‘I Swear, I Swear, I Swear’ (Fingers Crossed)

It’s a fitting OIB moment when city officials raise their hands and swear at the street address named ‘Lyon’ Terrace. Make me no promises, I tell you no lies. (Or something like that.) The swearing-in ceremony for the 2017 elected officials will take place December 3rd at 5 pm in City Council Chambers, 45 Lyon Terrace. See below those who’ll receive the oath of office for Board of Education, Sheriff and City Council.

Board of Education
Sybil O. Allen
Hernan Illingworth
Jessica Martinez
Joseph Sokolovic
Chris Taylor
John R. Weldon

Anderson Ayala
Michael Garrett
Michael L. Moretti
Stephen M. Nelson
Dennis Scinto
Enrique Torres

City Council 130
Christina B. Smith
Peter D. Spain

City Council 131
Denese Taylor-Moye
Jack O. Banta

City Council 132
Marcus Brown
Kyle Langan

(City Council 133 delayed due to court challenge)

City Council 134
Michelle Lyons
AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia

City Council 135
Mary McBride-Lee
Rosalina Roman-Christy

City Council 136
Alfredo Castillo
Maria Zambrano-Viggiano

City Council 137
Aidee Nieves
Maria I. Valle

City Council 138
Nessah J. Smith
Karen Jackson

City Council 139
Eneida L. Martinez
Ernest E. Newton II



    1. The police officer is bound by professional oath to uphold the law. Testa and DeFilippo will be bound by oath to tell the truth. The Constitutional protection against self incrimination only goes so far. Judge Bellis can hold Mario and his bartender in contempt of court. She’ll let them rot in a jail cell unless and until they testify truthfully.

      This is the big time. Maybe, just maybe the days of corrupt machine politics in Bridgeport are coming to an end.


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