It’s Time To Take Charge: The Politics Of Tighty-Whities Reveals Ganim’s Flaccidity

Caruso has a better idea for the North End.

On Valentine’s Day in the North End there was no love for developer Hugh Scott who wants to transform the shuttered former Stop & Shop building on Madison Avenue into a public storage facility.

More than 50 neighborhood stakeholders attended his presentation. By the time he was done it was more like “we want Hugh out.” The audience rallied behind a salient suggestion advanced by former State Rep. and two-time mayoral contender Chris Caruso calling for a senior citizen quality of life plan such as housing and/or a new senior center.

City zoners are expected to consider Scott’s plan later this month.

Based on Tuesday night’s reception at the North End library, Scott has reason to reassess his plans.

In this mayoral election year, the North End could be a noisy place for candidates who don’t embrace Caruso’s suggestion. Ganim opponent State Senator Marilyn Moore, chair of the legislature’s Housing Committee, backs some form of Caruso’s optics.

Mayor Joe Ganim would be wise to declare “me too.”

Caruso, an eagle scout, enjoys a eagle’s rapt attention for easy prey. His suggestion makes sense for a neighborhood that feels put upon by high density.

The Stop & Shop, deceased in 2012, wasn’t a welcomed neighborhood partner in the first place, shoehorned on the former Dewhirst Dairy property surrounded by residential homes, an act of dubious zoning reinvention nearly 30 years ago. It did not fit in, nor the added burden of traffic.

North Enders prefer the peaceful ambiance of a senior facility. They know what they’re getting, or at least have a much better idea than what could become of a self-storage destination.

Last year many residents made clear a Fairfield University proposal to create a two-year college on property owned by the Diocese of Bridgeport should find another neighborhood. Their voices were heard. Ganim, after North End pushback, sided with the concerns.

The college plan has segued to diocese property on the East Side that appears more accepting. Applications are being processed for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Irrespective of Ganim-haters demagoguery of the zoning board’s political intrusion, he doesn’t pine to stick his nose into all things zoning.

On this one common sense dictates he should. A tin ear to the North End is asking for a messy election cycle.

And while at it, how about calling for the property’s residential rezoning?

The Ganim administration’s anticipatory skill set often reveals the tighty-whities. Not a pretty sight. We saw that with Hearst Media’s recent unpacking of the mayor’s cavalier attitude toward the releasing of public records. It wasn’t like he wasn’t warned.

Fixing stuff after being called out has a life expectancy. It’s a slippery slope. Do that enough and here comes a swift kick to the cashews … with matching tighty-whities.

Can you imagine how Joe Ganim the candidate would handle these low-hanging fruit opportunities?

Gee, there’s an idea: how would candidate Joe run against Mayor Joe?

Maybe the mayor’s better off running against himself. It would rescue him from a lot of grief.



  1. Wade’s Dairy was renting the former Dewhirst Dairy the night that the historic protected Dewhirst family home was torched and burned to the ground. With that historically protected house, the scene was laid for the infamous zoning vote that allowed for the Stop and Shop store to be built on land that was previously zoned for residential or farming activity. This spot zoning change, brought on the FBI’s investigation and was the beginning of the end for Joe Ganim’s first administration. The rest is history. A sad history for Bridgeport.

  2. Well it was a very good Meeting. Thank you Councilwoman Michelleand AmyMarie . I want to Thank AmyMarie for reading my letter to the audience. Thank you Chris Caruso- awesome…. Thank you Senator Marilyn Moore and State Rep Marcus Brown. Also Thank you on a personal note to Judge Lopez. Your words were truly appreciated. I thought th meeting was extremely successful. The proposal for a Storage facility is just ridiculous and probably the worst choice for Prime North End Realestate . 4 million dollars. Whats clear is that an approval for this proposal will definitely have a devastating effect on North End Property values and election consequenes. You can not defend the undefendable. The City should offer to buy the property and let Economic Development do their job. 4 million dollars is nothing. Maybe we need an army to show up at the Zoning meeting. That should not b difficult given the disgust at such a pathetic proposal is what has been such a hot Real Estate Market in North Bridgeport. I want to Thank everyone that took the time to show up and voice their concern. Again, Thank you Amy Marie for reading my Heartfelt statement.

  3. An army showing up is the right way to go. That’s what the liquor store owners did with your buddies attempt to open his store, remember Steve?? Lol!
    They also had the School Board, the NRZ, Church groups , the Dioceses, a handful of CC members and others on their side. The room was full.
    It only managed to keep him from opening for just about 5 years. Then, Willinger, “the JG1 co-conspirator”, finally figured out how to basically “spot zone” again, use the zoning board and Lynn Haigs office to change the law, and Mikey was able to open.
    Todays matter is a bit different.
    By the way, when is Defilippo’s case coming up for his VOTER scam indictment? 😂 Once over he can enter politics again just like Joe G did. 😝
    Only in Bridgeport!

  4. The alternative view says for twelve years wealthy North End investors have failed to see the enormous civic need and profits in their backyard. Hugh Scott was the latest potential savior and you gleefully rebuffed him.
    Any self storage facility is “land banking” which fulfills a need, leaves a tiny foot print and produces tax revenue.
    If enacted, such a proposal would be fantastic for North End property values because it would remove a source of potential supply.
    Furthermore, OPED has been of marginal help and is ill-equipped to buy and develop senior housing.
    To want more senior housing and higher home prices is the political version of Shangri-La!

  5. Missed this meeting but congratulations to the Councilpersons and all neighbors who came out to express their feelings, ask good questions, and let City ‘autocrats’ know that there are resident taxpayers with pride in a neighborhood who will speak up when provided an opportunity.
    **Without Fair Rent or Fair Housing groups, where do they go with questions or opinions on which to be heard?
    **Without video coverage of Council meetings what do they get to see of meetings as before COVID?
    **Does ED ADAMS, mayoral appointment for Accountability and Integrity, often assigned by Ganim2 to handle housing issues, have regular and timely committee meetings, with agendas, schedules, and minutes?
    Time will tell.


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