How Are Your AB Muscles? Let Us Vote Early, Plus: Should Lamont Debate Malloy?


Say absentee ballot in Bridgeport, and it was money in the bank. (The question was whose bank account?) Say absentee ballot and you wondered just how many voted from St. Michael’s Cemetery. Hey, what’s wrong with a few dead guys voting?

Ah yes, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is reminding voters absentee ballots are “available for any Connecticut voters who will be out of town or otherwise unavailable to go to their polling place.” Well, that never stopped a city pol with an AB operation that could dwarf totals on the machines. Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa had one of those operations. How many times Mario (or his candidate) lost on the machines only to croak the opponent when the ABs were counted.

Who could forget Democratic Judge of Probate candidate Kevin Boyle defeating incumbent judge Paul Ganim on the machines by a few dozens votes in 2002. (No, I was not involved in that race.) Then the AB counters counted and counted and counted and well, Paul wins by a few hundred votes. Mario has mellowed his AB operation in recent years. The federals were watching. Who needs the grief?

But don’t despair, AB lovers. City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez has emerged as the new queen of the ABs,  be it City Council race or Town Committee race.

Primaries are just around the corner and ya never know who could be dug up for a vote. But here’s what I say, want folks to vote often? Let them vote early. It’s time for this state to open up the voting process early. If you want to vote one month in advance head over to town hall and cast a ballot (or two or three or four).

Should Ned Debate Dan?

Ned Lamont’s handlers have decided they don’t want him debating Dan Malloy. They have enough confidence in their internal poll giving Ned a lead, and not enough confidence in their candidate to avoid a gaffe. (So far.)

I’ve seen Ned debate several times. Clearly, he’s not as seasoned as Malloy. But in a debate with Joe Lieberman four years ago and several gubernatorial forums this year including one head-on with Malloy it appeared to me no harm, no foul. Ned may not look as comfortable as Dan responding to the complexity of government, but he holds his own. Democratic primary polls can be volatile, especially as serial primary voters settle on a candidate. Channel 3 is prepared to give Malloy one free hour of his own time. If I’m advising Ned (aren’t you glad I’m not?) I say do the debate (and hold your breath). This story is starting to seep into the daily news cycle just weeks before the primary. Plus, this will play with editorial boards of newspapers as they consider a primary endorsement. In a close primary, these things matter. Does Ned look weak by accepting the debate after resistance? Not if he performs well. The good news for Ned, plenty of money to try to drown out debate-duck chatter.

From Channel 3

WFSB-TV Channel 3 and Connecticut Public Television are teaming up to host two gubernatorial debates at Channel 3’s Rocky Hill studios.

Democratic candidates Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy have been invited to debate on Aug. 3. As of Tuesday, Malloy had accepted in invitation and Lamont had declined.

The Democratic debate will be broadcast on Channel 3 and WNPR at 3 p.m. The debate will be rebroadcast at 7 p.m. on Eyewitness News NOW. CPTV and WNPR will rebroadcast the debate at 8 p.m.

The Republican candidates, Michael Fedele, Thomas Foley and Oz Griebel all agreed to debate on Aug. 4. The debate will be broadcast on Channel 3 and WNPR at 3 p.m. The debate will be rebroadcast on Eyewitness News NOW at 7 p.m. CPTV and WNPR will rebroadcast the debate at 8 p.m.

Eyewitness News anchor and host of “Face The State” Dennis House and John Dankosky, WNPR news director and host of “Where We Live,” will serve as debate co-moderators.

E-mail to suggest questions for the moderator.

From SuBy

Secretary Bysiewicz Reminds Connecticut Voters that Absentee Ballots are Now Available for August 10th Primaries

Secretary of the State also Urging Unaffiliated voters to Enroll with a Major Party by August 9, 2010 in Order to Vote in Primaries

Hartford: Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz today reminded Connecticut voters that absentee ballots are now available for any Connecticut voters who will be out of town or otherwise unavailable to go to their polling place and cast a ballot in statewide primaries on August 10, 2010. At the same time, Secretary Bysiewicz is also urging unaffiliated voters across the state to enroll with the Democratic or Republican Parties by August 9th at 12:00 p.m. so they can vote in the primaries, since only registered Republicans or Democrats can cast a ballot on Tuesday August 10th.

“We are just three weeks away from one of the most competitive primaries Connecticut has seen in many years,” said Secretary Bysiewicz, Connecticut’s chief elections official. “Since this is summer and many people are planning vacations around primary day, I am reminding all of Connecticut’s registered voters to go to their town clerk’s office and apply for an absentee ballot for the primaries Tuesday August 10th. Don’t wait until it is too late – make sure you have a say in who represents you in Hartford and Washington, D.C. If you will be out of town or if there is a reason you cannot make it to your polling place on August 10th – get an absentee ballot so your voice will be heard on Primary Day!”

To receive an absentee ballot, registered Connecticut voters can fill out a simple application at their town clerk’s office or download the application on their town’s website. Applications for absentee ballots are also available on the Secretary of the State’s website and once an application is completed and turned in, the ballot will be sent to the voter in the mail within days. They can be returned by mail or in-person to town offices up until 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday August 10, 2010 and still be counted in the statewide primary.

Secretary Bysiewicz is also urging Connecticut’s 840,000 unaffiliated voters – the largest group of the state’s nearly two million active registered voters – to enroll with the Democratic or Republican parties so they can cast ballots on Primary Day. To be eligible to cast a ballot in the August 10th, 2010 Connecticut Primary Elections, an unaffiliated voter must enroll as a Democrat or Republican in person at his or her local Registrar of Voters office by Monday, August 9th at 12:00 PM. Mail-in registration forms must be postmarked no later than August 5th. New voters face those same deadlines if they wish to register with a party and vote in the primaries.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 4,000 unaffiliated Connecticut voters have switched to the Republican or Democratic parties, making themselves eligible to vote in the August 10th primary. On Primary Day August 10, 2010 polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

For more information visit

From Dick Blumenthal:


Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today urged the American Lobster Management Board to reject a broad moratorium on lobster fishing that could potentially devastate commercial lobster fishermen, wholesalers and retailers in Connecticut.

The board will meet Thursday to consider a five-year moratorium on all lobster fishing south of Cape Cod, including Long Island Sound, after a recent report by the board’s Technical Committee revealed that the region’s lobster population has been “critically depleted.”

Blumenthal said the committee’s own report concludes that increased water temperature — not lobster harvesting — is the primary factor in stock reduction.

“These findings, the welfare of countless lives and the continuation of Connecticut’s rich fishing heritage strongly support rejection of a moratorium,” Blumenthal said. “I strongly urge that you reject any moratorium on lobster fishing in the Long Island Sound — a move that would potentially undercut a key cornerstone of a Connecticut marketplace, beginning with commercial lobster fishermen and reverberating throughout an entire network of wholesalers and retailers.

“At a time of severe recession, more sensible conservation measures are required because our fishermen cannot sustain a broad ban against lobster fishing, as the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is considering.

“As a longtime advocate for preserving Long Island Sound, and all of the resources and treasures that it encompasses, I recognize the necessity of encouraging healthy lobster population growth in the region. However, as the Technical Committee’s own findings demonstrate, a moratorium fails to firmly promise the promotion of lobster stock.”

Blumenthal urged the board to consider other conservation measures, including programs to reduce the catch of egg-bearing female lobsters, establishing no-harvest areas and other readily available alternatives that may bolster the lobster population without the devastating impact of a moratorium

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  1. This is one thing I never got about CT why no early voting??? Does not make sense to me that you have to cast your vote on election day and if you can’t make it you’re out of luck. People work many different shifts and people might be occupied on that day. I urge every Democrat in Bridgeport to vote for Jerry Garcia. By the way has his opponent even made a stop in Bridgeport? Oh that’s right I forgot she drove right through the city and made a pit stop at the Fairfield train station!!! Jerry Garcia is working to win Bridgeport and he has my vote come primary day vote ROW B) with the exception of Mike J the more I hear about him the less I like and I am leaning toward Lembo.

  2. *** AB’s are still a voting scam in Bpt. that the Election’s Enforcement Commission continues to half-step towards enforcing. ‘Til then it’s a process that will be continued to be abused in city elections regardless of the few that have been unlucky & caught in the past! Might be a bit better in accountability of the # of AB issues, however it’s still far from being a better system. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way! *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  3. Yippee!

    I received a Ned Lamont campaign flyer in the mail the other day!

    Happy Days!

    Ned has identified all the problems of Connecticut (Gee, I had no idea what they were)!

    He said we need a TRANSPORTATION PLAN!

    Wow! I never would have guessed that! Maybe in the next flyer he’ll tell us what might be in that plan? I mean, you have to give the guy some time. He probably just discovered the roads are clogged and the rail system stinks. Come on; let’s give the guy a break!

    How would he know about the rail problems?

    Remember the shutdown of Metro North a few weeks ago because the wires got droopy in the heat! The news dug out that explanation. All Ned or anyone else had to do was ask a rail rider. That happens every summer in the high heat (Get ready for winter, that’s when they snap in the freezing cold! That happens every year, too!)

    The sad part about this is politicians just retread the same old issues and fail to ACCOMPLISH anything.

    Let’s look at Metro North by the numbers. The choo-choo goes along these steel tracks from New Haven to New York through TWO states. Those two states often disagree on how money gets spent so nothing gets changed.

    Drive to White Plains and see the kind of rail service that goes from that city into New York City.

    Now to be fair, the whole argument here shouldn’t fall on Ned’s shoulders. A few months ago when Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz was dabbling in the guber race she stopped on an overpass across the parkway and declared traffic was a problem down here in Fairfield County! DUHHH!

    She didn’t bother with offering a solution. She was off to see the “swells” of the lower county and shake the money tree.

    No doubt she would have been back to Bridgeport–as I expect Ned will be–to shake the vote tree.

    So in closing, when these guys come to your door asking for a vote, ask them back “what’s in it for me?”

  4. Here is Malloy’s Transportation Plan.
    Keep on adding businesses in Stamford. If you make traffic impossible to deal with going into Stamford sooner or later the state will have to come up with a transportation plan.
    Or is that his Economic Development Plan?
    Or is that his education plan?

  5. Oh, wait a minute. He wants to be the state now.
    So we have to spend more money on trains into Stamford and highway improvements but let’s not pay for it with border tolls because that won’t be good for Stamford.

  6. In reality the 3 major candidates for Governor are from downstate and they are all full of it. They are not going to change squat as far as Bridgeport is concerned. I will say the one hope Bridgeport has is Lamont and that’s only because he will be taking Finch with him. If Malloy makes the same pledge then I will vote for Malloy.

  7. Lamont needs to stop killing trees. I receive 1 or 2 mail pieces from him a day. I called his office, and said I was voting for him and to stop sending mail to my house and their response was they couldn’t do anything about that. If they can’t remove me from the mailing list how the hell is going solve, education, budget and transportation issues! And by the way I got another one in the mail today. Lamont is a phony and afraid … pure and simple. He and his handlers were so confident he was the best person for the job he’d man up and speak. If he is afraid of his public speaking skills where does that leave CT? Ned is a coward, he keeps touting his one volunteer stint at Harding High School and that makes him an expert in education. I don’t think Ned or any of his family ever took one class in a public school! Finch and Lamont running the state? Don’t you see how that will just hurt Bridgeport even more? Finch will be gone soon anyway.
    Ned has no capability for empathy, do you think he has ever spent one day worrying about money, how to feed his family, where his next meal was coming from, whether he has job? No! While Malloy is successful now, he had to scrape and save growing up and he knows people’s pain because he gets it. Ned is a complete alien to the plight of the average Joe. I suspect Ned thinks the world will end if he has to spend one night without air conditioning.

  8. PS Jarjura is worse than Lamont, He is another Waterbury mess like Rowland and the other Waterbury scum. Remember Bridgeport’s new name is Waterbury by the sea and the current administration is the captain.


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