Kelvin Ayala Announces State House Candidacy Against Antonio Felipe

Kelvin Ayala

Downtown businessman and resident Kelvin Ayala has announced his candidacy for State House challenging Democratic incumbent Antonio Felipe in the 130th District covering Downtown, South End and portions of the East Side and West End.

The economic development consultant must petition onto the ballot to wage an August 11 primary, a process that commences next week.

Ayala comes from a family with deep roots in the city including family members who have served on the City Council.

He posted this on his Facebook page:

I would like to formally announce that I am a candidate for State Representative in the 130th District for the city of Bridgeport. I would like to thank the members of the 131st Democratic Town Committee District who nominated me and and gave me their vote of confidence. To my East Side Pride Crew, Downtown Warriors, and West Side Family. Here We Come!!!

Much more in store, Stay Tuned ….

May 2019, Antonio Felipe, center, with supporters in front of Bassick High School precinct.

If he makes the ballot, Ayala will run an insurgent race against the political establishment. He backed State Senator Marilyn Moore for mayor last year in her losing effort against incumbent Joe Ganim.

Felipe won a special election in May 2019 following the death of Ezequiel Santiago.

See district map here.



  1. Well alright. I know Kelvin and his large family Manny was an alderman and his late brother Anderson. They are some how related to Andres and Tito. 2nd cousins or something. He will be an Moore’s line not the presidential candidate.
    This could get interesting 🤔

    1. Thank you Bob for the kind words. For point of clarication. Our Two Ayala Families are NOT related. However, we all know eachother. Former Senator Andres Ayala and I grew up together on the East Side in the same coop. His dad was my brother Andy’s God father from Confirmation.

      Tito A is Andre’s uncle, so we all know each other but not related.

      This district is Dennis Bradley’s district whom i have a solid professonal relatonship with. I still remain a strong Marilyn Moore supporter and support her re-election bid to State Senate. The respect she commands in Hartford and her positon on the bonding commission is a great asset for us.

  2. Kelvin always seemed to have Bpt’s best interest at heart,very impressed with his ideas through the years, a solid candidate, hope he gets this.Of course, like always, it doesn’t matter what we think,Mario decides who wins.

  3. No one is better prepared to boost downtown Bridgeport than Kelvin Ayala– it’s in his wheelhouse.
    He’s always trying to come up with something.
    With Moe’s Burger Joint and his other business interests he’s an active economic development operator. In the current era of downsizing, that’s impressive. To expand while others contract is difficult but needed.
    Bridgeport has much to gain and I support Ayala’s candidacy.

  4. Kelvin Ayala, let me ask you a question, why should I vote for you to be the State House Democratic for the 130th District? Would you also tell me something about yourself.

    1. Hey Ron, I appreciate the question.

      Before I answer, Hector Diaz did not mean any disrespect. He simply tried to state a few things for ANY reader who saw your question. He Literally has known me since I was in diapers.

      I am born and raised on the East Side of Bridgeport. I grew up playing hoops, baseball, football at Upchurch Park, Washington Park, and Newfield Park. I fished at the Yellow Mill River and Pleasure Beach and rode my bicycle all over town. I am a product of Orcutt Boys Club, Shehan Center, Hall Neighbohood House, and St. Mary’s Church. I went to Blessed Sacrament/St. Mary’s on the East End and Graduated in 1992 from Kolbe Cathedral HS. I am a true product of all that is great in this city and carry Bridgeport wherever I go.

      I have an Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Hartford. I left a career as an Avionics Engineer and have 20 years of entrepreneur experience. I am currently wrapping up my Master’s in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development from USC.

      My resume as an economic development professional and business strategist speaks for it self. I believe your should vote for me because I bring unprecedented credentials to the 130th District. I offer my talents and energy for public service and given the field of candidates, I feel it will be a missed opportunity not to vote for me. I am transparent and well versed on city and state politics. I have relationships in place that can help improve the 130th district which will have ripple effects city wide.

      Please feel free to share your email and I will be sure to send you my BIO and a few more reasons why I seek to earn your vote.

  5. Many of you know remember that Anderson “Andy” Ayala former Councilman (RIP,) was like a brother to me his Parents Manolin (Manny) and Chia have been involved in this Cities Politics for a long time. Kelvin is Born and Raised here his Parents and Andy lived next door to us on Burroughs Street when Kelvin was Born. I believe Kelvin possesses just the qualities that would ensure the entire district would benefit from him as a Legislator, raised on the East Side played Sports all over the City, Puerto Rican in a district that is Majority Puerto Rican, a proven Professional and Business owner for more than a decade, owning and operating a number of diverse businesses such as Computer Sales ,Parts and repair, you’ve probably received a receipt that was printed through a Point of Service program that he programmed , Restaurateur (Moe’s) so many times we ask those who criticize to get in it than, well here is a perfect example of that ,Kelvin in my opinion is exactly the Candidate the East , West, Southend and “Everyone’s” Downtown needs…

    1. Thank you Kelvin Ayala, oh wait a minute, you’re not Kelvin Ayala, Hector. As I asked, I would like to hear from Kelvin Ayala, let me ask you a question, why should I vote for you to be the State House Democratic for the 130th District? Would you also tell me something about yourself.

      1. Ron, I was making a Statement, not a reply , you’ll notice that when replying there is a slight indent, I hadn’t even read your comment prior to making my Statement. If you don’t know who Kelvin Ayala is than the better question might be where have you been?

        1. Hector, I don’t why you decided to go in this direction when you said, “If you don’t know who Kelvin Ayala is than the better question might be where have you been? ” If a candidate wants my vote I want them to tell me why I should vote for them and it doesn’t matter if I know them or not or what they have done, my two questions are snowball questions or setup questions that can easily be knocked out of the park but no, you took it to a ugly place that was not necessary but that’s you.

          1. Ron it was you who directed a comment to me, where I took was my perogative. the moment you typed Hector you opened that door.

          2. Hector, what are you talking about, in my original comment I said ABSOLUTELY nothing about you, nothing. My questions were to Kelvin Ayala, it was you who decided to question me when you said, “If you don’t know who Kelvin Ayala is than the better question might be where have you been?” I had no problem with what you said unstill your wise ass comment, “where have you been?”

  6. again , I’ll type slower this time, I made a Comment, you thought it was a reply to your comment (it wasn’t), you injected my name into your “reply” to my comment, I than added to my observation to your reply in my reply… you can read that again if you need to.

  7. Settle down black and brown people, says the “white man”. 🙂

    Ron, Hector is correct. He didn’t reply to your question to Kelvin so your comment to his reply was harsh and unwarranted. But to be fair to Ron, Hector, the odds of your comment to Ron about you didn’t even read his original question to Kelvin prior to you making your original statement regarding Kelvin is an extremely safe bet. 🙂 I mean if it was one of JML’s or Yoda Jeff’s dissertations comments I wouldn’t place that bet, but a two-sentence comment of Ron I would bet the planet if I owned one. 🙂

    P.S, Ron, I will answer your question. “Kelvin Ayala, let me ask you a question, why should I vote for you to be the State House Democratic for the 130th District? Would you also tell me something about yourself?”

    He’s brown, was a staunch supporter for Moore’s run for Mayor, and is against Ganim and Mario. What more do you want? Is his brown not black enough? 🙂

    At this point in Port politics or coming to Mario, Joe, and Port political insiders just have to ask what are the odds of winning. 🙂

  8. Mr Ayala’s credentials appear impressive but I would like to know where his voice was when he was with the “I love Bridgeport” organization during the fight against relaxing the distance rules regarding liquor stores in Bridgeport. Mr. Ayala, since you are an economic developer, I would like to know what your position on this is? After looking over your resume I’m sure that you were aware of what was going on in the name of economic development when Michael DeFilippo attempted to change Bridgeports liquor law for himself. Since you are concerned with how neighborhoods progress I’m certain that you could have weighed in on this at some point during that 4 year saga. Many prominent community leaders came out against what was happening and yet after many years Bridgeport’s “machine” went and changed that law anyway. As an economic developer yourself which side would you have sat on and why? And why didn’t anyone from your organizations opine on that topic which was certainly well publicized in the media. Since this topic is in your wheelhouse I would like to hear your opinion on this matter as it was an important topic of the day for several years.

  9. Rich, I believe he is running for a state elected position, and they have their own laws governing the sell, operating, and establishing liquor stores for cities and towns But considering our state deemed the sale of alcohol as an essential and schools and religion not, Do you feel the work you do is deemed heroic and deserving hazard pay? JS

    That being said on the “spirit” of the distance of requirements (I believe you were a voice (owner) of BevMax liquor) what is its (BevMax) distance for a religious organization (New Vision International Ministries) or a school (Curiale) or its social impact on society in general.

    P.S the city ordinance was political power play though. Cheers.

    1. RT: yes you are correct- I was one of the many voices in the fight against Michael DeFilippos attempt to circumvent the existing rules regulations and laws. Yes it was TOTALLY corrupt political maneuvering on his part, along with his shifty lawyer, some, not all, of the people on the zoning board and ultimately Lynn Haig et al at the OPED.
      As far as the business which I owned, the location preexisted any locations that under that law would have precluded a liquor establishment to be at that spot. That includes any schools, houses of worship, or day care centers and also other liquor establishments. I owned it for 22 years, it had been there for a few decades before me and either way- I purchased an existing business. I did not try to establish a liquor store in a location that would be deemed unsuitable or illegal under the prevailing laws that existed- unlike Defilippos attempt to circumvent EVERYTHING.
      So therefore my purpose in asking Mr. Ayala that question is on point since he has touted himself as a community activist/developer, and I think that his opinion matters. Imagine if next week or next month or next year someone else tries to skirt existing laws etc. like Defilippo did, and the same thing happens. It would be important for any future politicians to stand up and represent the community against such actions unless they were in favor of same. I was also wondering where he or his organizations were when this situation with the Filippo occurred.

  10. All variance technology circumvents the law, however, the variances are the law. So is it really circumventing the law?

    The purpose of my question was to show that even those many voices that were against it, religious leaders and school advocates, including yours, in the name of children safety or on moral grounds, that distance “LAW’s” a spirit doesn’t apply when it swings the other way. I mean does a new church, school, or daycare look to see if it was within that liquor store distance law before it’s built it? No!

    In the Spirit of JML. 🙂

    So can one say the purpose of that distance law is unjust and its spirit is truly being circumvented on the returned swing, i.e new churches, schools, or daycares?

    Where those same voices against any new churches, schools, or daycares on those same moral arguments when a preexisting store exist?

    Did you come out and voice your thoughts when New Vision International Ministries proposed it plan to build it religious establishment next to your liquor store. but more importantly, did you ask Kelvin’s position on it.

    I guess my reply to your statement to Kelvin was since you said it was four years ago and was over. Why not ask him his position on the 18th amendment. It was a “MOO” point:)

  11. RT: let me try to explain something to you. I will first preface my comments by letting you know that I am retired and doing very well and I’m extremely happy with life. I have two beachfront residences, one in the north east and one in the south and thankfully because I worked hard all my life I have no bills, or mortgages etc. etc. etc.
    So I therefore I have nothing to complain about in life. I am very fortunate and my hard work paid off. Now for my explanation to you. Let’s use yourself as an example. Imagine that you invested everything that you had into a business and even borrowed more to start that business which was governed by certain rules regulations and laws. You went into this business based upon those rules regulations and laws and you built your business plan accordingly after making a major financial investment with your hard earned money. Many people do that to buy themselves and their families a job. (That’s what I did.) That is the American way and as everyone knows, small businesses are the majority of endeavors in this country. That being said, all of a sudden some other person-(Defilippo or it could have been any Joe Blow)- decides to use his political contacts and various other connections and resources to undermine and change existing rules regulations and laws to try and open a similar business like yours where one should never be allowed based on the EXISTING laws.
    What would you do RT if you were us, the liquor store owners? Would you make the same argument that you’re trying to make here? We all know that there is not a scarcity of liquor stores anywhere and especially in Bridgeport. If DeFilippo really just wanted a liquor store he could have made an offer for the one two blocks from his location that was for sale at that time. The owner of that store to his credit is the one that started the fight. He actually won the initial fight in Superior Court and it cost him a lot of money to do so. When the politics started is where I stepped in and took over that fight.
    If anyone believes that people who put all their hard earned money, and sacrifice long hours to provide for their families- mostly minority’s I might add- can just sit back and allow people to use the system to threaten their livelihoods without putting up a fight is just ignorant.

  12. RA; Let me try to explain something to you. I will first preface my comments by letting you know I have nothing and worked very hard just to survive. My point was simple I was pointing out 1, how the kids were being used as a means of one’s self-preservation in those rules, regulations, and law, 2, it was a “MOO” point, one’s opinion doesn’t matter. and your comment to Melvin was to a MOO point since the law was changed. For the record, I was against the 750-foot rules because it was political quick fit to rent out some space IMHO.

    I’m happy your hard work has give you so much. I wouldn’t use me as an example though, but those rules and regulation, and laws have changed, There’ are new rules, regulations, and laws to adhere to, they were never broken.

    Your explanation says it all. It was to protect what has given you so much, not to protect the kids in the schools, daycare, or churches. Why where they added to the rules, regulations, and laws when it was written just to protect store owners such as yourself. Well, because it’s a “sin business, generating sin taxes”. and who cares if a liquor store owner has competition, So let’s use the kids as a way to protect ourselves and sound morally righteous.

    P.S between me and you, I would make a better Budda. Life is suffering. 🙂

    1. Just to be clear: nothing was GIVEN to me. I worked my ass off and earned every dollar the hard way. I had two careers and worked well over 60 hours a week for many many years to try to be successful. Some people are more fortunate than others and I was one of the lucky ones. I don’t, and have never looked down on anyone’s misfortune. I’m not going to say anything more on this because I can’t argue with someone who try’s to throw curves into the topic like the kids etc. Ask those questions to the school board and the religious leaders who ALL came out against the issue. I lived my life by following the law I never tried to change it for my personal gain. The point to all of this is that are many hard working people who have invested all they have to provide for their families. Then there are those who have the audacity to criticize those same hard-working people when they try to defend what’s right.
      While the fight was to protect existing business owners it was also for the protection of the community. That’s why the law was there in the first place. So for you to say that it’s a moot point because the law was changed please rethink that notion and realize how and why and for who it was changed. Don’t you get it ??
      Cheers. And done.

  13. Jesus Christ, let it go. Go to one of your beachfront homes. JK 🙂

    A, Throwing curveballs, I didn’t bring up a preface of owning two beachfront homes. 🙂

    B, Why were there rules, regulations, and laws restricting the sale of alcohol by schools, daycare, and churches if it wasn’t to protect the kids.

    C, It wasn’t the fight, it was the hypocrisy of the fight I was pointing out. Meaning a liquor store can’t be built by a church but a church can be built by a liquor store. Everybody has there own interpretation of “protecting the community. The 18th amendment was the prohibition of alcohol to protect the communities, you’re not down with that right.?

    D, Before the pitches, I only commented on your statement to Kelvin because it seemed argumentative in nature or contentious towards him as to why he was silent in your fight that was over and done with. Being a detective, it was a softball question seemingly to bait Kelvin (IMO), and he seems like a decent person of what I know from him. So I interjected myself. 🙂

    F, The original variance was for a specific person, the law, well, was changed do to fight and is for everyone now. Think about that moot point.

    P.S it’s not ‘Moot” it’s “MOO” Point 🙂

  14. It’s not really a choice. I get what I get, and I know what I know. Like you have two beachfront homes. You feel there’s a cabal behind an opening up of a liquor store, and Mario and his bartender are involved. Mario is why passed the arc of life, everybody, over 50 passed it, and his or your beachfront homes are not going with you when you leave your physical body. Not saying if there’s is or isn’t a Heaven or Hell at the end of it, or how to get there, don’t know, but your physical reality, including your homes, is not what you think, GET IT. Have a nice day.

  15. Actually RT, I said I would be done but you’re drawing me in, and that’s OK. You mention why you interjected yourself into this conversation but you don’t seem to understand why I asked that question and interjected myself into it. He touts himself as a economic development expert and was or is a part of “I love Bridgeport“. So to me, his opinion would have mattered at that time. As far as letting it go, no one should let issues that border on corruption and political favoritism go. That is exactly the problem in Bridgeport. That is exactly why all of us here on OIB bring these various topics up and complain about them AND the plight of the city. Ayala has a background in these matters directly. So it would be important to hear where he stands on issues . These types of situations can and will come up in the future so therefore we need to know what our potential future elected officials think about the issues. That is the only reason why I brought it up. It is a very pertinent topic which affects many lives on all ends of the spectrum as you have noted. Bottom line of course is I think we both agree that we should have an idea of what our politicians or potential elected officials feel about our issues of concern and of course as we see here we have not heard back…
    If he didn’t have these particular credentials in his resume I wouldn’t have bothered to ask


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