It’s The Emperor (Ganim) And Darth Vader (Gomes) Versus Luke Skywalker (Daniels) – So Says A Black Rock Republican

Paging George Lucas.

Black Rocker Chadwick Ciocci, a former Republican town council majority leader in Trumbull, is backing petitioning candidate Lamond Daniels for mayor, calling him the “Luke Skywalker of this race.”

In a piece of political opera, see video above, Ciocci frames Mayor Joe Ganim “the emperor” and John Gomes “Darth Vader” to Daniels’ Luke Skywalker. Ciocci characterizes Ganim and Gomes ballot cheaters. “One just outcheated the other.”

And, so it goes in this Star Wars campaign space odyssey that’s grabbed national attention with a few more sequels to come. And this saga isn’t even a fictional universe.






  1. If anything Black Rocker Chadwick Ciocci is Anakin Skywalker AKA Darth Vader, turning from a Republican to a Democrat, the Light side to the Dark side. 🙂

    If G2 is Emperor Gomes his hatchet man would be his apprentice Darth Maul?

    That would make Mario Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Gomes Banker/backer Ricci Baylan Skoll. 🤣

    The funny thing about the Jedi/Rebellion/Light side. They are not to defeat the Jedi/Empire/Dark side but to bring balance to the force. 🙂

    Congratulations, Black Rocker Chadwick Ciocci you have a higher Midi-Clorian count than Mater Yoda. You are the chosen one, May force be with you. 🙃

  2. Quick question, Darth Maul’s lawyer said if he wins the General election there will be no need or wants a new primary.

    So my question is, is it really about rectifying a fraudulent/cheating primary election? Considering Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker’s father. 🙂 stated, and accompanied by videos of Darth Maul’s campaign showing fraudulent ballot stuffing from “their” side, that both sides have cheated. There is no moral ground for a cheating side that only wants a new primary as a contingency to the General election outcome be it by the Emperor (G2) winning or even if Qui-Gon (Daniels) wins.

    There was a balance in the FORCE and that balance was both sides/all participants in the primary cheated, and since both cheating sides are in the general The FORCE shouldn’t grant an immoral claim to a new primary from a cheating side that only wants to further cheat.

    Good luck Port, Baby Yoda, the Mandalorians, and the prophet are rooting for you. May the FORCE be with you. 🙃


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