How Many Times Must You Be Arrested For Drunken Driving?

In 2011, Stephen Wright played a pivotal role as a key swing vote in the Connecticut Board of Education’s approval for state control of Bridgeport schools—a decision later overturned by the state Supreme Court. On Tuesday, however, he found himself in a different kind of legal scrutiny, being taken into custody after his fourth arrest in four months, this time on charges related to driving under the influence. Seeking legal assistance, especially from experienced drink driving solicitors, may be crucial for navigating such complex situations.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A member of the State Board of Education, arrested four times for drunken-driving in 12 weeks, was ordered taken into custody by a Superior Court judge Tuesday.

“He has serious allegations pending in multiple jurisdictions and this court is concerned he not only is a threat to himself but to others,” Judge Kevin Doyle ruled as judicial marshals snapped the handcuffs on Stephen Wright’s wrists and led him away.

Following a hearing the judge found that Wright, a Monroe lawyer and former Trumbull Board of Education chairman, gave evasive answers and violated prior conditions of release. He then ordered the 62-year-old Wright held in lieu of $300,000 bond which can only be posted in the courthouse.

“He has a number of problems he has to address,” Wright’s lawyer, Brittany Paz, said later.

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  1. Stephen Wright voted for the illegal takeover and voted to allow both Great Oaks Charter School and Capital Prep. Harbor Charter School to open in Bridgeport.



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