Let’s Eat! Stamford Sausage Company Plans Move To West End

DeYulio Sausage
New home for DeYulio Sausage on State Street.

What, a company relocating from Stamford to Bridgeport? The DeYulio Sausage Company has announced plans for a July move into a 13,715-square-foot industrial building on State Street in the West End. Fire up the grinder.

“It’s great news that the company is moving to the Park City,” Mayor Bill Finch announced. “This move will create jobs and also serves as further evidence that Bridgeport is getting stronger with the addition of another new business in our West End neighborhood.”

DeYulio sausage
Sausage grinding coming to the city. Photo by Cathy Zuraw, Hearst Newspapers.

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  1. Let’s be much clearer on this move. The Sausage Company was forced out of their old location in order to expand the road near their building. Billy forgot the State Street building was occupied by a business that went belly-up and chose to leave out the identity of the owners or silent partners of the property, were the taxes being paid on time for that building? How much are the CT taxpayers putting up for the accommodation? How does this create jobs when it’s a move from one city to another that lost jobs when the ice cream wasn’t selling.

  2. Oh, good. Now we have a choice of going to State Street and watching DeYulio make salsiccia or to Lyon Terrace and watch the Common Council make laws. Mmmm, which is more appealing?

      1. Actually flubadub, you stand very well in your sausage making-City Council analogy.

        Andy’s on the mark, too, because if it were sausages they were making, the City Council would be closed down by the FDA in a day (no need to imagine a local or state entity actually upholding the applicable laws for the public good–at least while Finch and Malloy reign).

        I was at an area event for a service day last weekend … and I was explaining to an elected official of a nearby town … how frustrating it is to be a non-leeching Democrat residing in Bridgeport … led by the Finch. The official smiled empathetically … and then the head began to shake the way that says, “Oh, how I know!” Yes! The Finch who stole democracy … and made Bridgeport an even more laughable neighbor than before.

        And yet, it seems Finch thinks because he can corral small minds and people fearful of losing the only steady job they’ve ever had, grab credit for anything and everything (the latest–a sausage factory moving in), can cozy up to the current Hartford crowd in order to violate written agreements with the state at a year’s notice, can claim he’s the education mayor while eviscerating the BOE budget, can be named co-figurehead of entities that meet in major hotels or with Joe Biden to talk about governance and decide on carbon-neutral letterhead, can Twitter and Instagram, and can get special out-of-town interests to write him checks that are handled by Junior Moales, that therefore he governs.

        As a Democrat, I truly hope anyone but Malloy gets elected, kicks some tuchus in this state and in this city. Someone has to. It’s as inevitable as a commercial plant that turns a profit moving into town–no thanks to Finch.


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