How Many School Board Members Will Show At Forum?

Jamilah Prince-Stewart
Jamilah Prince-Stewart.

The community group Faith Acts for Education will conduct a forum with members of the Board of Education Monday 6pm at Cathedral of Praise, 45 Gregory Street in the South End. Asserting “Bridgeport deserves better from its elected Board of Education,” Faith Acts members conducted a demonstration at Geraldine Johnson School in September. How many board members will show?

In a media alert from Executive Director Jamilah Prince-Stewart, the organization informs “This community forum will allow FaithActs members and the broader community to ask questions, get answers, and hold our elected officials accountable.”

The school board is experiencing historic divisiveness with sporadic special meetings called by Chair Dennis Bradley who announced a boycott of regularly scheduled meetings until board member Maria Pereira resigns. She’s not resigning. Board members Joe Larcheveque, Annette Segarra-Negron and Rafael Fonseca have joined Bradley’s call. Pereira, Sauda Baraka, Howard Gardner and Ben Walker have urged Bradley to end the boycott. A school board vacancy exists with the resignation of Kevin McSpirit. That slot will likely be filled by an appointee of Mayor Joe Ganim because the board failed to act on the vacancy within 30 days.

The organization reports it has met individually with board members Bradley, Baraka, Fonseca, Gardner, Larcheveque, Segarra-Negron, and Walker.

Bradley, Gardner, Larcheveque, Segarra-Negron and Walker have confirmed their Monday attendance, according to Prince-Stewart. Baraka and Fonseca cannot attend.

pereira hq
Pereira opposes faith-based group.

One clear omission in the organization’s media notice is the attendance of Pereira who is not a fan. Critics argue Faith Acts for Education is a pro charter school group under the guise of a faith-based organization. Charter schools receive public funds but operate independently of traditional school districts. Pereira opposes charter schools.

Prince-Stewart, in a statement to OIB, writes Pereira is welcome to attend, but …

We would love for every member of the Bridgeport Board of Education to take part in this important public event, and all board members who attend will be able to participate. We have not contacted Ms. Pereira out of respect for her wishes, and in order to protect our members’ safety and well-being. Ms. Pereira has stated that “Any individual employed or associated with FaithActs for Education is not to email, text, call, etc. me. Any further attempts to do so will place me in a position where I will be forced to file a formal complaint with the BPD.” Ms. Pereira is welcome to attend.

Members of the public are invited to join the forum and submit questions before the meeting, according to Prince-Stewart. Email questions to by 1pm on Monday. Include your full name and residence.

Faith Acts for Education conducted a mayoral forum in 2015.



  1. First of all Ms. Prince, we are not your “elected officials” because you are not resident of Bridgeport.

    Second of all, you forgot the part of my email where I stated you and your organization stand for everything I stand against.

    Third of all, you also forgot the portion of my email that stated FaithActs is a shill for charter $chools based on a pretense of being faith-based in order to infiltrate our black churches.

    Lastly, you forgot the portion of my email where I stated you are doing the bidding of white millionaires and billionaires who profit off the backs of black and brown urban school children, which makes you an “Uncle Tom.”

    I would NEVER attend any forum or debate organized by FaithActs for Education, Ex$ell Bridgeport, etc. because it lends them standing in our community and credibility that they should NEVER have.

    The majority of their staff is from CanCON, which was co-founded by Jonathan Sackler/Perdu Pharma/Oxycontin/ opioid addiction and death, and is the leading pro-charter school organization in CT.

    If you review their event photos online you will see plenty of charter school leaders/paid staff/funders including Steve Mandel who was involved in the illegal takeover of our true public schools.

    I know there are true BPS parents and supporters of Howard, Ben, and Saudi who were pretty upset when they saw their Facebook announcement that confirmed their individual meeting and that both Howard and Ben were attending.

      1. This was overwhelmingly passed because the NAACP recognized they deselect students, fail to serve their fair share of English language learners, special ed students, and they have become the most segregated schools in the U.S., they take funds away from the many students in traditional public schools to serve the few in charter $chools, etc.

        They passed this resolution in spite of major pressure from the millionaires, billionaires and the so-called black leaders who support charter $chools.

        1. “This is more proof that the NAACP has been mortgaged by the teachers union and they keep paying y’all to say what they want to say.”

          “The group that has most benefited from school choice in general and charters in specific are African American males.”

          “You want to stop the school-to-prison pipeline? Then stop sending black boys to failed schools that keep funding the NAACP through teachers union dues.” Guess who?

      1. Lee Iacocca was fired from Ford Motor Company.

        Mark Cuban was fired from his job.

        Michael Bloomberg was fired after a leveraged buyout.

        Oprah Winfrey lost her job as a news reporter at a Baltimore TV station because the producer believed she was a bad fit for the job.

        Steve Jobs was fired from Apple.

        Walt Disney was fired as a cartoonist.

        Thomas Edison got fired.

        Truman Capote was fired from his job.

        Howard Stern was fired from his job.

        Don Imus was fired from his job.

  2. All should be leery of Organizations that announce they speak for a segment of society. Regardless of your position on the inclusion of public funding of charter schools, we should thank Maria for providing background information readers have not been provided through the media. A link to a web page that appeals to only the most naive person should be a tip-off.

    1. FaithActs for Education CLAIMS to be a non-partisan faith-based organization promoting better educational outcomes for students.

      Here is the link to their staff. Five of the six leaders/staff are DIRECTLY linked to the Charter $chool movement.


      Reverend McCullough serves on the board of Capital Prep. Harbor Charter School. He actively lobbied for both Capital Prep. and Great Oaks Charter $chool at the SDOE and Legislative Hearings.

      (He also still has a Pennsylvania license plate on his vehicle, which is a violation of state law. In other words, he is not paying a dime in CT car taxes.)

      Three staff members, including Ms. Stewart, are former employees for CanCON. CanCON was founded by Jonathan Sackler and has only one purpose, to advocate for the proliferation of charter $chools in CT. There is now one in all 50 states, i.e. NJCAN, NYCAN, RICan, etc. He also donated $50,000 to Finch’s Charter Referendum to take our right to vote away. His family owns Perdu Pharma, which makes oxycontin, which has contributed to the opioid epidemic in this country.

      An additional employee is a former employee of two state charter $chools located in Bridgeport.

      When the BPS was fighting for funding from the state and city to address the $15,000,000 deficit, not a single one of these individuals attended a single hearing or lobbied the state. Not one.

  3. I forgot to mention earlier this month FaithActs held a free coat giveaway of 700 children and adult coats.

    It was funded by the Dalio Foundation. Ray Dalio is the founder of the largest and most profitable hedge fund in the world. As CEO he was being paid one billion dollars annually. He is a huge supporter of charter $chools and the effort to privatize our public schools.

    If you recall, Malloy gave this hedge fund over $20,000,000 of our taxpayer funds to relocate from Westport to Stamford. The deal fell through but they still kept millions to simply stay in Westport.

    Ray Dalio is one of the top 30 wealthiest people in the U.S. and is in the top five in CT.

    Enough said.

    1. Maria, there is a much bigger fight coming after January 20, 2017. If President-elect Trump makes good on his campaign promise, public monies will be used in a voucher system for education, funding public, private, charter, religious and home schooling.

  4. Flubadub, you’re right. Trump has committed to 20 BILLION in funding to fund charters, parochial, private schools and vouchers. It is rumored Title I which is about $15 billion and is used to generally supplement impoverished school districts is going to be redirected to Trump’s idiotic plan.

    That would devastate urban school districts throughout the country.

  5. I have been trying to follow what is going on in our city for my grandkids now and have attended a few FaithActs events to see what it’s about.

    I get they “might” be funded by organizations that fund charter schools. But who cares? I am a neutral person but all I see is finger-pointing. If someone is helping the community, remind me, why are we in disagreement? This is the issue we have, we are fighting each other. I have seen people all over town give back to this community in ways others don’t even want to. And though I am not affiliated with anything, I know people whom Faith Acts has helped, they have given Harding Seniors scholarships, as my friend told me her granddaughter got one. They helped Harding seniors last year apply to colleges and apply for scholarships. They have helped some of my kids’ friends with what they need to help their kids in our very own Bridgeport Public Schools. And lastly they gave coats to the community. Where is the issue? I have seen them do a lot and encourage parents and kids in our schools and had absolutely nothing to do with charter schools. Just because they might be funded by so called “charter school supporters” doesn’t mean they don’t mean well. I love my town, but hate the arguments that ensue from nonsense. If they are helping our community in a time of need, why not partner with them and stop the pettiness? There seems to always be someone who stirs up things that are not there. I have heard so much being done by these women in action and hear about the love they have for our Traditional schools and how much they want to help. Just don’t get why the bickering. Our kids need help now. All the children in Bridgeport need us. ALL.

    1. Ms. Morris, you are speaking from your heart, but not from a place of knowledge and fact.

      These people are outsiders who have no roots in our community. These outsiders are simply trying to buy their way into our community and with our residents hoping no one will ask why and simply buy everything they say and do. Quite honestly, you are a perfect example.

  6. Ms. Morris, if you believe these white millionaires and billionaires who invest in charter $chools, fund coat giveaways, fund community picnics or events because they care one iota about black and brown urban and impoverished children; you are incredibly naive.

    They care about $$$, which is what charter $chools represent to them. They are a solid investment, profitable due to an incredibly generous 39% federal tax credit.

    Just one board member of Families for Ex$ellent Schools has a home on Central Park West with an assessed value of $22,000,000. Ray Dalio, Steve Mandel, Jonathan Sackler, Mike Bloomberg, etc. don’t ever go to sleep worrying about the well-being of our Bridgeport children. NEVER.

    They care about making their $$$. Nothing more and nothing less.

  7. Maria, how dare you refer to this sister as an Uncle Tom? Who do you think you are that would give you the liberty to refer to her or any other black as an Uncle Tom? Someone like you who is light, bright and damned near white now thinks you know who is an Uncle Tom or the history of the words in the black culture.

    Uncle Tom played a valuable part in our black history and a valuable part in the education of blacks during slavery. It was the master who taught your so-called Uncle Tom to read so he could read his letters to him because he didn’t want his family to know what was going on with his plantation. It was your so-called Uncle Tom who in turn taught the slaves to read under the cover of darkness and to the detriment of his life if he were caught. It was your so-called Uncle Tom who provided the slaves who wanted to escape with the timeline as to when was the best opportunity to do so because he knew when the master would be gone, which afforded them the best chance at success.

    You need to stay in your lane and I would think Brother Gardner and Sister Sauda would put your ass in check behind your characterization of Mrs. Stewart or any other black person as an Uncle Tom because you don’t have the right and have done nothing to earn that right. You are a shameful piece of garbage and the black children you say you are fighting for should be outraged and appalled that someone who’s for them would refer to one of them with such a disparaging term.

    1. Don, I don’t know what blacks Maria been around to allow her to talk that way about a black woman no matter where she comes from, she feels that comfortable to post her bullshit about Jamilah Prince-Stewart.

      Maria writes, “FaithActs is a shill for charter $chools based on a pretense of being faith-based in order to infiltrate our black churches.” “Our black churches.” I didn’t know Maria Pereira was black.

      She said, “I forgot to mention earlier this month FaithActs held a free coat giveaway of 700 children and adult coats. It was funded by the Dalio Foundation. Ray Dalio is the founder of the largest and most profitable hedge fund in the world.” What’s the problem with giving people a new coat to wear in cold weather and how many coats has Maria and the BBOE bought for needy people? What does it matter if Ms. Prince doesn’t reside in Bridgeport, we need all the help we can get.

      The Bridgeport Board of Education, the superintendent of schools and Mayor Ganim are doing absolutely NOTHING but fighting among themselves and doing nothing to educate the children of Bridgeport and their fight has nothing to do with Ms. Prince and charter schools. Now we are not even talking about test scores and where the students of Bridgeport placed statewide.

  8. Mr. Day, yes, how “dare” I speak the truth? If I am “garbage,” what does that make you?

    I don’t just whine and complain on a blog, I actually work tirelessly in my community. You, not so much.

    Ms. Prince does not reside in Bridgeport and never has, yet she has the audacity to speak about “our” elected officials and “our” children. Her position is being funded by white wealthy plantation owners, I mean white millionaires and billionaires.

    Do you think it is an accident she was chosen as the director of FaithActs? She was chosen because she is a black woman, which was critical to her ability to infiltrate black churches with any level of credibility.

    Where is your outrage about an intelligent and articulate black woman allowing herself to be USED by the top 1% in this country to help these white elitists pocket millions in taxpayer dollars on the backs of “our” black and brown children?

    Whether you like it or not, Ms. Price has sold out to collect her paycheck. I have been a fierce advocate for our BPS students with ZERO compensation. In fact, I have now spent over $80,000 of my own funds advocating for “our” children and our community.

    Brother Gardner and Sister Baraka cannot check this “light, bright, and absolutely white” born and raised Bridgeport resident any more than I could check them.

    1. Maria, I think it would make me the garbage man by virtue of the fact I know your agenda. I’ve been working for the uplift of my people for about 30 years. I’ve helped about 40 to 50 young blacks, Latinos and women become Bridgeport firefighters and there isn’t a firefighter who makes under $80,000 a year. I’ve helped about 30 black, Latino and women reach elevated rank in the fire service and there isn’t an officer in the BFD who is making under $100,000 a year. Don’t believe me, walk your ass to any firehouse in the city and ask any black whether I helped them come on the job or with their promotion. You can start with either of the two black battalion chiefs.

      You are an embarrassment to the BBOE and to the city of Bridgeport. I know the voters of Bridgeport put you in office, but after the presidential election we all know the voters get it wrong and with your election to the BBOE, they got it wrong.

      You are not advocating for our children as you don’t have any children in the Bridgeport school system. What you’re doing is being a distraction, a diversion and an extreme agitation to our children getting a quality education. You’re worthless as a member of the BBOE and the children of Bridgeport would be better served if you did submit your resignation.

      1. Mr. Day, since you are in the same category as Ms. Price, a non-Bridgeport resident, let me assure you I could care less about your opinion regarding Bridgeport and “our children.”

        Do you have children in the BPS?

        Both my daughter and myself received our entire K-12 education through the BPS. I have done more for our BPS, parents and students than you will ever accomplish.

        As a non-resident, you are probably unaware I have significant support amongst those who matter; Bridgeport residents. I have enemies as well, which tells me I must be doing something right. I worked hard to expose those who only care about what is best for themselves instead of what is best for those they claim to serve. There isn’t a single politician who gets 100% of the vote. If anyone gets into this to be liked by everyone, they should get out.

        1. In addition, I am fighting for ALL our BPS children regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.

          You stated you have been working “for the uplift of my people.” While you focus on that work, I will focus on “the uplift” of all our BPS students, their parents and families regardless of their classification.

        2. Maria, if you are doing something so right then why was there a recount for you in your last BOE election for the BOE, where you were scared you were crying and needed help with the recount because you thought you would cheated. And what happened with your election for State Rep. against Rev. Stallworth, you know, the guy who didn’t go to meetings as a State Rep.? Oh I forgot, Rev. Stallworth beat you.

  9. Gwen Samuel the founder and president of the Connecticut Parents Union said it best, “Black parents have enough to worry about just by virtue of having a black child. We worry about our black babies’ safety every day when they leave the house, whether they are walking or driving. In addition, we worry about their physical, mental and emotional state, when they attend school, regardless of school model.”

    “So it should go without saying that many black parents do not have time for this distracting “divide and conquer” strategy with this whole business about the NAACP’s moratorium versus education reformers.”

    “Uh, news flash, the pre-K through 12 education system is not about the grown folk and their feelings! It is about ensuring all children, regardless of their zip code have equitable access to safe school environments and quality educational opportunities–period!”

    “There must come a time when we don’t allow those with the financial ability to choose great schools for their children and pit black parents against black parents in the traditional versus charter school battle.

  10. The very Gwen Samuels who tried to shake down Michelle Rhee, the founder of Students First, for payment based on her commitment to get hundreds of parents to a pro-charter/privatization rally in Hartford, failed to do so, but wanted to get paid.

    That Gwen Samuels?

  11. Well first, let me commend those who will be showing up at the forum and will answer questions. Personally, I support Charter schools and I was pleased to read of another scheduled Charter school to be located in the new Cherry Street project. I am a member of the NAACP- I know, I’m white–go figure. I think every child and parent should have an opportunity to send their child to any school they want. Until all Bridgeport schools become Magnet schools, I believe every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education. I do not care if you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc.

    I understand Donald Trump will be appointing a woman for educational issues, The Department of Education that totally supports Charter Schools. No fan of President Elect Trump, but this appointment works for me. (I am repulsed by his other racist appointments. Let’s see how that plays out.)

    This group may support charter schools, but they are offering a platform for our BBOE. If nothing else, a little positive Public Relations couldn’t hurt. I know parents and many teachers are absolutely disgusted with the actions and accomplishments of the BBOE. It is no secret I would support a state takeover so things could get done that benefit the children. I can name about 50 teachers in the Bpt School system who are upset Fran Rabinowitz is leaving.

    I am hopeful all board members will be there to support themselves and address their critics. Also to respect parents who are interested in gaining information.

    Although I can respect Maria Pereira’s position, I would hope she can overcome her personal agenda and opposition to the group hosting this function. A little honey can go a long way. Using terms like “Uncle Tom” is demeaning and dated.

    1. Steve, your last paragraph sums up everything but it’s a lesson Maria will fail at. Instead of talking about the issues she has to go to name-calling all the time just like Donald Trump does when he can’t win talking about the subject they both turn to talking about somebody especially if their feelings get hurt, Trump goes on Twitter and Maria goes on OIB.

    2. Steve, there is not “another” charter $chool coming to Bridgeport. It is just relocating from the old Housatonic College. As a charter $chool enthusiast I would think you would know that.

      Parents can send their children to the school of their choice, but it should not be on the taxpayer’s dime or siphon millions from true public schools that serve ALL students so much fewer students can be served.

      Rabinowitz was supposed to be here for one year through March 2015. She received two contract extensions without ever being evaluated in violation of her contract. The second contract extension ends June 30th, therefore she is leaving six months earlier.

      We have had five years of interim superintendents, which is outrageous and disgraceful. Our 21,000 students deserve a permanent superintendent with a long-term vision for their success.

      My “personal agenda” is standing for our 21,000 BPS students, their families and our dedicated teachers and staff.

      I recently had a BPD officer tell me “you know you can attract more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” I responded by stating “Well, I have no interest in attracting any flies.”

      Steve, you are really not in a place to judge the appropriateness of comments made by others. Have you focused your review on many of your comments on this blog?

      I stand by my comment that Ms. Price is an “Uncle Tom” doing the bidding of white elitist millionaires and billionaires. That is my personal perspective based on tremendous research regarding the privatization of our public schools.

      In addition, I can easily give you 50 high-level BBOE staff, principals, non-certified staff and parents who are pleased with Rabinowitz’ early departure.

      It’s time to move forward.

      1. 🙂 A beautiful new location. The support of the President and a city that supports it. Looks promising to parents who want the best for their children. I only want the best for all the students.

      2. Maria P. I have reviewed every comment I have made on this blog and every picture posted. I have never made a comment like you have. I do not sit on the BOE. I do not have teachers requesting I resign. I am certainly in a position to comment. Your comments will follow you as you alienate one person after another with your comments. You will always have Jim Fox; he will always have you. You both deserve each other. 🙂 Maria, I do not want 50. I would like you to list just one Principal and just two respectable teachers in the Bridgeport School System I do not include the spouse of a BOE member. And for those few names I will give you 50 who would like to see you disappear. Jessica Muniz-Martinez are you following this?

        1. Steve,
          You posted “I would like you to list just one Principal and just two respectable teachers in the Bridgeport School System I do not include the spouse of a BOE member. And for those few names I will give you 50 who would like to see you disappear. Jessica Muniz-Martinez are you following this?”

          You asked me to name just “two respectable teachers,” which most BPS teachers would find insulting. How do you define “respectable?” You repeatedly post pro-privatization comments and post comments that bash the teaching profession and the very BPS teachers you serve with as a substitute.

          This is exactly why teachers have gone to their principals requesting you be removed as a “preferred sub” in their schools.

          As usual, you are a loose cannon and completely over the top.

          As if I care one iota about Jessica Martinez. LOL!

          1. Maria, give me one respectable teacher who wants to see me disappear. I am on the preferred list of 28 schools. I don’t need to be on the preferred list, but is is always nice to feel wanted.

          2. Maria, you are a liar. Any teacher requesting I be removed would most certainly be laughed out of the office. Seriously Maria, laughed out of the office. I am not over the top. Just stating a fact. Do let me know when you have a school that has released me as a preferred sub. I am booked way out and when a teacher cancels due to certain circumstances I am booked immediately. If your intent is to try to make me lose a job for a day, save it. I’m booked out ’til March. But you can try to get some of your teachers to request I go off sub status. I’ll let you know when the jobs start drying up. Hahahaha. The Bridgeport system is lucky to have me in its schools. I actually do care for the kids in our schools. I have actually walked the halls and know the Principals. I am the sub who will cover any class and never complain. Yeah, they are going to take me off their list. Don’t think so.

            Maria, I do not miss your calling me at 1am to talk about redundant stuff and I will not continue to respond to your obsessive-compulsive rants.

            I do wish you well and I am glad “teachers” called you to ask that I be removed from thier preferred list. These comments make you look like an ass! I am grateful to publicly state we are not friends and now I do not need anybody asking me why we ever were. Seriously!

          3. To be clear for all. I did not end my friendship with Maria. To be clear, she told me we should end our friendship. I simply agreed. “Friendship” would be a very loose term. We were political conversationalists. Now we are not! 🙂

          4. Steve,
            The one thing I don’t do is lie. I believe I am actually known to be incredibly straightforward and direct.

            The rest of your posting(s) is something a high schooler would post out of retaliation.

            You repeatedly post derogatory comments on your Facebook about public school teachers and our schools while working as a sub, yet you want to blame their issues with you on me. Own your public comments, Steve.

            We were never “friend.” 90% of our conversations were about politics. We were acquaintances.

            I don’t need to know where you’re eating, what you are eating, etc. You are a bit eccentric and make over-the-top comments, often because you just want to push people’s buttons and get a reaction.

            Jessica Martinez? Lol!

      1. Jim Fox, an “Uncle Tom” is a derogatory epithet for an excessively subservient person, particularly when that person perceives their own lower class status based on race. Is that your perception of me or did you just like using the term “Uncle Tom” because you find it humorous? I don’t.

        1. Steven, you too are wrong. Yes, people use the phrase “Uncle Tom” as a derogatory epithet for an excessively subservient person, but that’s not the truth because it’s a lie.

    3. We interrupt this oh-so-long thread for a quick off-topic history lesson. Steve Auerbach, you write, “I’m a member of the NAACP–I know, I’m white–go figure.” Well, my friend, there is nothing to figure out at all. I too am Euro-American and yet have been a member of the NAACP in the past in Indiana, though I have not yet gotten around to joining Bridgeport’s chapter. (I have a copy of the newsletter in my bill file as a reminder, however.)

      So here’s the history part: You can read in books such as Robert Kluger’s masterful “Simple Justice: The History of Brown vs. Board of Education and Black America’s Struggle for Equality” that the NAACP was established by both whites and blacks, and moreover many of the early staff members were white Jews. It is the National Association FOR The Advancement of Colored People. Whites as well as blacks stood for that cause.

      (Much later in the last century, my own father joined NOW because it was the National Organization FOR Women, a cause he chose to champion. He was a founder of the Connecticut Women’s Education And Legal Fund, known as “CWEALF,” which funded the law education for many of Connecticut’s women lawyers in the 1970s and 1980s, thus expanding the number of women in law practice in the state. I recall several of those women obtained their law degrees at the old UB Law School.)

      During the 19th Century, men joined women at the Seneca Falls convention in Western New York State that launched the women’s suffrage movement. The secretary of that convention was a man, and an African American at that. A resident of nearby Rochester, his name was Frederick Douglass.

      Go figure? Go figure, indeed! Champions of equality throughout history such as Frederick Douglass–and, if I may say, such as Steve Auerbach–rarely confine themselves to narrow self-interest. It’s almost a contradiction of terms.

      We now return you to the BOE issues at hand.

  12. Maria, you show how stupid you are about blacks and black history, you throw phrase “Uncle Tom” around in a effort to make Ms. Prince look bad but you are showing how stupid you are.

  13. Ron Mackey = pure unadulterated hypocrisy.

    “Instead of talking about the issues she has to go to name-calling all the time just like Donald Trump does when he can’t win talking about the subject they both turn to talking about somebody especially if their feelings get hurt, Trump goes on Twitter and Maria goes on OIB.”

    1. Maria, it doesn’t work that way, you made the decision to badmouth Ms. Prince by “trying” to say “Uncle Tom” as a derogatory epithet for an excessively subservient person because you don’t agree with her position on charter schools. You are the one playing the race card on a black female. Well, as a black man just like Donald Day I will NOT allow you to insult this black woman.

      Maria, Donald Day told you about Uncle Tom but you don’t want to listen.

      What Is An Uncle Tom? By Dr. Claude Anderson:

        1. Maria, that’s really nice of you to recognize and give credit to Jamilah Prince for the good work she’s doing for Bridgeport students and especially black students. Once again Maria, that’s nice of you.

  14. This is exactly what I mean. Yes Ms. Pereira, I was speaking from the heart and just because of these kinds of things that occur. We keep fighting against each other instead of together. At the end of the day, who cares who’s funding what as long as it is for the kids. Take care of each other. We are all smart individuals who can do so much good if we just stop fighting.

    1. If I wasn’t clear in my previous posts; let me be absolutely clear now.

      I will not coalesce, work with, meet with those involved in moving forward the agenda of white millionaires and billionaires of privatizing our public schools, which is a cornerstone of our democracy. The privatization of our public schools is about $$$, union busting, etc. is a non-negotiable for me.

      I will do everything in my power to oppose it and to expose those who support it.

      I recommend you read about the rise of Hitler, which began in the public schools of Germany.

  15. “Privilege” in the language of today has come to suggest because of one’s upbringing and status as an adult they may have enjoyed some things that were present because of the accident of birth in a certain time, place, family, etc. Your enjoyment or lack of enjoyment may also serve as an impediment to understand the “story” of the privilege of others, different from you.

    To increase your own knowledge and growth as a person of the world, you can read Harriet Beecher Stowe’s work, UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. The book, written by a CT white female in a time of greater male and white privilege than today shared the story of slavery on plantations, being “sold down the river,” and the inhuman conditions visited upon people brought to this country without freedom or choice and not to have an immigrant American Dream. Uncle Tom’s noble character brought out by the times in which he lived, the loathed Simon Legree character, and the promise of the “underground railroad” moving some as far as Canada, and the tribulations of the times visited upon people because of their skin color come through in the book. Worth a read more than 150 years after published. Have you read the whole story recently? Time will tell.

  16. This is a mess. I am afraid things will get worse before things get better, if indeed we see improvement. To me, these so-called charter schools are a travesty and an abandonment of the Educational System in the United States. Our public schools were a commitment by communities to offer the best education to the children in that community. Charter Schools are the newest incarnation of segregation; the “winners” in one school system and the “losers” in another school system. The whole charter school system is pure capitalism; it’s all about making money. It’s not choice; all about making more money and profit. It’s not about better education; all about making more money and profit. Some here have advocated charter schools to further black/brown children. Have you asked yourselves how many black/brown children you leave behind to be failures? Charter schools create segregation; may not be black versus white like the Jim Crow of the 1950s. Now we have winners and losers. What a shame.

    1. Frank, tell me what is the Bridgeport Board of Education doing to stop the school to prison pipeline? The school system is basically the same as when George Washington was President, the same type of desk arrangement. What is being done about the failing schools in Bridgeport, are the principals, teachers, guidance counselors being fired for failing our children, are we closing down failing schools? We need to stop allowing a failing public school to continue to run the same way where a charter school would be shut down. Public schools are failing our children and we need to copy and use the best school system around, public, private and charter schools, if it works and it’s educating our students then we need to use it. Is this about the education of students or is this about union jobs and vendor contacts? The days of the public schools being the only source of education are over and we can’t be supporting failing public schools and especially here in Bridgeport were we have a Board of Education doing nothing along with the Superintendent of Schools and the mayor.

      1. FIX the public schools. Don’t eviscerate public schools, which is what charter schools do. Parents can send their children to charter schools (whatever in hell that means), or any other type of private schools but the parents need to pay 100% of the costs through tuition. Don’t bring segregation back into the school system. Charter schools create winners and the rest as losers are dumped into the underfunded public schools. Charter schools were a ruse created by Republicans so government would be able to give less funding to schools. Some Democrats were duped by the charter school cartel because they needed campaign money and saying the word “choice” seemed like good political strategy. Massachusetts just had a ballot this past election to allow greater Charter schools but it was DEFEATED. Some people are starting to see past the ruse that is what Charter schools really are. So you want to give a “good” education to the small group of black/brown children and SCREW the rest. Like I said. Charter schools are the new-fangled segregation for the 21st century. In the end, the victory over segregation won at Little Rock is being turned into a hollow victory.

        1. FULLY FUND public schools, which would be a very very expensive proposition. That is why the Republicans created the charter schools so they could throw some dollars at charter schools and underfund urban public schools. The parents of urban public school children are usually Democrats so the Republicans don’t give a damn about urban public school children. It’s not their constituency.

        2. Frank, let me try this again, tell me what is the Bridgeport Board of Education doing to stop the school to prison pipeline? The school system is basically the same as when George Washington was President, the same type of desk arrangement. What is being done about the failing schools in Bridgeport, are the principals, teachers, guidance counselors being fired for failing our children, are we closing down failing schools?

      2. Ron Mackey, at this present time we are seeing a hostile takeover of the BPT BOE by Ganim and Co so Mario Testa can get his grubby greasy hands on the BOE budget. That is what is going on RIGHT NOW.

      3. Ron Mackey, try to answer this question. Why do we have failing urban public schools and state-of-the-art successful suburban schools? That also is the new face of segregation and charter schools are the new face of segregation for urban children.

      4. Ron Mackey, where do you want to keep children in the classroom? Do you want them to stand all day or hang them off the ceiling by hooks or maybe they should lie down on the floor all day. What is your classroom setup?

        1. Frank Gyure, the Bridgeport public school system has 21,000 with 90% of those students being black or brown, now look at what you wrote, “Do you want them to stand all day or hang them off the ceiling by hooks?” Frank, hang black students off the ceiling by hooks, you are really showing your true color, you could have talked about other things but no, you go straight to hanging and then you double down by saying hang them off the ceiling by hooks. How dare you say something so insensitive about black and brown children in the Bridgeport school system? Frank, tell us how you really feel, never mind you just did.

    1. Maria, I’ve asked you a number of questions and as usual you can’t answer them. Why do you feel so comfortable calling Ms. Prince an “Uncle Tom” in your effort to make this black woman look bad? Do Sauda and Howard feel the same way as you and do they agree with you calling this young black woman an “Uncle Tom?” Of course you won’t answer that question because you’re scared to asked them. A white woman writing on OIB calling a black woman an “Uncle Tom,” and those who are black reading this have no problem with it?

      1. A BPS parent told me they saw Ben Walker give Ms. Prince a kiss on her cheek at the forum.

        I saw a long-time dedicated parent chase Howard Gardner in the parking lot. She was clearly not pleased with his participation in the FaithActs forum.

        Don’t listen to what politicians say; watch what they do.

      1. My Bridgeport-themed website is shown in several BPS classrooms and many cellphones. It’s an average site with a fantastic address. Civic pride is often cited as a reason to see it. Children enjoy the BirdCam and older students like the news ticker and local clothing made available.

          1. Refusing to respond to an established OIB blogger is a good reason to dispute and question Maria Pereira’s dedication to Bridgeport. Misery loves company so she asks others to endorse her brand of selective exclusion. I encourage all bloggers to ignore her self-centered requests.

  17. There was a time when Maria Pereira insulted the status quo but now she’s upholding it. She’s allowed to change her mind but she seems unstable in her positions.

  18. Putting kids in the same class because they are born in the same year is obsolete. School systems were originally set up to meet the needs of industrialism. Back then we needed people to work in factories, conformity was good and nobody was meant to excel or be different in that environment. That doesn’t fit our needs today, let alone the future but many schools are still set up like the factories they were meant to serve 100 years ago.

  19. Maria Pereira, you are a disgrace to the Bridgeport public school system, you have shown everyone you have no real knowledge of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” because if you did then you would understand who Uncle Tom was. In your effort to try to make Ms. Prince look bad and denigrate her by playing the race card by calling Ms. Prince an Uncle Tom but you don’t know anything about Uncle Tom. Here you are an elected Bridgeport Board of Education member using race in your effort to try to make her look bad. You can’t argue the point about charter schools, no you have to go after Ms. Prince by trying to use a derogatory racial ethnic slur against her and being a elected BBOE. You won’t reply to my questions because you’re scared. Maria, don’t make me call you out about Judge Carmen Lopez about what you and she have talked about.

  20. His greatness has been underrated. For twice prompting Maria Pereira to do exactly what she promised not to do, I nominate Rom Mackey for OIB Blogger of the Day. What’s good for Ron Mackey is good for Bridgeport school children.

  21. Wow, this is really ridiculous. I love my community and will defend it, if I think something is wrong. Someone will always be making money out of something. It’s what you decide to do with that money that makes the difference.

    I have yet to understand what is so wrong with FaithActs. So what if they are being funded by people who support charters, so what if employees worked for a charter organization? What matters is the work they are doing now. I hear about their impact in the community and have yet to hear someone say they are out to privatize our schools. I have heard the total opposite.

    They are for our kids. Bridgeport is going through so much and has so much youth violence and kids lacking in so many areas. Can’t we agree to disagree respectfully? That is what makes us who we are. We are different and that is the beauty of humanity.

    I did some digging and research. Did you know FaithActs supported Harding High School last year? Did you know they helped Seniors fill out college applications and scholarships for colleges? Did you know they mentored kids at Harding too? Did you know they gave out book scholarships to seniors at the end of the year? I didn’t. But wait, did Harding become a Charter school and that is why they gave their time and money?

    Did you know last year FaithActs picked a school to give back to? I spoke to a teacher who stated FaithActs gave all teachers in the schools a nice care package to help them get started for the year that included paper, class supplies, and individualized tokens for each age range. Guess what school? Park City Magnet. That’s not a charter school either.

    Did you know they have helped parents prepare for PPT meetings at our local Public elementary schools in the city? My niece’s friend was in need and she was referred to FaithActs. Guess what, not charter either.

    They have taken part in backpack giveaways, which is for our community and as Maria said a winter coat giveaway. What is wrong with this? I met people who said if they didn’t have this coat giveaway they wouldn’t have had the means to buy a coat, gloves and hat this winter season.

    If they are putting back hope and unity where there wasn’t any, so be it. Let’s focus on the issue at hand, and focus on the one thing we are all here for, OUR KIDS, WHAT WE VALUE THE MOST.

    1. As a graduate of Warren Harding High School, as are four of my siblings, I am completely appalled that they are involved in WHHS in any capacity.

      I met one of the individuals with FaithActs this summer and I asked them what were their credentials to assist children with college applications and essays. I asked because they were unable to consistently speak properly and were unable to spell fairly average words.

      They said they were a convicted felon and FaithActs paid for an all-expense paid trip to an out-of-state conference.

      Once I showed her all the documentation on FaithActs they stated they felt lied to and were going to resign.

      They should have ZERO access to our schools, students, staff and parents.

  22. Or would you ask questions, research the organization, research its employees and try to determine what the KKK’s true motivation was for this sudden generosity in a predominantly urban minority impoverished community?

    Ms. Morris, FaithActs for Education is relying on people just like you who look at the surface of their organization without any attempt to take a hard look at what their ultimate objectives are.

    They are absolutely 100% in this community to infiltrate black churches and our community with the sole intention of promoting privatization of our public schools and the proliferation of charter $chools so their white millionaire/billionaire funders can make a hefty profit.

    They could care less for your well-being, our children’s well-being, or our community’s well-being.

    It is solely about $$$$$$$$$!

    1. Maria, how low can you stoop down to, you want to equate the KKK, a known racist organization that has a long history of terror and murder to FaithActs for Education? You are truly sick.


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