‘Last Chance’ For Sexting Cop

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A veteran city police detective, placed on administrative leave last year following complaints he had sent unwanted sexually explicit texts to a crime victim, has been reinstated.

Police Chief Armando Perez confirmed Wednesday that Detective David Garcia, a member of the department for 18 years, is back in the detective bureau after being suspended without pay for 30 days.

The chief added that Garcia used bankable holiday time for the suspension.

“This is the last chance he gets,” the chief said. “If he messes up he is done. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from my officers.”

But Bridgeport lawyer, Robert Berke, who represents the female crime victim said the suspension “Appears to be a rather minor sanction for the conduct.”

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  1. Outrageous. This shows the lack of true independent civilian control of the Bridgeport Police Dept. We have a powerless Board of Police Commisioners filled with Testa/Ganim political hacks. On the other hand,it does seem that an overwhelming majority of Bridgeport Police officers are out there doing their job and trying their best but this parade of individual police sadly and unfairly reflect on the entire BPD. I have to say that in the last two weeks I called upon the BPD for two non-emergency situations and Police did respond.

  2. I concur with Frank Gyure. Outrageous.

    “I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from my officers,” says A.J. Perez. But the acting chief’s behavior shows that in reality, he does tolerate this kind of behavior. He now forces the rest of the city to tolerate it right along with him.

    It’s reprehensible for our acting police chief to support this abuse of victims. It’s another reason to believe that an accredited police department will benefit both the professional police staff and the city these officers serve. But we cannot have an accredited department until we hire a qualified permanent chief of police. Mr. Perez lacks the judgement Bridgeport deserves. He is not tough; rather, he is lenient. He must go.

    1. For the benefit of all the good guys on “the job”, of which are the majority: it’s time for a clean sweep. Unfortunately, since the same pols are still in charge, either nothing will change or new appointees will still be controlled. To those who I know that are still there in leadership capacities I will say what I have said to you awhile ago: you need to go. Sorry…….

  3. As a woman, this is highly offensive.

    First, he smacks around his wife.

    Second, he obtains a female victims phone number for a police report and then utilizes that phone number to send her unwanted sexually graphic messages.

    Third, he should be charged with Harassment and be prosecuted.

    Fourth, his punishment was a 30 day suspension which is unacceptable

    Fifth, Acting Chief Perez stated he brought him back to work so that he could be supervised. Wasn’t he working when the sexual text messages began. Clearly, he was working and being supervised then.

    Finally, he should be TERMINATED.

    I am so tired of men disrespecting women and getting away with it.

    ACTING Chief Perez, if this was your mother, sister or daughter, would you still bring him back?

    ACTING Chief Perez, have you heard of the Me Too movement?

    This is simply outrageous!

    1. As I said, a clean sweep is needed. Bridgeport, being the largest city in Ct. should have a leader of the Police Department similar to a Bill Bratton/ Ray Kelly type who has had experience with a large P.D. And all of its diverse problems and situations -and that has the prerequisite education that those large cities demand of their department heads. It’s time for that NOW. With the present politicians and their behind the scenes “friends” in control I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting for any of this to take place.

  4. May I suggest that Perez stay off of channel 12 and concentrate on his department. If he wants to be a news reporter apply to channel 12 lord knows you have to e a better reporter than you are a police chief.
    Just how bad does the crime have to be to get a bad cop fired. Oh by the way how about the cop the chief reinstated while he was on trial for assault?

  5. Acting Police Chief Perez should have fired this cop and if he got his job back it would have been at the State Labor Board from the union grievance procedures. This is a reflection of poor leadership from Mayor Ganim and Acting Police Chief Perez.

  6. *** This suspension was nothing more than a month long vacation with pay since he had accrued time saved to cover the so-called suspension! This is an example of the failed administration leadership in the police dept. & their political control-minded police commission, aswell the rubber stamping city council that approved the members of the commission.***SHAME,SHAME,SHAME***

    1. Shouldn’t this Detective be re-evaluated by a Doctor before he returns to his job. Seems to me this Detective is crying out for help.
      Let’s hope the victim got a restraining order against him.

      Chief, you Fluck-up again!

        1. Someone explain that? Suspension with pay? I have never understood that. You suspend him with zero pay . let him realize what his stupidity has done to his own family with no money coming in to start

  7. ***OFF TOPIC*** After almost 20 months of a circus type of atmosphere at the W/H with dozens of staff being fired, under Fed. investigation or arrested & on trial. So-called foreign policy celebrations without any real productive out-comes to show for. And I can go on & on, yet Trump supporters continue to look the other way with blinders on & claim its all fake news or politics! ***TIME FOR AMERICA TO WAKE-UP***

    1. The true supporters of 45 feel that they are losing their country and power to those other people who don’t look like them, they want to go back to the ole days in the 1940’s and 1950’s where people of color better know where their place is and not say anything unless they were asked.

  8. This is a travesty of justice and both this detective and Chief Perez need to be fired. Does one’s surname indicate if and how much you are punished in the BPD? Every woman that lives in Bridgeport or that rides through Bridgeport should be very careful if they have any personal contact with the Bridgeport police department.

  9. And who exactly is going to pay for this BPD Detective’s horrible conduct?

    Who will pay all the legal fees and settlement costs? The overburdened tax payers of Bridgeport.

    But we don’t have money to fund the education of 21,000 BPS students.

  10. I want to be clear that I am not painting all BPD officers and detectives with a broad brush. There are many respectful and conscientious police officers.

    This reflects poorly on the detective in question and very poorly on the Acting Chief Perez who is ultimately responsible for his staff.

    Where is the Police Commission on this absurdity? Danny Roach, Hector Diaz, etc.

    1. I concur with you, we have some really good police officers who are professional and perform their duty to the residents of Bridgeport but there are a few who make it bad for everybody and there are times when silence comes into play and the blue wall comes up and that hurts everybody. Chief Perez and the police Commissioners will do nothing until they get the ok from Mayor Ganim and Hamilton Burger.

    2. There are always a few rotten apples in the bunch. Overall the BBEHave a very difficult job and I commend them,but those rotten apples have to go starting with PEREZ!!!! GREAT MAN THAT HE MIGHT BE BUT NOT A LEADER THAT IS NEEDED IINTHIS TIME AND AGE

  11. This is just the latest in screw ups by chief Perez. What about the call to beacon St where the district leader/ appointed job Roach’s wife also appointed job was creating a nuisance requiring a police response. Why havent we read about this on OIB or in the Post.
    Perez is being repaid for his loyalty to Ganim during their hey day period Perez knows more than people know even the feds.
    Perez is only an acting chief so why cant the police commission remove him from the job they can!! Will they? NO. You must realize the police commissioners are required to enter a secret room at city hall where they have their balls removed before being sworn in

  12. Very bad judgement on the part of the Chief and Police Commission.
    How can the public feel confidence in the BPD when a cop with a domestic-violence strike against his record is given a pass on a really-creepy, additional, sexual harassment violation?… It would seem that this latest incident would have served as a flapping, red flag with bells…

    1. Jeff, Mayor Joe Ganim will hire and give a new five year contract to the new police chief, AJ Perez. Joe Ganim owes Perez more than anybody else and he can’t just walk away from him. AJ Perez is a nice man but the wrong person to run the Bridgeport Police Department.

  13. *** This cop should of been fired a long time ago! Shame on the Mayor, Chief of Police, P/D Board of Commissioners & the political Rubber Stamping Bpt. City Council that endorsed the commission, etc… ***SHAME, SHAME, SHAME***

  14. I really really really like Chief Perez. He’s a likable guy but this is outrageous and shows lack of leadership. Add this decision to laundry list of questionable decisions and This police department needs a complete shakeup. I would prefer a new chief, hopefully with no local city ties.

    The police commission is equally incompetent. Here’s to hoping the City Council takes a vote and does not appoint Danny Roach back to the commission. He can volunteer for another commission if he enjoys “Volunteering” so much. There is absolutely a conflict of interest for someone have a mayoral appointed city job and being appointed by the same mayor to continue to serve on a commission to maintain political clout and perks. Wrong on so many levels.

    I have no confidence city council will do the right thing and no confidence we will make a good hire for our next police chief.


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