Lamont: I’ll Be Back As Governor

Ganim Lamont East End
Mayor Joe Ganim, right, chats with Ned Lamont during neighborhood walk on Stratford Avenue. Photo: Cathy Zuraw / Hearst Connecticut Media

Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and Congressman Jim Himes, all on the November 6 ballot, joined Mayor Joe Ganim on Friday in the East End, a neighborhood rich with Democratic voters.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more:

“A lot of people expressed some deep concerns regarding how (politicians) don’t follow through with promises they make,” said Ralph Ford, a prominent black East End Democrat who recently complained that Lamont was ignoring the neighborhood. “We elected Democrats, year after year, and nothing changes.”

City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez said afterward that she told Lamont, Murphy and Himes, “It’s all good you guys are all here, but when will you be back? Another two years from today (during the next election)?”

Lamont, a Greenwich millionaire and businessman, also campaigned in Bridgeport last weekend, and on Monday. Some political insiders have recently questioned whether the city’s voters are enthusiastic enough about Lamont and the upcoming election.

“A governor can make a difference here,” Lamont said during Friday morning’s walk, after rattling off some of his priorities–economic development, gun control and investing in education and anti-gang youth programs. “I’ll be back as governor.”

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  1. C’mon Ned, you like Mayor Ganim don’t give a damn about the Black and Latino community until you need us to vote for you. Enida, you know very well that Mayor Ganim, Ned Lamont and Chris Murphy will continue to over promise and under deliver to the Black and Latino community because most of the politicians that are Black and Latino don’t hold them accountable.

    Most of the district leaders that are Black and Latino have their hands out for their thirty pieces of silver and the hell with their constituents and Mayor Ganim, Ned Lamont and Chris Murphy knows this. These white political power brokers know that while they can’t buy us they can still rent us, at least until the election.

    1. Don, I wonder how pictures Ernie Newton and Ralph Ford have of walking in the East End with Democrats running for governor, the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representative and mayors who have done absolutely nothing for the black community in the East End. Watch how in the next three Sundays that they start popping up in black churches looking for votes.

      Here’s where David Walker, Bob Stefanowski and the entire Republican Party mess up at, they won’t invest any time or money in trying to get Black and Latino voters to vote for them because won’t even try to sit down and listen to their issues. It’s business as usual in Bridgeport Democrats take our vote for granted and the Republicans don’t give a damm. As you said Don, ” these white political power brokers know that while they can’t buy us they can still rent us, at least until the election.”

      1. Does this surprise you? I’ve been criticized for describing the GOP as the party of angry old wealthy white men. Reagan expanded the party’s base to include Evangelical Christians intolerant of other religions and indifferent to women’s reproductive health and Trump stitched an annex onto the big tent to include angry rednecks from every trailer park in America.

  2. Interesting the News12 footage shows Lamont walking and talking with Ernie Newton while Ganim lags behind. Could be a coincidence. Or it could be the shape of things to come. Little Joe’s con job on a gullible East Side church congregation did not go unnoticed in the larger community.

  3. While Lamont might lack the enthusiasm factor, Deecken’s fans have reached the point where even his pupils have formed a Students for Deecken society!
    When should D-22 voters drop experience and choose youth and vitality instead?
    Answer: anytime experience puts Connecticut at the bottom of any list involving fiscal health.

    Democrats for Deecken (R) / make the switch.
    Connecticut Democrats have impoverished our state and I like Connecticut.

  4. Guys I hear you, but let me do one better. As I’m viewing the pictures I notice Marcus Brown walking with the pols as if he has something to offer in the East Side of Bridgeport. This is a kid who does nothing in the 132nd district, Thursday, huddled next to Steve Stafstrom like a deer in headlights, not one resident present knew or spoke to him; so if he tries running for the council next year, I will be front and center reminding them he’s a ghost. He loves hanging with other elected individuals, I guess he feels important, but what a shock he’s in for when he sees they will do nothing to save his position when the time comes. I hear that Evette Brantley is interested in her old council seat, she has no idea how easy it will be.

      1. Ron, it’s just my opinion, Mario will be busy on saving his own skin, and Joe Ganim will not forget that Evette voted to endorse Finch instead of Ganim, so my prediction has nothing to do with those guys. Marcus Brown is under the impression that he won the seat he holds because the Democratic voters’ thought he was the better candidate. He’s clueless as to the influence of my assistance, first in handling the ab operation in Brooklawn, secondly, he was considered because of the one-on-one engagement and endorsement by me. Little does he know his council partner Kyle Langan, was far better known and has a mother that knocked on doors and has a considerable amount of friends in Brooklawn. Marcus was a pull-in candidate, I have doubts about the next time around. He’s a kid with no understanding or appreciation of the process.

        1. Lisa, you make some good points, I was judging Evette base basically by the picture of Joe Ganim giving his speech after his lost to Lamont and in the picture was Joe’s family and Evette so I assume that they had kiss and made up.

          1. Ron, I saw the same picture. If Evette wants to try for her old council seat, and I have no way of knowing if she does, she is a member of the 132nd T.C. and will receive the nomination. If Joey G. decides to run again for Mayor, he will also receive the nomination. It doesn’t take a political genius to see this scenario. So she transits, makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the incumbents could be in for an intense primary if they choose to run again. My point is, why is Marcus Brown snuggling with pols from other districts instead of working his own. I had to make time to get applications to those in need of an ab, plus fielding calls from constituents in the 132nd. Ron, I know you get my point.

  5. Malloy bailed on Connecticut. Your response: reject his successor, Ned Lamont, too.
    It’s a fast world we live in. Lamont’s success was related to cable TV. Now that millions are cutting the chord, new directions seem in order.
    It’s easier to give Stefanowski veto power than it is to reconfigure the entire General Assembly. Here’s the best part:
    Connecticut Democrats-the culprits-will have to craft their bills to avoid potential rejection.
    For eight years, what’s good for Connecticut Democrats has been bad for Connecticut.

  6. Lamont has something in common with Malloy. He has sold his soul to the Connecticut employee unions and the CEA in exchange for their endorsement. He is now in line with the main-stream Democrat party which is owned by the State employee unions and CEA.

    1. Stefanowski has something in common with President 45. He has sold his soul to the Right Wing of the Republican Party. He is now owned by the money brokers and big business who got that big tax cuts and those who took health care from Americans and will take Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for those tax cuts, thanks Bob.

  7. In contrast to union membership, entrepreneurial spirit and zeal are sweeping America! The contrast is startling. Connecticut needs a better pro-biz climate that fosters homegrown activity. In an era of tight money, that’s a benefit that won’t cost a penny.


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