It’s A Numbers Game

Okay weekend warriors, we have some names in the news. City Public Works employee Tony DePrimo goes back to work on Monday following a Labor Relations Department investigation into allegations about abuse of overtime. Tony, who’s taken his licks on the blog without return fire, posted about his return on my previous commentary. There are some personality issues at play here that’ve fostered some heated exchanges.

Have you guys had enough of Joe Lieberman’s whining? He’s been in constant petulant mode since he lost the Democratic primary two years ago, and his every move seems determined to stick up a middle finger to those who dared to vote him out of office. Instead of being grateful for his reelection as an independent, it seems like he’s laying the groundwork for an outright switch to the Republican Party. Yes, Shoeless Joe needs new socks. How about a pair of dyed-in-the-wool Republican?

Jim Himes, challenging incumbent Republican Chris Shays, has a new campaign manager. Say hello to Dana Houle. The new head of Team Himes is a contributing editor at Daily Kos, the preeminent lefty blog on the planet. He will try to find traction with two months left in the campaign. Shays has a double-digit lead in the polls, but there’s plenty of time to make up ground.

Speaking of Himes versus Shays I have those 2004 presidential-year numbers that have been requested, when Democrat Diane Farrell took the city 23,760 to Shays’ 9946. That’s a nice plurality, but Himes will need something closer to a 20k plurality if he’s going to defeat the last remaining New England Republican in the House of Representatives. The good news for Himes is the substantial increase in city voter registration this cycle.

Team Shays is trying to improve upon the 30 percent of the vote he received in the city in 2004. To compare, the Dem team of Kerry/Edwards defeated Bush/Cheney in the city 26,280 to 10,326.

Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District covers Greenwich to Bridgeport along the shore and includes inland Republican towns such as Redding, Ridgefield, Easton, Trumbull and Monroe. It also includes Naugatuck Valley towns such as Oxford and Shelton. The one precinct in 2004 where Shays ran close was Black Rock, his home school. See city precinct numbers from 2004 below. Note the multiple listings of some voting places is because precincts are divided by state assembly district.

               Shays   Farrell
JFK Campus       506      1317
Harding          273       786
Dunbar           250      1513
Beardsley        216       623
Beardsley         13        34
Hooker           235       614
Hooker           440       819
Hallen           189       683
Cross            306      1508
Sheridan         434       863
Read             346      1063
Winthrop        1241      1807
Blackham        1392      2311
Blackham          88       193
Luis Munoz       363      1250
Columbus         370      1433
Central          192       510
Central          836      1472
Longfellow       209       677
Black Rock      1071      1110
Bassick          322      1043
Bassick          142       397
Roosevelt        278       838
City Hall         60       195
Harborview       174       701


  1. Lennie please don’t trivialize the DePrimo thing into “some personality issues.” This is about a group of hardworking PF employees who spoke up against a corrupt supervisor. The facts and the evidence are clear. Unfortunately the person who conducted the investigation is incompetent. But you haven’t heard the last of this.

  2. Lennie:
    Joe Lieberman is a phony and a fraud. Sadly, he ostensibly represents us but if the truth were known, his main interest in holding his office, is to provide Israel with whatever is necessary to secure itself. Israel has cost us $10,000,000/day since 1947 and will continue to cost us that amount, and more, for as long as it exists. He should be a member of the Likud party in the Israeli parliament.
    If the truth were spoken, the existence of Israel, is the cause of all our troubles in the Middle East. If there were no Israel, there with be no Hezbollah, Hamas or Al Queda. Think about it. Were there no Israel, would we have any differences with the Arab nations? We are paying for that alliance in blood and treasure. – And we’re damn near bankrupt.

  3. Con greater words have not been spoken. The other day McShame, Palin and LIEberman stated country first. What country were they talking about; Israel for LIEberman or the new country of Alaska that the party her husband belongs to. I guess during conservative family time at the Palin house the subject didn’t come up to Mrs. Palin, she thought it was a snowmobile club and they were planning a little revolt. Their conservative saying is America love it or secede.

  4. Con Filardi – brilliant posting, you summarized it exactly as it is. On to another equally unpleasant topic (forgive me for expounding on it). I don’t know who is guilty or innocent, but repeatedly venting your frustrations with the Tony situation on this blog is nothing more than a quick fix. It appears to me, as an outsider, that neither side is going to run out of ammunition any time soon. Seemingly, it appears the man was vindicated, but for those of you who feel that was an injustice, you should perhaps bring the matter to a higher authority. That is the only remedy.

  5. badboy – regarding Ms. Palin, all I can say is God help us all if for some unforeseen reason such as McCain’s death while in office, that right-wing extremist ever becomes president! She’s just not up to the job, and if the highest credential she has is being McCain’s “attack dog” I would say our country would be in serious jeopardy, as if it’s not already.

  6. Con and company. I totally agree “Joe Lieberman is a phony and a fraud.” I also agree that the formation of the state of Israel has caused the Middle East to be a flash point for many years. Further, I believe that hawks in Israel have exacerbated the problem by their mistreatment of the Palestinians. Lastly, I do not believe that the United States has been even-handed in its dealings with Israel and the surrounding Arab countries and that this has been a disservice to all sides of this conflict.

    However, I take strong exception to remarks like:

    “If the truth were spoken, the existence of Israel, is the cause of all our troubles in the Middle East. If there were no Israel, there with be no Hezbollah, Hamas or Al Queda. Think about it. Were there no Israel, would we have any differences with the Arab nations?”

    We have a moral and strategic interest in assuring the continued existence of the state of Israel. The Jews of Israel have a historic claim to a homeland in this region that is every bit as strong as the Palestinian’s claim to a homeland and in the immediate aftermath of WWII this was a claim the UN and the US had to honor. Today Israel is the only democracy in the region and to abandon it would be a crime. I could go on, but for now that’s enough. Obviously, this is an issue I have some passion for.

  7. John from Black Rock:
    Much is to be said for a strategic interest in the region so long as we need Middle East Oil but “historic claim” I must take issue with. – Hopefully, the following website is still available and it will give you a true insight with regard to that allegation. It certainly was a true awakener for me!!!


  8. Con – Very cool website, but I don’t see how it invalidates anyone’s “historic claim.” Both Jews and Palestinians have lived in this region for a very long time and both should have their own state.

  9. This is why I love Only In Bridgeport. Lennie you are the man, keep doing good I hope on election day you will be taking pictures and stuff at the polls and give us updates of what’s happening around the city on that day. As far as the number goes I think Himes is doing good but the reason he is under polling is because they are not including the Obama numbers that will affect the race and also the other reason is the pollsters don’t know what turnout in Bridgeport will be and it will be high this year in Bridgeport. I think we need to do a better job at some precincts like Hooker and Central and also Winthrop; there is no reason for Shays to get over a thousand votes at any school. The thing I was shocked at was I thought Winthrop was the biggest precinct but it seems like Blackham is. The other thing I was shocked at was how Shays kept it close in 2004 at Black Rock School. Is that a Republican precinct??? And if there is a turnout of 40k or higher which is very likely I think Himes can win by over 20k.

  10. McCain’s party has outlined Palin as the new attack dog to take the place of saying everything McCain would like to be saying about Obama! Also, it takes her off the hook for a while by being on the offensive so to speak, ’til they can get her up to speed on the nation & world current events and issues, etc. They must prepare her for the upcoming debates in which she will be matching political wits on issues in general with Joe Biden. Also the Dem. party has been a bit quiet lately; I suppose they’re in the process of digging up something juicy on Palin to bust her bubble as well. Of course it will be in the form of a leak to the media so the finger-pointing will not be directly aimed @ the Dems! Again, if something ever were to happen to Obama as President; I could see someone like Joe Biden stepping in & leading our country. But I do not feel the same confidence, if it was McCain who was President & Palin had to step in & try to fill his shoes as Commander-in-Chief!!! “Food for thought”???

  11. OMG. It is usually only when somebody speaks to me about something on this blog of interest and/or concern, or a reference to me personally on it, that I’ll visit OIB. I have never written before, I will never write again. I’ve now visited it twice recently because of Palin’s address and this election has me challenged. I thought perhaps I might find here some valuable insight. I’ve never been more wrong (OK, maybe once).

    What I’ve found are intentional misstatements, ignorance, viciousness, and a true waste of my valuable time. So, for what I require as desired and thoughtful insights to this tough election, I’ll seek out the educated people I trust and know. However as long as I’m here, let me point out a few solid truths – for the very few who might care!

    1) I’ve worked with Tony D. When I learned of this development I was honestly shocked. I have no independent knowledge of anything, but I’m tending to believe it is disgruntled workers who are attempting to do him in. Admitting that I could be wrong given proper evidence from respectable people (i.e., not this blog), I’m staying with that opinion and wish him only the best as he returns.

    2) The Board of Public Purchases reviews purchasing selections via the RFP and/or RFQ process, NOT competitve bidding for general goods and services. As such, there was no and would be no reason for Board of Public Purchases involvement in trash hauling or bulk pick-ups. It came to NO conclusion! It was never before the Board. Wake up and read the City’s Charter and Ordinances or point to the minutes…they’re not there.

    3) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have long before this blog ever came into existence, extolled the character and integrity of Mr. George Estrada. I have had the honor and the privilege of working very closely with Mr. Estrada, on both general and highly sensitive and confidential matters. The topic and nature of which I am not privy to share. Nonetheless, he did and does stand out as one of only two people who rank with the privilege of totally irreproachable character that I’ve ever met or worked with in my personal and/or work life.

    I could continue for a long time with how much bull is on this blog, posted as fact by those clearly without a clue. I won’t waste any more of my precious time. Good luck skewering each other with mostly fiction. I won’t be visiting again. Lennie really should redirect this to a valuable tool, rather than a raunchy money maker.

  12. One last comment on DePrimo:

    I hear from a good source that George Estrada is totally embarassed about being dragged into the DePrimo ordeal. When Osborne called him, he asked specifically if George ever caught Tony falsifying time sheets and George said no. After all, George didn’t sign off on the exaggerated time sheets, Bobby Kennedy did. And Bobby had to cover for Tony to protect his own butt. But Osborne never told George about the deal with Nick’s company and now George is second-guessing himself. Maybe Tony did push a little too hard for Nick and maybe there was a selfish motive.

    And the union chicks were back at it late last night. I feel really sorry for them. GE it’s not too late for you. REPENT my sister, see the LIGHT.

  13. Here we go again:

    Now they want to attack yet another true professional like GE.

    Mrs. S. Why would you attack GE? Is it because she had the courage and expertise to be nominated to run against you in the last union election?

    Is it because of her hard work with Tony D on the so many worker’s comp issues in PF? Is it because of their loyalty and dedication to move this city in the right direction? Is it because they have become good friends, and have each other’s backs, when idiots like you decide to retaliate?

    FYI, GE has shown courage, integrity and professionalism, and has no need to repent, or find religion! The one that needs religion is YOU!

    If you haven’t noticed you have yet to break her, or Tony D.

    GE, if you are out there, keep on keeping on. Pay no mind to the bullshit, because it is child’s play, and you are much much better than that!

    Everyone knows who and where this is coming from!

  14. Comments about Tony DePrimo did not start with this latest incident, right? I’m surprised at Estrada. I’m more surprised at DePrimo for relying on Estrada to vouch for his alleged abuses of OT. Should Estrada’s memory suddenly clarify, DePrimo would have another issue to deal with.

  15. Truthspeaker.

    Are you an important person…you know, someone who is responsible for “highly sensitive and confidential matters. The topic and nature of which I am not privy to share.” at the garbage transfer station? Is this why we must rely on what you have to say as gospel? Who the hell are you?

  16. Ok – I’ve tried to follow all this Tony DePrimo, union, transfer station stuff but I confess I’m more than a bit lost. I really don’t know all the players and the charges, counter-charges, name calling and general unpleasantness of most of the posts on this issue have made it hard to follow.

    Is there a neutral party out there who can lay this issue out in a even-handed, rational manner so those of us on this blog who are not directly involved can at least get some idea of what the hell is going on? I would also appreciate it if whoever explains this issue could do so without getting into people’s personal lives.

    Thank you in advance,

    John from Black Rock

  17. Great numbers. The Himes Campaign was around Black Rock today going around homes talking to people. Wow I can’t believe how Black Rock school has always been a strong point for Shays. He lost Black Rock by only 39 votes wow. This year will be different he will lose Black Rock by 400 votes. Jim Himes has to campaign hard at Dunbar because that’s a precinct on the East End that could see the biggest increase of voters from 2004 and Shays did horrible there he lost that precinct by over 1,000 votes.

  18. Could somebody please help me out here? If I am going to be subjected to these endless posts, I’d at least like to have some background on the subject from someone who doesn’t have an ax to grind.

  19. Himes is now the ultimate tool of the Democratic Party…he was running such a bad campaign that Nancy Pelosi sent in this new manager and now he’ll owe them even more than he did before. He’s like a puppet – who would want someone like that representing them in Congress?

  20. Con Filardi, America has lots of enemies all over the world! Some are countries that we have helped in the past & still we end up as an unwanted ally. Most arab nations speak with forked tongues & cannot be trusted merely because their main agenda is religion first & anti-western world thinking, not human rights per se. Also, politics is not as important in the middle east as it is here. And even if America was a Muslim nation, how we follow the Koran would also be a factor! Israel is probably our best ally in a part of the world that is unstable & where there is no real middle class, just rich or poor and brother kills brother over religious beliefs. Very little civil or human rights to protect the poor and where regardless of the money the ruling party or goverment has; much of the middle east is still 3rd world, behind in time with the 21st century in things we take for granted here in the USA! America is a target regardless of whether we’re friends of Israel or not. The money spent on them is a drop in the bucket compared to the waste we spend on foreign aid & policies with countries that are not truly our allies nor back us in times of need! Much of that useless foreign aid $ should be spent right here in America taking care of our own! America, love it or leave it!

  21. Mojo
    Don’t you think $10 million next week or any week would help we americans in Bridgeport?
    I think it would change a lot of things for the better.
    Thanks Lieberman, for the concern you show towards Connecticut.

  22. Black Rockin and Mojo:
    It’s $10,000,000.00+ PER DAY, i.e. over $4,000,000,000.00 PER YEAR. It’s no wonder they’re an ally. I too would be an ally if I received a gift like that every day. Just think of what we could do in Bridgeport if we only received a month of that money. (Finch would probably raise his salary by a million or so.)
    And to think that all those settlements in occupied areas have been built with our money and now are a major obstacle to peace in the area. And further, to think that it is our money that subsidizes the Israeli lobby in Washington which is the second most powerful one there.

  23. This what the TD affair (excuse the pun) comes down to. TD didn’t do anything that other dept. heads haven’t been doing for years, adding an hour here, an hour there, only thing was he may have gotten a little greedy and got caught because of other employees, who kept it in the spotlight for whatever reason. Eventually they had to act upon it but how, knowing that (everybody does it) how can we (or why should we) make an example of him? They obviously had evidence supporting their claims, but when they found other individuals were involved (BK, GE, GS to name a few) they saw fit to just let it go, or dare bring the other names involved, thereby creating an even bigger scandal with hell to pay if all the dirt came out. I’m sure all know TD and GE were much more than friends (and who gives a shit anyway) who did more than watch each other’s back, and he tried to protect her and her job also. This whole charade of an internal investigation has been a farce blowing smoke up the people of bpt’s ass and made a mockery of the system. He did what he did, got caught, threatened to talk and made a deal to get his job back, quite simple really. And just goes to show that city hall has so much vile scum walking its halls. If you can’t beat em, join em! Welcome back Mr. DePrimo go for the big bux next time!

  24. Why are we making an example out of Tony D when all of the other department heads are as guilty? He got caught, allegedly.

    When an errant employee is disciplined, others who do the same thing get wary and the practice ceases or slows greatly. It also gives management an opportunity to implement safeguards which will ensure that the practice is stopped.

    Why Tony D? Who cares?

  25. How does everyone know so much and they are employees. I never knew supervisors had to account to their employees as to where they go or what they do. It seems to me that people were taken aback by the amount of work that TD did in his department. Stuff that you and nonmentionables could not possibly even read let alone supervise. It is obvious that people are jealous.

  26. He got caught! Not allegedly unless the ct post is in the habit of pulling $9400 sums out of their ass. Where did that figure come from?…did that come from?…and why you ask?…you must live out of town…stay there.

  27. “Shays has a double-digit lead in the polls…”

    Since this article appeared, I’ve looked everywhere for this poll. Would you please cite the source of this statement? As far as I know, there hasn’t been ANY polling done yet.

    Or are you just guessing that Shays enjoys a 10+ point lead? I find that extremely unlikely. Would you provide something to back up this claim, please?

  28. Like politics in general, sometimes the one that’s got nothing to say & stays out of the picture to a certain extent; is the one that’s been stirring the coals & has the most to gain! Example,”in house” should Tony D. be dismissed from his current managerial position, who would take his place? Simply food for thought!

  29. I live in new england and am scared. They better increase LIHEAP funds. How about some real help? For example, I found this site which gave some ways and programs that help save bills, both from the gov’t and utility companies themselves.
    Anyone have any other good sites or tips? Thanks.


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