Lamont Chides Stefanowski’s Tax ‘Scheme’–Pledges City Education Investment

Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont who calls his Republican opponent Bob Stefanowski’s tax plan dishonest and devastating to public education asserts he will implement “the education funding formula as it was written–based on need–so we can address the disparities that are present in our educational system.” Lamont has promised to increase state education funding to Bridgeport schools as well as payments in lieu of taxes for tax-exempt city properties.

From Lamont:
Ned Lamont, Democratic nominee for governor, today denounced his Republican opponent’s tax scheme that would force devastating cuts to education.

While Lamont is committed to investing in education to meet the needs of a 21st century workforce, Bob Stefanowski’s proposal would add an additional $9 billion to Connecticut’s deficit and would decimate funding for education statewide.

If elected, Lamont stated he would not make mid-year budget cuts to education and would champion a school system where all students have an opportunity to receive a top-tier education.

“We must foster learning environments where all students are given the opportunity to succeed. This starts with implementing the education funding formula as it was written–based on need–so we can address the disparities that are present in our educational system,” Lamont said. “The success of the economy is dependent on training our current and future generations. If elected, I would bring together businesses and schools to build upon efforts to create an education and workforce pipeline. By investing in education–not decimating funding–we can meet the needs of a 21st century economy and ensure there are Connecticut workers to fill Connecticut jobs.”

Many schools throughout the state are already underfunded and facing challenges in closing the achievement gap. If Stefanowski’s dishonest and unrealistic campaign promise becomes reality, it would prevent further investments in local education.

“Stefanowski’s proposal would have devastating effects on our children’s future and education. Nearly $1 billion in state aid that supports our local schools would be cut and about 8,600 teachers would be out of a job under his plan. Stefanowski deserves an ‘F’ for not only undercutting our children’s futures but for moving our state backwards and standing up for Trump values over Connecticut values,” Lamont said.



  1. Well, who knew that Bob Stefanowski and Joe Ganim has so much in common.

    – Both have supported Donald Trump with Stefanowski giving him an A rating and Mayor Ganim stating he was a “good guy”.

    – Both Stefanowski and Ganim don’t support public schools, especially those that predominantly educate minority children

    – Both Stefanowski & Ganim have failed to vote consistently. Stefanowski did not vote for 16 years and Ganim couldn’t vote because of his 7 years in prison.

    – Both Stefanowski and Ganim are fake party stalwarts. Stefanowski recently registered as a Republican after being a Democrat for years. And Ganim is a registered Democrat with Republican leanings.

    Ned Lamont is the only way to go!

  2. Maria’s sense of news is reasonable for starters. But we need to be additionally curious about how Lamont intends to repair the CT scene. Is it merely wishful buzz, as I would term Ganim2’s statement about stopping tax increases?
    Or is it something more substantial, over a five year period that has a variety of elements that can be seen, discussed, reviewed in the open as to pragmatic sense, and combined into a five year plan that we can track. Prioritization is also a critical element. Time will tell.

    1. JML, you can’t forget the federal side for Connecticut, the Republican tax cut hurts the taxpayers in Connecticut really bad which makes whoever the governor is the taxpayers of Connecticut are in for a rough ride. We can service, eliminating State jobs which will lead to cutback on City jobs and services in to balance the budget, something that the federal government doesn’t do.

  3. Really, there is no sound basis for Bridgeporters to vote in this election cycle… The gubernatorial candidates are bs-ing us and will do nothing to help us, or most of the rest of the state… Ned will continue Dan’s Stamford-centric development policies even as he bleeds the rest of the state to pay for Greenwich cousin, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin’s $500 million bankruptcy-avoidance bailout… Stefanowski will give his cronies income- and estate- (et al.) tax breaks that will shift more of the already untenable property-tax burden onto the middle-class and PILOT-less urban dwellers — even as he strips services and infrastructure spending to business-repellant levels… And the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man don’t have much of a plan for repaving our Yellow-brick road (except for more commuter tolls to pick the pockets of commuting workers), which, if Stefanowski is elected, will probably become the highway to Kansas, anyway…).

    So: This voter — that hasn’t missed voting in all of the state, local, and national elections since registering to vote, at 18 — believes that voting for our horrible, 2018, electoral offerings this year would be a mistake. None of the candidates on the ballot deserves the de facto-endorsement of a vote from any of us… If we vote with our seats this time, next time, when they really need our votes, they’ll give a good reason to come out for them… Or, even better, we’ll get some fresh, new candidates that will make us want to help them get elected…

  4. Jeff, you are absolutely correct, one candidate you can’t stand and the other you don’t like. If you can remember the presidential election of 2016 it was exactly the same and look what apathy got us. Any questions?

    1. Don, everything with Jeff is dislike of the “gold coast” and his candidate David Walker is not on the ballot, Don he’s frozen in time looking for that magic candidate.

  5. *** A vote for another Trump puppet con-man in Ct. is a vote for continuous mayhem & chaos in the U.S.A. Its a vote for everything that was wrong with this country in its darker days in past history. Its an undercover way of thinking that will help draw the line deeper in the sand between rich & poor, black & white, religious believers & non-believers just for starts. America is slowly falling back at the end of the line in many ways in the eyes of the world. Education, exports, world-wide trade, advancement in medical & medicine technology, crime & immigration control among other national issues. Being of a conservative mind in spirit & politics is not a bad thing nor is it a bad thing to be a bit liberal in a way of thinking now & then. However, its when one out weights the other & the balance of nature & life becomes one sided & man starts to point the finger at what he or she thinks is the sole problem & begins to use religion, politics, or race to feed their hatred that in time can blind & change a man’s perception of whats good or bad! Politics I guess has become a necessary evil that for the most part can attract good or bad people that can become very good at lying & promising things they never intend on delivering. Political party’s become like work unions with members always looking for a career job in something they might like, part-time or full-time, no? ***

  6. Overheard by an undisclosed source at a Lamont strategy session:

    How about I say something phony like this. “We must foster learning environments where all students are given the opportunity to succeed”

    Oh, Neddy. That is brilliant. You are wonderful!

    How about I say “I promise to increase state education funding to Bridgeport schools as well as payments in lieu of taxes for tax-exempt city properties”.

    Oh, Neddy. Brilliant! Brilliant!

    “Call that Mario guy with the restaurant.” “Tell him I’ll take him up on his offer for 20,000 absentee ballots.”

    Sorry, cannot disclose my source.


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