Judge Lopez: Generation Now’s Frightening Power Play In Politics

Callie Heilmann, left, with her attorney.

Retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez asserts in a commentary “It is frightening to think that organizations like Generation Now can someday obtain real power,” referencing the community group challenging the results of the September 10th Democratic primary playing out before Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens. The group’s founders support Marilyn Moore for mayor.

Many years ago, a Puerto Rican activist (who shall remain nameless) told me to remember that “there is nothing more dangerous to those of us referred to as minorities, than a white liberal.”

Truer words have not been spoken.

Like me, this activist grew up in Bridgeport and was raised in a Puerto Rican household. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that we spoke Spanish, we ate Puerto Rican food, we read Spanish language newspapers and listened to Spanish language music.

When she described what she meant by white liberals, she did not mean the average white person working hard to make a living, raise a family, and make meaningful contributions to their community.

No, she was referring to those folks in our country, state and city, with the real political and economic power, position and privilege. Those commonly referred to as the “elite.”

She was describing those folks who are born on third base and believe they “hit a triple.” You know what I mean, and I am sure that you have met some of them, even though we live in a poor city like Bridgeport.

These are the folks who are convinced that they are special and have all of the answers that poor working folks need to make it. They are in possession of economic power and political power. They have attended Ivy League Schools, and have benefited from the exclusive internships, clerkships and connections to the networks of the “masters of the universe.”

They are convinced that they are the good guys and are in the exclusive possession of ultimate truth. Those who disagree with them and resist them are to be despised and labeled deplorable. To keep us in line and shut down any real or meaningful debate, they immediately have a knee-jerk response to anyone who disagrees with them. They call them racist, bigot, homophobic, sexist and by throwing those labels around, they believe that ends the argument. They want to fight ignorance and poverty, and they do so by keeping those of us in the minority community ignorant and poor.

They want our votes, they want our praise, they want our ears, our attention, but they don’t really want our opinion. They pretend they have our welfare and best interests at heart, but they look down their Ivy League noses at us, with a thinly disguised contempt.

Here in Bridgeport, we have seen this up close.

Just remember the state takeover of our public schools. In a brazen attempt to disenfranchise us, they were willing to do to the City of Bridgeport, that which they would never think of doing to our suburban neighbors.

The Hartford elite, consisting of the all-knowing white liberals, installed a corporate board run by out-of-towners who brought in a charlatan from Chicago, Paul Vallas, to dictate education policy to the ignorant. Only a grassroots effort, which included legal action, succeeded in thwarting this fiasco.

No elite philanthropic foundation funded this grassroots effort. Instead, the elite sought to impose on us that which they would never accept in their own communities.

The latest iteration of this phenomenon is called Bridgeport Generation Now, a/k/a Bridgeport Generation Now Votes. According to their web page, this group of self-promoting do-gooders, led by Callie Heilmann, “strives to empower and unite our communities through civic engagement, policy work, community organizing and education.” They claim to be civic and political leaders of our community and we are expected to accept that leadership.

Why? Because they say so!

Currently, this group is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. It appears in daily press and media reports that describe rallies, lawsuits and commentary. To the average Bridgeport resident and taxpayer, all of this sound and fury signifies nothing.

It is hard to believe that this group really believes that it intends to empower community folks when its power structure is identical to power structures used by so-called oppressors.

The Secretary of the State’s Office lists Ms. Heilmann as the President of the Organization, and her husband, Niels Heilmann, as the Treasurer. The organization was first registered in 2016, and no change in leadership has been noted on the official registration records since its inception.

According to a press report, Ms. Heilmann is the only staff member employed by the organization.

However, these well-connected activists know that it is important to put the right face on an organization for public relations purposes. Generation Now Votes, an offshoot of Generation Now, whose existence is probably motivated by a desire to shield Generation Now’s tax exempt status from IRS scrutiny, recruited three “community individuals” to serve as plaintiffs in a pending lawsuit. This “beard” fools no one. The elitist puppeteers are choreographing, directing, and undoubtedly funding the entire performance. Perhaps the Generation Now leaders and organizers do not wish to be branded losers, in the event that what the CTPOST describes as a “longshot lawsuit” is unsuccessful.

True community leaders are capable of having an eye-level conversation with the people of Bridgeport. Leadership cannot be demanded, it must be earned. Otherwise, these self-anointed leaders will always be what former State Representative Hector Diaz labeled them; “tourists.”

Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

It is frightening to think that organizations like Generation Now can someday obtain real power.



  1. White Elitist who live in a mansion with gas lamps on their front wall but who identify as something else. It is about time they are called on their bullshit.

  2. Judge Lopez inspires me. She is so brilliant, prolific, truthful and incredibly courageous.

    I cannot think of a current figure in Bridgeport that has done more to speak truth to power, and is willing to say what so many think, but will not state publicly.

    Judge Lopez demonstrates real courage. She stays true to her roots and herself without consideration for those that may criticize or attack her.

    Judge Lopez is the most qualified candidate to serve as Mayor of Bridgeport. I would have worked tirelessly on her behalf because I am 100% positive she would completely transform Bridgeport for Bridgeporters, not investors, developers or the white elitists who believe that they know what is best for us.

    Bridgeport Generation Now is NOT what is best for Bridgeport. They continue to represent the white power structure that had dominated Bridgeport for almost 200 years.

    Thank you, Judge Lopez!

  3. Thank you judge Lopez. I needed a lift and you have provided that. I don’t fear them, I fear for those they targeted. Are you aware of the connection of this group with a Hedge fund manager? Thank you Judge Lopez.

  4. Judge Lopez, how dare you talk about white liberals men, yes men, with you being a Puerto Rican woman should know your place. Those Cadillac limousine white liberals like Joe Ganim goes running to black ministers and tells them to trust him because he knows what’s best for them and now we have Generation Now. They got both sides covered in this election with Ganim and Generation Now and the rest of need to be happy that they know what’s best for us.

    1. Ron I want to believe your comment about Judge Lopez “Staying in her place” was tongue in cheek. We, all of us would be blessed to attain the “Her Place” .As a Puerto Rican (Taino) Woman of Honor and Respect she embodies all that we pray our daughters become. For the confused who use Google as their “Source” please Google “the perfect Human Being by DNA (FOR YOU SCIENTIST)”. the Taino’s (Arawak’s) had only 2 woman who earned the role of Caciquez (Cheif) one was “Yuiza (Loiza)” who led a tribe and died a hero from Puerto Rico. I mention her to let everyone know that in our Culture a woman who can attain the position That Judge Lopez is honored and respected beyond reproach. I appreciate that she put into words the very words so many in our community are thinking. I am honored and Blessed to have her as a life long family friend. I wanted to address anyone questioning her right to question the intent of these organization that appear seemingly out of nowhere, organized and well financed that on a National level have been “infiltrating” neighborhoods that they are “foriegn” to, Speaking for people they’ve never spoken to. If the Seniors or “poor” are their concern , how many recruitment drives have been held at say “Orcutt Boys , the Towers or the senior Center on East Main St. How about a walk through Washington Park, when recruited still as a member they can listen , maybe complain, but can they Vote or better yet “Initiate” or is that “right” reserved to certain members ie Board? I’d love to go into Areas like Sono , Stamford, Greenwich so as to “instruct” them on how to increase voter participation and “embrace” Progressive” attitudes. But how could I, again, speak for those I haven’t spoken to.
      Judge Lopez many of those who are questioning your authority on this issue wouldn’t know what to do if they received correspondence address ” TO THE HONORABLE…” thank you for mentioning my description of the “Tourist” remember “for you to respect ,their opinion of you , you’d have to first respect their opinion.”

  5. Judge Lopez, when did somebody raising an actual objection to historical corruption become the problem? Where is your action combating absentee fraud? Callie is self serving? What would you call ramblings of Maria Perera?

    1. Mr. Slywka,

      You just proved a critical point made by our very own homegrown Judge Lopez .

      “They are convinced that they are the good guys and are in the exclusive possession of ultimate truth. Those who disagree with them and resist them are to be despised and labeled deplorable. To keep us in line and shut down any real or meaningful debate, they immediately have a knee-jerk response to anyone who disagrees with them. They call them racist, bigot, homophobic, sexist and by throwing those labels around, they believe that ends the argument. They want to fight ignorance and poverty, and they do so by keeping those of us in the minority community, ignorant and poor.”

      This is you in a nut shell, right, Mr. Slywka?

      You are afterall a white, elitist carpetbagger that has graced Bridgeport with your presence.

      Neither you or Callie what’s her name will EVER hold a candle to Judge Lopez and what she has done for Bridgeport and Bridgeporters.

      What I also know about Judge Lopez, is unlike you and Callie what’s her name, Judge Lopez does not need mapquest to get around the Eastside, Eastend, Southside and Westside.

      1. Peter was that the post that made you look like you were raised by animals? Attacking a woman, let alone a judge, in the manner you would thug to thug. believe me they did you a favor.

    2. Lennie, why did you edit Peter Slywka’s original post? Then you leave my post with my FY to him. Making this Puerto Rican look like one who throws F Bombs for the sake of it. Your censorship of Peter’s original post takes away from the essence of what Judge Lopez tried to Express.

  6. Mr. Slywka,

    I recognize I’m just a lowly Warren Harding High School graduate without a college degree, however I would like to post something I believe to be fairly obvious.

    Kate Rivera recently won a Special Election for State Representative on the machine counts overwhelmingly, but was decimated in absentee ballots which caused her loss.

    Where was Generation Now and Callie what’s her name in that election?

    This lawsuit isn’t about absentee ballot fraud. This lawsuit is about Generation Now and Callie what’s her name being upset that their candidate, Marilyn Moore, was defeated in the Primary.

    If we had the exact same AB results, but Marilyn Moore prevailed with an additional 300 votes on the machine, thereby winning, there would be no lawsuit.

    This lawsuit is about white, elitist liberals refusing to accept that their chosen candidate failed to win. They won’t blame Marilyn Moore or her campaign leadership for her failures and poor strategy. Absolutely not.

    Marilyn Moore lost because of those big, bad absentee ballots. Yet Callie what’s her name has not publicly denounced Marilyn Moore for hiring two convicted felons who plead guilty to serious absentee ballot fraud including forging voters’ signatures. They didn’t plead guilty 10 years ago. They plead guilty in 2018 and are both serving 3-5 year on probation.

    You, Callie what’s her name, and those like you ARE “tourists” in Bridgeport. And, don’t you EVER disrespect those of us who have been raised, educated, employed, and are absolutely embedded in the very fabric of the Bridgeport we love.


      1. Mr. Slywka,

        No, your children will be true blue Bridgeporters, however they have to truly get to know other neighborhoods and their residents in order to take on a leadership role claiming to speak for the impoverished, minorities, less educated residents of Bridgeport.

  7. Having a white judge yell at white liberal activists who support a black woman for mayor is really wild. I wish we could calm down about this race stuff. Maria is white, Lopez is white, Joey G and Testa are white, Callie is white. Speaking Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese doesn’t make you not white. If the honorable judge is Taino, I apologize. She looks as white to me as my Azorean grandmother.

    We need people with good ideas to fix this city, I don’t care what color brain those ideas come from. I was hoping it was going to be Moore, I rushed home to vote for her, and did but I have to reluctantly say that I was not impressed by her campaign. Her not being on the WFP line is a disaster. Write in??? Are you kidding?

    I’ve been annoyed by the Absentee Ballot issue for a long time, the problem is the powerful Ds like this corruption when it helps them out at the state level so they turn a blind eye on local elections (that’s my conspiracy theory anyway). I’m pretty sure Rick Torres (who is an imperfect political figure but a good man) had the state rep job taken from him by questionable AB tactics.

    This tourist language is a bit rude. I get the sentiment and many would view me as a tourist but I CHOSE Bridgeport. Since I’m an easy going guy, I have friends of various races. I notice many of them get the F out of Bridgeport as soon as they have the chance so why pick a fight with people who choose Bridgeport.

    I don’t know Callie. I know the fundraiser she had was at a beautiful house (I didn’t attend but know the address), nicer than mine. So I know her tax bill must be NUTS.

    I get the judge’s point. Limousine liberals annoy me too and I am a registered D. But this vitriol isn’t helpful. If she runs for mayor, I’ll support her but I don’t see the point in making enemies of potential allies.

    1. Having a white judge yell at white liberal activists who support a black woman for mayor is really wild? Who are you talking about, who is the white judge?

    2. Bridgeport Rising , Puerto Ricans are a combination of African , Conquistador and Taino and we come in every shade or flavor. To disassociate only serves to weaken us as a Whole.

      1. Hector, thank you for pointing that out about who Puerto Ricans are and to disassociate only serves to weaken us as a Whole, unfortunately there are to many who feel and think that way. Hector, Bridgeport has had 65 mayors with the first elected mayor Isaac Sherman, Jr. 1836 and in the past 183 years Bridgeport has never had a black or Latino/Hispanic mayor and only one white female mayor. The Mayor is the chief executive of Bridgeport, Connecticut who is directly elected for a four-year term. He or she has the power to issue executive orders, declare emergencies, submit a yearly budget to the city council and makes appointments to city government offices. Hector, Joe Ganim is not “our king” and there’s no reason that a black or Latino/Hispanic should not have been elected in 2019. The black and Latino/Hispanic are over 2/3 of the voters and we hold the cards on who gets elected and I’m telling you that we have more than enough good and qualify people to be the mayor and that includes Marilyn Moore and Judge Carmen Lopez. The problem comes in when we don’t sit down to talk about what is best for the City in which we are the majority, we allow others to divide us or we can’t get over something that was said or happen that we can’t move pass the issue.

        Hector, as for my comment about Judge Lopez “Staying in her place” was tongue in cheek, we have talked about white liberals who want us to support them and should stay in our place because they know what is good for us, Hector, those days are over.

        1. Thank you Ron, I appreciate your intent. If we are to have a candidate from our communities respectively , we need to start working on it the day after the election, we can’t possibly wait until the actual cycle and expect to “take” whats never given. There are certain sacrifices one makes to run and /or work to get a Candidate elected, if we are not covering all the basics than we should enjoy having a platform and not expect to Win , winning an election isn’t always as important as planting the seeds in the mind of the Victor that there are issues that need tending…I’ve run many times , with the only intent of having that platform…

  8. the last male who dared to tell Carmen Lopez what to do was a college professor who told her to stay home and be a teacher rather than go to law school.

    you all know who Carmen listened to

  9. I disagree with Judge Carmen Lopez.
    Here’s why:
    There’s been nothing more beneficial to those referred to as minorities than white liberals.
    In the present, the challenger is black and the presiding judge is black.
    In the past, it was white liberals who took the steps to make these things possible.
    It was a white conservative who told CL to stay home and become a teacher.
    In a related matter, it’s in these posts that I witness the dawn of black liberalism.

      1. Furthermore,the letter from (Ret.Judge)Carmen Lopez deserves a well written point by point rebuttal. Will such a rebuttal be allowed to be printed here? Thank you.

          1. Joel,,,,I saw the entire video and I do not know who directed Mr.Rodrigues to sign what I assume to be a petition for a ballot line. I am going to guess that it was improperly/illegally done. Otherwise it’s a nice interview. I think Mr.Rodrigues in various FB pages and I think does some type of promotion of events with music etc. obviously he felt strong enough to get in his car with his family to drive down to Moore headquarters to sign what I assume is the ballot line petition. He also spoke eloquently of Why he wants Marilyn Moore as the next mayor. Mr. Rodrigues seems to be one of a growing amount of people who could be the future leaders of Bridgeport. IMHO, he does not seem to be a type of person who would fit into ethical garbage that is the Bridgeport DTC.

    1. You are totally wrong, white liberals got scare when young black students started protesting like John Lewis and then others like Martin Luther King Jr and many others join those protest and boycotts and started to register to vote and they were attack with police dogs and fire streams from high pressure water hoses to prevent them from their right to register to vote. Then in New York City and Chicago the Nation Of Islam with Malcolm X as its national spokesman took a different position than MLK cause white liberals to push harder to keep certain blacks under their control because of fear that the two groups would come together to keep white liberals out. MLK and other leaders in the Civil Rights movement saw that they could speak for theirself and to leverage their voting power especially in the South and they could make their own demands which scare the hell out of white liberals.

      1. When Ron Mackey was born, America was the world’s biggest creditor nation.
        Today, we are the world’s biggest debtor.
        Everything Ron Mackey likes about America came (and continues to come) from white liberals.
        If Ron Mackey disagrees, he can use these pages to prove me wrong.

    2. Local Eyes…do you even know who the professor was?? were you even at Sacred Heart in the early ’70’s when this happened? if you were, name the professor

        1. you’re bitter because you did not make it into SHU’s MBA program. if their MBA program is/was anything like their MAT program, it was of benefit to YOU not to make it into their MBA program
          that has no no justification for your remark about what the professor said to Carmen Lopez in 1972. Comments like that professor’s only made Carmen Lopez that much more determined to do what SHE needed to do

  10. LE I don’t believe the issue is “White Liberalism” which I embrace on a national level. The problem starts when you think you know what is better for a people you’ve never interacted with. When you come from a position of prestige and want to advocate great, when you want to give the illusion your in the same situation as an equal, thats Suspect…

    1. My interactions are legendary. What problem? Name me a people or person I’ve never interacted with.
      Hector, start making sense!
      Today’s post starts with white liberalism as stated by its author (CL) and printed by Lennie.

      1. LE I wasn’t addressing you directly. I thought you were more of a moderate than a liberal from past postings. I believe in liberalism as a whole no matter the identity of the person sacrificing for it , where there is no sacrifice is my problem.

        1. Sure, you were addressing me directly.
          Nothing makes me feel more defenseless than being told by a Bridgeport Police Commissioner that I “have a problem”.
          Were you pinch-hitting for Ron Mackey?
          To your post, this blog is full of those who’ve enjoyed struggle-free and sacrifice-free success.

  11. Judge Lopez knows I am a white tourist living in expensive Watermark Retirement Community. Guess who welcomed me 8 years ago? Someone more revered & nationally famous even than her honor. Geraldine Johnson. She would be shocked by the discourse in this & recent OIB. I will be in Bridgeport until I die. I support Marilyn Moore. Despite being 77 I am a dues paying member of BPT Generation Now, with about 200 others. I knew about & hated the takeover of my city’s schools with not one member with a child attending & some who didn’t even pay city taxes. Now let’s not talk about & decry people like me or Callie who also pays City tax. Let’s give some belief in newcomers like me & accept that I knew Martin Luther King & his brother and who’s children were bused to integrate a big school system etc but now in Bridgeport listens to all voices and is not some lesser being for believing that change is necessary before all people here can truly thrive & have access to properly funded public schools. Can have a police Department that has top credentials and the trust of all citizens to name a few basics. Local pride is one thing, but put downs of people who have had easier lives vs similar local people who got through with enough money for grad schools some how offends me. I’d prefer to hear speaking out against anyone saying Moore is not black enough. To say her service as a Senator & volunteer work on behalf breast cancer is less than being a judge is disappointing big time.

    1. I did not mention Ganim either and Judge Lopez said the comments quoted were from “nameless” I assumed Judge Lopez had a reason for the long quote from nameless. Perhaps it was satire. Still her post stired the pot. And left an impression of Bridgeport atmosphere that I hope is not accurate. All cities much accept change when the city is dynamic meaning people come and go and some have high hopes for Bridgeport as do I.

      1. Gail,

        Judge Lopez’ commentary had absolutely nothing to do with Marilyn Moore or Joe Ganim.

        It is you who are trying to deflect away from the the topic of white, elitist liberal, tourists, such as yourself, honoring Bridgeport with their presence , education, intelligence, and advocacy because you and others know what’s best for us poor, uneducated, dumb, and rudderless Bridgeporters.

        Stop deflecting away from you and those like you.

        This is NOT about Marilyn Moore.

        1. Gail,

          It is my understanding that Marilyn Moore is compensated by the organization she founded, the Witness Project.

          What volunteerism regarding her involvement with breast cancer are you referencing?

    2. Gail,

      You are such an “elitist tourist” you don’t realize how clearly your initial post proves it.

      First, instead of simply stating you reside at Watermark, you just had to insert you reside at the “expensive” Watermark. By the way, “expensive” is relative. What is expensive to you is likely a drop in the bucket for a Ray Dalio.

      Second, you have the audacity to not only name drop a true Bridgeporter, Geraldine Johnson, because she welcomed you to Watermark; you also think you have the authority to speak on her behalf about what she would or would not think about this OIB commentary.

      Third, you reference how appalled you were with the illegal takeover of the Bridgeport Public Schools, however I have no recollection of you joining any effort to oppose it by authoring an op-ed, organizing a rally or press event, etc. In fact I recall you were making donations to ” CAN CON” during this period. The number one Charter $school lobbyist organization whose funders were also involved with the coup you were so upset about.

      Fourth, you go on to literally name drop one of the, if not the, most iconic Black civil right’s leader in our history. You are attempting to use a claim that you personally knew Martin Luther King to lend yourself some credibilty as a white tourist who understands and can relate to Black members of our community. What does Martin Luther King have to do with this op-ed? This is a perfect example of white elitist behavior. Your comment in this regard is insulting.

      Fifth, you have the nerve to compare authentic Bridgeporters, who had no choice but to deal with incredible obstacles in order to attend grad school and go on to be successful, to those who had “easier lives,” and further state those Bridgeporters who had similar experience as the “tourists” is somehow “offensive” to you.

      Who exactly are these Bridgeports that had such “similar” opportunities as you and Callie what’s her name?

      Sixth, only an elitist would state that they would prefer that we defend Marilyn Moore than discuss the issues being currently discussed. The expectation is that we should care and capitulate to the topics you want to focus on because you know what’s important and relevant because we simply don’t understand what is really relevant and important.

      Seventh, Marilyn Moore should be able to stand on her own record of accomplishments without comparing and contrasting her record against Carmen Lopez. Not a single person has referenced Carmen Lopez as it relates to being a “Judge.” Carmen Lopez did not reference her role as a Judge.
      Let’s be clear, Judge Lopez’ op-ed has absolutely nothing to do with Marilyn Moore. You are deflecting.

      In closing, the message is about white, elitist “tourists” believing they have the standing to speak on behalf of or take on leadership roles in Bridgeport, specifically representing the downtrodden when they have no such standing to do so. And to further behave as if they know what is best for those they cannot possibly relate to because they have NEVER walked in a similar set of shoes. It is highly likely they never will.

      You, Callie what’s her name, Peter Slywka, and others don’t realize your behavior, comments and actions are condescending, insulting, and absolutely elitist.

      Aren’t these many of the same characteristics of a “tourist?”

  12. This ENTIRE conversation amazes ME because of the HYPOCRISY . When have ANY of OUR so called LEADERS and JUDGES and PASTORS spoken OUT PUBLICLY and ADVOCATED FOR THE PEOPLE AGAINST THIS SYSTEM in BRIDGEPORT ruled BY MARIO TESTA since MOST if NOT ALL have benefited from HIS WAY of Doing the bidding FOR BRIDGEPORT?

    I will AGREE I DON’T KNOW what the TRUE motivation of GEN NOW VOTES or MOST of the ADVOCACY GROUPS in BRIDGEPORT for that matter ARE.

    Has the LOVE of MONEY BLINDED those who are supposed to represent the PEOPLE? MOST DEFINITELY!

    After ALL this BLOG is Named ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT!
    Could it be because 70% are MINORITY that this stronghold of OPPRESSION goes UNCHALLENGED?
    NOW AGAIN WE HAVE YET ANOTHER CHANCE to PLACE someone OTHER THAN a WHITE MALE or a White woman in an Executive position in BRIDGEPORT and the Lyching begins…

    MOST could NEVER see a BLACK WOMAN IN Leadership but HERE WE ARE WITH A BLACK QUALIFIED LEADER. (We could NEVER be uneducated or unqualified to LEAD) according to the RACIST right?

    It’s ok for UNQUALIFIED WHITES to HOLD those positions because you have been taught You are the SUPERIOR of ALL races.

    This ADMINISTRATION has had almost 16 YEARS to GET it RIGHT for ALL of BRIDGEPORT and just look AROUND IT!

    What do WE the PEOPLE HAVE? NOT a DAMN THING!!

    No jobs, high taxes, failing schools, high crime, unaffordable housing, little to no opportunities to invest in real estate & entrepreneurship , UNQUALIFIED ACTING SUPERINTENDENT,
    Ineffective POLICE CHIEF and the LIST GOES ON.










    I’ve seen you FIGHT for so MANY things. I FIRST met YOU with Twalia Williams when her children were killed in the fire.

    The MOVEMENT is ON 🔥

    1. Wanda, what I am trying to understand is why haven’t senator Moore tried to reach out to a larger group of black voters. She has been invited to meet with black leaders in the city and feels that she is too good to talk to people. I have family who support her. My daughter supported her. My other daughter supports Ganim. My family signed her petition for her to get on the ballot.This is not a black white thing. Black folks have been cursing other black people out over this election. How is she bringing people together. Many of the people doing the character attacks are on her team. She really need to tell them to stop with that– This is about who people feel that they best connect with. I do not see where Senator Moore is connecting with everyone on that level. In the past I have voted for people of color for the simple fact that they were a person of color, but I think it takes more than that. There is a saying that I say to my kids: people might not remember what you did for them or to them, but they will remember how you made them feel. You have to earn my vote I just don’t give it away, or I will stay home period and just not vote at all.

      1. Stephanie really?

        When you say BLACK Voters that’s NOT inclusive..

        Have YOU even HEARD her speak?

        Her appeal is to ALL registered VOTERS in BRIDGEPORT.

        Maybe She KNOWS that our BLACK LEADERS have SOLD OUT the COMMUNITIES for DECADES…

        WASTED TIME.

        I just have to shake my head!

        1. Wanda,
          Black voters are also influential in the voting process. Of course I have heard her speak on more than one occasion. I have nothing against her, but I did not find her to be friendly. She had a standoffish demeanor when I met her a year ago at Pastor Bennett’s church. Maybe she had a bad day– but she was not nice AT ALL. Maybe that is her way, but that was my impression. She is a black leader, along with others so has she ever sold the community out. Remember no politician is totally clean. For that matter, none of us are. You claimed to have supported Ganim in the past, so did you not sell out at some point? Come on, talk to me sis. Let us be honest here. Like I said, I have supported black candidates/brown candidates and I have supported white candidates because, like you and Moore, I am inclusive.

          1. I have NEVER SUPPORTED or VOTED for GANIM.

            You may find me in a few pictures because I was very involved in the community but that’s it.

            All the other stuff you reference I’m NOT going to address because it makes no sense to me.

            Senator Moore has ALWAYS championed bills & polices for FAMILIES and CHILDREN. It’s on RECORD.

            If 3 Panel judges RULED HIM MORALLY UNFIT to EVER SERVE the PUBLIC and unrehabitable and BARRED him for LIFE that’s NOT someone I would be voting for, besides his poor record for almost 15 YEARS and 16 FELONIES.

            See ya at the POLLS

    2. Just because she is black is not a reason to put her in charge of the city of Bridgeport when she is not qualified. And please don’t start spewing that she is because she is not.

        1. So your only response is calling me a racist? Put a qualified black or Hispanic candidate up and I would vote for him or her. You prove my point that she is not qualified by not having an argument for why she is. She can’t even get on the ballot but you want her to run Bridgeport. Your opinion does not matter one bit if you want her to be Mayor just because you dislike the current Mayor. People need to get over and look past their dislike for Ganim and realize he is the only choice in this election to run this city. If you want change put up a qualified candidate.

      1. Standing against him is Patricia King, chief disciplinary counsel for the state Judicial Branch, who objects to Mr. Ganim’s reinstatement. She said the former mayor has not shown the “moral fitness to practice law,” nor any real evidence of rehabilitation or remorse.

        WHY would I give a 3rd CHANCE to HIM?

        I want MOORE😍😍 WRITE HER IN be APART of the Movement.. RESET REFORM RESTORE


        The final decision will be made by a three-judge panel, which has scheduled a hearing on the matter Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at Superior Court in Bridgeport.

        We think Ms. King is correct. Allowing such a flagrant felon to practice law will undermine public confidence in the legal system. Let him have a talk show.

          1. We? What are you talking about?
            Those were words written in an article and I copied it.

            That’s the other WE I have referenced.

            You know what else is ironic to me? NONE of his supporters can give me reasons WHY I SHOULD CHANGE MY VOTE because there ISN’T ANY.

            see ya at the polls😎

    3. Moore is a cheater, her political rise was due to her cousin Ed Gomes.
      He handpicked cousin Moore to be his campaign manager @ $5,000 a week with taxpayers money. When he won, he gave cousin Marilyn a job as his aide at the Capitol.. When Gomes saw the opportunity to take on Senator Musto, he recruited Moore again. Gomes did all this with the support of Unions.

      Here’s how Moore cheated her way to the ballot:



        1. Wanda, in one breath you said that you supported him twice. Now you are not. So, was he not morally fit then? That statement was made years ago and you still supported him. What does that say about you and your judgement?

    1. Carmen Lopez, as life-long Bridgeport resident that has experienced the socioeconomic decline of Bridgeport — with its pain, as a Juvenile Court Judge — knows of what, and whom she speaks. To be clear, she is “successful” in socioeconomic terms, per her professional status and standard of living, but it must be emphasized that she is successful despite the daunting odds against such success — being a Bridgeport ethnic/racial minority and female of a generation that expected females and minnorities to accept imposed, societal limitations of professional accomplishment and influence. Now, her detractors, few as they may be, should be very attentive to the fact that she has risen above being a minority, female “Bridgeport kid” only through her intelligence and personal efforts – and has chosen to remain a “Bridgeport kid,” (one of its most accomplished and distinguished residents) despite her options and the obvious reasons pointing to a move to “greener pastures”…

      And we should note that Carmen Lopez, despite her extensive record of “trench warfare”-involvement on Bridgeport “gut” (indeed “life-and death”!) and bread-and-butter issues – having assumed leadership roles in many cases – has (despite strident requests from the community) never sought elected office… (I, for one, have high-hopes that she will change her inclination, in this latter regard.)
      There should be no issue, especially from long-time Bridgeport residents, with Carmen Lopez taking issue with the negative influence on Bridgeport, and its politics, caused by political-nomad opportunists (of means) insidiously infiltrating Bridgeport politics in pursuit of personal gain at the expensive of Bridgeporters and the future of their city.

      That the above statement is apropos to the situation under consideration is given strong weight by the OIB commentary (of today, 10/5/19) of John Marshall Lee, concerning the political operatives of reference when he describes them thusly; “…The _____________ came to town, and with experience from Hartford (and other cities like San Diego) they began a non-political civic organization with very “democracy for all practices”…

      Well that “non-political civic organization” quickly became “political,” it would seem! Indeed, their co-opting of the failed Moore Campaign , forcing its focus on the purely-political “corruption!” issue, with a studied avoidance of the essential bread-and-butter issues of the city, is a major case in point.

      So; I would say; “Great piece! Great call!”, Carmen…

      Let the carpet-baggers desist!

      BRIDGEPORT RISING! [Slogan/theme from the 2011 Kohut Campaign — fyi 🙂 ]

      1. Good Slogan. I got the idea from a Buffalo website I saw around 2006 when I was thinking of taking a job there. I, instead, chose to come back to New England.

    2. You promised you’d never address me again.
      Don’t bother me. I’ve been commissioned to write an article entitled Black Privilege. My version starts in 1965 and includes you.

    3. You promised you’d never address me again.
      Don’t bother me. I’ve been commissioned to write an article entitled Black Privilege. My version starts in 1965 and includes you.

  13. I am a white liberal and don’t mind that label. But all white liberals are not one dimensional. I worked hard to get to how I live. Everyone has to earn or his or her reputation for whatever others think of them. And when people like me take an interest in the City and begin to fight, we all will win. All boats will rise. I have to say I would not have joined Bridgeport Generation Now if I thought the leadership was not well intentioned. These young “thinkers” rock boats. Youth is supposed to do that because the world soon will be theirs,; not my age group. But some boats in this town need to be rocked in my “tourist” opinion.

  14. Wanda,

    What has Marilyn Moore done in the last 5 years ” to take the lead against this system?”

    She is one of 36 State Senators that has the incredible power to introduce legislation to curb many of ills of Bridgeport.

    Where was Marilyn Moore during the illegal takeover of the BPS, the devastating fire at P.T. , the parking meter fiasco, Mount Trashmore, Paul Vallas illegally serving as Superintendent, Bob Halstead’s driveway issue, the demolition of Sanborn Library, the plans to demolish the historic Bassick High School, and much, much , more?

    Don’t even think of trying to take shots at Judge Lopez because Marilyn Moore cannot hold a candle to the tireless and pro-bono efforts of Carmen Lopez.

    1. Maria, there you again, every time you get a chance to take a shot at Marilyn Moore you take it and again you don’t say shit about the other candidate, Mayor Joe Ganim. Wanda comment about Judge Lopez only required a comment about some of things that Judge Lopez had been involved with but no, not you it’s Maria turn to jump at attack Marilyn Moore.

    2. Maria

      You DON’T get to tell me what I can and can’t DO. Understand?
      And I asked a question to Judge Lopez NOT YOU!!!

      MOST of the TIME you are talking Loud BUT saying NOTHING.


      YOU CAN’T compare to the accomplishments of Marilyn MOORE.

      YOU are KNOWN as an OBSTRUCTIONIST. You ride in on this blog like you are some type of HERO with your ramblings and insults to those that DON’T AGREE WITH YOU!

      Look up Marilyn Moores RECORD for YOURSELF! You spend numerous amount of time digging into people’s lives anyways.

      DON’T address ME unles I ask YOU A QUESTION and I DON’T recall ASKING YOU anything in MY comments!!!

      1. Wanda

        Any question you or anyone would ever post to Judge Lopez on OIB would never re give a response from her. She has NEVER posted a comment on OIB in her life.

        It is you who are loud and rambling. You constantly capitalize words which means you are “yelling” as per email etiquette. You also use slot of exclamation points.

        When an individual constantly capitalizes and uses exclamation points they do so because they believe it adds credibility to their statement. It doesn’t.

        If your statement is well written, factual and pointed it will stand on it’s own.

        I am not tearing down any women nor have I attempted to compare myself to any other woman.

        My “ramblings” are clearly effective or you wouldn’t be so agitated by them.

        I do not need to research Marilyn Moore because I know everything I need to know.

        You have posed several questions to me on OIB, however I will not pose any questions to you regarding and serious matter requiring indepth knowledge because it would be pointless

        In closing, this commentary written by Judge Lopez has absolutely nothing to do with your “black sista” being “lynched.”

        It is about white, elitist tourists attempting to come into Bridgeport and attempting to take on leadership roles they have no right to take in an attempt to speak for minorities and the poor who they could not possibly ever relate to in any meaningful way.

        1. Maria, I’m sure that you are NOT Judge Lopez spokesperson and that you are NOT speaking for Judge Lopez so why are you trying to create a disagreement with those on OIB when Wanda and others are not?

          1. Thank You Ron

            She’s a Basket Case!!

            Narcissistic at BEST!

            I’m so smart everybody else is stupid according to her.

          2. Maria Pereira speaks solely for Maria Pereira.

            I write every word that I post on OIB. I don’t need a tag team partner, I don’t need back-up, I don’t need assistance with formulating my posts, I don’t receive text messages or emails that I cut & paste onto OIB.

            I can hold my own. I’m good.

          3. Basket? Have I been relegated to Hillary Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables?”

            How unfortunate. 🙁

            Everything about me is authentic and real. Even my eyelashes, Wanda.

          4. Maria you dun crossed da LINE! Nooooooo body talks about my LASHES!!

            I’m greasing my face with Vaseline and putting on my sneakers!! IT’S ON!! 😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂

            STILL a Basket case😜😜😜😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. The problem with Maria is that she’s taking up the fight of someone that doesn’t like Marilyn even though that person has never publicly stated a dissatisfaction. Who’s the person Maria that you feel the need to you excoriate Marilyn because they don’t like her and why doesn’t said person do her own bidding? I’m sure that whomever this person is they are not asking you to fight their battles it’s just you have the propensity to kiss their ass so much that you can’t stop yourself.

    Why you may be knowledgeable you are utterly classless.

    1. It’s very telling that Maria is supporting Joe Ganim because the only person she constantly attacks is Marilyn Moore, never anything against Mayor Ganim who flat funded education for the 21,000 plus Bridgeport school children or Ganim’s lack of lowering taxes or thr dysfunctional police department, no, Maria can’t speak about those issues that are hurting the voters of Bridgeport instead it’s Marilyn Moore who is hurting the the City. Maria’s good friend John Ricci is being investigated by the FBI and he’s fighting sexual charges. Maria knows that State Senator Marilyn Moore has done something that no other person has ever done, Marilyn defeated Joe Ganim at the voting polls but lost in the total vote by 270 AB votes even though she ran s terrible campaign, Maria just can’t stand that, Maria is a real jealous hater.

      1. Jealous she is!

        Marilyn Moore made HISTORY by beating Ganim at the POLLS..


        That’s WHY ALL the ABs…

        They HAD to CHEAT to BEAT Senator Moore..
        Can’t WAIT for NOV 5th.

        The MOVEMENT is on 🔥

          1. Like I said, every brother ain’t a brother, he is so deep into the DTC, first with Finch and now with Ganim.

        1. Wanda, every election is like that in Bridgeport, Frederick Douglass said it best, “power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will,” you couldn’t asked for a better example than right here in Bridgeport, Mario Testa and Joe Ganim won’t walk away from power because the lost at the voting polls.


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