1. Reviews are in, mixed feelings, Sunday was much better, perhaps do the fact many two-day ticket holders stayed away. I heard they even ran out of Food in the VIP sections. SMH

    Perhaps, over ticketing sales, but the thruway passway way and designated standing areas helped get people across sections, The people who set up camp on Saturday in the front of the sage just jammed everything up. it was chaotic, in that regard.

    They need to take attendance into account the number of people and set up accordingly.

    From my perspective. Get rid of the platinum ($5000) tickety\viewing, really people. Set up the VIP viewing (it can be shortened in width because it would be longer) closer and along the back length of the venue (sage) with the thruway walkway along the back, the length of the field, and down the ends of the side of each stage and out works, Perhaps a line leading out for the side in the in the middle leading up/into the pass ways running down this sides from the back thruway to the stag

    That takes care of crowd flow/ access to designated areas.

    Along the back of the VIP viewing stage, you’ll have the thruway across the field, and along the back set up the beverage/alcoholic tents that run along the entire field up to the pavilions.

    That takes care of beverages for the stage/music viewing area.

    Designated lawn chair/seating area in front along the VIP viewing stage along the field/view area leading up to the walkways running down the sides to the stag, on each end. Designated standing area in front of them. (lawnchair/seating) to the VIP area in front of the stage, lawn chair seating on the outskirts, of the walkways that run down each side of the field.

    That takes care of the viewing areas.

    Two large food/vendor spots on each end of the viewing field. One on the other side of the pond (Iranistan ave) and another one across the street on top (Park Ave)

    That takes care of the food for the View/music area.

    The bouquets areas on the left side of Park Ave, viewing food, and drinks were cool Some could have been on the other side (Iranistan)

    Depending on what side you were, each has its own issues, I guess. I mean there were no lines for bathrooms on Park Ave, backside, but an hour away on Iranistan ave side.

    However, to run out of Food in the VIP section had to be said. 🙂

    At any rate, like the Field of Dreams they came, some might feel they got burnt. 🙂

    That being said, I have to give a shout-out to Monster Drinks, (AKA) Satan, not only did they not run out of supply, but they were like the only vendor who never had a line on either Saturday or Sunday, and didn’t charge for them. They were just giving them out. 🙂

    I guess, being Satan’s work, knows while the love of money could be the root of all kinds of evil, it tends to be the path of least resistance to one’s combination. 🤣 JS


    1. P.S too long, You’re beaten by 9. The Head Liner show should start at 8 pm and out by 9.30 🙂

      Like the Field of Dreams, they came. Maybe instead of selling out the Port for a junkyard/storage area for other states find some investor to invest in CT’s largest outlet mall for a day of shopping and entertainment with high-speed ferries. JS People Good Luck.


  2. Final point, I understand the tweak in crowd flow and seating/standing designated areas on Sunday after the first attendees who showed up set up their lawn chairs and blankets in front of the stage viewing area along with no control passage flow on Saturday that jammed up everybody else who wanted to hit the stage area to see the performing artist, as well as add more bathrooms in a certain location to lessen those lines. But I don’t understand what they really did to ease the beverage/food lines. It’s not like they added more stations. Maybe an extra food spot, but overall it was the same.

    White Claw had a trailer set up like Moster Drink on Saturday and their line seemed to have an endless line on Saturday. But on Sunday it was a fraction of what took place Saturday. Yet they didn’t add another trailer, and it seemed the same amount of people were working out of it as well as the overall crowd, and attendance.

    The same can be said about the other beverage boots. How the beverage lines were cut down, seems to be a mystery to me, besides actually serving people faster. JS 🙂

    To Cruz’s point quoted in the CT post, parking was/always going to be an issue in the area, regardless, of any large event at the park, no more or less than the Port’s annual PR parade/festival held at teh park.

    But to Gemeem Davis’s claims regarding her mixed feeling. To claim she ultimately felt unsafe in what she described as a dangerously overcrowded environment is counterproductive to the City as a whole. Did she feel dangerously unsafe because she was a black woman in a sea of white people?

    To be disappointed that the festival did not do more to celebrate Bridgeport’s unique culture and the lineup of music artists did not reflect the diversity of the city’s residents with a Latinx artist is just race-baiting, identity politics that play that is/can be harmful to this progress and growth of the Port.

    At this rate, Gen Now is nothing more than a political organization that will use race on things/sides they are against, like white Howard Saffan/G2, Mayor is on that list. Congratulation you are now part of the fabric of American racism. 🙂 JS

    I am not sayin if 30,000 blacks and Latinos descended on Seaside Park who were subjected to high price tickets, hour-long lines to use the Porto Potty, food, and beverages, in some cases, no food, in an over crowed conditions, tension will not run high that would lead to two misdemeanor arrests. In fact, I only saw 3 cops patrolling the entire park. I am just sayin that getting 30,000 white people to feel safe coming to the Port is not an easy thing,


    Nor am I saying not in any way the Port shouldn’t have concerts/events that have no Black or brown artists, a Latinx performer/artist, for the diverse teh Port represents, to feel proud to see,

    The only color that should be in view in renting a space/Seaside Park by the city is Green, with a safe, profitable, and favorable outcome for the city that boosts its image. Just saying.

    I know what Gen Now is selling but everything should not be made into some inequality or racial thing, based on politics aside. It was a two-day event that the City has a Partnership with and a 5% stake in the gross ticket sales. (I believe)

    That being said, the lowest estimation at 30,000 people @ $200 is $300,000 income to the Port that can go improve the city. That is a problem a low figure too. It is not like the city doesn’t put on venues like the Jazz feast for its “culturally diverse” residents to feel proud to see.

    That being said, JML, do some accounting investigation reporting and tell OIB how much the city made on the two-day rental of Seaside. 🙂 Maybe some of that money can improve some of the streets around the area. JS

    Peace out, play nice. Though, to be fair, Gen Now’s racism is kinda playing nice, mazel tov 🤣



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