‘Like A Piece Of Meat’–Watch: Distraught Family Members Confront City Officials Following Shooting Inside Councilwoman Martinez’s Social Club

Several City Council members assembled outside City Hall on Wednesday to address the media about Police Department issues. The anguished family of 21-year-old Nyair Nixon who was shot inside the Barnum Avenue social club operated by Councilwoman Eneida Martinez showed up including the mother of Nixon.

The footage above was captured by Steve Krauchick of Doing It Local. News 12’s Frank Recchia was also on hand.

Young Nixon was shot at close range inside the Keystone. He stumbled outside–the family says he was shoved out–and was hit by car “like a piece of meat,” as his mother notes emotionally, speaking to the media. He was transported to nearby Bridgeport Hospital where he died.

Martinez has shut down the social club. Family members want her to resign her seat. It raises questions about an elected official who has railed against violence in her East End community running a social club fraught with potential violence.

The video language, graphic and emotional, runs in its entirety, a request made by the family to Krauchick.



  1. The situation dramatically-depicted in the video, per the detailed description of the familial microcosm of life in Bridgeport, CT, given by grieving -mother, Nicole Tate, is extremely powerful testimony in support of the undeniable, extremely strong/powerful indications that Bridgeport is an essentially lawless place, in political/socioeconomic chaos, rudderless, leaderless, with all of its citizens at the mercy of the circumstances of time and space, with respect to exposure to the increasingly random violence in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

    The need for Bridgeport to be taken over by the state — politically subsumed, charter suspended, the Mayor’s authority officially abrogated, in lieu of resignation, with the City Council similarly decommissioned — is becoming a de facto mandate for Governor Lamont and the GA.

    Bridgeport is not capable of governing itself and has obviously become the state’s wholesale Den of Iniquity and deadly violence.

    This is a city full of drug-alcohol-prostitution, violence-prone “speak-easy” “Keystones.” policed by a department encumbered by too many “Keystone” Cops. The fact that most neighborhoods in Bridgeport are hosts to one or more such speak-easies, with obvious, often “open” drug dealing, is strongly indicative of too many “Keystone” cops on the Bridgeport force that are too willing to drive past such locations wearing possibly official-issue “blinders…

    The implications of the above situation is terrifying when pondered in terms of ordinary citizens trying to navigate life
    “normally,” in Bridgeport. Citizens in every neighborhood are exposed — in their neighborhoods — to shoot-outs or other deadly violence… It isn’t safe for out-of-towners to come here for even brief times, let alone for residents/citizens trying to live “normally” here, every day… And the chief danger for us isn’t COVID –it’s POVID (POVERTY, OPPRESSION, VIOLENCE, INDIGENCE, DESPAIR) on a background of political-economic exploitation…

    BPD is rudderless from within and without… There is no functional, effective branch of government in Bridgeport, with the same being true for Bridgeport’s municipal departments/agencies charged with effecting the socioeconomic functionality of the City. It is only through the competence and diligence of a shrinking number of individuals charged with overseeing and executing political and practical municipal tasks that total municipal dysfunction hasn’t occurred. But we are swiftly headed in that direction… It’s melt-down time in Bridgeport!…

    It is time for Mayor Ganim to resign, along with the entirety of the City Council, to clear the way for the State of Connecticut to politically subsume Bridgeport, as custodial-executor, and clean up the mess that has been condoned and facilitated by state government policy (official and unofficial), regarding Bridgeport, over a period of decades.

    STEP UP, Governor Lamont and Connecticut GA! STEP DOWN Mayor Ganim and City Council! Bridgeport’s survival, and the safety and well-being of its people are at stake!

    1. Jeff,Joe is NEVER going to resign,what else can he do and make the money he’s making now? He doesn’t have a law license anymore,and with his track record,what private company would hire him?..The only thing that gives me hope is I’m pretty confident he will be indicted eventually.The council is powerless at this point and aren’t taken seriously,a few have to do what Joe tells them in order to keep family members employed.others are rubber stamps for Joe so Mario will endorse them cycle after cycle.Meanwhile Bpt is decaying in all four corners.Bpt has had it’s share of low points over the years,but now is the lowest ever..

  2. Omg this is so sad if she really sad get a shot person out of the establishment there needs to be some swift consequences or even charges that need to happen with this establishment!! I hope its not true though no human deserves to be treated like this!!

    1. If someone is shot in a bar in Bridgeport it’s a well known practice to get the victim outside before the police arrive. Thus, the bar isn’t involved or considered a community nuisance.

  3. Condolences to Mr Nixon and Ms. Tate.. May the memory of your son be forever a blessing.. The Mothers pain came through loud and clear. What a waste of a life not yet lived. Just so sad. Do not even want to get into the politics of this- It speaks for itself. It is what it is. At the end of the day. Another young man is dead for no good reason. I have no idea what that Press conference was supposed to be about, But the family of Nyair Nixon was right to Take it over and discuss this very issue.. It is beyond words and I truly feel for the family. Everything else will play out exactly how it is supposed to. SMH. What will be interesting is how the council will respond. Hopefully, a full investigation will shed light on the situation.

    1. Stevie, welcome back, what do you think about the biggest story in Bridgeport now with the arrested of the Police Chief, AJ Perez and the City’s Personnel Director, David Dunn by the FBI?

  4. The article states that Martinez said that the place is closed and “officially done”.
    Might as well place that statement in referring to the city of Bridgeport itself. Other than the city officials who attended the gathering when the media was there, no others?!!
    Really?!! Is there a backstory that’s not being reported or known to the public as to why the mayor or anyone else were not in attendance, and as the article states: not even a phone call returned?? The family is calling for the FBI to step in. Normally in a case like this that would probably never happen but because of all of the corruption in this city, I think that outside authorities need to step in to investigate ALL activities in Bridgeport. When you have the issues with the mayor, the DTC, the police department, public works, the school board and so many elected officials that violate residency and many other rules, regulations and laws the term “officially done” certainly describes the city of Bridgeport. By the way, most of the key people that we all talk about that are apart of the dysfunction of the city are the same people who were regular early morning espresso drinkers around Mario’s outside table adjacent to the side door of his restaurant on suburban. The FBI has everyone’s face recorded so they know the players. Then again, they have always been known.

  5. Martinez was with Maria&Defilippo that day,calling for Joe to resign.So I would expect Joe to call for a “full investigation” at this point,therefore the council will demand an investigation also.I don’t expect the council to be “outraged”though,afterall,Martinez does has friends on the CC..So just an investigation,no “outrage”at this point.

    1. My prayers are with the President and his wife for a speedy recovery.
      Harvey, you mentioned that the City Council should demand an investigation, Harvey who are they demanding to do that investigation and what power does the City Council have to demand an investigation?

      1. I’m going to take a lucky guess and suggest…maybe…the….BPD…..should….INVESTIGATE!!! LOL….LOL…..LOL…cause the BPD investigates crimes in The City of Bridgeport that pertain to them….LOL…..LOL…..LOL…tooo funny!

  6. Ron
    First of all, it goes without saying so I’d better say it anyway, it should be an independent investigation. So if it is then I would imagine it would be the state’s responsibility.
    There should be enough reasons namely we have an acting Police Chief, who got the job when the former Police Chief resigned under federal charges of cheating on the exam and a member of theCity Council involved. No one should feel confident in letting the system work through this. Whether or not that is enough to get the state involved remains to be seen.
    The power of the Council? Right now they have only the bully pulpit but if they continue to use this that may be enough for the mayor to act.

  7. Paul, I don’t agree with you often, well ever, but you were right on time, right on point when you said, “Asking Connecticut to take over Bridgeport’s finances is like asking a convicted child molester to run the day care center.”

    September 30, 2020 MEDIA CONTACTS: John Lee
    (203) 259-9642


    When Is Enough, Enough – AGAINST A NATURAL ORDER
    Statement by Rev. D Stanley Lord, President, Greater Bridgeport Branch N.A.A.C.P.

    Greater Bridgeport – The parents of 21-year-old Nyair Nixon came to City Hall as new vilomahs. His parents took over the press coverage slated for the City Council to tell the tragic story of the final minutes of their son’s life. Nyair was shot at a recently reopened bar that had been reported to authorities more than once. The bar was reopened as a “social club” within days of the shutdown. A number of residents questioned the rapid reopening, implying it had something to do with the manager of site operations, who has been a City Councilperson for several years.

    The story being told by Nixon’s mother is as follows: Mr. Nixon was shot in the torso while in the club. As he bled, he was shoved out of the “club” and was then struck by a vehicle. The shooter and the vehicle driver subsequently fled the scene. Cold, callous, and calculated? The response time for the Police was reportedly over 30 minutes. If this is a true account of what took place, then we are calling for this member of the City Council, the manager of this “social club” to step down from the Council immediately.

    The Greater Bridgeport N.A.A.C.P. raises so many questions: What role did any City department have in this tragedy? Who speaks for the City on this occasion? Mayor Ganim? Acting Police Chief? One of several paid communications employees? Citizens are asking, and answers are hard to come by.

    Mayor Ganim, a Grand Jury, has caused resignations in Civil Service and the Police Departments recently. The “shot spotting equipment” that reports gunshots in the City is supposedly operating. Nevertheless, five deaths occurred within too short a period indicates something may be severely amiss. The community is looking for leadership. Likely, calling together and organizing experienced and qualified professionals, independent of Bridgeport-based “ties, to investigate and report to the public in a timely and trusted manner would be a start. It’s an EXECUTIVE RESPONSIBILITY. Step up and be OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, and TRANSPARENT. Ties to the City government are too deep in these cases for trust to automatically operate. In the spirit of transparency, we are calling for an outside investigation of all aspects of this case. We are calling for Justice for Nyair Nixon. An independent investigator and prosecutor would be the first steps towards the goal of justice.

    We often look for solutions. One may be the implementation of T.I.P.S. (Trustworthy Information for Public Safety) to collect intelligence about guns, gangs, and neighborhoods. T.I.P.S. protects those who provide valuable info to the Police, Mayor, why don’t you get on T.V. again as you did with C.O.V.I.D. Death by firearms needs your attention more than the pandemic reporting ever has. We need no more avoidable deaths. When the young die, it’s “against a natural order”.

    Questions without answers? Police need community input but are not trusted? TIPS for public safety while communicating? Time will tell.

  9. Wait a minute,why am I saying that I hope for a speedy recovery for the President and his wife because I hear the story on CNN so it’s fake news, plus he it’s a hoax and it would be gone by April when it gets warm but you know COVID-19 could have been created by Hunter Biden or maybe the answer is in Hillary Clinton’s emails.

  10. *** SAD, very SAD but not a surprize for Bpt. unfortunately. Who knows, if instead of pushing the young man out. They would of used a towel, tee-shirt, etc. & applyed direct pressure while someone got a vehicle & just 2-people taken the man to nearby Bpt. Hosp. things would not seem so un-caring of a human life. ***

  11. My condolences to the family and to all families suffering from similar terrible crimes like this.
    HOWEVER …..The reason that these shootings continue to be a normal weekly event in the City is because neighbors who witness these crimes refuse to cooperate with the police and they protect the criminals involved ! Many of these shootings take place in broad daylight in public housing projects where many bystanders witnessed the crime. Funny how none of these crimes ever get filmed on bystander’s IPhones, like they do when a cop is involved ! We are so quick to film and expose what we consider to be police brutality, yet we never film nor comment on the brutality and cruelty of our fellow citizens, nor do anything to aid in their capture and prosecution.


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