Makeover For Downtown Meters

 From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Time has expired for the camera-equipped automated downtown parking meters.

Following months of pressure from business owners and City Council members, Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration is scrapping the high-tech equipment that helped issue fines by mail.

“Time frame? Six to eight weeks,” said Kelvin Ayala, owner of Moe’s Burger Joint and one of the most vocal critics of the meters.

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  1. Great article. 🙂 I am certain the city will educate the public and do it’s best to make downtown parking a more positive experience. The Downtown merchants have legitimate concerns and are and have been part of the planning process. When people work together, great things can happen. Signage will be clear. Give credit to the Ganim administration for addressing a Public relations nightmare. There has been a great effort made by Public Facilities to invest in modern, cutting edge technology and most important , user friendly meters.

    1. I have been downtown Bridgeport to shop and spend money since Judge Lopez bought up the problem with those new parking meters, I would rather go to Stratford and Trumbull dine and shop than to have to deal with those meter. I said on OIB then that it was up to the business owners to resolve this problem. I still will not do any business downtown Bridgeport until something is in place.

  2. As if the city didn’t have enough rip offs. Automobiles seized for tax debts as little as a hundred bucks, homes foreclosed for unpaid sewer fees, those fucking parking meters…

    1. “Time frame? Six to eight weeks,” said Kelvin Ayala, owner of Moe’s Burger Joint and one of the most vocal critics of the meters…

      Asked how he felt about the change, Ayala said, “The politically correct answer is I’m happy they finally answered to the constituents and took action.”

      “The reality,” Ayala continued, “is we should have got this resolved in May, June of last year. But when we had meetings (with the administration) back in March, April, they wanted (the controversy) to go away and sweep it under the rug.”

      That’s as clear as a summer sky, Steve. Merchants complained about the parking meters last year. People were avoiding downtown negatively affecting business. Did the Ganim administration listen? Nooooooooo. Little Joe and his handpicked staff of favored cronies ignored the concerns of the people. Way to support local businesses.

      It’s alright though. MGM is going to build a casino on the waterfront and make Bridgeport all better.

  3. Bridgeport Kid. I read the article. He gave the politically correct answer and he is upset that it took so long. Sometimes, you have to research to get the right product. The last attempt was not to create hardship. The new meters will be state of the art but [people will pay for tickets when the system is abused. Do not compare this with a Casino. Do not compare this with any other aspect of the city. A lot of time and effort has been put into this. As a patron of downtown, I know first hand the inconvenience of paying for parking. I know what is like to go and get a 2.00 breakfast at Fruta Juice and get caught up in a conversation with Mary Bruce to have that breakfast cost me. 22.00 dollars. I know what it is like to pay my ticket and not look for a favor at Laz on State Street. I was in that meeting with Kelvin Ayala. I noticed that John Ricci was not interviewed but we know that is coming. Mr. Ayala was smart to share information with the paper. The city will be doing everything to educate the public on the new meters. There will be signage . The DSSD and BRBC will be involved helping get the message out. There will continue to be parking issues as the Downtown expands. All future developments will have to address parking. As of now, the new residents park on the street for lack of parking. We need life downtown, we are a city, We are not downtown Fairfield. The new meters will be everywhere and the city will do it’s best to communicate how to use them. Keep in mind, there are countless languages spoken in Bridgeport. Maybe less words and more pictures to explain how to use them. I am optimistic. I will be part of this project and it is my intention that it will be a success. Bridgeport Kid, to be honest, I learned a very long time ago that in politics , you can never please all of the people, all of the time. Give credit where it is due. The administration acknowledged the problem and the are not sweeping it under the rug. It is being addressed and within 6-8 weeks. The city will be educating the public and the meters will be on their way. Derek, why you need to be the lone naysayer on the casino is beyond me. It is only one of many projects that will hopefully follow. The Meters downtown have no connection to a Casino in any way shape or form. If I had my way the city would have addressed Parking years ago and built 3 huge garages around the Downtown, had a parking authority and be as successful as Hartford is with their downtown parking. As long as the city is moving forward , it is a good thing. I will remain optimistic.

    1. The city fucked up, bought a meter system that is exoensive, confusing, and ineffective but it doesn’t matter. Soon as the casino opens Bridgeport will be safe for truth, justice and the Anerican way, damn it. There ill be so much money flowing into the coffers the city will pay motorists to park their cars downtown…

    2. By the way,

      I’m not a naysayer on the casino, just realistic. The legislature will take its time. Then there will be legal challenges. There will be a number of palms to be greased. This Bridgeport, Connecticut, after all. It will be several years before ground is broken, a few more years before the gilded palace of sin is opened to the public.

      It will not happen overnight in spite of your wishful thinking. While the wheels of the legislature slowly turn there will still be poverty, crime, unemployment, welfare, disenfranchisement and despair. But you don’t want to know about that. You think poverty is a crime, just like Ronald Reagan.

      1. Of course I do not think poverty is a crime and I did vote for Ronald Regan. I have worked on poverty and homeless issues . Actually hands on involved. You do not know me so you couldn’t possibly know that although the connecticut post had written a few or more articles on it. Bridgeport will benefit from a casino and we will just agree to disagree.

  4. But wait, didn’t the city council conduct a public hearing?
    Oh, the contract approval was added for immediate consideration and the hearing was before the council meeting.
    All in favor? Aye!
    Have they learned their lesson?

  5. We owe this reversal on the parking meters to Judge Lopez. The City spent $500,000 on purchasing and installing the current meters. What a waste of taxpayer funds.


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