Lamont Order Extends Primary Vote Count Two Days, City Absentee Voters Top Record

Through rain, sleet, snow, dark of night, a snarly health pandemic called Covid and a hairy monster named Isaias, democracy prevails.

Governor Ned Lamont on Monday issued an executive order allowing all absentee ballots postmarked Tuesday August 11 to be counted through Thursday August 13 for the presidential preference primary and legislative races due to last week’s storm that hindered mail service.

The surge in absentee voting has hit the Bridgeport Town Clerk’s Office with droves coming in the past few days and more expected. This means the outcome of close legislative races will not be decided unofficially Tuesday night.

The absentee ballot count will top 4,000 in Bridgeport, a record for a municipal primary, due to another Lamont executive order: allowing all eligible electors to vote absentee because of the health crisis.

Municipal town clerks across the state report a surge in absentee ballot voting the last several days. The presidential primaries, foregone conclusions in Connecticut, is juicing turnouts with the Donald Trump-Joe Biden general election match-up set for November.

This primary season is a screwy rabbit, as campaign operatives hop around for votes for their respective candidates.

Bridgeport is split into two State Senate Districts, the 22nd occupied by Marilyn Moore and 23rd held by Dennis Bradley. Moore is facing party-endorsed City Councilman Marcus Brown and that’s where a majority of the absentee action is occurring. Bradley has no primary.

You can vote in-person at polls Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Don’t know where you vote? See here.



  1. As it should be they mailed out abs late!! My family didn’t get abs until Saturday and they delivered it to the drop box yesterday. Wow over 3,000 and it probably will be other thousand. Thats alot of vote by mails just for a primary.

  2. All this is stupid, just go and vote in person and be done with it.Malls are crowded, Walmart’s, Targets, The Depot etc, all packed on the weekends. Go vote in person,this is Bpt for god’s sake,Mario has an operation that sees to it ballots get “lost” or they “suddenly appear”. I wouldn’t trust an AB in thIs city if you paid me.

  3. I agree with Harvey. First off, it’s a Primary. Not a general election.
    Secondly, where were these voters? They should have mailed the ballots in already. And it’s not the elderly who are complaining, it’s the election operatives

    1. I mailed my SOS application on July 10th – I received the ballot on August 3rd – I mailed it back August 5th; I expect that it got delivered on time but don’t know for sure. But why did it take so long for the ballot to be mailed! That was not on me!


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