I Need A Shrink, Plus: Guarding The Cop House

Three weeks left until the Aug. 12 Tsunami Tuesday in Bridgeport and environs. We have races for congress, state senate and state representative. What are you hearing out there? I’m energized about the possibilities, especially if all candidates qualify for the anticipated public financing.

The Democratic primary between State Rep. Robert Keeley and challenger Auden Grogins, former City Council and Board of Education member from Black Rock, is shaping up as a battle royal. Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa doesn’t want Keeley to lose. It’s not that Mario loves Keeley. It’s that Grogins supported former party leader John Stafstrom for the chairmanship. If Grogins (who’s working hard, as well as Keeley) wins, Mario looks weak. But with so many primaries in the city, where does Mario devote his attention?

When it comes to politics this city is a crazy place, and I love it because OIB enjoys readers from the “boring” politics in New Haven, purely for the entertainment value. Incumbent State Rep. Andres Ayala is fighting off a challenge from the endorsed candidate Lydia Martinez on the East Side. Everything on the East Side is personality driven. Andres is fighting with his Uncle Tito, a former City Council member, this one’s fighting with that one. I can’t keep track because the next day they could be friends again only to be fighting a week later. Makes me disoriented.

What impact will Mario have in the lower half of the city in the wide-open state rep. race between party-endorsed Eze Santiago, and Chico Rivera and Sly Salcedo? District Leader Mitch “The Switch” Robles, Eze’s stepdad, and Mario aren’t exactly buds these days. Chico and Mario are close. Sly’s new to the game but for pure brainpower and candidate attraction the Fightin’ Filipino cannot be ignored. Anyone that meets Sly likes him.  I’m just wondering how many absentee ballots Mitch has in his back pocket already. It pays to know your peeps.

State Rep. Chris Caruso’s facing a challenge from Carlos Silva, but I don’t expect the big man to have any problem keeping his seat.

The Democratic state senate primary between endorsed Anthony Musto, the Trumbull town treasurer and Marilyn Moore, former legislative aide to State Sen. Ed Gomes, becomes intriguing if Moore qualifies for the free loot. She’ll learn that in a few days. The winner faces Republican State Sen. Rob Russo in November.

Democrat Jim Himes, looking to unseat Republican Congressman Chris Shays, faces a primary from that peculiar Greenwich wannabe Lee Whitnum. Himes will turn Lee into Brie on Aug. 12, but pull up a seat the last few weeks because you never know what verbal dip she’ll serve up for the party. One day she calls Himes a Nazi, shortly after she barbs him for supporting Israel. Good grief, I need a shrink.

Take A Kid To A Game

Hey, I’ve got two tickets to a Yankee game this Wednesday afternoon that are yours, loge section, left field line. This is not a promotion, and no scoundrel gave them to me. I have an eight-game ticket plan for the Yanks and I cannot make the game. I asked a bunch of friends if they want them but it’s hard for folks to skip out during the day. So, send me an email or call me and I’ll get the tix to you.

If you believe the people should have the ultimate power, check out this site! Thanks, Charlie, for the heads up. www.ctconcon.com 

Cop Stuff

I see where Bridgeport Harbormaster Joe Savino, also a retired member of the Bridgeport PD, is trading in his boat for a golf bag. Joe’s a really good guy, a cop that doesn’t act like a cop. Speaking of cops, Ron Bailey’s a guy you want on your side if you’re in a fight. Years ago he was one of my martial arts instructors–saw him break five boards with a single punch. Now he’s letting his words do the fighting as president of The Bridgeport Guardians, a group of city police officers that monitors discrimination issues on behalf of the department’s minority members. In 1982, U.S. District Judge T.F. Gilroy Daly ruled that widespread discrimination within the police department required a remedy order that led to numerous police department changes, including the court-ordered appointment of blacks and Latinos to specialized divisions. Although Daly’s order struck a numbers balance between black, white and brown officers, some within the community, especially the late Superintendent of Police Joseph A. Walsh, believed that the judge went too far. Bailey contacted OIB to explain he believes that the remedy order is under assault by the city. He fired off a letter to the City Attorney’s Office with a copy to Mayor Bill Finch. See excerpt of letter below:

I recently was informed that the City of Bridgeport, utilizing the law firm of Pullman and Comley 850 Main St. Bridgeport, has appealed my recent ruling that Deputy Chief Adam Radzimirski, in short, was discriminatory with regards to his excluding a qualified Black Police officer from the Emergency Service Unit also know as SWAT.

Attorney William Wenzell, who is the main attorney from this firm appealing the recent ruling and the court decree called (Remedy Order) that protects minority officers in Bridgeport, didn’t send me a copy of this appeal.

Please be advised that I am requesting the following information.  Since the City of Bridgeport seems all to willing to fight against minority officers concerns, as well as their rights to be equal, I now have to ask:

How much has this law firm cost the tax payers of Bridgeport to use Pullman and Comley in the last 3 years?   I am looking for a detailed billing.

I also need to know how this law firm that is also the firm of recently replace Democratic town chairman John Stafstrom received authorization to represent Bridgeport.  Who selected this law firm?  This is very unethical when the law firm of the Democratic chairman gets such great deals of money and seems connected.  I need to know who authorized this and does the Common Council know as well as the cost?

How can Mayor Bill Finch say the City is broke then turn around and spend millions of dollars to stop minority police officers from being included in Special assignments at the Police Department or to have and seek equality?



  1. The possibility of State-wide binding referendums will not diminish the stature of the States’ Government, only magnify it. This concept is and was at the conceptualization of our country. The more the people participate in their government the stronger it becomes. This is a once in twenty year chance to prove to the people that the elected officials trust the electorate.

  2. OK, so Councilman Andre Baker wants the council to pass a resolution that would keep DTC members off appointed boards. He believes this will help the air of “absolute power corrupting absolutely” (my words)

    Can I offer two (2) suggestions that can get the same result without the council debating/bickering/laughing?


    Wow, that really took a lot of thought. What other novel ideas should be expect from ethical council members?

  3. Don Mario’s endorsement of Keeley over Grogins is more about bruised ego than anything else. Testa just doesn’t like to admit he is ever wrong about anything.

  4. Bridgeport politics has more bruises than a banana. Talk about bruised egos! Bill Finch’s only motivation to go after Keeley was and is because Keeley didn’t back him.
    This whole thing was orchestrated long before the town committee elections.

    Auden is cruising for a bruising. Banana Nut Bread anyone?

  5. Keeley ought to be run out of town on a rail for supporting a candidate as mean-spirited and spiteful as Chris Caruso. Let’s face facts: Caruso still has a grudge from when he was drummed out of the DTC. He would’ve spent more time settling old scores and (mostly imagined) slights that the people’s business would have been neglected. The only reason Keeley supported him had to be some sort of back-room, “quid pro quo” sort of arrangement.

  6. With Grogins and Finch it was a “Squid-Pro-Quo” deal.
    Auden says the Calamari at Viale is to, “die for”.

    When Grogins is asked what she is making for dinner?
    She replies; ‘A reservation!’

    Stick a fork in Grogins!
    Her Goose is cooked!!
    She’s Done!!!

  7. I have to agree with the unnamed sources referred to in the Post story that Testa is trying to limit the number of appointments Finch can make.

  8. A press release from Bob Keeley’s website:

    July 16, 2008


    Speaker of the House Jim Amann (D-Milford) and State Representative Bob Keeley (D-Bridgeport) announced today that a $50,000 state grant has been approved for the Sweetport Music & Arts Festival, funding that could help save the annual summertime event in downtown Bridgeport.

    Plans for the 2008 festival – held in August each of the last seven years – have been temporarily halted by organizers due to lack of funds.

    “Sweetport is a signature – and treasured – event in Bridgeport’s thriving cultural scene and it would be a shame to lose it,” said Speaker Amann. “Support for the arts is one more way to promote our urban centers and provide top-notch community events for residents and those who visit the City.”

    “This infusion of state funding will be a tremendous shot in the arm for the Bridgeport arts community,” said Rep. Keeley. “Thanks to this grant we hope to keep the Sweetport festival alive for another year. This community deserves to see the show go on.”

    The lawmakers said that the funding will help jumpstart planning for a new and improved Sweetport Art & Music Series, to be coordinated by City Lights Gallery.

    “City Lights is proud to accept this generous grant from the State and looks forward to creating a Sweetport Art & Music Series for Bridgeport residents and its visitors to enjoy,” said Billie Jean Sullivan, Executive Director of City Lights Gallery. “We would especially like to thank Reps. Amann and Keeley for their efforts towards Bridgeport’s revival through the Arts. With this support, Bridgeport’s diverse cultures can collaborate on an innovative music and art series that promises to be an annual event bringing people downtown and contributing to the economic growth of the Park City.”

    According to a piece of Keeley propaganda that landed in my mailbox on saturday, Bob Keeley “cares” about $1,000,000.00 granted for the Black Rock Gateway Project, which was actually the work of State Rep. Samowitz. Keeley also “cares” about $750,000.00 granted to Burroughs Community Center. A measley $750,000.00 for a community center that provides mentoring and after-school tutoring for underpriviledged youngsters from P.T. and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Bridgeport public school system is in such a sorry state that the only accomplishment its out-of-touch bureaucrats can claim is the perpetuation of a criminal underclass. The programs offerd by Burroughs (and MACH) go a long way toward addressing this issue.

  9. If Finch were an honorable man truly interested in making Bridgeport a better place to live and work, then I wouldn’t care who he named in his appointments because I would assume that he made these appointments with our best interests in mind. But that is not the case with Finch, is it?

    It’s not only Testa that wants to limit Finch’s ability to make appointments. Finch makes these appointments to stack the deck in his favor. Vote loading. Nothing more.

  10. You’re right, yahooy, Testa’s motives are purely to limit Finch’s power, not increase his own. Riiiiight….

    Once again you’ve proven your stellar ability to assess Bridgeport’s political climate. Congrats.

  11. Detective Penis Tube…

    Whomever taught you to read, ask them to do it again. I didn’t even imply that Testa was an altruist. I said he wasn’t the only one who wants to limit Finch’s power to appoint. Those of us who think Testa and Finch abuse the citizens of this city definitely do not want Finch playing the political game when our futures are at stake.

    You know, I’m tired of reading your ignorant and totally mis informed rebuts of my insightful and spot on posts.

    Oh…BTW…have someone explain to you what an altruist is.

  12. Yahooy,

    Your penis obsession only reinforces my suspicions that you’re actually Chris Caruso…perhaps you’re the one that should be a penis tube detective. Or maybe Special Investigator?

  13. I had a conversation with Detective Lieutenant Dino Bachetti this morning about Det. Axel Foley. Dino has been an NYC Detective for 25 years. He told me that detectives are the cream of the police force. They are chosen because they are intelligent amongst other things. Dino doesn’t think Det. Axel Foley is intelligent. Just to be sure, we called Alex Cross, a DC Detective who is also a Johns Hopkins Ph D psychologist. Alex agrees completely, so much so that his profile analysis of Det. Axel Foley indicates that the person is fraudulently assuming the status and is likely to be a self deprecating political sycophant with mother issues. Alex Cross also contacted our friend Lucas Davenport, a Minneapolis detective. Lucas agrees, and goes so far as to suggest that Axel Foley may even be the pseudonym of a high ranking public official who should be managing the affairs of the city rather than blogging. I have a date tonite with Holly Barker. Holly was once an Army Major in the Military Police. She resigned and became the Police Chief of a small Florida town where she served until accepting an investigator role with the CIA. I intend to ask her if Axel Foley could actually be smart enough to be a Detective. I bet she says no.

  14. For once (it must be a blue moon) I’m in agreement with Yahooy. Finch and Testa are overly concerned with neutralizing the other’s power, to the point where the people’s business is not getting done.

    As for Warren, hey — it’s all too easy to log on and make jokes at a public figure’s expense. I did it to Caruso. We are discussing an election here, NOT a professional wrestling match. If you can’t offer anything more constructive than “stick a fork into her,” you are a part of the problem. Too many people in this city feel that voting is someone else’s job, like picking up the litter on Hancock Avenue. Or they’re not registered to vote due to a feeling of disenfranchisement. I vote and engage in political discourse because I learned a long time ago that it IS possible to make a difference.

  15. Wow, Stone Barrington! I’ll bet someone’s a big fan of the Women’s Murder Club!

    You better be careful, though, or my buddy Sgt. Martin Riggs and I might have to come and kick your ass.

  16. Bob Keeley is the longest serving legislater in Bridgeport history. It’s time for him to get shipped off to the glue factory. From what I’ve learned, Keeley is more interested in taking care of his own interests with under-the-table deals, rather than taking care of the people’s business (which he was elected to do, at OUR leisure).

  17. Thanks, Kid. You are exempt from Philistine of the Week until Halloween.

    I wish I had a buck for every time someone starts out with “…I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Yahooy or Heaven Help me, I have to say Yahooy is right.”

    I could quit my job and not have to worry about getting fired for blogging too much.

  18. My pleasure, Yahooy. Y’know, there are some days that, after reading some of doggerel on the blog, I just want to say “fuck it” and go smoke crack.

  19. Hey Kid …
    I’ve never smoked crack or even had a joint. When you use this stuff are you still able to think clearly and contribute to society? It didn’t seem to work for former mayor Johnny Snorts.

    Instead of relieving your frustration with drugs, why don’t you jog over to Bassick High School and see how donj is doing in summer school. See if he needs any encouragement to stay in school. This way you can help him out and feel good yourself for doing something useful. Otherwise, by using drugs you’ll end up being a complete waste of time like our former mayor.

  20. I just got off the phone with Will Lee. Will has had some experience in politics at some pretty high levels. He lives in Washington, DC with his lovely wife Catherine. Will has been watching the Bridgeport political scene at the behest of his old friend Nick Panuzio. Both Nick and Will, and I for that matter, think it would be a very good idea to elect Sly Salcedo as a State Representative. Sly is smart, accomplished and regarded by all as a man of moral courage, sincerity and sense of duty. Will endorses Sly’s candidacy because he knows full well how impotant it is to have a person in office who possesses the intellect to facilitate difficult and complex issues while owing allegiance to no one but the constituency by which he is elected. Sly Salcedo is that type of person. The good people of Bridgeport deserve to be represented by honest incorruptible visionaries. Good luck Attorney Salcedo!

  21. Congratulations, Det. Foley!

    Billy Rosewood just told me that Andrew Bogomil has received approval from the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners to promote you Detective Lieutenant. The effective date of your promotion has not yet been announced. John Taggart is especially pleased since he shall be working for you.

    This raises just one question in my mind. Did you have someone else take the Lieutenant’s exam on your behalf? You’re too stupid to have scored high enough.

  22. Regarding Salcedo’s campaign slogan “…he’s as solid as Barack.” Maybe you should scale that back a bit. Obama’s presumptive presidency is slipping dramatically as a result of his waffle-like platform.

  23. I’m glad you finally figured out where the name came from, yahooy. Only took a few weeks, but I think that’s about your speed.

    P.S. Just FYI, using big words doesn’t necessarily make you smart, or other people stupid. Any idiot can use a thesaurus. It’s the asinine ideas you spew that make you dumb.

    And, with that, I’m out of here!

  24. Detective Penis tube..

    Don’t go away on my account. My job on this blog is to provoke and evoke and I have done a pretty damn good job at it. We have had some rousing debates and dialogs with all contributing personal positions on matters many shouting and screaming with outrage. Even though your postings are ignorant, without discernible thought, and have no redeeming factors whatsoever, you are entitled to your voice. So stick around…vote for Keeley…work on the bull shitter Rodgerson’s eventual campaign like others of your ilk. At least some of you stuff is amusing.

  25. New York, NY

    Big Trade for the Giants.

    The New York Giants have sent a 1st- and a 3rd-round draft pick to Bridgeport in exchange for Chris Caruso’s Fat Ass. Coach Coughlin has high hopes for Caruso. “We feel that Caruso’s left cheek will keep Eli off his back for decades to come.”

  26. Interesting that The Bridgeport Kid claims that in post #10.

    “That the Bridgeport School system is in such a sorry state that the only accomplishments its out-of-touch bureaucrats can claim is the perpetuation of a criminal underclass.”

    Hey Kid! Who was the City Council Woman that for years voted against the City budget based on education and then became the President of the Board of Education and helped perpetuate the fraud.

    Guess Who? Auden Grogins!!!

  27. I see that Rob Russo has an ad up. Like I said I’m a hard time democrat that has never voted republican and come November I will vote for Obama, Himes and Russo. Reason Russo cares for the city and he has done a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat job. He gets my vote and he gets everyone in my family’s votes too. As a Black person I feel that Rob is doing a great job for the kids in Bpt and he cares about their future. Remember the key to success is education.

  28. Axel, yahooy and Stone – the names you guys are throwing around leave me clueless. I guess I’m this week’s philisitine. (I’m making it easy for yahooy). Hey – what did you think about Lieberman kissing up to that screwball reverend in the article in yesterday’s post? He’s doing a mighty good job of pissing off both Jews and Christians I would say. Hope he isn’t going to look to get re-elected because that article did him in totally, the man has totally lost his mind sucking up to that creep!

  29. It is time to show Keeley the exit door! The mere fact that Auden is making him work hard in his re-election campaign, is evidence of the undercurrent of support for her. Keeley is dirty. He has done nothing and must just have naked photos of Tom Kelley doing something unmentionable to garner his support.

  30. All the Grogins people seem capable of is Keeley bashing. I’ve yet to see any of them post anything positive about Grogins. Please tell what in her record of public service would lead me or anyone else to believe she would be an effective legislator. Her most recent position was president of the Bpt. BOE and as one of her strongest supporters has recently pointed out –

    “That the Bridgeport School system is in such a sorry state that the only accomplishments its out-of-touch bureaucrats can claim is the perpetuation of a criminal underclass.”

    This is all just smoke and mirrors. We all know that this campaign is really just about Keeley’s support of Caruso last summer. Most of you are past supporters of Keeley and would be supporting him again this year if he had toed the party line last summer and supported Finch.

  31. BobBlackRock

    Auden thinks she has such an “undercurrent of support for her” that she is going to get shocked on August 12th.

    One of the few good things about Audie is her husband.
    Ira “You Can’t” Nachem!!

    The reason Keeley has my suppport is because of some of Auden’s unmentionables. If you would really like to get down and dirty. Bring it on!

    “I Dare You!”
    “I Double Dare You!!”

  32. From Tommy Kelly
    “The reason Keeley has my suppport is because of some of Auden’s unmentionables.”

    Where I come from, “unmentionables” are call moodons. You’re supporting Keeley because your don’t like Grogins underwear???

  33. Has anybody seen Lisa Parziale lately? Time has been really, really cruel to her. In fact, some might say time pushed Lisa down an elevator shaft then tossed in a grenade. Just for kicks.

  34. Yahooy

    I will be brief.

    Keeley is a big athletic supporter and Grogins coudn’t hold his jock. Keeley is a boxer man. Auden has just been rubbing me the thong way.

  35. Police Log

    Grogins caught in feeding frenzy during Pantry Raid.

    Claims she was having a bad dream about Kelly and Keeley in a Panty Raid.

    Keeley and Kelly plead innocent and said they were just throwing Harold a bone.

    Ira gives his typical sage advice and tells Auden to come back to bed and sleep on it.

  36. “Derecktor Shipyards Connecticut has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection,”

    “In April, Derecktor had won a $863,515 U.S. Maritime grant to help cover part of the costs of buying new welding equipment.”

    “We don’t think this Chapter 11 will have any impact on the company at all,” Finch said. ”

    What more can I say?

  37. I find it very interesting to read 45 posts in this section, and only 2 of which even touch on the issue in the Police Department which Lennie mentioned.

    Instead, we wallow in name calling and hypothetical rah rah on political candidates that we really have no idea (or do we?) on what they can/will actually accomplish.

    This issue in the PD (as well as the FD and Public Works) is what makes this City so dysfunctional. Find politicians that can take the time and have the smarts and savvy to make Labor a positive force in the City, and not viewed as the enemy (Thanks Ned Winterbottom, etc.), and you will see real change.

    Then again, I don’t see anyone actually trying to “fix” Bridgeport, I see them more than happy to continue in the old ways, make blanket cuts, point fingers, and spew the same old rhetoric.

  38. Name calling, name calling…Warren’s toughest three years were the third grade. Can’t say anything of substance about Auden Grogins so he resorts to puerile, sophomoric references to her eating habits, choice of undergarments, sex life, etc.

    Hey Warren, run along home. I hear your mother calling to say she’s got plenty of possum fritters and gravy for you.

  39. Hey Kid:

    My Mother is dead. We were more of a fried skunk balls and polenta dining family. Grogins almost has as much substance as Keeley.


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