Housing Builds Momentum Downtown

All along Main Street a housing crescendo is generating energy for foot traffic Downtown. CT Post reporter Brain Lockhart provides the latest, conversation of office space into 100 units of housing across the street from Bridgeport Center, regional headquarters for M&T Bank.

A mid-1960s office tower that in recent decades was home to a prominent law firm has a new owner.

And, according to city officials and business leaders, the building in question at 855 Main St., formerly part of Stamford-based Forstone’s real estate portfolio, will follow the recent trend and be renovated into apartments. The building sits directly across the street from the M&T Bank headquarters, formerly the People’s United Bank headquarters.

“He’s looking to do a residential conversion, about 100 units,” William Coleman, Bridgeport’s deputy director of economic development, said.

“He” is Abraham Gottesman, whose Sound View Tower LLC in Brooklyn bought the 11-story structure, built in 1966, in late August from Forstone.

Gottesman through his attorney, Ronald Peikes, declined to share his plans.

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  1. Downtown housing might have momentum but the support system isn’t there.
    Parking in thriving downtown Fairfield is free.
    Parking in deadbeat downtown Bridgeport is costly.
    There’s a lot OPED could do. Support has to precede housing.
    Just because it’s built doesn’t mean anyone will come.
    Momentum comes from nearby jobs, supermarkets and consumer-friendly stores.
    Hopefully, something’s in the works that I don’t know about.
    This is an old story that has yet to bear fruit.

  2. Bond money is slow, expensive and dumb. People don’t buy muni bonds because they’re good investments — they buy them because they’re tax fee!
    However, conversions are costly and the buyer wouldn’t takeover an existing tenant base.
    855 Main Street would be transformed. Sound View Tower is a new entrant and Forstone is still active in Bridgeport real estate. Smart money keeps moving here.

  3. Willinger should be consulted by OPED as he was in the Defilippo case. Lynn Haig et al couid always use a hand when told what to do and who to listen to.
    He’ll get it done. Might take awhile and a few bucks but the results will be seen. No matter who gets stepped on!! 😂 🤣 😝 🖕 🖕

  4. Excellent News!! Norwalk, Fairfield, Stamford all building housing. Bridgeport has such an excellent location for Downtown housing. As the city has slowly and successfully becoming an entertainment magnet. Much to the chagrin of many, Housing will support the the venues that have been waiting for this moment. 100’s of new voters entering Bridgeport and changing the face of the downtown. We are a city. We need so may more units of housing. I see many more units anchoring the South end. It would be nice to see Steelepointe moving forward with housing and a Hotel with a convention Center. A shovel in the ground sooner rather than later would be a big deal. In the North End we understand new nousing will be going on the Testo’s property. The North End coud and should focus on the terribly dilapidated Monticell Gardens- Raze the Property and build Market rate housing as well as the Stop and shop property on Madison Avenue. Bridgeport has some great news coming down the road. I am hopeful.


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