Let’s Play Some Yacht Rock–Wealth On The Water Showcased At Bridgeport Boat Show

She’s worth $68 million and may be chartered one week for a wavy $500,000. The 200-foot superyacht “Lady Kathryn,” recognized as one of the most beautiful charter yachts in the world, is among the featured attractions the past four days at the Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show at the Bridgeport Harbor Marina.

Organizers say the invitation-only event will draw 10,000 guests.

From news release:

The event features luxury yachts, rare and exotic cars which may have one of those sun shades for car windows, private jets and helicopters, and live music from across the U.S. Some of the most prestigious global brands have been represented throughout the weekend. The event opened on Thursday and will conclude today.

The Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show is a world-class show and service at a world-class marina. The event will feature live performances and exciting demonstrations, and invitees will be able to browse yachts from many of the top international brands and brokers.

Participants will also experience the international debut of two 2022 world premiere yachts, “The 52-foot Monte Carlo and the 48-foot RIVA.” In case of boat-related emergencies, companies like Flagship Towing might be able to save a life.

Lamborghini will showcase three new vehicles, including a $2 million Lamborghini Sian, Ducati sporting a very rare 2021 Super Leggera (only 100 produced for the U.S.). Professional motorcycle racer and model Shelina Moreda will attend and do demonstrations on the Ducati Super Legerra. BMW and C. Parker Gallery of Greenwich will present “Andare Art Car” (live-painting of a vintage BMW–to occur throughout the show) by Rick Garcia, a world-famous, multi-dimensional artist (to benefit local charities); N.Y. Knicks star and NBA legend John Starks will debut his new “Legends Cigar” brand at the show and will be in attendance all weekend. Pope Francis also graciously donated a unique watch crafted for him for an auction to benefit Bridgeport Charities which will also be on display.

“People that are coming here are seeing something that nowhere else in the world exists–a unique combination of lifestyle and luxury with world premiere boats, art, vintage high-performance cars, helicopters, and so much more,” says Kitty McGowan, President U.S. SuperYacht Association

“This year’s show has been a huge success for Bridgeport, and its harbor as the city continues its revitalization. As we reactivate the waterfront, it is great to see so many new businesses and visitors come to Steelpointe Harbor,” says Steelpointe Harbor developer Robert Christoph Jr.

Live and silent auction money will benefit the following local causes: Optimus Healthcare, Caribe Youth Leaders, Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust, End End NRZ Market & Café, Beardsley Zoo, and the Connecticut NAACP.



  1. The event featured luxury yachts, rare and exotic cars, private jets, helicopters and my row boat!
    I was invited to show how one man in a tiny boat could rule the waves.
    If I told you everything that happened at the afterparty, it would burn-off both of your ears.

  2. Wow! That would explain the traffic jams on I-95 and Route 15 this weekend and the packed Bridgeport/area restaurants and hotels… And the unprecedented boat traffic in LIS/Bridgeport Harbor.

    I would estimated the visitor number probably approaching the 100,000 mark…

    Incredible! Nothing can do more for Bridgeport than showcase the toys of billionaires during a street-gang war!…

    (I heard that the Greene Homes Boyz and O.N.E. were there, inquiring about booking the Lady Kathryn for a weeklong, inter-gang party/conference this summer, in anticipation of the need to divy-up control of the reconfigured pot market in the area…)

    Well. More, great news for Bridgeport, just in time for the Bicentennial!… (This way to the Egress…)

  3. How could anyone miss this? It was promoted for the past 4 months- All over Facebook. The Council was invited as well as pretty much anyone even though they say it was a VIP event. I went last year and it was a very nice event. Tito’s was flowing , They were a sponsor. I did not attend this year. Anyone on this blog not aware of the event ? Seriously? You probably were unaware the they were filming a Hallmark Movie downtown 3 weeks ago. …………………….Lennie whats going on with Steelepointe? The Real Estate Market is hot as hell and you’d think luxury Highrises would be be changing the skyline of Bridgeport. Downtown is looking great – housing and Breweries opening.What about the Poli- Majestic. I am a forever optimist. North end neighbors keep asking and I have nothing to say .( as a member of the Town Committee I keep in contact with the constituents of the 134th) . I am sure something is coming around the corner and it can not come soon enough for me. With elections around the corner for Council Members it would be nice to have some positive news. In the North End we can not brag about taxes since everyone of my neighbors are having an increase.

  4. Steve
    There is NOTHING happening in that God forsaking city. NOTHING!!!
    Joe will make something up like he always does but only morons like yourself will believe him. Grow up.
    You want something to tell you neighbors? LIE. Tell them anything. That’s what Joe does.
    Now go to you room and have a good cry 😭

    1. Mr. Walsh,
      I will cry for you. I am sad for you. You live in Branford and spend your days attempting to spread darkness and negativity when things are really happening and most people see it and acknowledge it. Having Bridgeport fail will help justify your miserable existence. It is painful to listen to your negativity. Mayor Ganim is doing a fine job. Do you even vote in Bridgeport? I expect the Mayor to run and kick ass in the next election without opposition. Why? Because in 3 years Bridgeport will be the destination that people believed it would be and you will be in Branford. A charming lily white community far away from Bridgeport. Enjoy your retirement. Try to be a little more positive- You will live longer and happier. I hope you will live longer and happier. Why go through life with such a miserable disposition. You maqke Rush Limbaugh sound like a breath of fresh air and he is dead.

  5. Stevie,”Mayor Ganim doing a fine job”……His personal friend and hand picked police chief was just indicted & convicted,Joe’s Personnel director indicted & convicted also…4 out of 5 taxpayers don’t trust him and refer to him as “Mayor Felon”,I mean YOU even referred to him as a “Genetic congential Liar” http://onlyinbridgeport.com/wordpress/ganim-qualifies-for-dem-primary-foster-finch-a-congenital-liar-finch-foster-and-ganim-playing-ballot-footsies-for-primary/#comment-93157

    Steve,I understand why you come here and “praise” Joe,he gave you a job,and you want to keep it,I can’t blame you for that.But I’d have more respect for you if you just admitted that.

  6. Published on OIB Oct 20 2015
    Steven Auerbach // Oct 20, 2015 at 9:28 am

    I felt after 11 years of Ganim the people have had enough. I figured after he destroyed the reputation of the city, the city had enough. I figured it took two administrations to wipe away the black eye given to us by Ganim, the people would have learned. They did not. We have two weeks to educate. Joe Ganim has done an amazing job while enjoying $500 bottles of wine, fancy clothes, home enhancements, cash in his pocket to let the little sycophants of Bridgeport think he was one of them–he isn’t a snob, just a wealthy suburbanite who hasn’t paid a dime in taxes to Bridgeport for 15 years. Anything for a job?,


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