Is Ganim A Rooster Or Capon?

Will the rooster or capon please stand up.

Bridgeport Area Youth Ministry, Ralphola Taylor Center, Cardinal Shehan Center. Former Mayor Joe Ganim is playing Santa Claus with several city social service agencies forking over $1,000 checks. Folks involved in these needy and excellent organizations tend to be the most active voters. It’s not like Joe’s saying here’s an anonymous check, let’s keep it quiet. If you’re going to write the check you might as well receive the credit, no? Especially if he wants his old job back. Joe’s not denying a run when asked.

Joe Ganim
Is it so, Joe?

Ganim’s trying to figure out the best course for reclaiming his old job should he take the leap. Democratic primary? General election as an independent? No doubt there’s nostalgia in some city neighborhoods for Joe. But how does he galvanize the support? OIB polling shows Joe could perform well in a crowded Democratic field. He’d need bodies to scour 2,000 Democratic voter signatures in a short two-week window to get his name on the ballot for September, following the party endorsement in July that will go to Finch, just as the other three announced Dems must do, Mary-Jane Foster, John Gomes and Charlie Coviello. If Joe opts for an independent run he simply needs 126 signatures from registered voters submitted by August 10. Presto, you’re on the ballot in November. But why would Dem and unaffiliated voters support Joe over presumably Mayor Bill Finch in the general election with such a small window to resuscitate his standing with the electorate?

In addition, once the primary passes, the Finch camp can reload the fundraising effort for the general election so it’s not like Mayor Bill risks blowing his wad in the primary.

Ganim handing out checks to needy organizations is one thing, starting a dialog with voters is something entirely different especially from a guy who has a history of receiving rather than giving.

We’ll find out soon enough if Joe is a rooster or a capon.



  1. If Joe Ganim gets in the race Finch will have a hard time in the debates going against Joe and the other candidates which might open the door for Ms. Foster or Mr. Gomes, come on in Joe.

  2. The anti-Finch vote can only be divided so much; Finch will win the primary. It has been proven too many times the incumbent wins in a horse race. We need to consolidate not compete.

    1. My Kitty Litter Poll
      I do this every Election time, and it hasn’t failed yet.
      This kitty poll goes back to Bill Clinton.
      She has picked the winning candidate for every State and Local Election.
      For Fairfield, Bridgeport, Trumbull, my cat has a 100% batting avg.
      I put 8X11 pieces of copy paper in herlLitter pan last night, with six candidate names on it. Starting from the top left corner and going right.
      I put Finch, MJF, Gomes, then Coviello, Kohut, Ganim.
      As soon as the paper dries out, I will give you the final results.
      You can also purchase an advance copy of the results, for $2 on pay-pal.

        1. Lennie, there are no meds for that–trust me. Besides, Jim doesn’t need meds. Too many accidental electrical shocks will do that to you. I hear that’s how Morris used to select his candidate of choice.

        2. LG.
          It’s not about Jim taking meds at all. It’s about people purchasing an advance copy for $2. If no one buys then there is no cat food or hydration in the house, then the cat doesn’t go near the kitty litter and there are no results. Kind of like those registered voters from Bridgeport who do not go to the polls unless they are fed (or offered beverage) as something to vote.

  3. Repetition of an event or hiring the same cast of characters with the expectation of a different outcome is a valid definition of insanity.

    Repetition of an event or hiring the same cast of characters with the expectation of a different outcome is a valid definition of insanity.

    Repetition of an event or hiring the same cast of characters with the expectation of a different outcome is a valid definition of insanity.

    Are you sure, charlie?
    Are you sure, charlie?
    Are you sure, charlie?

  4. The Bridgeport definition of insanity is to complain constantly about the same issues over and over again and do nothing.
    The repetition factor of expecting a different outcome is the basis for Bridgeport Connecticut’s malaise.
    And … as Johnny Carson once said, “It was so cold outside I saw a chicken walking down the street with a capon (cape on).”
    Joe Ganim is not an aviarian, he’s a weasel who has violated the public trust and deserves his place in the shameful history of Bridgeport politics.

  5. Ganim should be writing a check to the taxpayers of Bpt for the graft he loaded up on and the Attorney General should take away Ganim’s generous public pension as he is allowed to by law for his violations of the law and public trust.

  6. Ganim hasn’t made any public statements one way or the other as to his plans for attempting to return to office. He is full of baloney. His name is certain to appear on the primary drawing a sufficient number of primary votes away from MJF/JG to ensure a Finch win. All part of the plan. The stupidest people in this town (the registered voters who will not go out and vote) will allow this to happen.

  7. With all due respect, Ganim getting in is the best thing possible for John Gomes. Gomes’ base is set, been on the streets and been around. The minority/majority is pumped to have Gomes in the hunt.
    None of you experts are on the East Side where Gomes has a legion of volunteers on the streets. Big if, but if they come out Sept 13 … he will be in great shape.

  8. 6 Pack … no respect is due. This is politics. John Gomes is a hero (previous posting), but you fight the fight you can win and you don’t play the other man’s (woman’s) game. Ganim is a street-savvy guy and Finch will be the endorsed candidate. MJF has the financing. Gomes is fighting an uphill battle and might be wise to at least meet with MJF and see where their best result would be. Hopefully that result would be with the one-term ouster of Finch and Ganim’s name spoken no more.

  9. Statement from Mayor Bill Finch re: One Year Anniversary of Tornado

    “On June 24, 2010, a small, but powerful tornado swept through our City leaving behind hundreds of broken trees, shattered windows and devastated buildings in just a few short minutes. Incredibly, there were no casualties and few people were hurt, but the damage left hundreds in the dark and some without a roof over their heads. In the hours and days immediately following that storm, I saw how the residents of our City banded together to help one another with caring, respect and as much patience as they could muster, considering the circumstances.

    “With the help of the Small Business Administration many of our small businesses were able to recover, and insurance claims helped others put the roofs back on their buildings and find new tenants. The City has replaced many of the trees that were damaged, and will be renovating Washington Park, one of the public spaces hardest hit by the tornado, creating a new play area, planting trees and cleaning up the gazebo. Join us Saturday (June 25) at 2 p.m. as we kickoff these improvement projects at Washington Park and mark the one-year anniversary of the tornado.

    “The damage to Bridgeport may have seemed insurmountable on June 24 of last year, but we’ve proven that a community working together is capable of overcoming just about any obstacle.”

    This guy is delusional.
    He insults every community that has faced real disasters and death and have rebuilt better and faster than Bridgeport.
    If he faced a true disaster he would pee in his pants and Adam would have to clean up that mess too.

  10. Jimfox, I think you should declare the last clean name the winner. No self-respecting cat would “poo” on his/her choice. Watch out for the hairballs, they will kill you.

    As someone who is concerned with Bridgeport and the region, my vote would go to Mary-Jane Foster. She is a woman of integrity, intelligence and inspiration. I have enjoyed any project we have worked on in the past and have been impressed by her leadership. I have worked closely with the current Mayor and we have disagreed strongly in the past on how a Mayor should win an election and run an administration. Sorry to the males out there, but in my opinion woman politicians tend be stronger and hold on to their own convictions tighter, and remain less influenced by the allure of absolute power. Woman in society and in general have been taught from childhood how to take care of people, how to share, how to work out differences fairly and be more tolerant in disagreements. Let’s face it, in the world of improper use of power there are not many women doing things like “hiking the Appalachian Trial while in Brazil,” wining and dining groups of politicians on junkets to Scotland to play golf, having construction on their houses in exchange for awarding government contracts, or texting anybody’s Weiner anywhere. Regardless of gender, Mary-Jane would be the winner in my book no matter what the results say.

    Jimfox, keep your cat’s paws off MJF. 🙂

    Joel, your report of my demise was premature.

  11. If unions don’t balk and Finch needs to raise taxes, watch for him to say “No New Taxes!” Then if he wins he will implement a mid-year mini-tax.

  12. Love this site and fascinated by Bpt politics, great job on a everyday basis LG.
    Gotta believe in my heart Ganim is just messing with One Term Bill, he had a long time away to think of just how, without putting his family through a campaign of pure hell by the other candidates. Would you be surprised if that was actually a Ganim holding?
    Nice billboard Joe and co.

  13. Finch has a lot of nerve saying the state union coalition needs to change its rules because 80% of the United States can’t agree on anything (see today’s CT Post headline story). We are not talking about the population of the country you birdbrain, we’re talking about a coalition of 7,500 people. Their rules say 80% of the members must vote yes in order for the deal to pass. Looks like that won’t happen.

    Malloy is playing hardball with the state unions but at least he is treating everyone fairly. Unlike Finch who cut a deal with one union in exchange for votes while thumbing his nose at the BOE and every other city union.

    Again I ask … what’s your plan B Mr. Mayor? What are you going to do if Malloy cuts aid to the municipalities?

    Finch is pushing his AFSCME deal through the city council at breakneck speed. Trying to get it done before the state budget is passed. Will any of the city council members question the deal or will they just rubber stamp like they always do?

  14. Ganim, who was Bridgeport’s mayor between 1991 and 2001, was convicted on 16 corruption charges and spent seven years in prison. He was released on July 19, 2010. (From today’s CT Post newspaper.)

  15. Been to both candidate’s events trying to make an educated decision who will get my vote. I have fewer fears about Gomes, why you might ask?

    I’m positive Foster will do a great job … but she is not running a council slate where Gomes opened it to the public to join his team for BOE and council.
    Also the health risk while in office, Gomes is around 40ish while I must say Foster shakes a lot and I have heard rumors why, just rumors but I hope she is in good health and, well we did live through the Fabrizi years.
    My true hope is they will get together and lead our city.

    One Term Bill

    1. Your statements here are pure utter bullshit. MJF does not shake a lot and is in good health. You know you managed to insult the handicapped by stating they could not do the job and you have insulted people over 50 by saying they are too old to run for office.
      What you should do is follow MJF around for a day and see if you can keep up. As an MJF supporter I urge you to stay with Gomes, another dumb ass in his camp will be welcomed with open arms.

        1. One Wish
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          1. Stopped For Speeding

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  16. A few folks are of the opinion there should be a full slate against Finch. Can Anyone But FINCH explain to me why this is a good strategy?

    FINCH wants a full slate against him to energize City Clerk, Town Clerk and Council incumbents to gin up his vote. Mario will have a bag of cash to support endorsed candidates.

    Gomes is having a difficult enough time raising money and can anyone give me some high-profile names to run who have an ability to raise money for their campaigns?

    Let the challenger win the race and then use the power of their political capital of incumbency to bounce in an off-year muni election.

    1. I agree with you 100%, just putting up 20 names for the sake of having a full slate is a waste of time plus are you getting the best people for that job? Win the election and then in the off year there will be plenty of quality candidates to choose from.

  17. FtM,
    Wouldn’t this wait-and-see strategy mean business as usual for Ms. Foster? Kind of a signal of the same old … different day?

    Throwing a slate shows me complete change is wanted and Gomes is giving people who want to get involved an opportunity.

    1. We all here know the “INSANITY” definition. Realistically the Mayor is just the figurehead, the power lies with the Common Council. Mario Testa doesn’t care who the next Mayor is (although he may have preferences), but needs to keep control of the CC. I think some of the MJF supporters are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their interests are in protecting the CC members. Finch will make the CC campaign. MJF is afraid of their wrath now? What about if she becomes Mayor? You need to replace them completely. They are Mario’s stranglehold on the City of BPT. Closing comment, WAKE the F~~K UP! Run for true change.

  18. OTB,
    Four years ago in the 132nd district you had an incumbent council person, Bob Walsh and a name that was somewhat known, Evette Brantley (former council person from the East End), running on Caruso’s slate with two lesser-known (never elected to anything) running on Finch’s slate. Walsh and Brantley won but Finch carried the district.
    So OTB, what does that mean?

  19. Yes he did lose. With the DTC against him and no one on the East Side pulling for Caruso he lost by 270 votes.
    Cutting through all the spin FtM, why else do you think Finch upped the bounty for your former paid turncoat Americo?
    He;s afraid of Gomes’ East Side appeal. How long before we hear the Ayalas are on board with Finch? They used to get East Side votes. You think Danny M can get those votes? Not.

  20. Gonna lay it on the line MJ as I respect you and my family depends on you backing Gomes and the one term Bill is accomplished.

    You can’t win on your own. Your lily white legion of women voters don’t even live in Bpt never mind know where the East Side is.

    If Caruso endorses it will be Gomes. Gomes has the East Side locked up.

    You can’t endure the stress, you know why.

    Take the business side as CAO and save our city.

    Your East Side people haven’t had juice in 8 years.

    Please do the right thing if you care about Bpt.

    You have no clue about the BOE or the kids, my kids’ education depends on Gomes and his all-around knowledge.


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