Kohut Enters Mayoral Race As Write-In Candidate

Jeff Kohut, a 2011 petitioning candidate for mayor, has filed the paperwork to run as a write-in candidate for the November 5th general election for mayor. He joins State Senator Marilyn Moore who lost a close September 10th primary to Mayor Joe Ganim as a write-in entrant.

Kohut, an ex-member of the city’s Ethics Commission and activist in the Lake Forest neighborhood, received 436 votes for his run in 2011 in which Bill Finch was reelected to a four-year term.

Kohut is a policy wonk underwhelmed by Ganim’s job performance and Moore’s candidacy.

From Kohut:

It is with a deep sense of civic responsibility and commitment that I announce my decision to place my name on the November 5, 2019, Bridgeport municipal election ballot as a write-in candidate for the Office of Mayor.

I have been informed (per direct communication on 9/20/19) by the Connecticut Secretary of State’s Office that my official request form and accompanying letter of consent to be placed on the aforementioned election ballot, submitted per the requirements of Connecticut state statute regarding pursuit of write-in candidacy for the stated municipal position, have been received and validated by said office.

The decision to take the required measures to appear on the Bridgeport general-election ballot as a write-in mayoral candidate was made after careful consideration of the evolving status of the 2019 Bridgeport municipal-election cycle, in regard to the failure of the cycle/political process, thus far, to elicit candidate platforms that might be described as complete, coherent, and prioritized, with respect to the identification/elucidation of the essential Bridgeport, municipal problems/issues and their corresponding solutions/appropriate redress.

As a life-long Bridgeport resident with a long record of civic/activist involvement in the range of acute and chronic municipal problems presenting as obstacles/threats to the safety and welfare of the residents of Bridgeport, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute, as a mayoral candidate, to the formulation of a viable, comprehensive, implementable plan for a real socioeconomic renaissance for the City of Bridgeport.

I look forward to engaging in extensive communication with the media and the Bridgeport public concerning the essential issues of our city during the next six weeks.



    1. Interesting comment Mr. Fox. Especially in light of the fact that during Mr. Ganims victory speech who did he have lead Prayer? None other than “Rev” Lee. As she takes the microphone you could clearly hear a Ganim supporter yelling “is that black enough?” https://www.facebook.com/100014882196829/posts/680484705790930?sfns=mo
      Totally disrespectful to the voters angered by Ms. Lee’s comments and still no comment by Mr. Ganim condemning those hate filled remarks.

      Also off note is the disrespectful choice of song at his tainted victory party. “Eye of the Tiger”. Blatant disrespect to the voters whom were upset at using 2.5 million dollars in capital funds (which must be repaid from the general budget) on tigers while our children go wanting.

      Write in Marilyn Moore for Mayor!

  1. When it’s time to record your write-in vote, nobody will mistake a JK for an MM.
    Congratulations, Jeff Kohut, on your decision to enter the race. In earlier times, you created your own ballot spot/party. Now it only takes a facsimile signature.
    Never underestimate the grit of a former contender. Yesterday’s tactics become today’s strategies and nothing feels better than reaching for the top in Bridgeport!

    1. Derek, Thanks for giving me a hearty laugh. Maybe he can borrow Ganims 937 abs…lol

      While we are being pushed to forget about the criminal activities of the Primary, what I would like to know is did ANYONE investigate the signatures that were invalidated to keep Moore off the WFP line? Could there be discrepancies in them also?

      Did Hearst Media check the WFP signatures too? Maybe I’ll do my own investigation. I’m not convinced until I see it for myself…

      The ab scandal may be used as an partial distraction.. Although FRAUD, RACISM, VOTER SUPPRESSION, VIOLATING ones CIVIL RIGHTS to VOTE and CRIMINAL activities TRULY played a part in the outcome.

      I DON’T have any faith in the election process in the city of Bridgeport. NONE, regardless of who enters at this point.

  2. Let’s take a good look at Jeff Kohut past views and comments about Joe Ganim and it’s obvious he’s in this write-in to support Joe Ganim. Everything below is from OIB.

    Kohut Defends Ganim’s Honor
    September 14, 2015

    Joe Ganim has discovered the truth about Bridgeport’s position on the regional food chain. Josh Nessen has only discovered the surface of the truth.
    Joe is much wiser now. He knows the score. He knows he must lead Bridgeport differently this time around. He knows creating a Bridgeport renaissance will require a bitter political fight with nefarious regional power brokers and high-level political forces. And he knows Bridgeport’s socioeconomic recovery will require a massive, long-term effort, with respect to his comprehensive plan for redevelopment and job creation (with the focus on reindustrialization). He knows in the short term he must implement his tax relief and utility rate relief plans for homeowners in order to give us some breathing room, so our city can be stabilized politically and socially as our storied industrial and economic might is re-created.
    Don’t let Bridgeport continue to languish in agony. Vote Ganim–vote Bridgeport! On Wednesday,

    Steven Auerbach says:
    September 14, 2015 at 11:43 pm

    Jeff Kohut, because I respect you I am not even going to respond, simply because everyone already gave you a dose of reality. Jeff, I will never understand your support for Joe, but he is lucky to have you. He is even luckier I erased my original post. Wednesday it will be over and we will all move on. Some of us will be very upset and some will be ecstatic. We should all be respectful and congratulate the winner. A kind word is always nice especially to those defeated. I am totally excited. I think Jeff you are deluded because of those 10 signs per yard. I think Ganim’s surge ended when his clergy supporters were asking Jesus to deliver Ganim to the office of mayor. Better they pray for the poor, indigent, homeless, abused, and all human suffering. Seriously, folks.

  3. Familiar with the saying, “May you live in interesting times…” and my opinion tells me that we are in such days at this moment with the election running on. According to Facebook, Ganim2 was at PTBarnum this weekend satisfying some constituents. News at the bus stop was that AB volunteers had not been paid. And that the Ganim2 campaigners were saying infractions were perpetrated by the challenging campaign. That should be easy to establish and settle.
    Who canvassed at PT or in 130th? (Look at who signed out more than 5 requests for AB and the forms got turned in.)
    Who signed the forms? Was this a repeat of Democratic voter practice from previous primary or election?
    Where has Ganim2 been when reports of water in units, mold on walls remedied by clorox and a paint over, and health issues causing asthma in youths? Where does action by Federal Department of Justice against Park City Communities (formerly Bridgeport Housing Authority) regarding failure to provide “reasonable accommodations” stand? Was it settled? Results?
    What is spent by City Hall, taxpayer money, not campaign funds, to regularly provide fun, games, partying for all, not just back to school activity to reach out to diverse, poor, urban residents? What keeps folks divided rather than under a banner of integrity, resisting the hate and getting to the polls to vote out the folks who with four years and more than TWO BILLION DOLLARS continue the status quo? And leave us with higher taxes than four years ago and homes worth thousands less? Time will tell.

    1. JML, public housing is either state or federal housing so things like fire inspections are not done by the Bridgeport Fire Department and the same for the problems that are there now fall into the BHA which has changed it’s name and who have been under the eye of the federal government for not meeting certain standards. That gives Ganim plausible deniability.

      1. Ron, No comment on Fire Department activity at Park City Community property. That is your specialty, and I defer.
        However, I believe that you are giving a pass to Ganim2 by saying that because the property in question may be HUD funded and therefore Federal not City concern. On one level yes, but I have had experience during the past several years with residents of PT who have been ignored or short changed in services by PCC workers and administrators, turning to the City inspectors who do come out and write things up. And since we have a City Administrator of Accountability and Integrity in the person of Ed Adams, former FBI investigator, when he took a look at what had been ignored in at least one unit, he uttered the word “Deplorable”. It did not change things overnight, certainly. But it does show that there is a HUMAN responsibility to project residents by City administration. And Ganim2 says nothing about Annual Reports for Park City Communities and a law suit by US Department of Justice, etc. Are you giving him a pass? Who cares for the people living there? Time will tell.

        1. “$2.75 million settlement in fire that killed 4”

          A mother and her three young children perished in a blaze that engulfed their housing complex apartment, sending ripples through the city’s large public housing population about the safety of those complexes. In the days following the fire residents of the housing complex and community activists raised questions about fire safety in the West Side complex, citing the unit’s single door for entry and exits and the lack of sprinklers and fire escapes. A state fire marshal’s report later declare…


  4. I respect Jeff Kohut because of his erudition and his involvement in making Bridgeport. I must admit that I do not agree with some of his views of the relationship between Bridgeport and the “Gold Coast,”between Bridgeport and State Leadership in Hartford. We get what we pay before and Bridgeport gets things based on the leadership within the Bridgeport community. I have also come to completely disagree with Jeff’s decision to support a Bridgeport Casino. In the last few months It has become increasing obvious through fiscal results from Northeast USA gambling operations that he Northeast is waaay over saturated with Casino businesses. I would love to see a Charter Change Commission which Jeff can be a part of…..”. But I have one question. Was not Jeff Kohut part of some type of “committees” when Ganim2 began. My recollection is that these committees worked during the time before Ganim was sworn in and the purpose was to give in incoming 2nd chance Mayor on some ideas of “good governance.” I will stand corrected if I am wrong. Can Jeff please address his role in the incoming Ganim2 administration,if there was any. Bottom line. I will stand corrected if I am wrong. I am basing my statement on pure memory.

  5. Mackey, I don’t know about, “That gives Ganim plausible deniability.” I think Mayor Ganim has taken a page out of his good friend 45’s lie then blame game. When the press catches 45 in a lie he blames President Obama, Democrats or partisan politicians. It’s never that he lied, just the need to blame someone when they’re busted. Mayor Ganim is also like 45 in that both thinks they can do these things because there are NO consequences for their actions and I’m kinda believing there isn’t! But hoping there is.

    1. Don, I understand your point and you notice that the media will not ask Joe Ganim hard questions like what was his position on Rev. Mary Lee statement that “Marilyn Moore is not black enough,” and now Jeff Kohut is running interference for Ganim and again the media won’t ask governor governor Ganim any hard questions.

  6. Really, Ron and Day? You inject 45, which injects race. Not to mention McBride” never say Moore was not black enough. We when over her quotes. Which are subject to interpretation, based on one’s perspective. Now you are saying Jeff’s write-in candidacy is interference for Ganim. Jeff proves a point. Anyone can be a write-in candidate. Why don’t you ask the hard question as to how Moore, her campaign team, and the WFP relegated Moore to the losest common denominator on the ballot, a write-in candidate? You speak of lies. Ask all of the people who supported Moore why they were told Moore would be on the ballot but isn’t. If any action added Ganim in the general, look at Moore not having a ballot spot, either petition or third party candidate. But yeah blame Jeff for filling out a few forms as interference for Ganim against Moore.

    There is no way anyone can blame Ganim for Moore not being on the ballot. Who to blame? I don’t know, but it comes from within Moore camp, the same with Finch. JS

  7. Jeff,

    Thank you for stepping up and running for Mayor. Thank you for participating in our Democracy and caring for Bridgeport and its residents.

    I have never known you to be anything other than intelligent, articulate, well -researched, honest, ethical, and principled.

    I will be voting for you on November 5th , and will encourage others to do so.

    You have MANY of the qualities we desperately need in our elected officials.

    1. Maria Pereira… I held back until now You are just full of bullshit. I was fooled by you for s couple of years. OIB has loved calling you a Piranha. There is now a new name for you Maria Pereira the PARIAH.

      1. Maria.. I don’t recognize the Maria when you were the fighter against the Bradley boycott. I brought my huge umbrella to Geraldine Johnson High School and I almost got arrested. On the evening when Weldon passed the new obnoxious rules. I was the first to yell,SHAME SHAME SHAME. I DONT KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED.

      2. Frank, sometimes it takes a little longer but the true Maria Pereira comes out loud and clear about who she really is and you can see that she can’t stand Joe Ganim and she hates Marilyn Moore. Now Maria is supporting someone who has made NO effort to run for mayor, he has not gone to any neighborhood to hear what the concerns and issues with the voters, no Jeff feels that he can just fly in t the last moment and say that he’s running for mayor and you have Maria jumping on Jeff’s bandwagon to no where, that shows how much Maria doesn’t give a shit about Bridgeport, it’s all about Maria as usual.

      3. Frank this is what’s wrong with bleeding-heart Liberals. As soon as you don’t agree with someone, you hate on them.


        Ron, you called it, ” Jeff feels that he can just fly in the last moment and say that he’s running for mayor” Because that’s just what Moore is essentially doing by having to be a write-in candidate. There’s no valid reason why Moore didn’t secure a spot on the ballot by either through petition like Foster did or on a third party (WFP)


        P.S Yes. “whoever the DTC endorses they will start off the primary and the general election with anywhere between 800 to is 1000 absentee ballots especially with the street money flying around so a challenging candidate is always behind no matter what, I mean there are professional people out there who have to get ABs for years.” What was the AB and machine count for Joe and Bill? But who is securing the machines? Piranha? 🙂


        Hopefully, something positive comes out of the AB abuse game out of all of this bullshit. JS

        1. RT,
          Actually Jeff Kohut, a long term informed and intelligent observer of the public square in Bridgeport, who used to be a regular on OIB, as a candidate is not the same as Senator Marilyn Moore in important ways.
          I do not believe that Moore has sent a campaign check to benefit Ganim, ever. Now that is a guess, but what was it that enticed Jeff to support Ganim’s gubernatorial campaign? From times past was it the fact that if Joe had run well and won the office of Governor, then he would have left Bridgeport mayoralty to the president of the City Council? Think about that a little.

          And while focused on MOM, where is Kohut’s campaign manager, with message, however simple and volunteers for knocking on doors and MONEY$$$ for name recognition outside of your specific neighborhood? Jeff speaks of six weeks where his ideas will have media coverage. During the past 6 months particularly and perhaps the past 6 years, he has had a decreasing public commentary presence. Bridgeport is a tough town to make a mark in, but without something more than how the Gold Coast pols have worked to maintain the status quo in town, will it garner more votes than your previous run.
          And it is here that the biggest difference between Senator Moore and candidate Kohut appears. She has seen that things in the City needed fixing to help the people and heal the community. She pursued an independent route among urban and suburban voters and won election and re-election and State Senate respect and appointment. She opened her campaign in January, 2019, not two months before; and while from the outside, and likely the inside, too, organizational issues have created targets for critics to attack. Nevertheless, David is on the field, and Goliath lost on the machines and is likely very vulnerable on the stories that will come from those able and willing to talk about AB voting including those who need and use AB voting accurately and timely to make their wishes known, those who know those who are eligible to vote AB and leave hands-off the process, and those who attempt to record their ballot multiple times by undue influence, illegal procedures and breaking one or more regulations of election process.

          This is not Jeff Kohut’s year to win or even credibly represent unhappy voters. Moore has created an independent voting block, undeterred by DTC disapproval, that showed up, voted their minds and will do it again in November on Election Day when thousands of Unaffiliated and pragmatic Republicans will join the Moore vote at the machines. AB voting will likely be more careful with investigations ongoing. Who wants to be fined, or potentially charged with behavior that puts them at risk among the R’s and U’s? Time will tell.

          1. JML, while I never met Jeff in person we have gone back and forth, as you and I do here on OIB. I never questioned Jeff’s intelligence. In fact, he might be too intelligent for public office. I believe my quote to Jeff was, “Jeff you are out there. Beam me up, Scott.” 🙂

            I also never question Jeff’s insincerity to the city, and his belief the Port’s stagnation and decline do the Gold Coast pols. Who works to maintain the Port’s status quo.

            Yes if Joe would have won the Governorship he would have left the city mayorship. Maybe that is why Jeff supported Joe over Greenwich millionaire Ned. There is without a doubt a Governor from the Port would benefit the Port. Just look at what Dan did for Stamford during his tenure as Governor?

            I did think about the city council president becoming mayor if Joe won. Have you? What’s wrong with the Port having a minority Latina women becoming mayor. Is she not black enough?

            Also, I never said Moore and Jeff are the same caliber candidate. However, they are both write-in candidates. As (assume) a Moore supporter, contributor, and volunteer are you not somewhat disappointed that Moore does not have a ballot spot like her and her campaign team told you and relegated her to a stats to Jeff a write-in candidate?

            P.S If I won Lennie Caption a Picture Contest Jeff’s own me a City Job. 🙂


    The State Elections Enforcement Commission on Monday triggered an investigation into Bridgeport’s recent Democratic mayoral primary, and ordered that Town Clerk Charles D. Clemons Jr. turn over a trove of documents on absentee ballots.

  9. HARTFORD — The State Elections Enforcement Commission on Monday triggered an investigation into Bridgeport’s recent Democratic mayoral primary, and ordered that Town Clerk Charles D. Clemons Jr. turn over a trove of documents on absentee ballots.

    During a special half-hour-long meeting of the commission, surveillance video and visitor logs of two apartment complexes run by Park City Communities – the P.T. Barnum Apartments in Black Rock and Harborview Towers, 376 East Washington Avenue – were also targeted for subpoenas that SEEC staff were to deliver in person later in the afternoon.

    The vote of the SEEC was the result of a series of Hearst Connecticut Media reports that prompted a referral of the issue last week to the SEEC from Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

    In addition, Maximino Medina Jr., a local Bridgeport attorney, filed a separate complaint with the SEEC, alleging a variety of possible illegalities in the September 10 primary, won by state Sen. Marilyn Moore at the polls. Medina asked the SEEC to refer possible illegal actions documented in the Hearst series, to Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane.

    Mayor Joe Ganim narrowly won the primary because of a lopsided citywide absentee ballot total.

    Medina, a former member of the city’s Board of Education who is representing Moore’s campaign, thinks there is a mechanism in state law that could force the attorney general to order city voting officials to give Moore a prominent, printed spot toward the top of the November 5 election ballot.

    “I think it’s safe to say that some of this is new ground that needs to be plowed,” Medina told reporters while the SEEC was discussing the issue behind closed doors, minutes before the panel approved the subpoenas that set off the investigation.

    “The most-important point is that the factual basis for all of this is is so blatantly obvious, I mean the absolute disregard by so many Bridgeport politicians of the laws that are supposed to regulate our voting process is outrageous. Honest Bridgeporters who play by the rules are having their votes devalued because of this absentee ballot harvesting and other shenanigans.”

    Gemeem Davis, Moore’s campaign manager who accompanied Medina and another campaign attorney to the SEEC, said that tactics used by pro-Ganim supporters included handling completed ballots in violation of state law; ballots that were mailed to homes where they had not been requested; ballot applications sent to people at different addressess.

    Moore’s campaign manager said that there were cases of voter “intimidation” at Harborview Towers, but there were no details in Medina’s filing with the SEEC, which will take up that complaint at a different meeting.

    Davis said that at Harborview Towers, several people complained that they were coerced into voting for Ganim.

    “We believe, for example, that the relief that should be considered would include having an order issued compelling the city of Bridgeport to print ballots with Marilyn Moore’s name on it as an official candidate so that the voters don’t have to go to the extra trouble of looking for the write-in buibble at the bottom of the page,” Medina said, stressing that Moore’s name should be given a higher spot on the printed ballot because the “shenanigans” clearly are linked to the Ganim campaign.

    Ganim said last week that he knows little about the Democratic Town Committee’s absentee ballot process, while Town Chairman Mario Testa last week said that leaders in the city’s 10 City Council districts make the efforts in getting out the vote for primaries and general elections.

    The vote of the SEEC was the result of a series of Hearst Connecticut Media reports that prompted a referral of the issue last week to the SEEC from Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

    Michael Brandi, executive director and chief counsel of the SEEC, said he’s confident that the agency will have enough staff to carry out the investigation. In addition to ordering civil fines, the SEEC can refer cases to both the chief state’s attorney and federal Department of Justice officials for criminal prosecution.

    The subpoena to the Bridgeport town clerk demands a variety of absentee ballot-related material including logs, applications, voided and rejected ballots, as well as voting lists that were consulted on primary day.

    Brandi said that the investigation will look at all absentee ballots. “We’re doing everything in our power to secure all the necessary evidence,” he said. “No matter what agency is going to become involved in this, we need to establish, through the investigation exactly the facts and what happened. Our role is in the aftermath of an election, or certainly in the campaign finance world, where violations are alleged, it’s our job to investigate it and then pursue a remedy.”

  10. Maria, if you sincerely mean what you wrote about Jeff why didn’t you seek him out to run as a primary candidate? I sincerely believe in Jeff’s qualities and integrety, however, I think he’s making a big mistake . As most know, I recently lost a prescious child and the pain and suffering of that loss has prevented me from doing anything, let alone political, but while my heart will bleed for a very long time, there’s nothing wrong with my mind so I feel compelled to speak my opinion. The options to run for public office in Bridgeport are designed for the well-connected. We’ll never know how many competent, willing men and women would be willing to jump in the political waters, but they know there’s no chance of a level playing field so they don’t bother or just move out of the City. It just keeps getting worse. A political novice could figure out this absentee debacle and the few orchestrating it just get bolder and bolder. I was in no emotional position to support any candidate so my take is completly objective. I don’t know much about what a write-in candidate involves, but if it must be used as a last ditch measure, let it be and let’s see how it turns out. But if random individuals see an opportunity to test their popularity rather than keep it one-on-one, it’s an example of Bridgeport politicians shooting themselves in the foot again.

    1. Lisa, thank you for taking the time to express your feeling about this subject and I truly understand the pain and lost of your daughter that you have been dealing with. Your voice of experience, wisdom and knowledge has been missed during the dialog concerning the Democrat primary. You bought out some good points to Maria about Jeff Kohut effort to now join in to be a write-in candidate for mayor and I’m in otal agreement with you. Maria reply back you by saying “I put all my eggs in one basket by pleading and encouraging Judge Lopez to run for Mayor.
      It was late in the year when Judge Lopez announced she would not run.” Lisa, I was one of those who also wanted Judge Lopez to run for mayor and before she decided that she wasn’t going to run for mayor I thought that Bridgeport was getting ready to change the direction of the city with two serious, strong, honest, independent and intelligent women and that Bridgeport was moving in the right direction no matter which of this leaders decided to run and if they worked together as a team there was no doubt Joe Ganim would have lost. But now for Jeff Kohut to parachute in at the very last moment to take the voters for granted without even listening to wants and needs of the voters because he knows what’s best for them the same way that governor Ganim does. Lisa may your daughter rest in peace and may God bless you during these hard and emotional times.

  11. Lisa,

    You are well aware that I put all my eggs in one basket by pleading and encouraging Judge Lopez to run for Mayor.

    It was late in the year when Judge Lopez announced she would not run.

    I then had to turn to what I was going to do and my own campaign.

      1. P.S On Rev. McBride’s statement, Foolio makes an important “epiphany”

        Never forget where you came from.

        “If she was really black I probably would support her,” Councilwoman Rev. Mary McBride-Lee told Hearst Connecticut Media last Thursday as she helped Mayor Joe Ganim knock on North End doors and campaign for re-election. “I think, sometimes, she forgets she’s black. I really do.”

        Ganim and Moore will face-off Tuesday in the Democratic Party’s primary.

        McBride-Lee’s comments shocked Moore.

        “What do I have to be? What do I have to look like? I’m as dark as dark can get,” Moore said. “That comment is degrading to black people and it’s insulting.”

        Moore said that unlike McBride-Lee, who often dresses in colorful African clothing, “I don’t need to wear it to show I’m black. I know who I am.”

        McBride-Lee elaborated that she does not believe Moore — a state senator who represents the North End, Black Rock and the West Side, along with Monroe and Trumbull — has been involved enough with or done anything substantive for “our community.”

        But like the Stairway to Heaven, Words sometimes have two meanings. To each their own.


  12. RT,
    For the record it stands that Rev McBride-Lee is a City Council member, a part of political representation in the City; a religious leader in a Christian faith community who often is called upon to pray by the Mayor in Council ceremony; and employed for some years in education activities by the City BOE.
    Yet she does not see Senator Marilyn Moore ” has been involved enough with or done anything substantive for “our community.”” Has McBride-Lee heard about the work of the Witness Project, a culturally aware program helping women across the community when breast or cervical cancers shows up? And what is her response to the large number of women of color and also of no color but white, who sing the praises of that program for the past decade or more? Time will tell.

      1. Ron,
        Thank you for caring about my time, to warn me not to waste it. However, neither Robert T nor you respond to my invitation to meet, sit down, have a cup of coffee, and listen. I am willing and meet lots of folks that way. Learn a great deal also. Try to keep an open mind to hear the truth amidst complexity and also stay open for late breaking news. I try not to label folks in print or mind as that closes off the flow of potential facts that frame a story.
        You brought up info about the PT fire tragedy years ago in terms of the court decision. Who had to pay the cost? City or HUD? It seems that the unit where the tragedy happened was refitted within the past two years. Has it been rerented? Of course the single access and egress issue still remains, doesn’t it, as a risk to all. Why? Time will tell.

        1. “$2.75 million settlement in fire that killed 4”

          A mother and her three young children perished in a blaze that engulfed their housing complex apartment, sending ripples through the city’s large public housing population about the safety of those complexes. In the days following the fire residents of the housing complex and community activists raised questions about fire safety in the West Side complex, citing the unit’s single door for entry and exits and the lack of sprinklers and fire escapes. A state fire marshal’s report later declare…


    1. JML, I do not know if Rev. McBride heard about the works of the Witness Project, but McBride didn’t say Moore was not black enough to be mayor. Which was the running theme for her interview? I questioned not only the interpretation of Mcbride’s interview but motive as well.

      For the record, my Mom passed many years at a relatively young age from cancer.

      PS white is a color, is it not? However, my post was more about Foolio’s “epiphany” “Never forget where you came from” than McBride’s forgotten statement that has now turned to AB’s abuse.

      By listing to McBride’s pray at Ganim’s primary party maybe a lot of people Foolio’s “epiphany”



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