Is There A Place For A Centrist Democrat In Connecticut? Dudchik And Company Shoot On Joe’s Run

Mayor Joe Ganim was top of mind for the Sunday talk shows including Tom Dudchik’s CT Capitol Report on WTNH 8. “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” says Dudchik. “Just ask Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim.” Dudchik also raised a question. “Is there a place for a centrist Democrat In Connecticut?”

Dudchik’s panelists also weighed in on Ganim and the question, including former Republican State Senator John McKinney who dumped a bucket of ice on Ganim’s run for governor. Check out video above.



  1. Joe still raises the concept that he brought the City of Bridgeport back from bankruptcy. I am sure that there will be folks who may argue about who was responsible, but wasn’t there a FINANCIAL BOARD to which he was responsible for a period of time? Did they know where every penny of City money was located as well as the internal issues of every deal, contract, and purchase? When that Board went away, the City Fund Balance was near the maximum of its required range at $55 Million and a series of DTC candidates has brought it down to below requirements. That has brought about short term borrowing with extra interest expense. It is part of the reason an Internal Service Fund is used with claims on the City operating fund each year but never closing out the liability that is there from past years. Real balance would suggest that such a liability can disappear with attention and focus.
    Joe’s words are “transparency and commitment” but if you have to ask what his priorities are (other than running for Governor and keeping all City decisions in his backpocket) then you also will have the answer as to his definition of “transparency”!
    Transparency? Everytime that Ganim2 leaves the City to meet and greet gubernatorial potential groups, he should post that fact and the cost of the car, fuel, insurance, driver, bodyguard, and other folks with him and where each of the expenses is being paid. That would be a beginning of transparency, wouldn’t it? Time will tell.


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