Lauretti Backs Walker

Lauretti, Walker
Lauretti endorses Walker

Bridgeport resident David Walker has been endorsed for lieutenant governor in the August 12 Republican primary by Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti. Walker is running in partnership with Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney who’s challenging party-endorsed Tom Foley. Walker faces party-endorsed Penny Bacchiochi and Heather Bond Somers. From the Walker campaign:

In his endorsement, Lauretti said, “Dave Walker is by far the most qualified candidate for Lt. Governor. He understands the challenges facing our state and its major cities. He has the ability to do at the state level what we’ve done in Shelton–control spending, promote economic growth and reduce tax burdens over time.”

Following the endorsement, Dave Walker said, “I am pleased and honored to receive Mayor Lauretti’s endorsement. He is one of Connecticut’s most successful and longest serving mayors. Mark has a proven track record of promoting economic growth and controlling government spending. These are two of the keys of improving the competitive posture of our state and cities.”

Mayor Lauretti has served as mayor since taking office in 1991. He was re-elected for a twelfth term on November 5, 2013.

Shelton has been an economic oasis within the stagnate Connecticut economy for many years. Most recently, Unilever and United Healthcare relocated their Connecticut-based operations to Shelton.

A July 2014 independent survey ranked Shelton the “Best City in Connecticut to Live In.”



  1. Says a lot about Walker that he would accept an endorsement from Lauretti. Lauretti in addition to “promoting growth’ also presides over a city long known for corruption Seems Walker has no problem with corruption when it is accompanied by low taxes. Corruption is corruption, Walker.

  2. Walker is economically the most qualified of every candidate for any office, therefore he will not win. This state always manages to elect the most corrupt or least qualified.


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