Let’s Follow The Bouncing (AB) Ball To The January 23 Primary Vote

Wanna munch more on this chaotic, crazy, kooky, mad, surreal, peculiar, trippy, odyssey that is the 2023 mayoral cycle bleeding into 2024, here’s the official election calendar set forth by the Connecticut Secretary Of The State Office for the January 23 primary amelioration between Mayor Joe Ganim and John Gomes.

And if you’re wondering on Friday about the line forming at 45 Lyon Terrace, annexing Downtown, across the next county, state, including the Amazon region of South America, and parts unknown, absentee ballot applications become available, followed by official early vote January 2.

Yes, indeed, that will be quite the scrum of operatives from the two camps signing out applications in the Town Clerk’s Office for dissemination to their respective peeps, engaging the follow up assuring absentee ballots make their circuitous journey back for calculation. It’s the Bridgeport sporting-event way…hey hey.

So, for your reading pleasure we offer the official election calendar. Savor it, embrace it, lift a bottle of bubbly to it. And, most importantly, vote on January 23.

Beware another general election in late February. And, who knows, we may know our next president before our next mayor.




  1. As 2023 becomes complete this week globally, we, in Bridgeport, are continuously reminded that our election task extends nearly two full months into 2024. The incumbent, Ganim2, continues at every opportunity to place himself before a camera ironically as four cameras did great damage to his campaigning reputation last year and we have two ‘monitors’ at this time to provide 24/7 oversight over the “finals”.
    Joe, if you have a moment or two before casting your one primary and one election ballots, perhaps you can do oversight where there is no camera at this time. I have written and spoken about the poor governance practices of Ganim1, Fabrizi, Finch, and yourself during the past eight years, APPOINTMENTS OF INTERESTED AND QUALIFIED FELLOW CITIZENS TO BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS is one of your duties and that of previous leaders. Yet each of you, in succession has failed to keep each Board and Commission full with qualified and interested folks to serve a term or two and then open up spots for others. Why are there so many folks with expired terms currently? Is a limit of appointments a way of controlling the work of a Board, so that having a body to vote legally is otherwise prevented, or at least constipated? You have appointed members of your administration to deal with vetting nominees, yet the job is never complete. Why is that? Are you disinterested or perhaps do not care to have ‘democracy’ practiced in the wider community? Happy New Year. Time will tell.

  2. If they want smooth navigation of the A/B’s perhaps they should employ Mike Defilippo and AJ to oversee it all. 😂 😂 😂
    Experience matters!!
    When’s the trial?? 🤣


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