Holiday Festivities This Weekend

Maria Tree Light b1

Senator Ed Gomes and the 138th Democratic Town Committee District will host two Christmas tree lightings this weekend, the first for residents who vote at Hooker School will take place Friday, 5:30 p.m. at Nob Hill Park on Virgina Avenue and then on Saturday 5 p.m. at Success Park, Granfield Avenue, for residents who vote at JFK. School board member Maria Pereira who is also the Democratic leader of the 138th District is helping to organize the events.

Maria Tree Light b2



  1. Unfortunately Senator Gomes cannot attend because he is out of state at a conference. 🙁

    One of the commitments we made as a 138th slate is we wanted to hold community events to bring us together in a positive way. Campaign promises must be kept. 🙂

    I spent six hours walking the neighborhood this weekend dropping these invites on mailboxes, however the weather was so beautiful, many residents were out raking leaves, putting out decorations, or washing their cars. I received a really positive response.

    I also got another earful about Ganim promising to “STOP RAISING TAXES” and then doing the complete opposite. The apology tour continues, however I promised every voter as hard as I worked to elect Ganim, I am going to work twice as hard to defeat him in three years. I remind everyone Nessah and Anthony voted for it, too.

    I sat with this lovely elderly woman on her stoop and we chatted about Ganim, the tax increase and the BOE. She didn’t want to vote for Ganim but did it because I asked her to. Her taxes were raised $600. I made sure she understood Nessah and Anthony voted for the tax increase, too. She reminded me she had warned me about him and she agreed he deserved a second chance at life, but not as mayor.

  2. Well, I give credit where credit is due. I think it is quite commendable Maria is helping organize this event. Without giving a dig, I have to assume while Maria is out on her apology tour she did invite Mayor Ganim, the two elected councilmen and the rest of the 138th Town Committee. I would think in the spirit of the holiday, Christmas for those who can’t stand people saying “holiday,” we can get together for a joyful event. I think the 138th should be commended for doing anything outside a Testo’s meeting event.


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