ordering for Moses and the mayor? A walking staff for Moses on his way to the next election? Hizzoner loves sardines and anchovy pizza. Don’t forget to throw in night crawlers for his Pequonnock River fishing. Speaking of birthdays OIB friend Charlie Walsh, that old geezer scribe for the Connecticut Post celebrated his 70th birthday the other day.  Hope we can squeeze 30 more years out of Chuck.



  1. My presents to Ernie, a spell checker and thicker skin, and a reality check. He’s got no game.

    Hizzoner is a tougher choice, nice guy, he will finish last in September. Gomes is picking up momentum and it’s felt all over the city.

    Sorry Bill, can’t go anywhere downtown and not be asked about Gomes, or have to shut my virgin ears when they swear about you.

  2. Lennie,

    It would be interesting to have a discussion about the candidates which was limited to the two things they almost never discuss: their qualifications and ability to do the job; and their positions on STATE issues.

    Here is a question for starters: Bridgeport has a long history of weak legislative delegations. How would you change that?

  3. “I am just going to try and learn …”
    “… Mulligan, who was not at the meeting–or any other school board meetings in recent memory …”
    “He suspects he is at a disadvantage not knowing some of the issues facing the school board …”
    This one is the most revealing: “… He said school board member Thomas Cunningham is a longtime friend. Not too long ago, he was at a downtown coffee shop when he ran into Cunningham and was asked if he would consider being on the board …” Thomas Cunningham had no intention of supporting anyone but a friend. Keep in mind Cunningham is the only Republican on the board. Yet we are supposed to believe Bill Finch had nothing to do with Mulligan’s selection. Who does Mulligan think would have made the selection if the board didn’t? In fact, the deadline for the board selection had expired. Bill Finch made the pick, the BOE simply announced it.

    Read more: www

  4. Voters, responding to an unexplained impulse, are expected to turn out in record numbers for Tuesday’s Special Election. Remember, these are the same multitudes who prevented Rell from locating a jail there. They care about who represents them in Hartford.

    Here’s the best part: their fierce independent streak will guide them to the right decision.

    MAKE THE SWITCH in the 126th. VOTE for Mark Trojanowski on Tuesday. Learn more here:


    1. I read all the political literature passed out by the candidates. Tom Lombard was the only one who stated the facts for the voters. He was at “Derail the Jail,” he spoke out at the Bridgeport Ballot Blunder, he was at P&Z opposing another Halfway House in Bpt. He asked the question,”Where the Hell are the other concerned andidates?” We need fighters, not fair-weather politicians who only come out around elections. Vote For Tom Lombard.

  5. Lennie, you’re losing money. Make the Realtors take out ad space like Gomes did. Trojanowski reminds me of Mary Moran, give away city properties at the poor homeowner’s expense. Vote for change. Tom Lombard’s only interests are helping the taxpayers of Bpt.

    1. Yeah. You’re back alright. From prison. Don’t ever forget that fact.

      Recently, Fabrizi made a soul-searched announcement that he would not be seeking any form of public office. Reputed for drug addiction, alcoholism, and habitually bad personal judgment, Fabrizi concluded, rightfully so, that he could not win the support from those he embarrassed by his behavior.

      Ganim, too, gave a few moments of thought to returning to public office of some sort. It would not be in Joe’s best interest, nor the Ganim family’s, nor for the people of Bridgeport for Joe to return to the public eye. The further disgrace of public election would be too hurtful to Joe, his family and all those who would be supportive.

      And now you, Ernest “T,” arrogantly announce that you will be seeking public office. Why and what office? You disgraced yourself and those whom you were entrusted to represent. You don’t seem to realize you have forfeited any modicum of public trust and are thoroughly undeserving of any consideration by the voting public.

      Take a look around you. The stranglehold El Squid has had on this city for too many years is jeopardized by the decency of those few who profess to enter office with the mantra of restoration of promise and prosperity.

      I am gratified that people like Gomes and Foster are announced or contemplating.

      Gomes, Foster and several of the aspirants for other elected office have the ability to lead with SKILL, COURAGE and HONOR. You, Ernest “T,” possess none of those vitally important qualities and characteristics; you never have.

      In any run for office you will be disgraced. Your opponents will dredge from the gutter every aspect of your criminal activities and will ensure that the voting public is made acutely aware of every time your nefarious ways robbed them of even the slightest amount of potential for a better way of life.

      I have no personal axe to grind in this regard. Whether your name is Fabrizi, Ganim or Tedesco, I do not believe anyone investigated, charged, indicted, convicted and incarcerated for taking from the public trust deserves to be reinstated as if nothing ever happened.

      Things did happen, Ernest “T.” We are not stupid. We remember.

      Today, when you celebrate your birth with your friends and your family, look each of them squarely in the eye and deeply into their souls and ask yourself if you truly want to subject them to reliving all of the disgrace and embarrassment that preceded your arrest and trial. There can be no redemption for you in the seeking of public office.

  6. Malloy’s visit to Bridgeport is a special opportunity for us to let him know that helping revive B’port is good for us and good for him!

    Rep. Fox of Stamford said giving money to rebuild a garage and RR underpass will create jobs there. BS!!! They need this work done because under Malloy they allowed developers to build and the City waited until buildings were up to cry for infrastructure help.

    Rebuild Bridgeport if you want to create jobs and stimulate the economy! Rebuild our RR underpasses and open the South End to revitalization. Clean our brownfields to open large tracts of land for housing and commerce. Fix our roads to let tourist dollars flow to the arena and ballpark. Complete our rail complex and add one in the east and west sides to get cars off I-95.

    Stamford can take care of itself. Our locals politicians have proved they lack the conviction to do anything unless it benefits them personally.

    Come on Dannel, put State money where your campaign promises were, and send us the bucks!

  7. You know Ernie, that’s one of the great things about this country, it’s up to the CITIZENS to decide who they vote for. Who is the most famous felon in Connecticut? It’s Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart Living magazine and her TV program, who in 2004 was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale. Well I’m sure if she ran for something, she could win.

    1. Thanks Ron, you are right. It will be up to the citizens of OUR city on who they will vote for. Some of our greatest leaders went to jail. One thing I will never let anyone tell me is what I can do and what I can’t do. I’ll see everyone at the polls. We’ll let the people speak!

  8. Ron, I agree if my pal Rootie Kazootie ran on the Democratic ticket after doing 20 years for importing woodpeckers he would be elected to any office he ran for. Remember it’s the all important Democratic line that matters in all elections in this city.

  9. Looking for a comment from TC and Ron (and others who know the sides of the issue): fire fighters and annual physicals.
    Public understanding is that in between the times where the smoke and flames call to the courageous men who secure a firefighting career, there are many mundane tasks and long stretches of boring and mind-numbing time to pass. Stress is handled by different folks in different ways. But the report about the number of cardiovascular deaths among firefighting personnel and the lack of regular testing and exams to assure themselves, their families and the public that is served that they are fit to fight fires when the bell rings seems to be ignorance of the most serious kind in the 21st century. Was anyone else bothered about that report?

    Looking for good answers from those who have served, and survived the good cooking and occupational stress.

    1. I can/t speak for today’s firefighters but I will say this about physical exams. I believe in them, I believe in working out and staying in shape sadly for me more so then than now.
      The union back when I was on the job did not like the annual physical and review proposed by the city. The fear was that the city would use these results to dump the older firefighters as they neared the end of their careers. Believe me when I tell you it takes a toll as does getting older which is a natural progression of life.
      You can stop some of the problems that have been happening in firefighter deaths by heart attack by having a maximum age for entry-level firefighters. The list of deaths published in the post article showed a good many of the deaths were in the age bracket where most firefighters are retired.
      To set the record straight for Chief Rooney and Civil Service director, Federal law does allow for the setting of a maximum age for entry-level firefighters. The city overreacted to Judge Daly’s decision on testing back 20-plus years ago.
      When I was on the job a ladder truck had 7 men, the engine companies had 5 men and the squad had 4 men. Today the ladder truck has 4 men, the engine 4 men (it might be 3) and the squad 4. Thus at every fire there is a shortage of at least 5 men fewer than when I was on the job thus more heavy work and stress on today’s firefighters.
      I think there should be physical exams for all firefighters but there are many factors that need to be looked at before this is done. It is incumbent on each member of the PD and FD to take care of themselves for their sake and for the sake of their families.

  10. “BEACON2,” you made a great point when you said “Stress is handled by different folks in different ways. But the report about the number of cardiovascular deaths among firefighting personnel and the lack of regular testing and exams to assure themselves, their families and the public that is served that they are fit to fight fires when the bell rings.”

    The Post article stated the stress placed on the human body from fighting fires is profound. Perhaps Dr. H. Robert Superko, a medical researcher, put it best: “Imagine being awakened from a dead sleep by a loud shrieking siren several times during the night, responding through the rush of adrenaline, carrying 100 pounds of equipment on your back and meeting people at the very worst moments in their lives, and you can understand the toll it takes on first responders” Superko told Fire Engineering magazine in 2009.

    Dr. L.N. Blum has done some of the most insightful researcher on firefighter work related stress. His paper on “Stress and Survival in the Fire Service: How They Live and Die.” Unfortunately it’s a subject that is not addressed in Bridgeport.

    It is all about cost and the City does not want to pay the cost of those yearly medical evaluations of all firefighters, in that the City does not have a doctor doing the medical evaluation, instead Bridgeport uses a nurse practitioner.

  11. Ron and TC,
    Thank you for your informative responses. Sounds like for the most part we are in favor of the public safety people looking after their health for lots of good reasons.
    Hope some other folks weight in, but I do have one question, Ron, based on your final information: “the City does not want to pay the cost of those yearly medical evaluations.” Whether it is a doctor or a skilled nurse practitioner (or physician’s assistant for that matter doing the initial evaluation including blood panel, EKG, blood pressure, urine, etc. and then referring those with critical issues for full professional evaluation, isn’t the real cost borne by the self-insured employee healthcare plan??? In other words if you let smoking, overweight, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, excess alcohol intake, stay undiagnosed or undertreated, won’t that build up to higher costs for the employee health care plan ultimately? So why not stop it in its tracks earlier and treat it with behavior changes and meds where appropriate??? Isn’t early diagnosis and treatment the way to extend lives for quality living and lower long-term health expense? And so far I have only referred to healthcare costs, but if you are not healthy and can’t work, then who becomes responsible for paying you an income (and at the same time someone else to perform your former firefighter duties)?


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