Lamont Budget Boosts Municipal Aid, Provides Revenue Share From Pot Tax

From Keith Phaneuf, CT Mirror

Gov. Ned Lamont will propose a lean, $46 billion, two-year budget Wednesday that relies heavily on federal aid and state reserves to close a major deficit without tax hikes and bolsters funds for cities and towns.

But while Lamont’s plan provides short-term stability, it also could leave Connecticut with several challenges to be resolved after the 2022 state elections.

The package would channel more than $400 million in emergency federal relief to low-performing school districts, according to several sources that have reviewed the proposal. But it also would suspend plans to bolster regular state-funded aid for municipal schools by $90 million in the next two-year budget cycle.

Municipalities also would share receipts from a new tax on marijuana–at the same time that a more lucrative sales-tax revenue-sharing plan to assist towns remains in limbo.

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