Kohut: Let’s Move On To A Real Campaign About Issues

Write-in candidate for mayor Jeff Kohut declares background noise is drowning out an issues-based campaign.

From Kohut:

(Maybe Bridgeport’s development prerogatives are being overwhelmed because of our accommodation of Trumbull’s, per our hosting of their sanitary sewage, development needs?! Something stinks here–and has for almost 60 years.)

What has been lacking in almost every Bridgeport mayoral campaign for the past 25+ years has been real issues. “Corruption” is the one constant issue in essentially every political race, but it usually doesn’t take center stage when there is at least one pragmatic candidate in the race. In Bridgeport, we rarely have pragmatic candidates dedicated to addressing bread-and-butter issues with real vision and ideas to progress toward the vision. In Bridgeport, “the corruption!” is almost always the stupidly played, one-note tune of mayoral campaigns, as it has been this year. We are now seeing the fruits of that.

Every government entity in the world has some element(s) of corruption. Bridgeport has its share, but so do all the other municipalities in our state. Stamford was notorious for very serious corruption all during their economic ascendance, during the early part of which a police department drug-dealing operation was in operation. Yet, investors from welche Kryptowährung kaufen weren’t hesitant to pour money into concrete ideas for Stamford development. But political operatives in Bridgeport–short on vision and creative solutions to our socioeconomic dilemma–will always blame “the corruption”/”the mafia” for our failure to thrive, and run one-issue–non-issue–campaigns about the corruption, corruption, corruption, corruption …, while other cities with just as much “corruption” (e.g., Fairfield, STAMFORD, Westport, Greenwich …) thrive, and laugh at us as we chase our tails blaming our internal “corruption!” for our failure to thrive, even as the wealthy towns of the region rig the development deck against us in Hartford/D.C. making sure that we are denied significant development (e.g., a casino) that might divert their affordable labor/(“paid-for”) commuting labor force, which they don’t have to host/provide housing and services for even as they accumulate and maintain huge tax bases and low tax rates (while Bridgeport must pay to host the “regional” labor force).

So: Let the court put this latest, ill-conceived mayoral campaign out of its misery, rule “insufficient evidence” for election rigging, and allow a real campaign, with real, relevant, bread-and-butter issues to take place before November 5.



    Let the court put this latest, ill-conceived mayoral campaign out of its misery, rule “insufficient evidence” for election rigging, and allow a real campaign, with real, relevant, bread-and-butter issues to take place before November 5…

    YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH with the bread and butter ISSUES THIS LAWSUIT is attempting to raise…. Whether successfully or not.

    Your CLAIM to enter because YOU CARE in MY OPINION is FALSE..

    You ENTERED to sway VOTERS away from MOORE. THIS IS NOT the YEAR for your 400 base support from your previous FAILED RUN.

    If you have Maria Pereira supporting you she has ALSO POVEN to make POOR CHOICES for CANIDATES.
    She DELIVERED Ganim 2015 and Karen Jackson 2017..

    How’s that worked? OIB has the RECORD

    1. Wanda, excellent assessment and I find it sad that Jeff Kohut would stoop this low to help Joe Ganim and Mario Testa, so I’m led to believe that there’s a “quid pro quo” for Jeff.

  2. “Let the court put this latest, ill-conceived mayoral campaign out of its misery, rule “insufficient evidence” for election rigging,”

    Kohut is as bad as Trump. No respect for the separation of powers that gives equal authority to the Judiciary and legislative and executive branches of Government. Who is he to tell the court how to rule?

      1. I would say the judiciary exercised its authority and rendered a verdict, whatever decision is reached. I would not have the nerve to tell a judge how to rule. That’s what Kohut has done. Shame on him.

  3. Wanda, you must be not paying attention or don’t want to accept the fact that most of the testimony of the witnesses points to Moore supporters as the culprits. From the very beginning, I pointed out that this is all a distraction tactic.

    If I had to choose between Jeff Kohut and MM, as write-in candidates, JK would get my vote. I’m sure you saw the video of the two Bridgeport resident signing the primary petition. What everyone should really think about is what happened behind closed doors at the Marilyn Moore headquarters between Sauda Baracka and Marilyn Moore. If the Janitor at the Police Department can catch them in the act, what are the chances her administration would get caught up in a corruption scandal with the feds lurking around? Assuming Moore wins. This primary shouldn’t have taken place considering what I and many now know. I don’t think Kohut will take votes from Moore , she gave away votes to kohut.

      1. And to YOUR conspiracy theories Marilyn MOORE KICKED GANIM ASS AT THE POLLS!!!




  4. Joel, we know that you may be a Janitor at the Police Department as you term it but you are A GANIM SUPPORTER in this particular rodeo. Over the years you have caught many more stories of interest to OIB readers that do not get mentioned, researched further and proposed for serious sanction as you have in this case. Ready to write your book?? SON (of a Gun) Only in Bridgeport-Volume 2??

    The Heilmanns came to town, and with experience from Hartford (and other cities like San Diego) they began a non-political civic organization with very “democracy for all practices”.
    The weekend meetings annually informing all who attend of the way governance operates in this town is fair minded.

    They have apparently created Generation Now as an educational, charitable organization with a 501c3 tqx status. But they have also created a parallel organization that can operate in politics because it is registered with a 501c4 status. Many non-profits are beginning to take advantage of changes in IRS regulations.

    Fortunately we are in a democracy yet, and Election Day is a month from now. So you are not required to vote for only Marilyn Moore or Jeff Kohut. No one is that restricted. But when you say that relative to that choice, you would go for Jeff. Perhaps you have been reading to many responses from donj who is frequently about telling us for whom he will be voting. Do you have that type of following? Either of you?

    The courts and agencies will have their say and perhaps all of this action will get more folks out to the polls on Election Day. And if that happens, there is a winning flavor to a more responsible approach by the citizenry to become more informed, and willing to care by voting for each office on the ballot or as a write in. Time will tell.

  5. JML, never mind a book. The behind the door activities of Marilyn Moore could be used as a sequel to the movie titled: I know what you did last summer.

    JML, I noticed that you signed the petitions, tell us who was the circulator when you signed them.

      1. That’s all you guys have been doing for years. You go back up to 20 years ago. Don’t want to touch recent developments. Read the Ctpost article today? News 12 for the rest of the week.

      2. You kbow Ron I ask the Ganim supporters the SAME question..

        I can tell them WHY I SUPPORT Senator MOORE…

        They seem to be the BLINDED ones.

    1. Joel, I did sign a sheet while at a meeting at the Moore HQ. Do I have a responsibility under the regulations to know who was circulating such a sheet? And to remember who was the circulator? Or are the obligations and responsibilities put upon the circulator? Live the question. Time will tell.

  6. Mackey, Joel has a disdain and a dislike for Marilyn so he will Never point out the ills of Joe Ganim even though they are many and numerous. I think he’s hoping for that Supervisor of the janitors jobs by saying these things about Marilyn.

    Jeff, please! At this point your campaign isn’t a Real Campaign as it’s nothing more than a potpourri of mediocrity and the furthest thing from a real campaign that the city has ever seen. Well, except the last time you tried to run!

    1. Lol Donald. David Daniels received more votes then Jeff.😂😂😂

      I believe I did too when I ran for council 139th District. I was shy of 8 votes to beat Ernie Newton and unseated a 30 year veteran James Holloway first time running…

      Not to bad I would say…

    2. Donald Day, lets explore the flip side to your smare. There were other possibilities or ways I could have used my finding of Moore’s highly questionable activities as pointed out in my SEEC complaints.

      I could have said and done nothing. I could have reached out to a friend of Moore like you and have you be the broker of a deal all behind closed doors. I have no doubt that you would have facilitated such deal and I’m sure it would have gotten me Moore than what Joe Ganim would had given me if he was the one I had dirt on. I did what an honorable and fair citizen should do. None of the above crossed my mind.

        1. Lately,it seems that Joel Gonzalez has been EVERYWHERE and he even found me on Facebook. In the last couple of weeks,Joel Gonzalez has become a walking encyclopedia of “abuses” in the Moore campaign. I will say this one thing. The failure of the Moore campaign to lock down the WFP site leaves me speechless. But Joel Gonzalez has been a fly on the wall in soooooo many places where the timing was such that he saw EVERY SINGLE voting irregularity “committed” by the Moore campaign. In the bigger picture,this maelstrom overAB ballots shows that the system is like Swiss Cheese; full of holes and ready to be exploited who are very aware that many election in Bridgeport are plagued by low turnout so Testa Inc has a Rolodex(I’m old fashioned) of voters that can be used as absentee voters. IMHO,the AB process needs to be cleaned up. The citizenry need to have full faith in the 100% integrity of the AB system. In Bridgeport, any and everyone knows that the AB process is being hijacked by unscrupulous people. This has to stop. Anyone and everyone who would like to be assured of election results in Bridgeport need to find a better system than we have now but at the same time will preserve access to voting who do truly fit under the requirements of the Absentee Law..But what we have now in Bridgeport is shameful.

          1. Frank, Joel and Maria would have everybody to think that it was Marilyn Moore who stole taxpayers money and did time in federal prison and underfunded the school of Bridgeport and who raised taxes and who has been the engine that drives the DTC but they have nothing to say about Joe Ganim. Her death sentence crime was the mistakes in her campaign but even with that she still beat Ganim at the voting polls. Why this hate for Marilyn Moore?

  7. I have respect for the erudition of Jeff Kohut although I am not a party his Gold Coast/Hartford conspiracy theories. In fact, history proves him to be wrong. Jeff’s historical CT timetable seems to have begun in 1960 and completely ignores the massive manufacturing growth and then the manufacturing exodus out of Bridgeport.i will say this. If we ever get a Charter Change Commision,I would like to see Jeff Kohut on such a commission.

  8. As to the Westside Sewage treatment plan,I believe this last City Council passed bonding to “improve “ the West Side Plant. My memory fails me bit I recall two bonding passed;2 at 25 million each or 2@ 50 million each. I would have to go back and research City Council minutes.

  9. I would appreciate your vote, Stephanie. This election should be about fixing Bridgeport. Period! — And it needs a lot of fixing! Truly, it can be said that it needs to be almost completely rebuilt — with jobs, and good housing, and good schools, and a clean, peaceful environment for ALL!…


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