Logjam For City Council President

The race for City Council president is one gigantic swirl with veterans and young insurgents taking a look at the city’s top legislative spot to replace outgoing Tom McCarthy. Who has the inside track for 11 votes?

In discussions with several council members it appears no one has cracked that majority of the whole threshold. Council veteran Aidee Nieves has been working it. So too veteran council members Eneida Martinez, AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, Denese Taylor-Moye. Word is Nieves and Taylor-Moye may have brokered an alliance. Then there’s some sentiment for the new kids on the block Christina Smith and Marcus Brown. Former council president Ernie Newton sees himself as a compromise candidate. Municipal officials will receive the oath of office on Sunday. A council president vote is scheduled for Monday night, but could be delayed until the two seats in the 133rd District are officially filled. The district’s representation from Jeanette Herron and McCarthy will continue until completion of the Democratic primary which is being challenged in court and outcome of the general election scheduled for Dec. 12.

Martinez has been vocal on her Facebook page about the council presidency vote:

December 4th is on and popping at Council Chambers. I can accept not being liked…I AM NOT FAKE, PHONEY, OR AN ASS KISSER! I AM THAT LEADER!!!!

I am not vocal because I get millions for it. I am vocal and truth spoken because the people need to know what is happening. The political machine will not win the COUNCIL PRESIDENT SEAT….THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL MONDAY!!!


New council member Pete Spain from the 130th District, covering Black Rock and a portion of West End, has asked all potential candidates to submit a resume and statement of qualification. On paper, at least, his incoming council colleague the cerebral Smith has an impressive background with degrees from Princeton and New York University. She’s also no stranger to Bridgeport government having served as director of Central Grants for a few years during the Bill Finch mayoral years. Some council veterans assert the new council members need some seasoning before taking on the top spot which makes committee assignments and is next in line should a vacancy occur in the mayor’s office. Spain’s email to incoming council members:

Good afternoon! I look forward to working with each of you to address our constituents’ needs, to advance a stakeholder vision for our city that will improve its economic and cultural vitality, and to bring innovative, equitable, and lasting solutions to Bridgeport’s challenges.

My constituents want to know who’s running for City Council President, what they have to offer, and what they plan to do.

In the interest of giving careful consideration to each of you who believes that you should be our next City Council President, I invite each of you who will be contending for the position to please e-mail me–and anyone else you’d like to share with–the following information by 11:59 PM December 1, 2017:

(1) Your current resume;
(2) A brief statement regarding:
(A) Why you believe that you’re best suited to lead the City Council at this critical time;
(B) What you expect the Council to be able to achieve in the next 6 months, 12 months, and next two years for the betterment of Bridgeport under your leadership;
(C) What changes you, as City Council President, will make regarding how the City Council operates, and why this matters.
(3) In light of your statements, provide the total hours per week you’re prepared to work to be the City Council President that you envision and, please, enumerate any and all competing responsibilities and schedule limitations. If you want ownership of this, I’m hopeful that you’ll do so responsibly.



    1. I’m really impressed by council members Eneida Martinez.
      I love this line: “December 4th is on and popping at Council Chambers.” Popping? The City Council is no place for street talk, unless we’re talking about street paving and repairs. Facebook fighting is for immature teens. We on OIB more than welcome any and all pols who would like to have a give and take whether their handle is real of “FAKE”. On OIB you can’t unfriend a challenger of views or positions.
      “I am vocal and truth spoken because the people need to know what is happening.” For real? We (the people) are still waiting, we are not chopped liver.

      “I can accept not being liked…I AM NOT FAKE, PHONEY, OR AN ASS KISSER! I AM THAT LEADER!!!!”

      I doesn’t sound like you accept not being like. It does sound like you are convinced that your colleagues on the city council are fake, phony, and ass kissers.
      I bet that if anyone examines your voting record, it will be identical as of most council members. Thereby, making you as fake, phony, and ass kisser as you believe they are.

      Pete Spain, make sure that you put Eneida Martinez (THAT LEADER) on top of your list of competing City Council Presidents. She has plenty of time for facebook fights so, I’m sure she will be sending you the information you’re requesting.

    1. Pete Spain, can you simply put up the resume here. Linkedin requires a sign up in order to view the resume. Then one has to deal with the constant notifications and email from them.

  1. I wish good luck to all seeking the position. In my opinion, incumbents and newbies are on a level playing field when it comes to filling the bill for this position. It’s not rocket science; it takes attention, the ability to grasp contracts, the budget, resolutions, and other matters coming before the desks of each councilperson. Also it takes effort to form working relationships with colleagues, and the skill to facilitate between the Council’s authority, and the Administration. I have to respect Pete Spain for respecting his vote for this position by seeking as much information possible from interested parties. Every vote cast, on all matters should be given the necessary research it requires.

    1. If we are going to use resumes as a tool to decide who is best suited to be Council President, wouldn’t Ernie be the best candidate based on past experience in all fields of Elected Government experience INCLUDING being a past President himself? If you are using it for professional or educational experience, it wouldn’t really be Germain unless you used Roberts Rules in your professional life or taught a course on it educationally. The beauty of this great nation and its politics is that anyone deserving of being elected and supported by the voting masses can reach heights not based on their education or professional experience, but by their commitment to their constituency. The leader must be able to lead other leaders in their decisions while negotiating whats best for the City as a whole. Looking at the Council as a whole, there are a number of members that would make a good Council President still I’d say, Ernie would be the best choice.

  2. Sounds iffy! I hope that Pete is not of the opinion that anyone with a degree is better than anyone with a high school diploma. On the job training is critical. Should only those with an impressive resume be appointed to chair the committees? How many council members speak, read, and write Spanish and English? Shouldn’t this be the most important qualification considering the huge number of Hispanics in Bridgeport? Pete Spain, what say you?

    1. Joel I have a friendship with Pete that I value. Again, in my opinion he’s trying to get to know his colleagues, especially since one will be Council President. I never felt that Pete was impressed with his academic accomplishments, nor did he judge others by their formal or informal educational levels. It’s really not fair to characterize him in that light. An example, I view you as one of the smartest, intuitive man I’ve served with. I have no idea how you got there, I just know you’re there. Come on Joel, you’re too smart to take that position.

      1. Lisa, I’m in total agreement with you about Pete Spain. He is not full of his self about anything concerning his academic accomplishments or anything else. I’ve been talking about those who reside in Black Rock that needed to meet and talk other City residents and to find out what issues and concerns with those of different cultures have, well, Pete has always done that. Over the years I’ve been having a dialog with Pete about a lot of things, Pete is never disagreeable when we disagree on something. Pete is like a iceberg, there is so many positive things about Pete that people just don’t see.

      2. Pete Spain is an elitist whom absolutely thinks himself better then others due to his academic pedigree.

        In addition, he has one view of Black Rock constituents, versus his lower Fairfield Ave. constituents. He believes the Hispanic and Black constituents on and off of lower Fairfield Ave. aren’t very smart.

        And, by the way, his word means absolutely nothing.

        1. Maria so are one hateful women. You don’t know squat about how pete Spain feels. You don’t know anything about him. The problem here is that he is well educated and you are not. Look at the quality of people you ran for the council in the 138th district. They have no clue as to what this area needs or what our flooding problems are and neither do you. Maria does us all a favor and shut the fuck up

        2. Maria,
          It has been a while since I have responded to one of your offerings. Today you are long on opinion and short on facts.
          (I have no opinion at the moment on who should hold the various Committee positions from President, to Committee Chairs, to liaison responsibilities. Would like to hear what ALL of the elected have to say. That means I am not writing to endorse Pete Spain for any office or position.)

          But I disagree with your approach personally and politically.
          I have come to know him as a neighbor who has civic interests that go beyond tax payments. He was generous with his time when I ran for City Council and we knocked on many doors then and again this year. He had long and serious conversations with folks about their problems here in the City that betray your opinion that he is either biased or prejudiced. He wishes for things to get Better in Bridgeport for all the people.

          As to his word, on occasion we may have had confusion over an issue or disagreement on a problem, but we have been able to work things out and his “word” does seem worth something to me.

          You seem a Queen of Disparagment on OIB, as if your negative view of others, thereby provides you with a higher position in our civic hierarchy. That is a form of bullying we can see daily at the national level and it does no provide more power to President Trump. It ultimately causes people to look for a very basic reason and that is uncomfortable and unpleasant to the bully (as well as dangerous for our body politic).

          Spain has a brain and has pursued formal education opportunities. You, too, have a brain, also, and have used it, perhaps informally
          but in genuine fashion, to become more informed than most Bridgeport citizens on the subject of education of our children.

          To achieve an objective, like improving the lot of our public schools, you need respect and moral authority from those who may be in a position to help down the road. Instead, you provide statements of opinion (with no supporting facts) and isolate yourself in a school year when City Council members, at least half of them new, may be inclined to a fairer hearing of school finances. Where is your strategy? Why these bullying tactics
          now? What is your objective? Time will tell.

          1. JML, you are an elitist, condescending snob, therefore you are unable to be objective about your dear friend, Pete. As for your word, I have no opinion or information to offer a well formed opinion.

            Posting my opinion of Pete Spain doesn’t make me a bully anymore than it makes you one when you offer your opinion via diatribe.

          2. I’m sorry, did you just threaten 21,000 public school students financing because I posted my fact based opinion of you friend, Pete Spain.

            Pete Spain is going to deny our innocent children their appropriation because I slighted him.

            That’s good to know. A great platform to run on should he seek reelection.

            Remember, he only won the primary by 10 votes.

          1. Mr. Slywka,

            So let me get this straight, all the men on OIB who post their opinions while often using foul language and over-the- top rhetoric are just dandy and not bullies, however when I post my opinion I’m insecure and a bully.

            Well, that’s not gonna fly with this incredibly secure woman.

            I will not be silenced by men who think they can bully me into silence.Nope, absolutely not.

          2. Loads of opinion, and facts? Maria? Facts? Better to bully?

            There are 20 City Council persons. How are you doing in recent years in getting them to attend to the needs of the young people in their DIstricts? Did the recent Council people in the 130 or any District really listen to the cries from the BOE? Was the BOE out providing info and calls for more and better citizen response to their Council persons? Perhaps you raise a question about Pete Spain’s Council response to needs you raise and suggested this as a threat? Threats get you nowhere unless you have power. I have no power in the City except for resilience, perseverance, objectivity (in the face of equivocation, half-truths and straight out lies).

            Have no idea who Peter Slywka is but if he has been a reader for awhile and was moved to utter “insecure, big mouthed, bully” in response, I want to say “Welcome!”

            You were not thinking strategically. Someone else, who cares about the youth in genuine fashion, needs to think that way. Read the Bullying policy of the BOE, for example. Did you know that the concept of bullying is not well understood in one or more schools? And that because it is neither understood, nor necessarily regarded at a building level, the school system is causing anguish to one or more families and youth? Look to provide two minutes on that soon. Hope you can pick up that topic for pursuit. Time will tell.

          3. JML, my post was thought out and strategic. Yours is just a lengthy diatribe of Blah, Blah, and Blah.

            I’m a bully but you welcome a new OIB blogger who se first post was ” insecure, big mouthed, bully” you absolute hypocrite.

    2. Joel,
      Competence in speaking another language may be a significant factor in more than one District in the City. However competence in understanding fiscal reality is another. And recent Councils have flunked in fiscal curiosity, especially the group stepping down as they saw Ganim2 fail to hold anyone responsible for the mess left by Finch including a public safety contract that had a $90 Million plus interest expense to it for overtime counting as a base for pensions. So is it more important to speak Spanish or $$$$?? How many City documents (minutes, agendas, etc.) are provided in archives in a language other than English, Joel?

      As a close observer and contributor to public information, Joel, perhaps you would give a brief outline of the subjects that might be provided to new CC persons as an outline of learning while they are on the job? Angel DePara was on the Council in an important role as Budget and Appropriations. Perhaps he should provide such an outline? Lisa, some ideas? How about some principles that call you to serve the public? Integrity, that survives the potential conflicts of interest? Willingness to do homework on where we really are and where the next budget will take us? And as representatives, to hold some meetings with your voters to raise questions and get clarification on issues that rise? Aren’t there a number of CC alumni available to become educators? Time will tell.

  3. Great idea Peter, but this should have been presented to the New CC right after a vote to postpone the vote for Council President until the two seats in the 133rd are officially seated. I see pushback on this with individuals saying who does he think he is demanding a resume and he hasn’t sat one day on the council. Peter, I’m not saying that’s how I read it, but I know other people will see it that way.

    1. He didn’t “demand” a résumé. It is a good idea to ask the other City Council members anout their professional qualifications. This isn’t Podunk.

    2. All should remember that Tom McCarthy was a rookie when he was selected as Council President. If the charter allows–it does– the 133 remain seated and to vote, that’s the way it is.

  4. Derek, I don’t think he was demanding, but you’re dealing with some extremely petty individuals who will look to change the narrative from what’s best for the city and its residents to one that’s what’s best for mayor Ganim and the DTC. The biggest mistake he can make is not thinking two moves ahead.

  5. Pete Spain’s invitation is reasonable. After all, on what would council members base their vote to select a council president? Deals? Deals for what?

    Simply being a veteran of recent Bridgeport city councils does not qualify someone for the role of council president. They need to detail their qualifications, what they will change and how they will go about doing it.

    In my opinion, the entire organizational process normally voted on at the first meeting, including a selection of a council president, should be postponed until points that Pete Spain is raising are explored.

    1. Tom, I think Spain and or Smith should go beyond asking for resume or position of other council member interested in the council presidency. The 130th must make a stand and one of them should take a shot at the council presidency. Present a resume and let all know NOT what he or she will do. there is no I in team, One council member, the president included can not do anything. Give us your vision of what you feel are the challenges you will take on or bring to the full body.
      I have a certain vision I won’t share as it doesn’t matter for I’m not on the council. Besides, some or a few of them will take my vision and use it as a way to try getting a few more votes. I’ll remind the newcomers of what I had posted not long ago: When you go on the council, you will find out that in many ways, your hands will be tied. Smith and Spain have nothing to lose. It is always good to go in with some leverage. do what you must do to at least secure some comittee chairmanships like Budget and Appropriations, Contracts and Appointments, and ECD. DON’T WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT WHAT OTHER DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES OR ANYONE ELSE WANTS. GO FOR IT!

      1. Become informed before you vote to elect anyone! Good advice? Some think so. Have we done that in Bridgeport before? Perhaps, but not in years.

        Smith and Spain and anyone else who takes some pride for native intelligence, life experience and common integrity have something to lose if the system co-ops them. What is a Committee Chairmanship, Joel, that is so precious that it is to be sought? What power does it give? The only power I can quickly think of is the power to deny an interested citizen an opportunity to ask a question or make a comment. Can you think of another power in the City Council? Power to initiate and idea? (How has that worked out in the last decade?) Power to slow the administration down when it does not tell a full story or provide enough information? (Unobserved in use….but always a potential.) Power to set an example of high ground and make some consequential cuts on City side and help the students? Power to include the taxpaying and voting public in early deliberations? Power to ask the Mayor for priorities by which spending, borrowing, and activities may be aligned in the future? Potential power? Lots…..Time will tell.

  6. Lennie provided a link to Eneida Martinez’s Facebook page. I looked at it.

    When an individual applies for a management level job, the potential employer typically will check social media.

    I came away questioning her judgement as to how she presents herself. She appears to embrace poor grammar and the use of ghetto slang. Is this who she is?

    Everyone should be aware that our image on social media can be interpreted as who we are.

    Hopefully, her reply to Pete Spain’s invitation will be taken seriously.

    1. Tom White, from the Trump school of journalism, tell a outright lie and see who believes it. I looked over Enida”s Facebook page extensively and never saw where, “She appears to embrace poor grammar and the use of ghetto slang.”

      Cut that racist garbage out man as there is no reason to tear her down with lies to justify the candidacy of Peter Spain for CC presidency. I’m sure that Peter Spain would never resort to this Trump like response or would want anyone doing it on his behalf.

      1. It’s not racist garbage, Donald. It is intellectual superiority. Mr. White believes his college educated honky grammar is superior to “ghetto speak.” he’s still a pompous asshole no matter how you see it.

        1. Well then, maybe Ms. Matinez is not a Rhode Scholar. She is doing good works for children in Bridgeport public schools. Her opinion counts as much as anyone else’s, Maria. Maybe Ms. Martinez is not the best candidate for City Council president. Msybe she is ghetto, as you so eloquently put it. Where do you live, Black Rock? The North End? In a mansion on a hill?

          Your passion for the school children of Bridgeport is admirable. But you have a bad habit of engaging in personal attacks when another disagrees with you or points out that your debating skills come up short.

  7. It seems to me that High School students running for Student Council President are asked the same kinds of questions. If people are offended by Mr. Spain’s questions then it should be a sign that they do not have the temperament to be City Council President.

    Moreover, how lucky the constituents of the 130th are to have Mr. Spain not vote blindly for a candidate but to ask, “Why should I vote for you?” His constituents are concerned and he is working to address that concern.

    Thank you Mr. Spain for asking (what shouldn’t be) the hard questions.

    1. Hear here!

      This is the leadership position of the City Council, not the PTA. The city has to move forward. Change is come. Bridgeport Generation Now, GBYD, etc. Too many voices to still.

      1. You jerk, the gentleman was simply using the PTA leadership selection process as an example. Get some glasses and get the wax out of your ears. Hearing yourself read may help you.

  8. Well it didn’t take long for this to end with Maria Pereira and Pete Spain. What happen Maria your bullying tactics didn’t work with Pete. Everybody knows that you are a bully, a liar and you have no integrity. Nobody on OIB believes anything that you said about Pete Smith. Pete is to much of a gentlemen to go into the gutter with your lies. Maria, go back into the sewer where you come from, you are a real hater. you have no honor or credibility.

    1. I certainly have more integrity, honesty and a work ethic than you do, Ron Mackey. You whine on OIB and that’s all that you do. You take no action and don’t have 20 votes to pledge to a candidate you support.

      I stand by my remarks about Pete Spain 100%.

      1. Fair enough, Maria. You storm, like a bull, into the china shop with your “remarks” that are your rightful “opinions” also. They are not facts, or at least you fail to support those opinions with facts in this case. And your opinions contrast with those of many readers. But of course, that is what you face in public regularly, so that is of no concern to you.

        The point is that you have painted yourself a “leader” of an educational support group in Bridgeport for years. That has not changed, has it? Has your coalition increased in size and effectiveness? As the report cards used to say: Works well with others? Or not? Doesn’t the BOE require better relations with members of the Council? So I ask again, if your central mission of standing in the public square is to benefit the 21,000 youth in the community, why are you picking an opinion (rather than factually) based attack on a new Council member? Time will tell.

        1. My opinion is based on factual experiences. I don’t believe i am required to share them with you or anyone else.

          I still have the recording of Pete trying to justify his horrible actions. I never returned the call, nor will I. I simply texted him directing him to not reach out to me again.

          Pete Spain IS an elitist snob whose word means NOTHING.

          1. I guess the message I have on my phone from Pete Spain is part of my delusion.

            Well, one of us is definitely delusional.

  9. I like Pete Spain, I worked on his campaign, he is no elitist far from being an elitist, Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful,Thrifty, Brave,Clean, and Reverent.
    Now that I think of it, Pete would make a Great Boy Scout!
    Pete holds himself and the people around him to a higher standard than most, both on a personal and professional level. If that’s an elitist, then give us some more of that Pete!

    1. Sorry Jim, but although I agree that Pete possesses some of the qualities and characteristics you referenced, I still stand by my opinion of Pete Spain unequivocally.

  10. I’ve met Peter and he’s a gentleman and a scholar, but let’s not anoint him the next CC president because of his academic background. Christina Smith has an Ivy League education and here’s the capper, she was the top vote getter in the city which means she grabbed the imagination of the voters of Bridgeport better than any of her counterparts.

    The last time Bridgeport had a Black CC president was in the early 80’s and the last female was in the late 80’s. It’s time for real change, a Black female that’s not beholden to the Mayor or the DTC, one who has the integrity, the character and the honesty to be a successful CC president if those are the qualities that would benefit the residents of Bridgeport.

      1. I believe I have been clear that I need not one individual to defend me on OIB. I will fight my own battles against all the sexist, male bullies on OIB.


        1. No one here is making any effort to make you feel “ashamed” of you opinion. A few have told you to shut up. Most are simply tired of your self-annointed martyrdom and combatively belligerent attitude.

    1. You probably didn’t notice but Black Rock is a culturally diverse neighbirhood comprised of many communities. It is not all blue blood. The old money is but one demographic in a rapidly changing area.

      Black Rock is a culturally diverse part of town. People migrate here from other parts of the city, the state, the world. All bring the language, culture and customs of home. That’s why I live here, on Fairfield Avenue, not the old money ‘hood off Eames Boulevard.

  11. Maria, you are a legend in your own mind with no friends and everything must be your way or the highway, you have no ability to work with others  to be apart of a coalition. . As you can see NOBODY has spoken out in support of your lies about Pete Spain. Hey Maria that “female card” has expired because you are the real bully, you are pissed at Pete because he wouldn’t bow down and kiss your ass. Nobody wants to hush you down, instead people want you to keep running your big lying mouth as you confirm what a liar you are.  Here you have two black men, Don Day and myself speaking in support of a white man from Black Rock.

    Christina Smith should be the City Council President.

    1. When it comes to OIB, I’m a legend in my own mind, too. OIB enables me to rule like a king because I rock like a cinder block.
      Otherwise, I get humbled everyday.

    2. Christina Smith should and ought to be the next City Council prez. Pete Spain should have a position of some authority. An ombudsman is needed. There are too many holdovers with allegiance to Mario Testa.

    3. Lisa Parziale is my friend, Ron. Helen Losak, Michele Small, John Romero, Timothy Bassey, Erris Allen and on and on. I met every one of then through politics, therefore they are my political friends.

      I have an idea, Ron. Why don’t each of us run for City Council in our respective districts as petitioning candidates. Let’s see who is respected and liked enough to win and who loses.

      But we already know the answer, don’t we. 🙂

    4. I’m the only person I know that has won 11 out of 12 elections. Pete Spain can’t say that.

      I would easily win a Democratic Primary for City Council. Pete can’t say that.

      I took all 9 seats of the DTC with 26 candidates running. Pete can’t say that.

      Oh, by the way, neither can you.

  12. Doesn’t really matter how it all shakes out… By all indications, the same myopic, tail-chasing agenda will be maintained by a membership that might be a bit more sophisticated (presumingly — no, not “presumably”…)than the former CC composition, but is still clueless about a pragmatic path to the only CC concern of any relevance — the improvement of the socioeconomic status of the Bridgeport populace… New CC, but same old feudal/introspective mentality…

    We might be described as the Connecticut municipal version of Qing-dynasty China… We are preoccupied by an (self-serving — even “self-righteous”)internal jockeying for position and power while we get picked apart/exploited from the “outside”… This “new” CC is very unlikely to mount even a “Boxer Rebellion” to remedy our “plankton” position on the Connecticut food-chain … (Despite all of the meaningless banter of “change” and “accountability,” Bridgeport will still have “accounts” in arrears and no “change” in our pockets…) This is especially in the context of the apparent cluelessness expressed in various forms, to various degrees, by the new and returning CC membership… No pragmatic awareness or focus to be found on this “new” CC… E.g., how many of the newly-elected members of the CC are aware of the loss of a State Assembly seat to New Canaan usurpers in the 2000 redistricting that further marginalized our city at the state and regional levels?… How many of the newly-elected CC members have any notion of applying focus via electorate mobilization toward regaining that seat (and real leverage for Bridgeport) in the next state redistricting process, which will begin under their auspices?…)(This was a seat that had included Black Rock and was held by prodigious Bridgeport-GA-bill creator, Black Rock resident Lee Samowitz… Black Rock was folded into the 130th after that political fiasco which was engineered by New Canaan elitist John Hetherington…)

    As JML would say;”time will tell” (probably the same old story…).

    1. Jeff, you left out the redistricting lawsuit for the “Common Council” in which the lost base on discrimination. The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc which is totally independent of the NAACP, challenge the City and the City was forced to redraw the City’s voting districts to properly balanced and to eliminate the discrimination.

  13. This blog is about politics, right?

    If the Dallas Cowboys are America’s football team, Susan Collins (R, Me.)should become America’s Senator.

    more to follow.

  14. I do recall a few local redistricting fights… It seems that they (the ones that I recall (from the 90’s) were fought mostly to make political life more difficult for certain political layers, such as Chris Caruso… Of course, they had to be fought, but I wonder if there was a net + effect because of the fight…

    It seems, Ron, that nothing changes here until somebody from the outside, at another level of government sees some political advantage in helping to leverage that change (e.g., John Rowland creating the asphalt moratorium during the asphalt plant fight… He didn’t do it because he loved us or Chris Caruso…)

    1. Jeff, you’re right, they made sure that Chris Caruso was hurt with the changes along with Ed Gomes and Ralph Ford but more importantly the black and Hispanic were being changed to give whites more power even though their voting numbers were much lower.

  15. Yes, Ron: The dirty deal in the Ed Gomes redistricting is the most recent… I’m remembering now that there wasn’t much resistance to that change — everybody just rolled over and let it happen… Of course, Ed was in no position at the time to raise much of a ruckus — but that specific situation is a great example of the ‘burbs exerting remote control over Bridgeport to protect their interests… (It was engineered from the State Central Committee level to try to give Trumbull/Musto an advantage in keeping his Senate seat… In this case, the ignorance of the state-level people/’burbs about Bridgeport caused them to out-smart themselves… Once in a while we do get a little taste of poetic justice!…)

  16. Jeff, what they did to Ed was to wait until he was on the hospital dealing with some serious medical issues and then changed his district in support of Musto. That came back to bite them in the ass with Marilyn Moore running. As a side note, not one Black politician or Black district leader spoke out on how that was inherently unfair, instead their silence was complicit in that district change. Damn shame that in the year of our Lord 2017 you can still rent a Black.


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