Himes Releases Video On Gun Violence Impact, Check Out Alternate Routes “Somewhere In America”

Congressman Jim Himes has released a video that documents the impact gun violence has had on families in Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District in conjunction with the National Day of Action for Gun Violence Prevention. Video participants include Solmarie Rivera, who lost her 14 year-old son Luis on Christmas Eve last year, a member of You Are Not Alone (YANA), a Bridgeport-based organization of families that have lost children to gun violence; Dr. Anthony Bennett, Pastor Bridgeport’s Mt. Aery Baptist Church; and Tara Donnelly Gottlieb, who lost both of her parents to gun violence in Fairfield. Her brother Eric wrote “Somewhere in America” performed by his band The Alternate Routes. More info here: u.pw/29eLsrE.

“Today is about the victims of gun violence, and the families left behind, in our own neighborhoods and communities,” says Himes. “From Tara Donnelly Gottlieb in Fairfield to Solmarie Rivera in Bridgeport, to every other town in my district, there is a family that has been torn apart by guns. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can take action on commonsense proposals to expand background checks, keep guns out of the hands of terrorists or any number of other things. I’ll keep working on that in Congress. But this week, while I am home with my family, I am focused on the family members our friends and neighbors lose every day to drive-by shootings, addicts with stolen guns, suicides, accidents, mass shootings, the list goes on. We are thinking of them and we will not be silent anymore.”



  1. He is a liar. The rest of the world has a gun violence problem worse than ours. It depends on how you count it. Per person Russia and Brazil have more gun violence than the US. If you look at it per gun, after all these laws are designed to affect guns and not people, our gun violence rate is among the lowest. The US had 310 million guns as of 2009 with ~30K non-law enforcement gun-related deaths (~13K homicides). The UK had 23K gun deaths with (~6K homicides in 2009). Remember, gun laws are very tight in the UK. The UK has 1.3 million shotguns and 525,125 other firearms. We will ignore the shotguns from the UK. Only .004% of the guns in the US are used in homicides. 1.14% of the guns in the UK are used in homicides. A gun in the UK is 285 times more likely to be used to kill someone. Even if you include shotguns, 0.329% of the guns in the UK are used in homicides or 82 times more likely to be used in a homicide.

  2. Nothing but Bullshit from elitist, hypercritical, political frauds.

    A Glaring Fact Emerges About 26 of the Democrats Who Participated in the Sit-In Against Gun Control
    Congressional Democrats held an unprecedented sit-in on the House floor last week in a push for a vote on two pieces of gun control legislation.
    Yet an analysis conducted by the blog Heat Street found that at least 26 of the Democratic lawmakers who participated in the nearly 25-hour sit-in are actually gun owners themselves!
    Among the gun-toting Congressmen and Congresswomen who participated in the sit-in were:
    John Carney of Delaware
    Steve Cohen of Tennessee
    Jim Cooper of Tennessee
    Jim Costa of California
    John Garamendi of California
    Jared Huffman of California
    Peter DeFazio of Oregon
    Keith Ellison of Minnesota
    Ron Kind of Wisconsin
    Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona
    Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland
    Tim Ryan of Ohio
    Rick Nolan of Minnesota
    Dina Titus of Nevada
    Mike Thompson of California
    Bennie Thompson of Mississippi
    … and Peter Welch of Vermont

    There were several gun-owning senators who took part as well, including:
    Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin
    Tom Carper of Delaware
    Martin Heinrich of New Mexico
    Tim Kaine of Virginia
    Gary Peters of Michigan
    Harry Reid of Nevada
    Mark Warner of Virginia
    … and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island

    As lawmakers debate these new laws, it’s worth remembering the names of gun owners in Congress who’d vote to limit the Second Amendment rights of other Americans.


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