Lincoln Boulevard Improvement

From Mayor Bill Finch:

Mayor Bill Finch announced today that the City is scheduled to begin Phase 1 of the Lincoln Boulevard Improvement Project this week.

The Lincoln Boulevard improvement project is a part of the City’s “Complete Street” initiative, which addresses all of the users of the public right of way–automobiles, buses, bikes and pedestrians. The improvement project also incorporates green infrastructure measures for stormwater management.

“We are working hard to beautify our neighborhoods and improve our roads and infrastructure. The Lincoln Boulevard improvement project, when it is completed, will tremendously upgrade a main access road to Central High School and a centerpiece of the neighborhood located in the North End,” said Mayor Finch. “These improvements will make Lincoln Boulevard a much more pedestrian- and bike-friendly road.”

The first phase of construction will include roadway improvements and the creation of a 990-foot-long median located in the middle of the boulevard from Taft to Cleveland Avenue.

“The City is making a significant investment in the neighborhood which will not only beautify the area but will also help manage stormwater, since Lincoln Boulevard is prone to flooding during major weather events,” said City Council President Tom McCarthy representing the 133rd Council District.

Future phases will include tree plantings and landscaping, rain gardens, pervious pavements, bicycle lanes, and the continuation of the median as well as other streetscape enhancements from Capitol Avenue to Lincoln Avenue.

“We are proud to bring this improvement project to Lincoln Boulevard, a critical gateway for many of the residents of our District,” said City Council member Howard Austin, Sr.

Phase 1 construction is scheduled to last three weeks and is estimated to cost $185,000. During construction, drivers should expect some temporary detours, police personnel will be on site to direct traffic. Phase 2 of the project is currently in the design stage.



  1. All of a sudden he’s concerned? Amazing how he is concerned about public works right before an important election and the rest of the time could care less unless it is someone who is connected.

  2. *** City Council President’s district is getting rain barrels, bike routes and yellow lines, plants, etc. for only $185,000 to start? Wow, what great improvements for that area and the residents, no? I’m sure the students at “Old Hilltopper Central” will be pleased with the improvements near their antique school! *** COSMETICS ***


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